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Xbox Series X Extended Warranty

What Is A Device Warranty And How Is It Different From Insurance

STOCK-X (XBOX) Series X covered under Warranty?

Just like you can insure your car or home against different types of damages and theft, you can protect your valuable electronic devices such as a smartphone, laptop computer, gaming console, or camera from similar issues. That way, you wont have to simply pay out of pocket when life happens and your expensive equipment becomes damaged or lost.

Your manufacturer warranty and your insurance policy can be extremely useful in saving you money and heartache when something happens to your device. However, the two have some key differences. Warranties are almost always included with the total cost of your device, and their coverage conditions last for a set amount of time, such as 90 days to one year.

In some cases, you can opt for an extended warranty, which lasts longer than the basic warranty and may even offer some additional protections. Either way, the function of the warranty is to cover replacement or repair costs in the event of a product defect or internal malfunction.

Typically, if a product is defective, it will become apparent soon after purchase. This is why warranties only last for a set amount of time after the purchase date.

Device insurance is offered by some product manufacturers or major electronics retailers , but this type of coverage can be purchased at any time and lasts as long as you choose.

You may even want to sign up for gadget insurance to make sure youre protected against every potential issue.

How Do You Know If The Warranty You Are Getting Is A Good One

So the important lesson here is seeing how good the warranty you are being offered is. The most important thing you should do is do some research. Read what each warranty offers. Even if you see the magic words of Accidental Damage there could still be some big caveats as to what that warranty considers coverable.

Also, do your research on the internet, look at peoples experiences on Reddit or youtube, and see what they say. Try to find recent examples as stores change their policies often. Best Buys was not so great about a decade back and I stopped getting their warranties until I found out about the change.

From my experience, Best Buys Geek Squad Accidental Damage warranties are amazing. They have let me make exchanges for smaller issues and at times you can even get store credit valued for the original purchase price or upgrade to a newer version of a product, it doesnt get much better than that.

I have also heard good things about Gamestops return policy but have no experience. Sounds similar to Best Buy in that you get to walk out with a new console but it also seems a bit like your mileage may vary depending on the store manager. Id call into your local store ask for more details.

There also seems to be a lot of positive sentiment surrounding the Microsoft Complete Coverage Plan when it comes to Xbox consoles. I know from experience at the brick and motor Microsoft stores this plan was gold, I have taken back consoles and gotten a new replacement.

Are Xbox Controllers Under Warranty Too

Theres much more to Xbox ownership than just the console alone. Getting the most out of your Xbox means investing in the devices accessories, some of the most important of which are the controllers. Xbox controllers are highly technical devices all their own that can experience internal malfunctions and wear and tear, just like the console itself.

The standard warranty coverage period for Xbox controllers is 90 days. However, Microsoft specifically extended the warranty of Xbox Elite 2 controllers from 90 days to one year because a significant number of customers were noticing malfunctions with the Xbox Elite wireless controller.

Some of these issues included stick drift, stuck buttons, and unresponsive buttons, and the company was even facing a class-action lawsuit due to the number of people experiencing mechanical issues.

Therefore, if you have an Xbox Elite 2 controller that you purchased within the last year, you can enjoy extended Xbox warranty coverage against defects and manufacturer errors.

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What To Do When Your Xbox Warranty Ends

If youre an avid gamer or even just a casual player, youve at least heard of the Xbox . When the Xbox by Microsoft came into the gaming console market in 2001, it quickly became a mainstay and has leveled up with several new generations over the past 20 years.

Current and potential Xbox owners know that even though the console can be well worth it for its many capabilities and the high-quality games designed for its usage, these consoles tend to be expensive, especially when purchased new.

If any issues occur with your new Xbox that renders it unusable and you have to seek a repair or replacement, you can end up spending much more than you expected.

Luckily, like many devices of its caliber, the purchase of an Xbox comes with a manufacturer warranty. This warranty can help to protect you from spending extra money on costly repairs or replacements in the event of a hardware malfunction thats out of your control.

Though warranties and device insurance serve a similar purpose, they are meant to be used in different contexts and dont always cover the same issues.

Are Refurbished Xbox Series X Consoles Reliable

Microsoft news recap: Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 warranty extended ...

Reliability should be one of the first questions for any refurbished hardware. It’s important to understand where the device is coming from, the complete refurbishment process, and what protections are in place should an issue arise. Luckily, Microsoft has a strong track record, and with Xbox Series X, it outlines a thorough refurbishment process, backed with a strong warranty starting at one year.

Refurbished Xbox Series X consoles purchased via the Microsoft Store undergo a “rigorous certification process,” according to store listings. Microsoft engineers screen every console with extensive testing and potential repairs using official parts. Repairs upcycle the device “to its original specifications for electrical performance,” meaning it should work like any console out of the box. There’s little reason why a refurbished Xbox Series X should be different from a new console, especially in terms of performance and function.

