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Xbox Game Pass Charged Twice

How To Use The Microsoft Store/ Buy Live Without A Credit Card

HUGE Game Pass Update! | MLB The Show 22, Star Wars Squadrons & More!

Although Microsoft is a large software company and Xbox Live has been hacked a lot less than the PlayStation network it has been known to be hacked back in 2014 Christmas Eve by a group called Lizard Squad. See a video down below.

There is one way to prevent your credit card information from ever getting hacked or stolen! How you might ask? By using prepaid cards!

Yes, they might be a little more expensive than using your credit card, but using the cards makes sure Microsoft dont have your credit card information, so aside from constantly deleting and reentering your credit card info whenever you make a purchase this is the next best option for Xbox to never charge your card again!

Get the best price for a 12-month Xbox live subscription from Amazon here and the best priced $50 Xbox Store credit card straight from Amazon here

What It’s Not Great For:

  • It’s not great for those who still enjoy collecting physical games
  • The lack of a family plan can inflate costs in big families
  • The community aspects are weak compared to other services and platforms
  • Xbox Game Pass cloud needs a lot of work on usability and ergonomics

For anyone who wants to game while saving money, for others who simply want all-you-can-eat exploration and discovery, and for those who want to take their games on the go, Xbox Game Pass is simply divine.

There are features and improvements that need to come before I would describe the service as hitting maturity. The Xbox app on Windows 10 leaves a lot to be desired, for example, and the ergonomics of gaming on a phone have a long way to go. But at its core, Xbox Game Pass is all about games. Games, games, and more games. When it comes to that, Xbox Game Pass is a champion. Also, games.

Can You Cancel Xbox Game Pass Ultimate After 1 Month

You can cancel your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription as soon as you sign up to it, using the same steps as above. Your subscription will stay active until the period you have purchased for runs out.

If you bought Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for 3 months and cancel after 1 month you will still have those 2 months of the service even if you cancel. Check out the video below for an easy tutorial on how to cancel it.

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Charged Twice By Microsoft But Only One Transaction Showing

Discus and support Charged twice by Microsoft but only one transaction showing in XBoX Games and Apps to solve the problem Been charged twice by Microsoft for 4600 fut coins as it kind of crashed during first purchase and said try again so I did it redeemed 4600 coins but…Discussion in ‘XBoX Games and Apps‘ started by craigthornton-fletcher, .

The Membership You And Your Tech Deserve

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Delivery: Unable to provide a date right now

More delivery info is available in checkout.

Installation: Unable to provide a date right now

More installation info is available in checkout

Xbox All Access – What’s Included & How It Works:

  • Includes:Xbox Console bundle, 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate .
  • How It Works:Qualify for Citizens One financing and enjoy low monthly payments for 24 months with $0 due today and 0% APR.^ Your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription will be waiting for you on your new console.

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How To Get A Refund From Microsoft

Firstly investigate your billing charge from Microsoft or

We all hate when we get an unexpected charge from Microsoft so if you see any charges from or in your monthly statement you should get this resolved as soon as possible.

  • Sign in to your Microsoft account order history. If you have more than one Microsoft account, sign in to each one to check your order history.
  • Compare your account with the charge in question. Its possible the unexpected charge was for a subscription or a mistaken purchase by someone in your family.
  • Now maybe even worse than Microsoft overcharging you someone could have acquired your payment info, so you need to contact your payment provider to stop further charges, then change your payment options under the payment info in your micorosft account.

    Now follow these steps if you think you have been double charged for an Xbox subscription service such as EA Access or Xbox Game Pass ultimate.

    Microsoft has admitted to accidental double charges as you can read here so it didnt just happen to you, but dont worry you should get a refund in no time!

    Steps On How To Get A Refund

  • Click on this official Microsoft link
  • Select the charge you want to be reversed and click refund information
  • Select the reason you need the refund such as accidental purchase> choose your particular reason
  • On the space use this space put in additional information that will help your claim
  • You will receive a request number
  • How To Stop Xbox From Charging Your Credit Card

    Its not nice when Xbox keeps on charging you right? Microsoft has charged me randomly before, so I researched the internet trying to answer this question

    Your Xbox membership is on auto-renewal meaning Microsoft will charge you for monthly services like Game Pass & Xbox Gold, so turn off auto-renewal to stop the charge. However, Microsoft could have charged overcharged you & so you can get a refund.

    I will explain how to turn off auto-renewal and how to get a refund from Microsoft, read on to find out!

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    Dont think its legit? Trust me it is, to know more about the website see my post. CDKeys why pay more?

  • Choose to Turn off auto-renew.
  • Select Confirm cancellation
  • This should stop all auto-renewal subscriptions from your Microsoft account. However, Microsoft has known to double charge users in the past but dont worry I will detail exactly how you get a refund from Microsoft it is easy and wont take long.

