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Xbox Movies And Tv App Not Working

How To Fix Error 0xc101ab66 On Xbox Series X

Xbox Controller not working with iOS 13? iPad iPhone and Apple TV. Elite 2 Support with iOS 14.

The error code 0xc101ab66 on your Xbox Series X occurs when you try to play a movie or TV show using the Movies & TV app. This is usually caused by a service outage on the Xbox Live server. To fix this you need to perform several troubleshooting steps.

The Xbox Series X is a next generation gaming console that was first released by Microsoft late last year. Its capable of running games at true 4k resolution at up to 120 frames per second. Some of its excellent features include backwards compatibility to hundreds of games, access to the Game Pass subscription service, and faster game loading time just to name a few.

Solution : Relaunch The Movies & Tv App

Sometimes the problem can be caused by a glitch in the app itself. To fix this all you have to do is to restart the app.

  • Press the Xbox button. You can find this on your controller.
  • Highlight the app. This will allow you to select it.
  • Press Menu. This allows you to access the app system settings.
  • Select Quit. This will stop the game from running.
  • Start the Movies & TV app. This will launch the app.

Try to check if the problem still occurs.

Having the error code 0xc101ab66 on your Xbox Series X can be a frustrating experience. Hopefully, this solution will help you fix the problem.

Restore Your Default Connection Settings

If you’ve changed the connection settings on your device, you’ll need to change them back to default.

These settings could include:

  • Virtual Private Network or proxy service settings.

  • Custom DNS settings.

If you need help changing these settings, contact the device manufacturer.

Once you’ve reset these settings, try Netflix again.

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Check Your Internet Connection

If you are having trouble connecting to Peacock or watching a video, your internet connection might be unreliable or it might be too slow to stream content. This could happen to your TV or tablet if you’re too far from your router or having ISP connectivity issues if you are not at home, the WiFi network might be too slow or unreliable.

Make sure you can see a strong cellular or WiFi indicator on whatever device you are trying to use. And to be sure your internet is fast enough, be sure to test your internet speed. You’ll generally need no more than 7Mbps, because Peacock is limited to HD streaming.

Solution : Reset The Xbox App

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When your Xbox app isnt working, you can try resetting the Xbox app to solve the problem. Here are the detailed steps.

Step 1: Press Win + I to open Windows Setting.

Step 2: Select the Apps category. Make sure Apps & features are selected in the left pane. In the right pane, input Xbox in the search box.

Step 3: In the following window, select the Repair button. Then check if the Xbox works properly.

Step 4: If you still encounter the problem Xbox app not opening or working properly, you need to click the Reset button.

If this method doesnt help you solve the problem, you can move to the next solution.

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Solution : Run The License Service Script

If all the solutions above failed to solve Xbox app not working, you might need to try running the license service script. It usually helps a lot to solve problems with Windows 10 applications.

Step 1: Press Win + S to open the Windows Search utility. Search for Notepad and open it.

Step 2: Copy and paste the following contents to Notepad:

echo offnet stop clipsvcif %1== if %1==recover net start clipsvc

Step 3: Save the file with the name license.bat.

Step 4: Run Command Prompt as administrator. Then input the path of the file you just created and press Enter to run the script. This will uninstall the Xbox app.

Step 5: Go to Microsoft Store and download the Xbox app and install it.

Then you can check if the Xbox app not working issue disappears.

Power Cycle Your Console

If the restart did not work, you could also try power cycling your device. This will perform a soft reset on your console, removing temporary files, including the system cache.

However, your data and game progress wont be affected, so you dont need to perform a backup anymore.

See the steps below to power cycle your Xbox console:

  • First, press and hold the Power button at the front of your Xbox for 10 seconds or until it is fully turned off.
  • After that, unplug your console from the outlet for another 10 seconds.
  • Reconnect your Xbox to the power source afterwards and press the Power button to restart it.
  • After your Xbox has rebooted, go back to the HBO Max app to check if it is now working as it should.

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    Reinstall The Netflix App

  • From the home screen, tap and hold the Netflix app.

  • Tap Remove app> Delete app> Delete.

  • Open the App Storeandsearch for “Netflix.”

  • Tap on the free Netflix app from Netflix, Inc.

  • To install the app, tap the cloud icon.

    Note:You might need to enter your Apple ID and password. If you forgot your Apple ID or password, go to the Apple support site for help.

  • Once installed, try Netflix again.

  • If you can’t find the Netflix app in the App Store, go to the Apple support site for help.

