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Xbox Game Pass 3 Months 1 Dollar

Get 3 Months Of Game Pass For Pc For Just $1

How to Get 3 Years of Game Pass Ultimate for $1 in 2021

Some deals are just so simple they don’t require much explanation beyond the title. This one sort of speaks for itself, doesn’t it? for just $1 and get it for three full months. The subscription costs $9.99 a month normally, so you’re saving about $29 here. Once the three months are up it will automatically renew at the regular price, but by then you’ll probably be pretty addicted to the plethora of games available on the service. If not, you can cancel at any time with no issues.

Xbox Game Pass for PC | $1

It’s basically Netflix for video games, and it’s one of the best deals around even at full price. This is the best time to have Game Pass, too, with some amazing new games coming out.

You can also get Game Pass Ultimate for just $1 for one month, which would normally cost $14.99. That includes Game Pass for PC and some other stuff like Xbox Live and Game Pass for your console. Depending on how you play, you might prefer that option even if the savings aren’t as great.

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Score Yourself An Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Trial Membership For The Price Of A Piece Of Candy

    I know you might have heard this before, but it really does bear repeating that Xbox Game Pass is still one of the best gaming deals for any PC gamer. Microsoft is once again offering PC and Ultimate trial memberships of Xbox Game Pass for only $1 from now until the end of April.

    Game Pass gives you access to over 100 PC games, including Microsoft Xbox first-party games like Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5 on your PC and streaming via the Xbox app. Game Pass even throws a basic membership to EA Play’s library of over 65 games and 10-hour game trials of new releases like Fifa 22 and Battlefield 2042.

    I recently put an unholy amount of time into a Warhammer Total War 3 campaign when it was added to Game Pass at launch in February before my forces were wiped but what I can describe as an army of pleasure demons. The game retails for $60, as someone who can’t stomach paying full price for anything, this service has honestly spoiled me.

    I’ve definitely found myself waiting to see if games I want to play end up on Game Pass before spending any money. The worst feeling in the world was paying full price for Scarlet Nexus only to see it show up a Game Pass a few months later. Though, I doubt we will see anything like Elden Ring makes its way to the library.

    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate | Xbox and PC |

    Buy 3 Months Of Xbox Game Pass Pc For Only $1

    Get 1 month of Xbox Game Pass for PC and you will receive 2 more months for FREE!

    This promotion is available only for new Xbox Game Pass for PC members. For a limited time you can for as little as $1 / 1 / £1 / 4 z for the three months and enjoy a library of 300+ games, including EA’s biggest PC games with EA Play membership, at no extra charge!

    Lately, a real-time strategy game Age of Empires IV and thrilling cooperative first-person shooter Back 4 Blood were added to the subscription. Once you buy the subscription for only 1 dollar, you will get access to these games.

    Let’s not forget about new games coming to Game Pass in November 2021, or a new instalment of the acclaimed racing series Forza Horizon 5 coming to Game Pass. The game will be available for subscribers at launch!

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    Stalker : Heart Of Chernobyl

    Available 2022


    Discover the vast Chernobyl Exclusion Zone full of dangerous enemies, deadly anomalies and powerful artifacts. Unveil your own epic story as you make your way to the Heart of Chernobyl. Choose your paths wisely, as they will determine your fate and shape the future of the humankind in the end.

    Gold Vs Game Pass Vs Ultimate

    How to Get Xbox Game Pass For Three Months in One Buck ...

    There are not one, but three different services that you can subscribe to to beef up your gaming experience on the Xbox, so which should you get? Well, it really depends on what type of gamer you are. You can check out our detailed breakdown here, but these are the major differences so you can pick the plan that’s right for you:

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    Xbox One Deal: Get 3 Months Of Game Pass Ultimate For $1

    Access to more than 300 Xbox One and PC games for $1.

    Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is one heck of a subscription service, bundling Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One and PC as well as Xbox Live Gold for $15 USD a month. However, if you haven’t already subscribed, you can snag a pretty awesome deal right now that nets you your first three months for a single dollar.

    Normally, Microsoft only offers this deal for your first month, not the first three. Three months of Game Pass Ultimate usually costs $45, so you’re saving quite a bit of money with this introductory offer. It’s unclear how long this deal will be available for, so if you’re interested, act sooner rather than later.

