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Xbox Game Pass Indie Games

Some Of 2021’s Most Exciting Indie Games Are Xbox Exclusives

Top 5 Indie Games on Xbox Game Pass 2021

Xbox may not have heavy hitters in the immediate future, but there are several promising indie games that Series X owners should look out for.

Microsoft has put all the pieces together for the launch of the Xbox Series X except for one. Unfortunately for them, it may be one of the most vital pieces of the entire puzzle. Despite impressive hardware and a massive library of backward compatible classics going back to the original Xbox, the Series X and Series S are currently seriously lacking in exclusive content. As the recent demise of Stadia’s internal efforts shows, exclusives drive platforms to success, and all of Microsoft’s big guns are still waiting in the wings.

Halo Infinite will seemingly start the party this fall, but the Series X will have to rely on exclusive indie efforts throughout 2021. Thankfully, there are some great experiences on the horizon that should keep players booting up their Xbox throughout 2021. Also, because of this generation’s unique situation regarding backward compatibility, many of these games will also be available to those who have the Xbox One as well, meaning that players waiting for an upgrade can still check out some exceptional releases this year.

From saving the family video store to exploring a rather sticky alien world, here are some of the best indie games that will be exclusive in some form to Xbox consoles this year.

Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition

  • Approximate Game Length: 10 Hours
  • Genre: Third-Person Shooter
  • X|S Enhanced: No
  • File Size: 44 GB

The Gears of War franchise is emblematic of third-person cover-based shooters with a heavy emphasis on cooperative gameplay, but at this point, the original titles are starting to really show their age. This is what makes Gears of War: Ultimate Edition a fantastic get on Game Pass it gives players a chance to experience the series roots with a fresh coat of paint and some great quality-of-life improvements. The graphics have been generally enhanced, enemies can be spotted, and weapons can be switched during mad dashes from cover to cover. But aside from these improvements, this Ultimate Edition lets players take a peek at the beginning of Marcus Fenixs journey and reintroduces the chainsaw-action of the series staple weapon, the Lancer. What more could a Gears fan want?

Ori & The Will Of The Wisps

  • Approximate Game Length: 12 Hours
  • Genre: Platform Adventure/Metroidvania
  • X|S Enhanced: Yes
  • File Size: 5 GB

Beauty is not often associated with video games, but Ori and the Will of the Wisps is a beautiful title. The artistry with which character motions and backgrounds were created is astounding. Even the music that accompanies players along their journey with Ori is gorgeous. However, Ori is not simply a great game because it looks good. It is functionally exquisite as well. The precise platforming from the first game, Ori and the Blind Forest, is still in place, with even more tools of traversal at players disposal. New combat mechanics have been added to Will of the Wisps as well, and they are extraordinary to execute. Ori and the Will of the Wisps is the complete package: jaw-dropping visuals, emotional storytelling, and perfectly honed gameplay elements. Readour reviewhere.

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Both Features Are Set To Come To Game Pass Within The Next Year

Xbox has provided early details on two upcoming Xbox Game Pass features that will give consumers more options to play.

The first, which is set to come later this year, is the ability to stream select games that users own outside of the Game Pass library. As it stands, streaming formally known as Xbox Cloud Gaming is only available for supported Game Pass titles. Xbox didnt mention which select games will be supported, but did note that this feature will be exclusive to those with a $16.99 CAD/month Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

On top of this, Xbox has teased a new Game Pass program called Project Moorcroft, which will offer new, curated demos of upcoming games. The company didnt name any games, but it did say this program will begin with a focus on global independent developers when it rolls out within the next year.

The idea is that developers will be able to see how their demos perform and receive compensation accordingly. This data can then be used for the games final release.

Notably, this is a similar feature to what PlayStation is introducing with its expanded PlayStation Plus service, which is the companys answer, of sorts, to Game Pass. Launching on June 13th, the new PS Plus most expensive Premium tier will offer time-limited full game trials. These can range from two to five hours, depending on the title, and save and trophy progress will carry over should you choose to buy the game.

Best Indie Games On Xbox Game Pass Pc To Play In 2022


Aside from big hits, there’re a lot of hidden indie gems on Game Pass. Which games can be considered must-play?

Its no surprise to anyone that Microsofts platform is full of great titles. Whats surprising is that there are still numerous new additions to Xbox Game Pass each month and the trend doesnt seem to slow down at all. Cloud gaming is a thing now and you cant escape the subscription service, as it is now pre-installed on Windows 11. Not that were complaining or anything, but it gives a certain perspective of gaming industry domination.