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    Ea Play On Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

    Microsoft and EA have been close for a long time now, with EA Access once exclusive on Xbox One. While the exclusivity is no more, what’s about to happen is something nobody expected.

    EA Play, a subscription service on its own that allows access to a selection of EA’s vast back catalog of games, will become part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Game Pass for PC.

    So with one single subscription to Game Pass Ultimate, you’ll not only have access to the Game Pass Library on both console and PC and Cloud Gaming, but soon EA’s subscription service, too.

    If you didn’t already think that Game Pass Ultimate is the best value package in gaming, this pretty much seals it.

    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: Everything You Need To Know

    How To Get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate For 1 Dollar Every Month Forever

    Announced back in 2019, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate program is Microsoft’s latest evolution of its popular service. One of the big requests from subscribers was a single program to combine subscriptions for Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold, and that’s exactly what you get with Game Pass Ultimate.

    Oh. and it comes with a little sprinkling of something for PC and mobile gamers bundled in for good measure. Here’s everything you need to know about Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

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    Getting Those Xbox Charges Off Of Your Credit Card

    Yep, thats what I saw on my credit card bill recently. Xbox charges. In fact, I saw three charges on my credit card from the transaction description above. Just from seeing it on my card, I could easily gather it had something to with A) Microsoft, B) XBox and C) Washington.

    If you see these on your credit card, youre probably pretty ticked off. Because if youre like me, you dont own an Xbox. You dont play video games. And you have no idea why Microsoft would be charging you in the first place Im a Mac guy. So why would I have XBOX charges?

    It was like any given day when I received my credit card bill. But once I saw a few charges in a row, I knew something was up. There were random charges from the same line right in a row. Here are the actual transactions from a screen grab I took a month ago:

    Long story short, I called my credit card company. They quickly reversed the charges and investigated. However, today I noticed the reversal was reversed once again and added to my balance as valid charges. I was furious.

    Xbox Game Pass 2021 Review: What’s Great

    This first reason will come as no surprise: games. Games, games, games, and more games. Xbox Game Pass, unsurprisingly, is full of video games, of all shapes and sizes, all types and genres, budgets big and small for all sorts of people.

    Microsoft adds all of its games day and date to Xbox Game Pass, including their biggest upcoming titles like Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5. This shows a great deal of commitment and consistency towards the platform, in a similar way to how Netflix and Disney+ build up their service with exclusive “original” content.

    There’s literally something for everyone on offer here.

    A lot of the games Microsoft builds for Xbox Game Pass also enjoy ongoing updates. Titles like Sea of Thieves, State of Decay, Minecraft Dungeons, and others are getting a very large amount of post-launch support. You have to wonder to what extent Xbox Game Pass is funding the budgets for these efforts, given that keeping people engaged in your titles will also keep people engaged with your subscription service.

    In terms of sheer entertainment hours-per-cost value, Xbox Game Pass is unbeatable.

    Xbox Game Pass not only has me falling in love with new games but entire new studios, given that I now want to follow their work and future games. Game Pass isn’t just a vehicle for gaming, but also fandom, which is one area of the platform I think Microsoft could improve for developers in some ways.

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    Xbox Game Pass 2021 Review: What’s Not So Great

    Xbox Game Pass has a range of idiosyncrasies that hinder the platform in some ways. They range from mild irritations to bigger problems, but I would preface by saying none of it feels really like a deal-breaker. Moreover, this is just a range of things I think Microsoft could add to improve the platform.

    The first pain point I often see across social media from those with kids is the lack of family access. If you’re using a single shared Xbox, every profile on that home Xbox gains access to Xbox Game Pass. However, if you have multiple Xbox consoles and have a bigger family, you’ll need multiple Xbox Game Pass subscriptions to keep everybody online simultaneously. This is a drawback of Xbox Game Pass that seems to have been overlooked at the time of the service’s creation.

    Netflix and Disney+ both support multiple logins across multiple devices with simultaneous streams at different price tiers. I think it would be within Microsoft’s interest to at least consider offering a higher-paid tier for multi-user licensing for families.

    Another source of irritation for me at least comes from Project xCloud, or Xbox Game Pass for cloud, across Android . Microsoft is among the first and most prolific companies to offer a cloud gaming option in their service at this scale. Sony has PlayStation Now but doesn’t consistently offer its own games into the service. Amazon Luna is just starting up, and Google Stadia is arguably winding down.

    Control Type: Touch & Flick

    Coming Soon to Xbox Game Pass: Fable Anniversary, MLB The Show 21, and ...

    New Commands in eFootball 2022


    Sharp Touch

    One of the deciding factors in dribbling is rhythm. Dribbling in a relaxed rhythm before suddenly accelerating can help you leave your opponents chasing shadows. The “Sharp Touch” command is at the ready for you to take a strong touch and swiftly accelerate to leave the defender behind.