Microsoft does warn of potential “cosmetic imperfections,” although they’ll likely be minor if present. While any notable damage probably won’t slip past checks, scuffs to the chassis, scratches around ports, and other everyday wear are possible. Microsoft also cleans all products and accessories before shipping them to buyers.

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An Xbox Warranty Is A Necessity

After the Red Ring of Death incident with many Xbox consoles, todays Xbox owners are more cautious with their consoles and with good reason. Even though, you arent taking your Xbox console out on a jog or in the pool, it still is an expensive piece of electronic gear that does have the capability to malfunction. Most manufacturer warranties only last for a year after the date of purchase. For this reason you may want to consider an Xbox warranty from Consumer Priority Service to extend your warranty coverage for an extra 2 years on top of the manufacturers warranty period. That means a total of 3 years of warranty protection for your Xbox.

So keep in mind when youre shopping for Xbox accessories, that an Xbox warranty from Consumer Priority Service is a wise investment in your gaming and for your wallet. Our Xbox warranty extends the original manufacturers warranty an additional 2 years to give you total protection for your Xbox and your gaming experience. Dont let it happen to you! Get an Xbox warranty from Consumer Priority Service today and keep your Xbox protected for total peace of mind!

About CPS

Consumer Priority Service offers extended warranty coverage for virtually all consumer purchases ranging from mobile devices to computers to major appliances and more.

Microsoft Complete Warranty Worth It

Waynej said:Well I got in touch with them earlier and it didn’t go to plan.Refused the extra warranty due to my order date being 25 Aug 2021, but they weren’t interested in the fact that the controller didn’t actually release until 15 Nov 2021, so I assumed the 45 days would start from then. That was clearly a mistake on my part. I’d never have guessed the 45 days would be counting down when pre-orders go live months ahead of release.I’m actually in two minds to see about returning it for a refund now. I do love the Halo Elite 2 controller, but knowing the history of reliability with these pads, £180 is a lot of money on a product that I don’t have 100% confidence in it standing the test of time.

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  • Includes EA Play, which gives you in-game rewards, access to a huge library of great Electronic Arts titles, and more.

  • Experience new Xbox Game Studios titles the day they release, including Halo Infinite.

  • Play Xbox games on your compatible mobile phone or tablet from the cloud via the Xbox Game Pass app.

Extended Warranty Thru Ms

Xbox Games Showcase Extended
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  • xninjagrrl1 year ago#1Anyone have the link to the site where I can get the extended warranty? I know MS lets you do this if you bought the console elsewhere but I just can’t find where. Thanks. Pros: The pills were there.Cons: So was the tank.
    Atarigamer1 year ago#2I wouldn’t waste your money mate, extended warranties tend to be a rip off.Last gen I went Xbox 360 > PS4 & PS4proThis gen I went PS4pro > Xbox Series X
    Spooffie1 year ago#3I tend to agree but it came in handy with the elite 2. glad i spent the $20
    Z24_3601 year ago#4Its a pretty good value, 40ish bucks for a 3 year warranty, including 1 year on controllers.

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    Buying An Extended Warranty After Receiving A Replacement

    Discus and support Buying an extended warranty after receiving a replacement in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem I am still within my 45 day purchase period and they wont allow me purchase an extended protection plan. My first Xbox was defective and was replaced…Discussion in ‘XBoX on Consoles‘ started by KiearaCrisp, .

    Extended Protection Plan For Appliances And Gadgets In Three Simple Steps:

    Buy The Correct Plan

    Buy the appropriate protection plan for your appliances and gadgets. We make sure your appliances and gadgets deliver the best performance so that you can focus on what is important to you.

    Receive Activation Instruction

    Plan activation instructions will be delivered to your registered email. At times the orders might take up to 24 hours to reflect in our system.

    Activate Your Protection Plan

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    Check Your Warranty Status

    If you have a Surface or Xbox device or accessory, use your Microsoft account to check the warranty and make warranty claims on

    To check the warranty status for Microsoft accessories like mice, keyboards, cameras, or headsets, contact us.

    For Surface for Business, visit Surface Support for Business Online Service Center.

    Dont Hesitate To Get The Right Kind Of Warranty If You Can Afford It And Want The Peace Of Mind

    Microsoft Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 gets a warranty extension ...

    Even with all of this, you dont have to buy a warranty. Many of them are not that good and chances are, nothing crazy will happen to your brand new console. Sometimes you simply cant afford it and I get that. Note though that in some cases you can buy a warranty about 30-45 days after you purchase your new console.

    If you are interested just make certain you know exactly what the warranty covers and please, at the very least, make sure it offers coverage for accidental damage and or replacement.

    Who knows, maybe in two years when that PlayStation 5 of yours is running a little ragged and a fresh new model is out, you may be able to upgrade your old and busted to something fresh and new and for merely a fraction of the original cost doesnt get much better than that.