In all of this greatness, we thought that among all of the triple-A hits, theres a place for some alternatives. Weve decided to gather a bunch of the best indie games on Xbox Game Pass that you should play in 2022. You may expect some familiar titles in the following list, although there are several games that are lacking well-deserved love and appreciation. We thought that we should change that, so here we are

Are you also wondering what are indie games worth playing in 2022 on Xbox Game Pass PC? Here’s the list to check out!

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition

The Mass Effect franchise was gigantic for the Xbox 360 era, but it didnt transfer to future platforms well purchasing and downloading the entire story became confusing and expensive when moving to the Xbox One and Xbox Series X. But 2021s Legendary Editionfinally made the entire Mass Effect trilogy accessible in one package.

The story follows Commander Shepard, a futuristic military hero, whos tasked with gathering a collection of alien misfits for a variety of missions. Each game is wonderfully crafted, with stand-alone stories and breakout characters that dont rely on the series wider narrative. As a trilogy, the games build on each other with meaningful choices that carry over to the next entry, giving weight to your choices.

The Legendary Edition is the way to experience Mass Effect, and its a must-play whether youre on your first run to save the galaxy or your fifth.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

  • Approximate Game Length: N/A
  • X|S Enhanced: Yes
  • File Size: 131 GB

The adventures of the Master Chief have never been as accessible as they are in the Master Chief Collection. This gathering of Halo games is the definitive collection of 343 Industries endeavors to immortalize the series. Not only is every mainline Halo game included, but the fantastic Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach were added as well. From beloved campaign co-op to thrilling Firefight matches to iconic multiplayer modes, the Master Chief Collection has it all. Anyone who thinks of themselves as a Halo fan should consider it a must-play from Xbox Game Pass. And for those who have never completed the Master Chiefs saga, there is no better way to finish the fight.

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What About Game Pass’ Other Offerings

On top of indies, Xbox Game Pass has a ton of classic titles from Microsoft first-party studios and third-party developers. Back 4 Blood, Rainbow Six Siege, The Outer Worlds, Doom Eternal, Control, Dragon Quest XI and many many more are available at your digital fingertips. This, in addition to the aforementioned indie titles, are what makes Game Pass the best deal in gaming for the majority of gamers.

However, given my lifestyle, I can’t indulge in playing older games. If I’m playing a game, it’s because I’m either reviewing it or writing an op-ed about it. Yes, I could probably whip up a piece about why Mortal Kombat 11 is incredible. But that time could be better spent playing something that’s more, for the lack of a better word, relevant. This isn’t a complaint, just the reality of my situation.

But even when I wasn’t a journalist, I would always play games at launch. This is why I often find myself frustrated whenever there’s a sale on digital storefronts belonging to PlayStation, Xbox and Steam. More often than not, I own all the games I care to play. This is also true with Xbox Game Pass. Either I’ve already finished whatever big new third party gets added, I don’t care for it or I simply can’t play it. The latter is the reason I probably won’t play The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt anytime soon despite my desire to experience it.

Resident Evil : Biohazard

Top 10 BEST Xbox Game Pass Indie Games 2021
  • X|S Enhanced: No
  • File Size: 22 GB

In a marvelous return to form, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard terrifies players with a mix of hideous creatures to contend with and tense moments of resource management. Rather than buckling down with the more action-oriented setpieces of its predecessors, Biohazard grounds players in a single location for the majority of the game. As Ethan Winters, you must navigate your way through the peril-riddled and decrepit Baker house in search of your missing wife, Mia. The games switch to first-person perspective from the Resident Evil franchises typical third-person viewpoint is a gamble that pays off as players now have to deal with monsters face-to-face, in a very literal sense.

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Five Nights At Freddys

  • Approximate Game Length: 3 Hours
  • Genre: Point-And-Click Survival Horror
  • X|S Enhanced: No
  • File Size: 307 MB

Five Nights At Freddys is one of the major success stories when it comes to indie titles. Created by one person, Five Nights At Freddys reached unprecedented levels of popularity thanks in large part to a robust presence on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. However, this indie game is also a study in how brilliant simplistic, straightforward game design can be. Players are stuck in a single room, with access to two door controls, two light controls, and a camera monitor. They must then survive a set period of time as overly active animatronics attempt to gain access to their room. Throw in a few jump scares if you fail, and you have a recipe for a gripping horror game.

The Best Indie Games On Xbox Game Pass

With so many fantastic games on Xbox Game Pass, we wanted to select some of the best indie games to help you pick something to play.

With so many titles on Xbox Game Pass, you might not know where to start! It is hard to find exactly what a game is about based on the tiny thumbnail preview you are given when searching the store. This might mean you often find yourself playing the same Xbox games, but there are so many different titles out there for you to discover and take a look at.

