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Xbox Series S Destiny 2

Destiny 2 At 4k And 60fps On Ps5 And Xbox Series X

Destiny 2 PS5 vs Xbox Series X|S – A True Next-Gen Advantage

Among the most awaited news there is certainly an improved resolution and frame rate, which however undergoes variations on the Xbox Series S. The inexpensive Microsoft hardware, in fact, is obviously the one that least of all gets an actual upgrade. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X can boast a resolution of up to 4K and a frame rate of 60fps. On the contrary, Series S maintains the resolution of 1920 × 1080, although still at 60 frames per second. More than satisfactory results for next-generation consoles, thanks to a patch that will be automatically downloaded for Xbox users. Those who own a PS5, on the other hand, will have to start the download manually.

Great news for the Crucible, which boasts of two important introductions: the first is the possibility of play at 120fps thanks to support for 120hz screens. This is a very important detail for the PvP sector of Destiny 2, which can finally maintain the comparison with the PC counterpart. Too bad, however, not being able to achieve the same result in all other activities, since not all users love the Crucible so much that they fully appreciate the functionality.

Destiny 2 Is Coming To Xbox Game Pass And Xbox Series X

    Like the changing of the seasons, theres one thing you can count on every year: a major, game-changing Destiny 2 update from the team at Bungie. Following in the steps of expansions like Destiny 2: Shadowkeep and Destiny 2: Forsaken, this year well be getting Destiny 2: Beyond Light, which will be hitting on November 10. Today, during the Xbox Games Showcase, we announced that more gamers will be joining the legions of fans playing Destiny 2 by bringing it to Xbox Game Pass. If you are one of the more than 10 million Game Pass subscribers, youll get access to all current Destiny 2 expansions starting this September. And when the standard edition of Destiny 2: Beyond Light is released, youll get that too.

    In addition to goodies like new weapons, gear, and activities, Destiny 2: Beyond Light will introduce a new location , a new subclass , and a new raid called Deep Stone Crypt.

    Since Destiny 2 will be part of Xbox Game Pass, that means Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will have the ability to play Destiny 2 whenever and wherever they want on their phone or tablet, from the cloud. So if someones using the TV and you want to run your daily challenges or nab some Exotics from Xur, youll be able do so to thanks to cloud gaming, powered by Project xCloud.

    Destiny : The Witch Queen




    The Witch Queen expansion is additional content to the existing Destiny 2 franchise. Prepare to face enemies you’ve already met while using never-before-seen crafting mechanics and a weapon type.

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    Destiny 2 Beyond Light Is Set To Be An Xbox Series X And Series S Launch Title

    With the release date of the Xbox Series X and Series S looking like itll be soon, Destiny 2 Beyond Light could be a launch title.

    Theres a huge piece of news that not many people seem to be talking about, so lets get into it. When the Xbox Series X and Series S launch on November 10, Destiny 2 Beyond Light is going to be a next-generation launch title.

    Earlier this year, Bungie delayed the release of Beyond Light to November 10. We all took it in our stride, and actually the Destiny 2 community has been stronger than ever in the wake of that delay. With that said, there has been a little saltiness, though it seems to be dissipating with the next of all these next-gen consoles.

    I think what is helping is this simple fact that Im talking about now. If you pick up an Xbox Series X or Series S at launch, youll be playing one of the biggest and best launch titles on the day for free.

    Destiny 2 New Light is a free-to-play version of Destiny 2, and its the best way to pick the game up and continue your playthrough across multiple platforms. That version of the game is going to be available on the Xbox ecosystem as soon as these new consoles release.

    Beyond Light is going to be available as an in-game purchase on the Xbox Store, and from within Destiny 2. I cant see Bungie and Microsoft leaving everything to chance. Theyre going to be working extremely hard to ensure that everything runs smoothly getting the game up and running as soon as possible.

    Solution : Restart The Console

    Impresiones Destiny 2 Más allá de la luz: las primeras horas

    Performing a power cycle on the Xbox will refresh its system and remove any corrupted temporary data that could be causing the problem. To do this just press the Xbox button on the console for 10 seconds or until it turns off. Turn on the Xbox after a few seconds then try running Destiny 2 again then check if it still crashes.

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    Destiny : Ps5 And Xbox Series X Optimisation Launches Later Today

    It’s finally here: The big optimisation Destiny 2 patch for PS5 and Xbox Series X players will release later today.

    Destiny 2 already looks tremendous on the PS5 and Xbox Series X and the load times are fast AF, but you’ll finally get the next-gen optimisation you deserve later today. Cross-generation play has been active since Beyond Light launched back on November 10, but now it’s time to push Destiny 2 to the limit with new visual upgrades.

    The Crucible will be available in 120hz for the PS5 and Xbox Series X but as always, unless you have a monitor or TV that’s compatible, you won’t be able to see it. When enabled, Destiny 2 switches to 120hz, lowers the resolution and some advanced graphics settings upon entering a Crucible match, but all other modes remain at 4K and 60fps. The Xbox Series S won’t support the Crucible in 120hz, however.

