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Xbox Series X Grand Theft Auto

Gta 5 On Xbox Series X

Grand Theft Auto 5 – PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X – Graphics/Performance/Features Tested

GTA 5 Xbox Series X

GTA 5 on Xbox Series X can now be purchased on the Xbox store and is available for preload. The game will cost $19.99 / £17.49 at launch on March 15 through to June 14, with a 50% discount on its RRP. After June 14, GTA 5 on Xbox Series X will then cost $39.99 / £34.99.

GTA Online Xbox Series X

GTA Online on Xbox Series can be purchased on the Xbox Games Store and is also available for preload. At launch on March 15, GTA Online will cost $9.99 / £8.99 until June 14, whereafter it’ll cost $19.99 / £17.45 standalone.

Here’s a no-frills GTA 5 pricing breakdown for Xbox owners:

Xbox Series X, until 14th June:

GTA Online: $9.99 / $8.99

GTA Online and Story Mode: $19.99 / £17.49

Xbox Series X, after 14th June:

GTA Online: $19.99 / £17.45

GTA Online and Story Mode: $39.99 / £34.99

We’ll be diving into GTA 5 and GTA Online for PS5 and Xbox Series X this week to see what the new graphical and performance enhancements do to the look and feel of Los Santos, but before we let you rummage around in your storefront of choice we should give you one last tip:

There are also a handful of steps you’ll need to go through if you want to transfer GTA 5 Story Mode progress to PS5 and XSX. This is strictly for players who are upgrading from PS4 or Xbox One, but you might want to run through the steps in our how to guide before leaping into the game properly.

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    Einfhrung Von Gta+ Fr Gta Online

    GTA+ ist das Premium-Mitgliedschaftsprogramm von GTA Online, das jeden Monat exklusive Vorteile und Rewards für Xbox Series X|S-Spieler*innen bereithält. Mitglieder erhalten eine monatliche Zahlung von GTA in Höhe von 500.000 GTA$, neue Immobilien, Fahrzeuge, Kleidung und Event-Boni, Rabatte und mehr.

    Wie Finde Ich Die Besten Preise Fr Grand Theft Auto 5 Fr Die Xbox Series X vergleicht die günstigsten Preise für Grand Theft Auto 5 auf dem deutschen Markt für digitale Downloads, um die besten Verkaufs- und Rabattcodes in vertrauenswürdigen Spiele-Key-Shops zu finden.

    Über dieses Spiel

    In der sonnigen Stadt Los Santos versammeln sich drei Kriminelle, um in einer Reihe gefährlicher Raubüberfälle ihr Glück zu versuchen.

    • Die drei Kriminellen kommen aus unterschiedlichen Hintergründen. Franklin war ein Straßengangster, Michael ein professioneller Ex-Knacki, und Trevor ist ein gewalttätiger Verrückter.
    • Sie riskieren alles für den nächsten großen Coup, um ihnen eine lebenslange Haftstrafe aufzubürden.


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    Here’s How To Understand Its Pricing Progress Transfers And More

    The new-gen versions of GTA 5 and GTA Online are on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S right now, and if you buy it within the next few months, you can save some money. The process is not exactly easy to follow, with some price differences depending on which version you buy and for which console.

    If you’re looking to upgrade on PS5 you can get GTA 5+GTA Online for $9.99 USD / £8.75 / $14.99 AUD for the first three months after launch. But for those on Xbox, it will cost $19.99 USD / £17.49 / $29.97 AUD instead. There are no free upgrades available, and the game will revert to cost $39.99 USD from June 15 onwards. So, here’s everything else you need to know about preorders, and how to download the next-gen version of GTA 5 right now.

    Grand Theft Auto : How Do Playstation 5 And Xbox Series X Compare

    Grand Theft Auto 5

    UPDATE 25/3/2022: We’ve now spent some time looking at the Xbox Series S version of Grand Theft Auto 5 and it’s the least impressive rendition of the new ‘remaster’. It’s absolutely fine to put out a Series S rendition that runs at a lower resolution than the Series X version – that’s exactly how titles were meant to scale down to the junior Xbox, after all – but the cutbacks and drawbacks are more pronounced to the point where it’s that much harder to justify this as a paid upgrade.

    Similar to PS5 and Xbox Series X code, fidelity and performance modes are available targeting 30fps and 60fps respectively. The former sees a drop from Series X’s 4K resolution to 1440p, while the latter sees 1440p drop down to 1080p, the same resolution target as the PS4 and Xbox One S editions of the game. The performance RT option is missing though, meaning that ray traced sun shadows are not available. Ray tracing is also missing from the fidelity mode, again differentiating it from the Series X game.