If you have an Xbox but do not have Xbox Game Pass, you should consider picking it up. There are a few different options: the console option gives you hundreds of games to play on your box console specifically, with new titles added often, as well as extra discounts on the Xbox store. The PC pass, on the other hand, gives you loads of games on your PC that come out on Xbox, with updates added all the time. If you use your box and your PC, you can go for the ultimate package, which gives you games to play, refreshed each month, on PC, console and mobile, while giving deals on Xbox games to purchase, in-game perks on several big games, and much more. Often, you can trial the Xbox Game Pass for one of your currency a month, for the first month.

Now that we have got that all out of the way, it is time to look at the best indie games on Xbox Game Pass, so that you can get playing some amazing console games.

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Xbox Game Pass Is Adding Game Demos This Year

Demos were a core part of the gaming scene in the 90s and early 00s, letting you play the first stages of upcoming games and whet your appetite for their full release later in the year. The problem was they were costly to make and diverted the developers attention from finishing the game. In the past 15 years, demos largely dropped off the scene, with alpha and beta tests for multiplayer games taking their place, and single-player game developers opting for trailers and a big marketing push to build hype for launch day.

Microsoft wants to change all that.

The tech giant has revealed an upcoming Xbox Game Pass update codenamed Project Moorcroft. It will let developers release demos of their games to all Xbox Game Pass subscribers and build anticipation for a title ahead of launch.

Predicting that developers may not be able to invest the time and money on making a demo alongside the actual game, Microsoft says it will be compensating the game makers. It hopes this will encourage developers to participate in the scheme, especially as, on top of the money they could earn, developers will have access to data on how their games perform.

This new Xbox Game Pass feature targets independent developers and Microsoft talks about it being a curated selection, so it sounds like it could be a great space in your sub to check out weird and wonderful new games regularly.

Top 10 Best Indie Games Currently On Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass Losing These 10 Games for December 2020

Despite Playstation being favourites in this generation, Microsoft has somewhat kept their heads down and provided exceptional customer care and one hell of a subscription service. Ever since its introduction, Xbox Game Pass has gone from strength to strength, allowing subscribers to play quality titles such as The Witcher 3, Yakuza 0, and Red Dead Redemption 2 all for a modest subscription fee. However, theres more to the service than just blockbuster titles such as these. Microsoft have also packed out its Game Pass lineup with several high quality indie games. It can be a little overwhelming to see so many games to choose from, so heres a Top 10 list of the best of indie games that you can download and play right now on Xbox Game Pass.

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State Of Decay : Juggernaut Edition

Developer: Undead LabsPublisher: Xbox Game Studios

Xboxs own zombie survival simulator, State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition certainly isnt the most refined game on this list, but if you want to create your own last bastion of humanity in the apocalypse, there are few games with as much character and heart.

Granted, you might be forced to watch your characters heart get ripped out by the endless undead hordes, but thats just life in the post-apocalypse.

As the last survivors, youll establish settlements and try to withstand the onslaught of zombies each and every day. State of Decay 2s gameplay allows players to control multiple characters within a settlement, but players can take one of these characters and visit another players community, completing missions and delivering supplies. All players will then receive rewards for their chosen characters and settlements, so it actually pays to cooperate.

Developer: ConcernedApePublisher: ConcernedApe, Chucklefish

Running a farm on your own is hard going, so it only makes sense that youd want to recruit some loyal farmhands to help you with the day-to-day operations. Fortunately, Stardew Valley allows you to do just that, as up to three players can join you on the farm in both local and online play to help ensure that the farm runs as smoothly as possible. The town isnt ready for the level of productivity thats about to occur.

Developer: Ghost Town Games, Team17Publisher: Team17

Best Xbox Indie Games: 40+ Great Games To Try In 2022

  • 0

What are some of the best indie games on Xbox? Microsoft has got an absolutely fantastic indie program on the go these days and the team at have released some incredible games over the past few years.

Amidst the usual hustle and bustle of huge AAA releases, some of these smaller indie offerings have managed to strike out and captivate audiences, proof that many players now want intimate gaming experiences that the more rigidly structured nature of multi-million dollar releases usually doesn’t allow for.

Indies really have managed to create some truly captivating experiences over the years and now, more than ever, they’ve started creeping into awards listings and earning the kind of recognition and respect they’ve always deserved.

The Xbox Series X and S are home to three entire generations of excellent indie titles, amongst them some bonafide classics, so we’ve gone ahead and highlighted over 40 those that we reckon you should absolutely check out in 2022. We’ve also gone ahead and noted whether or not each title here is available to play via Xbox Game Pass.

So, let’s jump in!


  • Xbox Game Pass? Yes

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Thomas Happ GamesThomas Happ Games2016 2016

  • Xbox Game Pass? No

Warner Bros. InteractiveSupergiant Games12th Dec 2016

  • Xbox Game Pass? No


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