    Do you buy warranties for your gaming devices and electronics? Share why or why not and lets get a discussion going below!

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    How Long Is An Xbox One Warranty

    The standard warranty for an Xbox One is one year, which means that any internal malfunctions will be repaired, or the device will be replaced if necessary up to one calendar year after the purchase date.

    Generally, you wont need to show a receipt if you take your console back to the retailer or point of purchase. A representative can look up your devices serial number to make sure its still under Xbox warranty coverage.

    How Much Does A Warranty Extension For Playstation 5 Xbox Series X & Co Cost

    On average, you have to invest around 10 percent of the purchase price for a good nights sleep in the case of the Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 were talking about around 50 euros, with the Nintendo Switch and the Xbox Series S its around 30 euros. However, the insurance benefits and conditions of the individual dealers differ significantly:


    The insurance protection at MediaMarkt is called PlusGuarantee* the tariff depends on the purchase price.

    Example for a 500 euro console: For a flat rate of 49.90 euros there is three years of additional protection. Damage caused by material and production errors is covered, but also wear and tear of original batteries. However, costs resulting from accident, impact, water and moisture damage are not taken into account. If you live on the coast or in the desert: Sand damage is also not covered.

    In the event of damage, the device will be repaired free of charge. If that doesnt work, you will receive a refurbished console or a new device. There is no deductible.


    Also at the MediaMarkt sister company Saturn PlusGuarantee* offered, which also covers material and production errors as well as wear and tear . The prices are staggered in the same way as at MediaMarkt:

    • Purchase price up to 300 euros: 29.90
    • Purchase price up to 500 euros: 49.90
    • Purchase price up to 800 euros: 79.90


    The costs:





    One Nintendo switch* can be secured for 27.99 euros.

    Microsoft Complete

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    Get Service For Your Microsoft Device Or Accessory

    Need to service your Microsoft device or accessory? Sign in to and get service for your Surface, Surface accessory, Xbox, or Xbox accessory.

    To get support for Microsoft accessories like mice, keyboards, cameras, or headsets, contact us.

    How much does out-of-warranty service cost for your Surface device or accessory?

    If your device is no longer covered by the standard limited warranty or Microsoft Complete, you may be eligible for out-of-warranty services.

    Find Surface Walk-in Center and Authorized Service Provider contact information

    Microsoft has support options for your Surface through Authorized Reseller Customer Service Centers and Authorized Service Providers. Not available in all countries and regions.

    Find the serial number on Microsoft or Surface device

    There are several ways you can find the serial number for your Microsoft or Surface device or accessory.

    Refurbished Xbox Series X: What’s In The Box

    Microsoft Replaced My Xbox Series X/S Controller Under Warranty – Warranty Update Video & Unboxing

    Purchasing a refurbished Xbox Series X offers all the same accessories as brand-new devices, with its reduced price simply reflecting its used condition. The device performs like any new Xbox console, though you might find some minor scuffs or marks in some cases. Here’s what’s in the box:

    • Refurbished Xbox Series X 1TB console
    • Refurbished Xbox Wireless Controller
    • Refurbished Ultra High Speed HDMI cable
    • Refurbished Xbox-compatible power cable

    The included Xbox Series X console is tested and functional to the firm’s standards, with an accompanying Xbox Wireless Controller. The same revised Xbox controller ships with all Xbox Series devices, defined by tweaked ergonomics and a dedicated “Share” button. Microsoft also bundles its HDMI 2.1-ready “Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable,” a special cable supporting 4K up to 120Hz on compatible displays, with the appropriate power adapter and manual for your region.

    However, you won’t get the usual retail packaging under Microsoft’s Certified Refurbished program. Microsoft ships these devices in a custom box, clearly labeled as refurbished to prevent confusion, even if otherwise similar to the standard packaging.

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    How Much Is It To Repair An Xbox One Or Series X

    Without an Xbox warranty or device insurance, repairing your device can get expensive, depending on which generation of the console you have. If your device has aged out of its Xbox warranty coverage, you can receive Microsoft repair service for a set fee.

    In order to receive repair service from Microsoft, youll have to log into the device services portal with your account information and submit a service order request for the device that needs repair. Once you receive a confirmation email, youll have to pack and ship your device to the service facility securely.

    To receive service on your Xbox One, U.S. residents will pay either $179 or $249, depending on if they have the Xbox One S or the Xbox One X. Service for the Xbox Series X costs $299 in the U.S. Repairs for the Elite Wireless Controller 2 cost $99, and you can also replace the ear cups on your Xbox Wireless Headset for $10.

    With costs like this, its clear to see why device insurance can be extremely useful after your Xbox warranty has expired. Lets dive into the details of gadget insurance with AKKO and how you can protect much more than just your Xbox console with our plans.

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