    Adding to the sense that Series S is short-changed is the situation with performance. With the drop in resolution and the removal of RT, we would have hoped for more stable performance from Series S – but in stress points it appears to be much the same as the Series X version. Meanwhile, in performance mode, Series S runs a lot slower than the X equivalent – also managing to run with a performance deficit against Series X’s performance RT mode.

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    How To Transfer Gta 5 Story Progress From Ps4 To Ps5 Or From Xb1 To Xsx:

    This is the first time that GTA 5 players are also able to transfer their Story Mode progress from a previous edition.

    Players can transfer their Story Mode progress from PS4 to PS5, by uploading a save to the Rockstar Games Social Club for download on the new console.

    Ensure that your Rockstar Games Social Club account is linked to your preferred console account, and follow this step by step process:

  • Open GTA V on your current console
  • Go to the Game tab of the Pause Menu
  • Select the “Upload Save Game” option
  • Open GTA V on the next-gen console
  • Go to the Game tab of the Pause Menu
  • Select the “” option
  • You can only store one game save per platform at a time, and saves will remain available to download for 90 days. You can overwrite the stored save game multiple times until you choose to download it on the next-gen console.

    Once the Save Game has been downloaded successfully to a PS5 or Xbox Series X|S console, no further uploads can be made from that account.

    Grand Theft Auto’s Lasting Success

    Having long been rumored to be underway, Rockstar finally confirmed Grand Theft Auto 6 was in development earlier this year. Details are extremely scarce at the moment, and there are many questions yet to be answered. One thing is for sure though: it presents an opportunity for Rockstar Games to truly harness the power of the new console generation rather than just borrow from it, and provide something worth waiting for. Given the graphical capabilities of the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, if truly harnessed to their potential then fans could be getting a game world that looks better than anything they have ever seen. There are few upcoming games that have higher expectations than this one.

    Grand Theft Auto 5 was released in 2013, to critical acclaim. It presented one of the most realistic, lived-in open worlds at the time in Los Santos, and the fact that GTA 5 didn’t feature just one protagonist was seen as a welcome change and a breath of fresh air. Gamers were accustomed to a single main playable character in previous GTA games, but here they were introduced to three, all completely different from each other, who they could switch between at any time. This subverted expectations, and paid dividends.

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    Gta Online Wird Weiter Ausgebaut

    Anders verhält es sich bei GTA Online. Seit dem Release wurde der Multiplayer immer wieder mit neuen Inhalte wie Heists versorgt, was sich in Zukunft erstmal nicht ändern wird. Rockstar hat mittlerweile auch bestätigt, dass es exklusive Inhalte geben wird für die PS5- und Xbox Series X/S-Version von GTA Online.

    Wann Erscheint Gta 5 Fr Ps5 Und Xbox Series X/s

    Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online Out Now on Xbox Series X|S

    Aktuell lässt sich GTA 5 dank Abwärtskompatibilität auf PS5 und Xbox Series X/S spielen. Dabei handelt es sich allerdings um die PS4- und Xbox One-Versionen, die nicht für die leistungsstärkeren Konsolen optimiert sind.

    Das ändert sich im März 2022: Denn Rockstar hat bekannt gegeben, dass die Next Gen-Versionen von GTA 5 für die PS5 und die Xbox Series X/S am 15. März 2022 erscheinen. Ursprünglich war die Veröffentlichung für den 11. November 2021 geplant, wurde aber im Rahmen des PlayStation Showcase verschoben.

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    Gta 6 Needs To Capitalize On Its Hardware

    Grand Theft Auto 6 is being built from the ground up, with the hardware’s true capabilities fully utilized. This is an exciting prospect, and is completely different from enhancing a decade-old game with some upgrades. Given the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S’s incredible potential, specifically around advanced graphical features, load times, and online cloud gaming capabilities, Grand Theft Auto 6 finds itself in a very strong position if it uses these. While it currently has no release date, and no confirmed setting or characters, speculation puts the release window somewhere around 2024. There are signs pointing toward Rockstar Games starting to ramp up development. With both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X/S well into their 4th year of production by the time this game might release, there’s no reason to expect anything other than an end product that maximizes these powerful consoles’ capabilities.

    Grand Theft Auto 6 is currently in development.