    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate grants you access to more than 200 games on Xbox One, over 150 games on PC, and the full benefits of Xbox Live Gold, which includes even more free monthly games and access to online multiplayer. On top of all that, new subscribers get six months of Spotify Premium as long as they’re also new subscribers to the music-streaming service. New and exiting members, however, can both claim a free month of EA Access and three free months of Discord Nitro as long as they’re not currently subscribed to those services.

    For more info on all things Game Pass, check out our Xbox Game Pass guide. We at GameSpot also recently selected the 28 best Xbox Game Pass titles that are available to play right now.

    Potential Errors And Other Issues

    Q: What if I don’t see the Nitro Perk in my Game Pass menu? If you are a Game Pass or Xbox Live Gold subscriber only, but not a Game Pass Ultimate subscriber, you sadly won’t be able to redeem this promotion, and therefore, you won’t see this in your Perks menu.

    If you are below the age of 13, the Nitro perk in your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate menu will not be shown as Discord is not intended for use by those under the age of 13 and our Terms of Service state that you must be at least 13 years of age to use the service.

    If that is not the case and you are above 13 years of age, contact the Xbox Support team directly to review this further through this link: !

    If you’re a PC user, you can file a bug report directly to the Feedback Hub following the steps in this link here: !

    Q: Why doesn’t my Discord Nitro code work when I try to redeem it?A: If you’ve previously subscribed to Nitro, Nitro Classic or Server Boosting on your Discord account at any point in time, you won’t be able to claim this 3 month perk! However, this code can be gifted to a friend!

    If you have never subscribed to Nitro, Nitro Classic or Server Boosting, please submit a ticket through our support system: and our support team will be able to investigate further.

    However, you can give this link to a friend to use instead!

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    The Best Subscription Deals Available Right Now

    Unlike the comparable subscriptions for PlayStation, there’s, unfortunately, no annual membership plan available for either Gold or Game Pass, which makes it a little bit harder to consistently find them at a good value. While deals directly from Xbox do flare up occasionally, they’re inconsistent, and usually just for new subscribers. However, other retailers and third parties do occasionally have deals on digital codes to help you save some cash each month. Here are the best ones we’ve found that are available right now.

    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate And Pc Game Pass Fall To Just $1 For The First Month

    Xbox News | Get Xbox Game Pass for $1 for 3 months

    Join Xbox Game Pass Ultimate of PC Game Pass for just $1

    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass are among the best gaming subscription services to invest in. These Microsoft game subscriptions let gamers access more than 100 high-quality games and exclusive member-only deals.

    For a limited time, you can join Microsoft Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for just $1 for the first month. Normally, it costs $14.99 a month, so that’s $13.99 in savings. Your subscription automatically renews and you’ll pay $14.99/month unless you cancel.

    Microsoft Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: For a limited time, get one month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for just $1. This service lets you access more than 100 high-quality games on PC, console, tablets, and phones. Additional benefits include access to cloud gaming, exclusive member-only discounts, and more.

    Microsoft PC Game Pass: As an alternative, you can get the first month of PC Game Pass for $1 . This subscription service isn’t as robust as Xbox Ultimate, however, you can still access over 100 games a month on Windows PC. This subscription service includes iconic Bethesda games, new day one titles and EA Play on PC. What’s more, members Enjoy a vast library of PC-first games and play all-new games from Xbox Game Studios on launch day.

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    Dealmaster Also Has Tons Of Leftover Tech Deals From Cyber Monday

    by Ars Staff – Dec 2, 2020 11:00 pm UTC

    Today’s Dealmaster is headlined by a new deal on Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service, as new users can currently purchase a three-month subscription for $1. Microsoft has traditionally offered the first month of its game subscription service for $1, though subsequent months typically cost $15 each. Note that “new subscribers” means completely new in this case, as anyone who has subscribed to Game Pass in the past is not eligible for the discount. Microsoft said in a blog post on Monday that the deal would be available for a “limited time.”

    For the unfamiliar, Game Pass Ultimate includes both the console and PC versions of Microsoft’s Game Pass servicewhich packages a in a Netflix-like bundle for one monthly feealongside its Xbox Live Gold service, which is still required to access the online features of most Xbox console games. Recently, the company has also added the ability to stream Xbox games through the cloud on Android phones, as well as a subscription to EA’s Play service.

    If you have no interest in another subscription service, though, we have plenty of deals in today’s roundup, including discounts on Bluetooth headphones and speakers, monitors, microSD cards, and more. You can check out our full rundown below.

    Note: Ars Technica may earn compensation for sales from links on this post through affiliate programs.