    How Do I Fix Movies And Tv On Windows 10

    Fix Youtube App Not Working On Samsung Smart Tv | YouTube Not Opening Black Screen Fixed

    If youre having problems using Movies and TV app on your Windows 11/10 PC, it might be due to an app error or incorrect settings. In this case, to resolve the issue, you need to verify that your computers time, date, language, and region settings are correct. Do the following:

    • Open Settings.
    • Tap or click Time & language.
    • Select either Date & time or Region & language and check all settings.

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    Fix : Check Xbox Server Status

    Before getting into anything technical, the very first thing that you should try whenever you face the mentioned problem is to check the Xbox server status. It might be the case that there is some problem going on with the Xbox server and you are wondering whats wrong with Amazon Prime Video. Plus, in such a scenario, none of the below-mentioned technical fixes will help you in solving the problem.

    Nevertheless, visit the Xbox status page to check for the server status. If everything looks fine, then it indicates that there is some other issue causing the problem.

    Re: Now Tv Not Working On Xbox One

    I’ve just tested the now TV app for Xbox one and its working fine for me. Your now the second person I’ve seen today that having problems

    What error message if any are you getting when you try to use the now TV app on Xbox one? Also, who is your ISP and how is your Xbox one connected to the Internet. What connection speed are you getting at this moment in time. and if applicable what content are you trying to watch?

    I’m not a member of staff that this information might make it easier for a member of now TV staff to help you

    I do not work for Now . I am simply a Now customer trying to help

    This post has been archived

    This post has been kept only for reference, it may contain out-of-date or inaccurate infomation.

    I know you’re on virgin media, but this post from @Anonymous User might still assist you as there is some advice in their which isn’t related to having BT Internet

    I do not work for Now . I am simply a Now customer trying to help

    This post has been archived

    This post has been kept only for reference, it may contain out-of-date or inaccurate infomation.

    It seems there are some issues with Xbox live at the moment

    I do not work for Now . I am simply a Now customer trying to help

    This post has been archived

    This post has been kept only for reference, it may contain out-of-date or inaccurate infomation.

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    Fix : Check Internet Connection

    A poor internet connection can be one of the most important reasons why you are facing the mentioned problem. Amazon Prime Video is a high data consuming application, therefore, you need to be connected to good internet sources to enjoy its services. There are different ways by which you can test your internet connection. But we recommend you to try the website.

    Just visit the website and check your internet speed. If you are getting a comparatively lower internet speed than the plan that you have opted for, then it is an indication that the Amazon Prime Video crashing problem is being caused by the poor internet connection. As a solution to it, contact your internet service provider and ask them to fix the internet speed.

    Having Problems With Your Xbox Series X/s Microsoft Has Released A List Of Known Issues And How To Get Around Them


    Heres some quick fixes for any common issues you might come across with your new Xbox Series X/S.

    Microsoft has uploaded a blog post covering the known issues people are facing with the Xbox Series X/S consoles. The most common problem so far seems to be an issue revolving around the 4K/120hz displays fix this by turning off your VRR or lowering the resolution but a few other fixes should also prove useful!

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    Restart Your Iphone Ipad Or Ipod Touch

  • Press and hold the side button and one of the volume buttons at the same time until the sliders appear. Drag the top slider to turn your device completely off.

  • If the sliders don’t appear, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the red slider appears, then drag the slider.

  • After 10 seconds, press the Sleep/Wake button.

  • Once your device powers on, try Netflix again.

  • Fix: Amazon Prime Video Not Working Or Crashing On Xbox Series X/s

    There can be several reasons why Amazon Prime Video is not working or crashing on Xbox Series X/S. The reason mainly depends on the configuration and the situation of the system. However, Xbox hasnt released any official solution to the problem, at least till the time of writing this article. Thus, you might have to try different workarounds, and stick with the one that does the job for you.

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    Check Hbo Max Servers

    Before making any changes on your end, verify first if the problem is with your device or HBOs servers. You can do this by using third-party tools like Downdetector, where you can view the current status of HBO Maxs servers.

    If HBO Max is currently offline, the best thing to do now is to wait for the servers to go online again. However, you can still try the remaining methods below and see if anything works out on your end.

    Test Your Internet Connection

    Netflix Not Working – Black Screen Problem Solved
  • From the PS3 main menu, navigate to Settings.

  • If you’re not already at the main menu, hold the PS3 button in the middle of the controller, select Quit, then select Yes to return to the home screen.

  • Select Network Settings.

  • Select Internet Connection, then verify it’s set to Enabled. If itâs Disabled, make sure to select Enable.

  • Select Internet Connection Test.

  • If you are able to connect to the internet, check your date and time settings.