    • Tap and hold the right side, then flick the left side to where you wish to kick the ball.

    • Stunning Pass

    You can command your player to protect the ball from oncoming defenders using “Shield”.

    • Tap and hold the right side, then double tap the left side.


    As its name suggests, “Pass-and-run ” is a command in which the passer will make a diagonal run across the receiver after playing the pass.

    • After applying a pass, pull and flick on the left side.


    Dash and Match-up

    When defenders go up against an oncoming dribbler, they will attempt to position themselves adequately between the opposition and the goal. Now you can make your player do the same in-game with “Match-up”. “Match-up” makes it all the more easier for your player to block oncoming passes and shots, so be sure to utilise this command effectively!

    • Hold on the right side while moving.

    Modified Commands from eFootball PES 2021


    Quick Stop/Face the Opponent’s Goal
    • Double tap the left side when trapping the ball.


    • Hold the right side. *Holding the left side will see your player perform a “Dash & Match-up” instead.

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    Troubleshoot Making A Realms Purchase

    International Purchasing

  • Check with your card provider to allow international purchases as Mojang is based in Sweden. Also verify that you have sufficient funds and that there are no other issues with the purchase.
  • If youre not in the same country as the credit or debit card was issued, the purchase may not go through. Check with your card provider.
  • US Purchasing

  • You cannot make a purchase from outside of the US using a credit or debit card issued in the US.
  • Due to US law, many or all prepaid debit cards purchased in the US will not work for purchases in our online store, as Mojang is located outside of the US.
  • Gift codes are not available for purchase in our online store from the US. Please consider buying a Minecraft prepaid card or a gift code on .
  • Purpose: To Protect The Video Game This Is The Bet Of Thq Nordic And Gearbox Owners

    The Embracer Games Archive has collected more than 50,000 video games, consoles and accessories in a single year.

    Embracer Group has been one of the main meeting places in the industry for some time, with 850 of its own studios as well as over a hundred studios in the industry, including those owned by companies such as THQ Nordic and Gearbox. IPs or the rights of your license. However, those in charge want to go beyond simple software development and The Embracing Game Archive to fight for video game preservation.

    Embracer wants to open its funds to consult and exhibit around the worldFor us, video games are more than just games, theyre a culture. Its something created by great people with creative ideas. We want it by building a huge archive of software in physical format. protect and respect this culture for a long time, we can read on the projects website.

    And these are not words thrown in the air. Embracer Games Archive started its journey a year ago and during this time its managers have come together. 50,000 games, consoles and other accessories in KarlstadSweden is where this initiative is based.

    There is a lot of work to be done and they urge anyone interested in selling their collections through their web portal to contact Embracer with the aim above all for English video games to be released in Europe. They will also open their doors to the North American and Japanese markets.

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    The Cheapest Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Deals

    Microsoft currently offers an introductory $1 / £1 / AU$1 price for your first month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and we’d advise this offer if you’re not yet signed up for the service.

    If you’re just looking to top up your existing membership, you’ll find the latest Xbox Game Pass Ultimate prices just below.

    Choose The Plan That’s Right For You

    Get 30 Days of Paramount with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

    Devoted to PC gaming? Committed to your console? Theres a plan for you.Or, with Ultimate, get it all including playing games from the cloud, Xbox Live Gold, and more.

    Have a code or gift card? Redeem.


    Get your first month for $1,then $14.99/mo.

    Subscription continues automatically. See terms.

    • Play over 100 high-quality games on console, PC, and mobile devices
    • New games added all the time
    • Xbox Game Studios titles the same day as release
    • Exclusive member discounts and deals
    • Play games from the cloud
    • Free Perks including in-game content and partner offers


    Xbox Live Gold includes Deals with Gold, Games with Gold, and console multiplayer

    A library of top Electronic Arts titles on console and PC, exclusive rewards, and member-only content

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    Ive Been Charged More Than Once

    There are a few situations where a second charge may appear or seem to appear after a purchase:

  • An order number may be generated when a payment fails, which can be confused with a successful purchase. A transaction ID is only generated with a successful purchase. Look for more than one transaction IDs to confirm a duplicate purchase. Note: You may see a small currency conversion charge or an international transaction fee from your bank due to the fact that Mojang is located in Sweden.
  • A bank or payment partner may temporarily reserve the purchase amount on your account, this can be confused with a second charge. The hold is usually resolved within 24-48 hours. Contact your bank or the payment partner for further information.
  • If you have accidentally purchased the game directly as well as with a gift code you will see the duplicate purchases in your account profile.
  • If you believe that you have identified a duplicate charge, contact Minecraft Support and provide us with the transaction IDs from both charges. We will be happy to assist so you can continue to game on!

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