    How To Upgrade Gta 5 On Next

    Technically, there isn’t an upgrade path for GTA 5 on new-gen consoles, such as the PS5 or Xbox Series X. If you’re on PS5 it currently costs $10, while those on Xbox will be paying $20 instead.

    If you do want to play the game with its new updates, you can digitally order the updated version right now on the Microsoft or PlayStation Store. Now that the official release date is here, once you’ve purchased the game, your console should give you a prompt to immediately start downloading it.

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    Gta Online Kommt Als Standalone

    GTA 5 bietet neben seinem Singleplayer auch den Multiplayer GTA Online. Der Multiplayer-Part war immer fester Bestandteil des Spiels, was sich aber auf PS5 und Xbox Series X/S ändern wird. Mit einer Standalone-Version soll es möglich sein, sich lediglich GTA Online zuzulegen.

    GTA Online wird wohl nicht Free2Play: Ganz sicher ist es noch nicht, aber da GTA Online in den ersten drei Monaten nach Release bei PS Plus kostenlos spielbar sein soll, wird die Standalone-Version wohl nicht auf Free2Play setzen, sondern einen festen Kaufpreis haben.

    Übrigens erhalten alle mit PS Plus, die GTA Online bis zum PS5-Release auf der PS4 spielen, jeden Monat Gratis-Cash:

    Introducing Grand Theft Auto Online: The Contract

    Grand Theft Auto V llegará a PlayStation 5 y Xbox Series X â Videojuegos

    Partner with Franklin Clinton and his friends in an all-new adventure set in the city of Los Santos as you launch a celebrity solutions Agency catering to the Vinewood elite including Dr. Dre. Get ready for a wild and hilarious ride as you track down Dr. Dres missing music and much more.

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    Vic B’stard’s State Of Play

    For the umpteenth time since the games original launch back in September 2013, I find myself playing another polished-up version of Rockstars Grand Theft Auto V.

    Not that Im complaining, as GTA V remains one of my favourite games, even if I have played it on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and now Xbox Series X. Yes, the crime blockbuster and its ever-involving online companion game have been polished up for another generation of consoles.

    Its a bit weird, though, expecting punters to shell out for the game, again. The last-gen versions of GTA V can already be played on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S via the consoles backward compatibility, and look very nice.

    For the uninitiated, the first game, Grand Theft Auto, was a highly controversial top-down shooting and driving game released on PC and the original PlayStation in late 1997. The franchise was reinvented with 2001s Grand Theft Auto 3, becoming a 3D open-world game. GTA 3 would have two spin-offs adding a thinly veiled Miami and L.A. to the main games New York . In 2008, Grand Theft Auto IV revamped the franchise again, returning to a rebooted Liberty City, with overhauled visuals. Grand Theft Auto V is set in the same rebooted universe as the fourth game, and even includes the unceremonious death of a character featured in one of GTA IVs DLC expansions.

    Rating: Great

    Grand Theft Auto V Und Online Fr Xbox Series X Im Test Aller Guten Dinge Sind Drei

    Geschrieben von Felix Kraus am 24.03.2022

    Vor fast einer Dekade erschien Grand Theft Auto V erstmals für die Xbox 360 und PlayStation 4. Das Open-World-Actionspektakel fuhr seinerzeit Topwertungen ein und bildete das fulminante Schlusslicht des damaligen Konsolenzyklus. Grand Theft Auto V bot nicht nur eine riesige Spielwelt und eine mitreißende Einzelspielerkampagne, sondern eroberte mit Grand Theft Auto Online den Mehrspielermarkt im Sturm. Bis heute tummeln sich Spielerinnen und Spieler in Los Santos, gehen ihren kriminellen Machenschaften nach und erfreuen sich über stetigen Inhaltsnachschub vonseiten Rockstar Games. Ein Jahr nach dem Debüt erfuhr Grand Theft Auto V eine Neuveröffentlichung für die Nachfolger der beiden Urplattformen, Xbox One und PlayStation 4. Die neue Version kam mit vielseitigen Verbesserungen in der Grafik und einer deutlich höheren Auflösung daher, die den Spielspaß abermals um ein Level anhoben. Wenig später erschien das Abenteuer um Franklin, Michael und Trevor auch für leistungsfähige Spielerechner und erreichte dort seinen optischen Zenit. Nun geht Grand Theft Auto V ein drittes Mal an den Start und will die Spielerschaft der aktuellen Konsolengeneration erneut von seinen nunmehr etwas staubigen Qualitäten überzeugen. Welche Verbesserungen euch diesmal erwarten und ob sich das Upgrade lohnt, erfahrt ihr hier!

