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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Xbox Live

You Bought A Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Now What

Xbox – August 2021 Games with Gold

You have bought an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. With this card you have access to Xbox live and the Game Pass, monthly free games and unlimited access to more than 100 games from the Library. Of course, the question is how to activate it? There are several ways to activate your subscription. Follow our manual and choose which method works best for you to redeem your code correctly.

When your subscription is activated on your account, other subscriptions that are still running will automatically be stopped.

Activate Your Game Pass Ultimate Via The Microsoft Store App

  • Follow these steps to activate your subscription through the Microsoft Store App.
  • Go to the Microsoft Store using the Start button
  • In the Microsoft Store, click the rightmost button to open the drop-down menu and then choose Redeem a code
  • Enter the code. The hyphens will be entered automatically. After entering, you can click on the next one and confirm. Have fun!

Compatibility: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Works For More Systems

  • Works across both PC and console library.

  • Also offers Cloud Gaming streaming meaning support for Android.

When it comes to compatibility, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the most varied. It means you can play games on your PC, Xbox One, and your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S console. It also means you can stream games to your Android smartphone or tablet.

In contrast, Xbox Game Pass requires you to pick one system and stick with it. That’s fine if you only play PC games or you only play console games, but it can be restrictive if you plan on expanding your horizons. That’s particularly true now that it’s possible to stream games to your phone which could be useful once in a while.

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Total War: Warhammer Iii

Available February 17, 2022


Embark on strategic campaigns across the mortal lands and beyond to the very Realm of Chaos itself! Rally your forces and step into a dimension of mind-bending horror where the very fate of the world will be decided. Will you conquer your Daemons or command them?

Available February 2022


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What’s Leaving Xbox Game Pass Soon

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate para 1 Mes

For the most part, more games join Xbox Game Pass than leave. However, most games do leave the service eventually, so Microsoft likes to give players a heads up if they hadn’t gotten around to playing that game yet. Keep an eye on this section of our Xbox Game Pass guide for games you still want to play. If you see a game you’ve played and loved, be sure to purchase it with your Xbox Game Pass discount so you can keep it forever.

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Xbox Game Pass Console 3 Month Membership

South AfricaRefund

Xbox Game Pass Console 3 Month Membership Terms and Conditions

Xbox Game Pass is a game subscription for Xbox One active subscription required to play games. Titles and number of games vary over time and by country, and are not available in all countries. DLC sold separately if a game is later removed from Game Pass or your subscription terminates, you will need to purchase the game separately to continue using the DLC. Xbox Live Gold membership required for some games and for online multiplayer on Xbox One. ISP download charges may apply. Some titles only downloadable by account holders 18+. Game Pass discounts not combinable with other offers and not redeemable for cash discount offers exclude titles within 30 days of launch discounts based on Microsoft Store price. Requirements, features, online services, or subscription subject to change and/or retirement. Subject to the Microsoft Services Agreement .Game selection varies over time. Learn more at © Microsoft.Microsoft Corporation – One Microsoft Way – Redmond, WA 98052-6399 – USA

Games Library: Extensive For Both

  • Over 200 games across both PC and console.

  • Some games are the same titles across both formats.

  • New games added regularly.

Both Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate’s games libraries are extensive. There’s something for everyone here. Major titles like Forza Horizon 4, the Halo franchise and the Gears franchise are all available on both PC and console. The games libraries also extend to include many indie titles too making this an ideal way to try something new without paying anything.

In certain cases, there are games only available for one format. For instance, Microsoft Flight Simulator is currently available solely for the PC while Doom Eternal is only available for the Xbox One. This is changing regularly over time with Microsoft working towards standardizing the catalog of games available.

In all cases, if the game is in the library and you have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you’re able to stream it through Cloud Gaming. Also, remember, you don’t own these games. Once they’re removed from the games library, you can’t play them as part of your subscription fee. Fortunately, Microsoft tends to give two to three weeks notice before removing titles. Also, you receive a 10% discount on any games you choose to buy to keep.

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How To Redeem Gift Cards And Codes On Xbox

There are two ways to activate an Xbox Game Pass, other Xbox subscriptions and Xbox Live Gift cards. If you are using an Xbox One console, heres how to activate your Xbox subscriptions:

  • When on the Home screen, go to the Store
  • Find the Categories selection and choose Games
  • Choose the Use a Code feature
  • Sign in if prompted
  • Your prepaid key will either come in the form of a QR code or the 25-character code
  • In the case of a QR code, hold it to your Kinect sensor. In the case of the 25-character code, simply enter it by hand.