    The Prophecy Dungeon also returns this week and you’ll be able to acquire Bounties via your Destiny 2 Companion App.Iron Banner also begins today and will run until December 15 when The Dawning event begins.

    With all that in mind, let’s see when downtime begins and what changes you can expect.

    Destiny 2 Optimized: The Future Is Closer Than You Think

      Since the launch of Destiny 2: Beyond Light on November 10, Bungie began harnessing the next-generation capabilities of the Xbox Series X|S to deliver meaningful upgrades to players all over the world. With the launch of Beyond Light serving as the beginning of this next generation update, Bungie also announced that additional enhancements would be coming in the very near future. That future is almost here.

      Starting tomorrow, owners of Destiny 2 on Xbox One are able to upgrade to the optimized version on their new Xbox Series X|S at no cost using Smart Delivery. In fact, every upgrade mentioned below is completely free.

      Launch Upgrades

      Originally detailed in an issue of This Week at Bungie, the next-gen version of Destiny 2 would support cross-generational play between Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S owners. Not only that, cross-gen play would be available on the November 10 launch which coincidentally was the same launch day as Beyond Light. This meant that everyone would be discovering the mysteries of Europa together.

      In addition to this, Xbox Series X|S owners would also be able to harness the consoles cutting-edge hardware to improve load times significantly. The improved load times promised enhancements throughout several of Destiny 2s systems. From launching the game to loading UI elements, and even navigating through menus multiple heavily trafficked portions of the game were upgraded to become smoother and more responsive.

      Next Gen Optimization

      Going Beyond

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      Destiny : The Witch Queen Deluxe + Bungie 30th Anniversary Bundle

      Buy to unlock the Throne World Exotic Ghost Shell, the Enigma Exotic emote, and a new emblem.

      The Deluxe Edition includes Seasons 16-19, two Year-5 Dungeons, an Exotic SMG, catalyst, ornament, and an Exotic Sparrow.

      The 30th Anniversary Pack includes a new Dungeon, Gjallarhorn Exotic Rocket Launcher, new weapons, armor, and much more.

      Updating Destiny On The Xbox Series X

      Destiny 2 – Xbox Series S gameplay at 60fps

      Automatic Updates for Destiny

    • Turn on the Xbox Series X|S system
    • Sign into the desired Xbox profile
    • Navigate to the Settings menu
    • Select the “Keep my console, games & apps up to date” option
    • Manually Updating Destiny

    • Turn on the Xbox Series X|S system
    • Sign into the desired Xbox profile
    • On the Xbox Home menu, select My Games and Apps
    • Select Manage and then Updates
    • Select Destiny and then select Update
    • Please note:

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      What To Do When Your Destiny 2 Xbox Game Keeps On Crashing

      One issue that you might encounter as a console player when playing this title is when it crashes. This can happen anytime during the game. Heres what you need to do to fix this.


      • Make sure to update the Xbox software.
      • Make sure to update Destiny 2 to eliminate the possibility of a bug causing this problem.

      Destiny : Legacy Collection

    • Sales feedback


      This seller has received exceptionally high ratings from buyers for outstanding customer service.

      This seller does not issue invoices.

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    • Sales feedback


      This seller has received exceptionally high ratings from buyers for outstanding customer service.

      This seller does not issue invoices.

      Seller’s store

    • Sales feedback


      This seller has received exceptionally high ratings from buyers for outstanding customer service.

      This seller does not issue invoices.

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      Xbox Series X And Series S

    • Sign in to your Xbox One .
    • Select the Microsoft Store app from your Home Screen or search for it.
    • Scroll down to “Redeem Code” .)
    • Enter the 25-character code thats displayed on the Order page of, then follow the prompts. Dont worry about hyphens, the system takes care of those for you.
    • Note If you cant locate Store, scroll down to Add more on the Home screen and select the Store tile. Then select Add to Home.

      Destiny 2 Is Now Optimized For Xbox Series X

      : Destiny 2   Xbox Series X

      Destiny 2 has been optimized for the Xbox Series X|S. As of yesterday, Nick Heikkila, principal producer for Bungie has recently taken to the Xbox Wire to announce upgrades and optimization for Destiny 2 that come at no cost to current Xbox Series X|S owners.

      Thanks in large part to the Series X|S Smart Deliery, the upgrades are being rolled out to game owners now and bring the following new features:

      In addition to the upgrades, Bungie is also celebrating its November update that brought new levels in the Beyond Light release that include Europa, Deep Stone Crypt and Stasis. For Destiny fans there is a lot to be try out this holiday season on both Xbox One and Series consoles alike.

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      Experience A New Kind Of Power

      Fueled by Darkness, Stasis is the new elemental power the player can wield against their enemies. The player can cast it against the enemy to slow down their advance or crush them in a powerful forcefield. Each character class will have access to different Stasis powers, helping them take over the battlefield and dictate their pace of combat to the enemy.

