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Xbox Game Pass For Pc 3 Months

Xbox Game Pass Games Leaving January 2022

How to Get Xbox Game Pass for PC 3 Months for FREE !!
  • PUBG: Battlegrounds – January 12
  • Ghost of a Tale – January 15
  • Kingdom Hearts 3 – January 15
  • Mount & Blade: Warband – January 15
  • Pandemic: The Board Game – January 15
  • YIIK: A Postmodern RPG – January 15

Xbox Game Pass subscribers get a 20% discount whenever they buy a game to keep, so those interested can even get Pandemic a little cheaper right now. This applies to all the other games that are leaving Xbox Game Pass on January 15 as well, so any fans that have yet to complete their Desperados 3 or Kingdom Hearts 3 playthroughs may want to consider buying the games at a lower price while they still can.

These six games aren’t the only titles that have been removed from Xbox Game Pass in January. Earlier this month, PUBG: Battlegrounds was removed from Xbox Game Pass as well, though that was because the popular battle royale game was switching to a free-to-play model.

While some Xbox Game Pass subscribers may be sad to see these games go, the good news is that there are more Game Pass games to look forward to next week, with at least five day one titles confirmed for the days ahead. The five day one Xbox Game Pass games coming next week include some heavy hitters like Hitman Trilogy and Rainbow Six Extraction, so there should be no shortage of games to play.

Xbox Game Pass Adding 4 Games Next Week On Day One Of Release

    Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate next week add not one, not two, not three, but four games the day of their release. In 2021, Xbox Game Pass subscribers were treated to dozens of day one releases, and it looks like 2022 is going to continue this tradition. The most notable of these games is Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction, a spin-off from Rainbow Six Siege, 2022’s first big release. The moment it releases on January 20, it will be available to download and play via Xbox Game Pass.

    Also on January 20, Pupperazzi will release and the moment it does Xbox Game Pass subscribers can download it. Meanwhile, this is also true for January 20’s other notable release, Windjammers 2. And then two days earlier, on January 18, Nobody Saves the World releases. It will also be on Xbox Game Pass the moment this happens.

    Below, you can read more about each game and check out a trailer for each game as well:

    Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction: “For decades, Team Rainbow has been the shield against the worst global threats imaginable. Now, we face the greatest terror yet: a lethal, mutating alien parasite.”

    Windjammers 2: “The best flying disc game of all time is back! With amazing hand-drawn graphics, crazy new moves, gameplay mechanics and awesome new characters and stages, Windjammers 2 is the sequel you’ve been dreaming of.”

    Xbox Game Pass Price Helps You Save

    All of the Xbox Game Pass games can be downloaded for an unlimited number of times throughout the duration of the membership, but once the subscription ends, access will return only after the service is renewed. Conveniently, your game progress will be saved and Xbox Game Pass PC subscribers get a 20% discount if they want to buy games and own them permanently. In addition, 3 month Xbox Game Pass subscription gives 10% discount for all DLC and add-ons making Xbox Game Pass price a worthy gaming investment!

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    Choose The Plan That’s Right For You

    Devoted to PC gaming? Committed to your console? Theres a plan for you.Or, with Ultimate, get it all including playing games from the cloud, Xbox Live Gold, and more.

    Have a code or gift card? Redeem.


    Get your first month for $1,then $14.99/mo.

    Subscription continues automatically. See terms.

    • Play over 100 high-quality games on console, PC, and mobile devices
    • New games added all the time
    • Xbox Game Studios titles the same day as release
    • Exclusive member discounts and deals
    • Play games from the cloud
    • Free Perks including in-game content and partner offers


    Xbox Live Gold includes Deals with Gold, Games with Gold, and console multiplayer

    A library of top Electronic Arts titles on console and PC, exclusive rewards, and member-only content

    Xbox Game Pass For Pc

    Xbox Game Pass for PC 3 months

    Test the limits of your Xbox One or Xbox 360 console with 3 month Xbox Game Pass PC subscription! Through this purchase, youll gain instant access to an ever-expanding digital library of popular Xbox games. The service is in many ways similar to EA Play 12 month or 3 month membership, but the Xbox Game Pass list is different as it also includes games from numerous third-party publishers. Xbox Game Pass PC code is an excellent choice for new Xbox owners as its one of the best ways to get acquainted with some of the most celebrated gaming titles on the entire platform!

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    Get 3 Months Of Xbox Game Pass On Pc For $1

    Microsoft is offering a very good deal on Xbox Game Pass for PC right now.

    As part of its effort to grow Xbox Game Pass subscribers, Microsoft is offering a pretty sweet deal for Xbox Game Pass for PC. A new offer rolled out today, November 2, through which new subscribers can sign up and get three months for only $1.

    It’s a very good time to have Game Pass, too, as Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite are launching very soon, while Age of Empires IV and Minecraft were just recently added to Game Pass. With this deal, you can play all of those games for only $1. The service normally costs $10/month.

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    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate , meanwhile, includes Xbox Game Pass for console and PC, and it also comes with Xbox Cloud Gaming and EA Play. Microsoft is also offering Ultimate subscriptions for new subscribers for only $1 for three months.

    Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft’s ambitious subscription program that offers members a growing catalog of freebies as part of a single subscription. New additions to Xbox Game Pass in November include the previously mentioned Forza Horizon 5, as well as GTA: San Andreas Definitive Edition, It Takes Two, and Football Manager 22, among others.

    Play Halo Infinite And Forza Horizon 5

    Black Friday deals are officially here, and that means it’s time to top up on your Game Pass membership. You can currently get 3-Months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $24.99 in the Black Friday sales .