  • If you are unable to connect to the internet, you may be having network connection issues.

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    Try Watching Peacock On Another Device

    This won’t solve the problem per se, but if you can’t get Peacock to work on a particular device, try watching it on a different one. If that works, not only does it solve your immediate problem it gets Peacock running but it can point to a problem with that particular app or device, which can help you narrow down the problem at a later time.

    Solution : Check Xbox Live Server Status

    One of the main causes of this problem is an outage on the Xbox Live server. Heres how you can check the status of the Xbox status.

    Time needed: 5 minutes.

  • You can do this from your computer or from your Xbox Series X console.

  • Go to the Xbox server status home page.

    You can check details on the status of Xbox server issues if any from here.

  • If an outage is reported on the Xbox servers then this could be whats causing the problem. You will need to wait for this to be fixed. Microsoft will usually post the estimated time when the issue will be resolved.

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    General Netflix App Troubleshooting To Try First

    Even though the Netflix app is available on various platforms, there are some solutions for fixing a faulty app that work across the board no matter what device you’re using.

  • Check if Netflix is down. If the Netflix app fails to load or a film or TV show won’t start, it could simply be because the Netflix service itself is down or offline. Use that link to see if there’s an issue with Netflix’s servers. If there is, there’s nothing you can do but wait for them to fix it.

  • Restart your device. It’s become almost a bit of a cliché but restarting your device will actually often fix a faulty app or system problem.

  • Check your internet connection or phone signal. If your internet is down, Netflix won’t work. Make sure your Wi-Fi or cellular connection is switched on and that your device hasn’t been put in Airplane mode by accident. Also try other apps to see if they can connect to the internet.

  • Reboot your router. If your internet is down or you seem to be connected but apps aren’t working properly, the problem may lie with your network hardware.

  • Update your Netflix app. As with a system update, it’s equally important to keep the Netflix app up-to-date as the latest version may be needed to run on your device or to connect to the Netflix servers for streaming media. An app update could also fix any Netflix error codes, for example, the error code UI-800-3, that you’re getting.

  • How To Troubleshoot Movies & Tv App Not Working


    The Movies & TV app not working issues cover the black screen, not installing/downloading, freezing, no sound, or not opening. The Movies & TV app not working problem can occur on Xbox One, Windows 10, Windows 11, Samsung TV, Apple TV, and other devices. The problem may be caused by the Movies & TV app error or your device settings. If you are having issues with the Movies & TV app on your device, try the following troubleshooting tips.

    Solution 1: Check your PC settings

    Try verifying your Windows settings including time, date, language, region settings when the Movies & TV app won’t work properly on Windows 11 or Windows 10. Open Settings by hitting Windows key + I, choose Time & Language, tap Date & time or Region & language, and verify settings.

    Solution 2: Clear the temp folder on Windows 10/11

    • Press the Windows key + R to open the Run box. Type Temp and press Enter.
    • Select all files and folders that you are not using currently, right-click files and folders, and click Delete.

    Solution 3: Restore default libraries on PC

    • Open Windows Explorer. In the left pane, click Libraries or select View at the top of the screen. Ensure that the Show all folders option is selected.
    • Right-click the library and then click Delete.
    • In the left pane, right-click Libraries and click Restore default libraries.

    Solution 4: Reset the Movies & TV app

    Solution 5: Uninstall and reinstall the Movies & TV app

    • Find out the Movies and TV App, and select it.
    • Choose Move and Uninstall.

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    Remote Play On Windows 10

    Some players are finding that they are not able to console stream to a Windows 10 device through the Xbox Console Companion app.

    Microsoft informs players that this feature is only supported by Xbox One gen devices.

    Players are able to stream to an Android or an iOs device via the Xbox app with the Xbox Series X/S.

    Today we celebrate the power of play together.

    A message from on Xbox Series X|S Launch Day:


    How To Fix Netflix On A Playstation 4 Console

    Like the Xbox One, Sony’s PlayStation 4 console can also run streaming apps like Netflix. Try these two solutions if you’re encountering problems with your Netflix app on your PS4.

  • Check if PSN is down. If the PlayStation Network online service is down, it could be preventing some of the apps from working. You can check if PSN is running via its official status page.

  • Quit the PS4 Netflix app. PlayStation 4 apps will continue to run in the background even if you switch to a video game or another app. Closing your open apps can improve the performance of your PS4 and refresh the apps to fix any bugs that you may be experiencing. To close a PS4 app, highlight its icon on the home screen and press the Options button on your PS4 controller. A new menu will pop up with the option, Close Application. Click on it to close the Netflix app. You can now reopen it again as you usually would.

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