    Die Waldgebiete von Grand Theft Auto V stellen eine willkommene Abwechslung zur Betonwüste des Vorgängers dar.

    Ein Spiele-Hit

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    Gta 5 Release Date For Ps5 / Xbox Series X

    GTA 5 for PS5 & Xbox Series X|S, along with the Standalone version of GTA Online, has been made available digitally on Tuesday, March 15, 2022, through the PlayStation 5 console store and the Microsoft Store.

    The physical releases of GTA V & Online for PS5 & Xbox Series X|S have hit the shelves a month later, on .

    The standard price of GTA 5 for PS5 & Xbox Series X|S is $39.99, however, for the first three months it’s available at just $9.99 on PlayStation 5 , and $19.99 on Xbox Series X|S .

    Initially announced in June 2020, the GTA V Expanded & Enhanced Edition for PS5 & Xbox Series X|S, and the Standalone Version of GTA Online was initially set to release in November 2021, but they were later delayed to March 2022.

    What about PC? At the moment the GTA V Expanded & Enhanced edition is not releasing on PC. It may come in in a future Title Update. After all, the PC version already supports 4K resolution and 60 frames per second, which are some of the features touted for PS5 & Xbox Series X|S, so it may not need a separate release.

    Ist Grand Theft Auto 5 Fr Xbox Series X/s Und Ps5 Die Bisher Beste Version

    GTA 5 Graphics Comparison: PC vs. PS5 vs. Xbox Series X

    Grand Theft Auto 5 ist vergangene Woche in einer neuen Version erschienen, die die Möglichkeiten der neuen Konsolengeneration nutzen soll. Das ist schon etwas Besonderes: Wir reden hier über einen Titel, der 2013 zunächst auf PS3 und Xbox 360 erschien, bevor er für PC, PlayStation 4 und Xbox One überarbeitet wurde. Mit der neuen Premium Edition kommt Rockstars Mega-Seller nun auf die dritte Generation von Gaming-Hardware und verspricht drei Qualitätsmodi, darunter auch hardwarebeschleunigte Raytracing-Funktionen.

    Wir werden den Vergleich der Plattformen in einem anderen Artikel angehen . Daher konzentrieren wir uns heute darauf, was die neue Version im Vergleich zu bestehenden Versionen des Spiels bietet. Wenn ihr von der Last-Gen-Konsolenversion kommt, was für Verbesserungen bekommt ihr dann? Und wenn ihr bereits die reichlich skalierbare PC-Version von GTA5 gespielt haben, wie nah kommt die neue Version dann an dieses Erlebnis heran? Für unsere Analysen haben wir uns auf die PlayStation-5-Version des Spiels konzentriert und festgestellt, dass die neue Hardware sogar noch vor dem Spielen ein deutlich verbessertes Benutzererlebnis bietet!

    Im englischen Original von Alex Battaglia, Video Producer, Digital Foundry

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    New Hsw Race Series & Time Trials

    The PS5 & Xbox Series X|S versions of GTA Online feature a new class of Races dedicated to specially modified HSW vehicles, along with an HSW Racing Outfit and set of new Chameleon paints usable on all vehicles.

    There will also be a weekly rotation of Haoâs Special Works Time Trials, along with a Premium Test Ride, where you can try out these newly modified vehicles for free.

    Gta 5 Ps5 And Xbox Series X Versions: Upgrade Details Cross

    Rockstar Games is bringing GTA 5 to yet another set of platforms. Here’s what you need to know.

    Rockstar’s celebrated open-world action game Grand Theft Auto V is coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S in March 2022, and many might be wondering if it will be a free upgrade for existing owners or if it won’t. With a game this successful, it’s unsurprising to learn that the upgrade will not be free. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to start from scratch in the new version.

    The PS5 and Xbox Series X|S represent the third generation of consoles on which GTA V will be available, following the game’s debut on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2013. When GTA V originally expanded to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2014–taking advantage of the increased horsepower of those systems to deliver a better experience overall–the game was released as a full-priced standalone title instead of a free upgrade for people who already bought the game originally.


    Now Playing: Grand Theft Auto 5 PS5 Trailer | Sony PS5 Reveal Event

    With GTA V continuing to sell exceptionally well–it sold 5 million copies in the April-June quarter, propelling the game to 150 million sold overall–it stands to reason that Rockstar and parent company Take-Two will continue to ride the wave for as long as it makes commercial sense to do so.

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