      How To Fix Destiny 2 Crashing In Xbox Series X

      The Destiny 2 crashing in Xbox Series X can be caused by several factors. This could be due to a bug in the game which can be fixed by updating it, a corrupted cached file, or outdated software. To fix this you need to perform a series of troubleshooting steps.

      Destiny 2 is a free to play action MMO game thats available for the Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Windows, and PS4 platforms. You can choose to play the three different classes namely Hunters, titans, or Warlocks in a Player vs Player or Player vs Environment mode. This is a great sci-fi game with a good story that should keep players entertained for countless hours.

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      Solution : Use A Different Profile

      Theres a possibility that a corrupted user profile data is causing this problem. You can check if this is the culprit by using a different profile.Press the Xbox button on the controller.

      • Press the Xbox button on the controller.
      • Select Profile & System.
      • Select Add or switch.
      • Try using a different profile. If only one profile is available then select the Add new option to add another profile that you can use for checking.

      If the problem does not occur when using this new profile then you will need to remove your original profile from the Xbox then add it again.

      Destiny 2 Ps5 Enhancements

      Destiny 2 Next-Gen Gameplay on Xbox Series X (4K 60fps)

      On PS5, Destiny 2 features the following enhancements:

      • 4K Resolution at 60 FPS
      • 120 FPS Crucible Support
      • Faster Load Times
      • Cross-Generation Play

      Destiny 2 will look and run much better on PlayStation 5, boasting an impressive 60 FPS at 4K like many other first-person shooters on the platform. In the Crucible, youll be able to play at 120 FPS, although the game will drop to a lower resolution. An exact resolution was not provided, but its likely that this will be somewhere in the ballpark of 1080p or slightly higher, as this is what most other games with a 120hz mode offer.

      A field of view slider will also be implemented that will give a similar range of FOV to the PC version of the game. Faster load times are not to be overlooked, either, as Destiny 2 players spend a lot of time loading as they travel between destinations.

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      Destiny 2 Comes To Next

      Destiny 2 is finally coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, bringing several significant improvements and enhancements to the long-running sci-fi shooter. Players on next-gen consoles will be able to experience Destiny 2 at increased frame rates and resolutions along with other upgrades such as faster loading times and cross-generation play. Best of all, this upgrade is entirely free to those who already own the game. Heres everything we know about Destiny 2 on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

      Season Of The Haunted

      The once-opulent Leviathan returns. Explore its labyrinthine Underbelly in new missions and brave hordes of enemies and challenging Nightmare bosses in a new scalable activity. Draw your scythe and reap a host of rewards that include a new Exotic and weapons last seen within the emperors coveted collection. Harness the fury of the latest subclass empowered by the Aspects and Fragments system: Solar 3.0.

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      Destiny 2 Playstation 5 Xbox Series X

      The Destiny 2 PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S upgrade is now live, and a new video shared online takes a good look at these new versions of the game.

      The video, shared by ElAnalisteDeBits, highlights the most important improvements introduced by the upgrade, such as improved frame rate in the campaign and PvP. The game runs pretty much the same on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, with the PlayStation 5 version featuring more noticeable antialiasing. As previously announced, the game runs at 1080p resolution on Xbox Series S.

      Destiny 2 is updated to Nextgen with a main feature that was very necessary. The 60FPS in the campaign . Apart from this, the differences between versions, again, are minimal. In Series S the game runs at 1080p resolution and has a shorter draw distance. Series X and PS5 hit 2160p. PS5 also has a somewhat more noticeable antialiasing than in Series X, achieving slightly smoother edges. Because of this, Series X displays a subtly sharper image . Once again, preferences for choosing the platform to play Destiny 2 should revolve around your personal tastes.

      The Destiny 2 PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S upgrade also introduced Field of View customization and cross-generation play.

      Destiny 2 is now available on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Xbox One worldwide.

      Developed Story Plot And New Enemies

      Destiny 2 chegará ao console Xbox Series X

      This additional content will allow players to discover the truth behind the Throne World of the Hive queen Savathûn found in Ascendant Realm. Prepare to fight Hive, who have received the power of Light through Savathûn’s hands. The enemies who have previously been defeated will rise from the dead. Are you ready to struggle, knowing that there is no consolation in the Light?

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      Destiny 2 Xbox Series X

      On Xbox Series X|S, Destiny 2 features the following enhancements:

      • 4K Resolution at 60 FPS
      • 1080p at 60 FPS
      • 120 FPS Crucible Support
      • Field of View Slider
      • Faster Load Times
      • Cross-Generation Play

      The Xbox Series X|S version of Destiny 2 is on par with the PS5 version, although the Series S version has some noticeable drawbacks due to its lower power and budget price point. The Series S version of the game is still a commendable effort that provides a huge upgrade over the current-gen version of the game.

      On Series X, you can expect 60 FPS at 4K, while the resolution drops to 1080P on Series S. 120 FPS is supported in the Crucible on Series X, but Series S owners will not be able to access this feature. Both systems will benefit from faster load times, and this will make the gameplay experience much better overall.

      Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. For more information regarding the next-gen version of Destiny 2, visit the official Bungie site.

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