If you want to activate your Xbox Live card via Web Browser, follow these instructions:

  • Go to and select the Redeem code feature
  • Click on the Sign In option
  • Log into your Microsoft account
  • Click on the Redeem option
  • Enter the 25-character code and click Confirm
  • Enjoy your purchase!

A Fully Functional Product Key Or Your Money Back

Xbox – May 2022 Games with Gold

CJS Keys are commited to delivering genuine games at the best possible prices, with 100% customer satisfaction rate. We will ensure that all customers receive a fully working CD Key, or a full refund.

What is the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate plan and what are its benefits?

A: The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate plan includes all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold, plus over 100 high-quality console and PC games. New games are added all the time, so theres always something new to play. Enjoy exclusive member deals and discounts. Play together with friends on the most advanced multiplayer network and discover your next favourite game.

What happens to my prepaid months of Xbox Live Gold and/or Xbox Game Pass when I join the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate plan?

A: When you join the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate plan, we will apply any prepaid time you have on Xbox Live Gold and/or Xbox Game Pass toward the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate plan, up to a maximum of 36 months.

After I am an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member, can I still redeem Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass codes?

A: After you join Xbox Game Pass Ultimate plan, you can continue to redeem Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass codes. These codes will automatically convert to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at a ratio based on the ERP of those codes. Conversion rates are subject to change.

Can I still join Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass separately?

About the Game

Warranty Information

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Multiple Subscription Options To Choose From

Like most subscription or membership services out there, Xbox Game Pass offers players multiple price points in which to get in on the action. A standard one-month sub, for instance, generally costs £7.99 per month, while a 3-month subscription sees you save a little bit of money at £14.99. These increments range from 1, 3, 6, all the way up to the full 12, so theres sure to be an Xbox Game Pass membership entry fee ideal for you.

Xbox Game Pass Explained: From Xbox Game Pass Price To Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Explained

  • Standard Xbox Game Pass on console costs £7.99, 9.99 or $9.99 per month.
  • As well as the a standard Xbox Game Pass subscription, there is also Xbox Game Pass for PC, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – this combines Xbox Game Pass console and PC access, as well as Xbox Live Gold membership, all under one subscription, for £10.99 per month.
  • You may have heard about the $1 / £1 Xbox Game Pass deal. This is a regular promotion for your first month of Xbox Game Pass, but has also been an officially embraced low cost upgrade from a standard service to the all encompassing Ultimate subscription.
  • Like Netflix, titles will be added and taken away from the service over time. Microsoft has confirmed “at least” five new games every month, and are usually announced a week or so before they are added to the store.
  • Once an Xbox Game Pass title has downloaded to your hard drive, you can play offline for up to 30 days.
  • All future Microsoft published games will arrive on the service day-in-date with their retail releases – which includes major franchises such as Halo, Gears and Forza.

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Cheap Xbox Game Pass Deal

How much is Xbox Game Pass depends on where you buy it from – is a perfect place to do so and for a significantly cheaper price. Security and great price are guaranteed as different sellers compete to offer you the best deal on our marketplace. Additionally, dont forget to keep an eye for special promotions on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Halloween as regular Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate price is bound to be even lower on these occasions! Xbox Game Pass deals you can find in our store:

  • Xbox Game Pass trials for new accounts
  • Xbox Game Pass 10 days subscriptions
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  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 1 month subscriptions
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 3 month subscriptions
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 6 month subscriptions
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 12 month subscriptions.

Xbox Game Pass Games List: Every Xbox Game Pass Game Currently Available On Consoles

Get 6 Months Of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate For Just $45!

Below is a full list of every Xbox One, 360, Xbox Live and original Xbox game available in Xbox Game Pass:

  • A Plague Tale: Innocence

Interested in learning more about Microsoft’s next-gen plans?Here is everything we know about Xbox Series S vs X, the full set of confirmed Xbox Series X specs and features and the console design, size, dimensions and ports, the Xbox Series controller and confirmed Xbox Series games, including those which support Xbox Smart Delivery.The Xbox Series line of consoles will also support the ongoing library of Xbox Game Pass games.When you’re ready, you can look for some Xbox Series X/S stock.

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Instant Access To A Library Of 100 Great Xbox Games

Xbox Game Pass currently represents one of the best value propositions in all of gaming, being a money-saving alternative to just buying every game outright by subscribing to an ever-rotating library. More games are routinely swapped in and out of whats on offer, but there is always a minimum of 100 titles to choose from. These range from rough and ready first-person shooters to more colourful 3D platformers suitable for players of all ages.