    This is a deal of epic proportions, as this code will stack on top of your current Game Pass membership, extending it for 3-months at a reduced cost. You can do this multiple times as well, continuously stacking the discount.

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    Love A Game In The Library

    PC Game Pass members get a discount on games in the Game Pass library, plus DLC and add-ons. Use the Store tab in the app.

    System requirements

    Windows 10/11, version 22H1 or higher
    ProcessorIntel Core i5 AMD Ryzen 5. Quad-core or higher.
    GPUNVIDIA GTX 1050 AMD Radeon RX 560

    System requirements vary by game performance scales with higher-end systems.Not supported on Windows 10 in S mode.

    Stalker : Heart Of Chernobyl

    Xbox Game Pass PC (3 MONTHS) code GIVEAWAY, ENTER NOW!

    Available 2022


    Discover the vast Chernobyl Exclusion Zone full of dangerous enemies, deadly anomalies and powerful artifacts. Unveil your own epic story as you make your way to the Heart of Chernobyl. Choose your paths wisely, as they will determine your fate and shape the future of the humankind in the end.

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    Editor’s Notes & Price Research

    • About the deal:
    • Subscribe to this promotional service/offer and save $28.99 off from the regular price of $29.99.
    • This promotional offer may subject you to auto-renewal each month, however, you may cancel at anytime after your trial period
    • You’ll get access to a library of high quality PC games + EA Play membership
    • This is a great way to try out this service if you’re not currently subscribed to it
    • Offer valid while promotion/service last
  • Additional Note
  • Check out the full library of Xbox Gams Pass
  • Please refer to the forum thread for additional details.
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    • Great deal
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    Xbox Game Pass Pc 3 Month Membership

    South AfricaRefund

    Xbox Game Pass PC 3 Month Membership Terms and Conditions

    To play on PC: after redeeming, follow instructions at your active Xbox Game Pass for PC membership to play PC games on Windows 10 PC. Not supported: Windows 10 in S mode and ARM devices. Maximum 36 months redeemed per account at a time. App download, Windows update and storage required. System requirements vary by game performance scales with higher end systems. Game titles and number vary over time and by region. If a game is removed from catalog, purchased in-game content requires separate game purchase. Requires download and Microsoft account. May require additional hardware and subscriptions. Age restrictions apply. Terms and exclusions apply to discount offers. Service, features, and requirements may change or be retired. Subject to Microsoft Services Agreement . If you are an existing Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member, a conversion ratio applies. Except as required by law, codes are non refundable. ©//® 2020 Microsoft.

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    Total War: Warhammer Iii

    Available February 17, 2022


    Embark on strategic campaigns across the mortal lands and beyond to the very Realm of Chaos itself! Rally your forces and step into a dimension of mind-bending horror where the very fate of the world will be decided. Will you conquer your Daemons or command them?

    Available February 2022


    Break into the snowboarding event of the year to pull off one of the most insane tricks imaginable, all for the hope of scoring a wildcard entry to an exclusive invitational. To prove youre up to the challenge, master the art of park riding, buttering, rails and massive kickers and earn your place in the world of snowboarding.

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    Xbox Game Pass For Pc 3 Month Trial Subscription

    Test the limits of your Xbox One or Xbox 360 console with 3 month Xbox Game Pass PC subscription! Through this purchase, youll gain instant access to an ever-expanding digital library of popular Xbox games. The service is in many ways similar to EA Play 12 month or 3 month membership, but the Xbox Game Pass list is different as it also includes games from numerous third-party publishers. Xbox Game Pass PC code is an excellent choice for new Xbox owners as its one of the best ways to get acquainted with some of the most celebrated gaming titles on the entire platform!

    More Than 100 Xbox Game Pass Games

    How to get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on Xbox and PC For 3 Months for $1 Even as a past Subscriber!

    With 3 month Xbox Game Pass PC subscription players are granted the freedom to seamlessly enjoy over 100 popular gaming titles released throughout multiple generations of the Xbox consoles. Play exclusive Xbox games like Forza Horizon 4, Sea of Thieves, Gears of War, Halo: The Master Chief Collection among many other ambitious indies and AAAs! It should also be noted that all of the games, even the earliest classics included in the Xbox Game Pass list are actually backwards compatible with the 8th generation Xbox One, making 3 month Xbox Game Pass subscription purchase a perfect opportunity to personally experience and explore the rich history of Xbox gaming!

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    Canadians Can Get Three Months Of Pc Game Pass For Just Cad $1

    The holiday season is a huge time for video games. Many of the biggest releases come out at this time, and that can be painful on your wallet. That’s why this is the perfect time to get an Xbox PC Game Pass subscription. If you’re a Canadian and a new subscriber , you can get a month of PC Game Pass for CAD $1 with two months free, essentially making this 3 months for CAD $1. Considering the subscription is normally CAD $11.99 a month, that’s a savings of CAD $35.

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    Get 3 Months Of Game Pass For Pc For Just $1

    Some deals are just so simple they don’t require much explanation beyond the title. This one sort of speaks for itself, doesn’t it? for just $1 and get it for three full months. The subscription costs $9.99 a month normally, so you’re saving about $29 here. Once the three months are up it will automatically renew at the regular price, but by then you’ll probably be pretty addicted to the plethora of games available on the service. If not, you can cancel at any time with no issues.

    Xbox Game Pass for PC | $1

    It’s basically Netflix for video games, and it’s one of the best deals around even at full price. This is the best time to have Game Pass, too, with some amazing new games coming out.

    You can also get Game Pass Ultimate for just $1 for one month, which would normally cost $14.99. That includes Game Pass for PC and some other stuff like Xbox Live and Game Pass for your console. Depending on how you play, you might prefer that option even if the savings aren’t as great.

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