Should I Buy Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a subscription fit for a variety of Xbox One owners, bridging the console with Microsoft’s ever-growing PC lineup. It stacks three valuable services under a discounted fee, unmatched by alternatives on the market. It’s a natural expansion for those drawn to all three services, halving the price of purchasing each separately.

The subscription also proves valuable for just two subscriptions, undercutting a duo of separate services. Upgrading to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate as an Xbox One owner saves $5 on the two, with over 100 bonus PC games as a further bonus.

However, for PC owners grounded exclusively to Windows 10, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is best avoided in favor of the standalone PC alternative. Xbox Game Pass PC drops needless Xbox One benefits and passes on the best value at just $10 per month, with a $1 deal at launch.

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Hurry: Turn All Your Xbox Live Gold Months Into Xbox Game Pass Ultimate For Only $1

Are you an Xbox Live Gold member? Do you yearn for the luxury of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which combines Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass, and Xbox Game Pass for PC into one neat little package! Well, youre in time-sensitive luck!

For just one dollar, you can convert all of your pre-paid Live Gold balance into a Game Pass Ultimate membership! All your pre-paid months will convert.

As a side note, you dont need to be an Xbox Live Gold member to take advantage of this offer. You can currently join Xbox Game Pass for just $1, although youll only get one month of membership.

However, theres one big catch this offer ends tomorrow. You have less than 24 hours to take advantage of it. Go go go! Get that cheap Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership!


Convert your entire pre-paid balance of Xbox Live Gold into Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for only $1!

All pre-paid months convert. ?


If youre still reading this and havent already disappeared to redeem that sweet membership, heres some terms and conditions. The Microsoft site says the following:

Joining Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will upgrade your remaining Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass for Console or Xbox Game Pass for PC time into Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for the same amount of time, up to 36 months. All conversions are final.

Did You Know You Can Save Even More Money By Activating Your Code Using A Vpn

Get 30 Days of Paramount+ with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

We offer our customers the opportunity to get a significant discount by purchasing a VPN activated code. This means that you can buy a code from Turkey at a very low price, then activate it using a VPN. All that you have to do, is activate the code on using a VPN, and then it will allow you to activate it from anywhere in the world!

Once activated, you can turn off the VPN and the game pass will function as intended. Read our guide on how to save money on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate codes by using a VPN

How do VPN activated codes work, and how can I take advantage of the discounts?

  • Buy a VPN activated code. This means you will receive a game pass ultimate code that is from Turkey region.
  • Change your IP address to Turkey by using a VPN. This can be done in 2 minutes for free, by following our quick guide
  • Activate your code on with the VPN active.
  • The code will be activated!
  • You can now disable the VPN, and it will now function worldwide, just like a global code would.
  • What is the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate plan and what are its benefits?

    A: The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate plan includes all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold, plus over 100 high-quality console and PC games. New games are added all the time, so theres always something new to play. Enjoy exclusive member deals and discounts. Play together with friends on the most advanced multiplayer network and discover your next favourite game.

    Warranty Information

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    Choose The Plan That’s Right For You

  • Game Pass Ultimate

    Get your first month for CAD $1.00,


    Unlimited access to over 100 high-quality games across PC, console, and Android

    New games added all the time

    Xbox Game Studios titles when they premiere

    Member discounts and deals

    Exclusive free Perks including in-game content and partner offers

    Play games on your mobile phone and tablet from the cloud


    Xbox Live Gold includes Deals with Gold, Games with Gold, and console multiplayer

    Evolving collection of PC and console games, exclusive early trials, 10% off digital purchases


  • Get your first month for CAD $1.00,


    Unlimited access to over 100 high-quality PC games

    New games added all the time

    Xbox Game Studios titles when they premiere

    Member discounts and deals

  • Get Game Pass for Console

    Unlimited access to over 100 high-quality console games

    New games added all the time

    Xbox Game Studios titles when they premiere

    Member discounts and deals

  • Game Pass Vs Xbox Live Gold: Whats The Difference

    Mojangs masterpiece is available on Game Pass for Console.

    For years, Xbox Live Gold was Microsofts premiere subscription service. At $9.99 a month or $24.99 quarterly, it gives you full access to online multiplayer, party chat, and benefits like the Games with Gold catalog, which gets about four new titles added each month.

    But if you want to play the hundreds of games in the Game Pass and EA Play libraries , sooner or later you might consider upgrading to a Game Pass Ultimate subscription. When you do this, any Xbox Live Gold credit on your account will be converted12 months of Gold is presently valued at four months of Ultimate.

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