    Dealmaster: An Ars newsletter

    Is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Worth The Cost

    The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate price currently sits at $14.99 / £10.99 / AU$15.95 a month when you buy a rolling contract through Microsoft. That cost nets you access to a massive library of console games, free to stream as much as you like through your membership. That might be fine if you’re just looking to play console games, but if you’re after PC titles as well, or you also want to play online, we’d really point you towards Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

    For just a few dollars more a month , you’ll gain access to more titles and bundle your online play for far less than a separate Live Gold subscription would cost. It’s a much higher value membership overall, but only worth it if you’re in need of these added extras.

    Even if you’re buying the cheapest Xbox game deals, you’ll still save some cash by renting them through this subscription.

    If you’re just looking to play your favourite Xbox games online, check out our best Xbox Live Gold deals for the best membership price. Or, if you’re looking to upgrade your console to the latest release, here’s where to buy Xbox Series X if there’s currently any in stock!

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    Top 10 Deals Of The Day

    The Cheapest Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Deals For December 2021

    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 1 Months Xbox Live Key Global ...

    Find a great saving on your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership

    Bagging a great Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deal can turn an already strong investment into an incredibly high value one. Considering you’re getting a massive library of free games many of which we’ve looked at in our list of the best Xbox Game Pass Ultimate games securing a cheap membership now or in the Boxing Day sales can save you some serious money.

    If you’re new to the service and just want to test it out, the first place you need to go is direct to Microsoft. Their current Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deal offers a $1 / £1 / AU$1 trial price for the first month.

    If you can’t get that, you have the option to pay monthly at a recurring cost of $14.99 /£10.99 / AU$15.95 a month. Additionally, the US and UK have a three-month Game Pass Ultimate option that sits at $44.99 / £32.99.

    If you’re already using Xbox Live Gold for online play, then, you’ll be better-served upgrading to a Game Pass Ultimate. This bundles together the online play and expansive games library into a single monthly cost.

    Fancy it? Scroll down for the best deals on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for this month.

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    Save $21 Vs Monthly Plan

    If you’re on the hunt for the best possible value, then this is the plan for you. Ultimate already saves you $5 a month by bundling a Gold and Game Pass subscription, and this six month subscription is on sale for over $20 less that it would cost you to pay monthly. At $69 total, that brings the per month cost down to $11.50 instead of the usual $15. Bargains on Ultimate subscriptions are pretty slim, so this is the best value you’ll find out there at the moment.

    It is unfortunately out of stock at the moment, but hopefully we will see availability in the coming days.

    How To Convert Xbox Live Gold To Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

    Step 1

    Add months to an Xbox Live Gold subscription using digital subscription codes purchased from Microsoft or another retailer . Increase the time on Xbox Live Gold, not standard Xbox Game Pass, because its the cheaper option.

    Note: Microsoft discontinued selling 12-month Xbox Live Gold subscriptions on its website during the summer of 2020, but third-party retailers still sell them for now.

    Amazon is one of the easiest places to purchase digital subscription codes for Xbox Live Gold, but a couple of other online retailers are cheaper.

    Add time in the largest increments possiblea 12-month code for Gold works out much cheaper per month than the one-month, three-month, and six-month varieties. When purchasing codes, always remember that Microsofts servers wont let you redeem a code for a duration that exceeds the 36-month cap. Short multi-day trial codes for Xbox Live Gold wont work for this promotion, like those for three days or two weeks.

    WARNING: If you buy three 1-year subscriptions, do not turn on recurring billing while redeeming the codes. Any extra freebie months you get for doing so will make it impossible to redeem the final code.


    • Dont forget that this Game Pass Ultimate $1 promotion includes one month of service that stacks on top of whatever amount of Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass subscription time you convert. You wont get the full month if it puts you over the 36 month cap, though.

    Step 2

    Step 3

    Activate the $1 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate trial.

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    Get 3 Months Of Xbox Game Pass On Pc For $1

    Microsoft is offering a very good deal on Xbox Game Pass for PC right now.

    As part of its effort to grow Xbox Game Pass subscribers, Microsoft is offering a pretty sweet deal for Xbox Game Pass for PC. A new offer rolled out today, November 2, through which new subscribers can sign up and get three months for only $1.

    It’s a very good time to have Game Pass, too, as Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite are launching very soon, while Age of Empires IV and Minecraft were just recently added to Game Pass. With this deal, you can play all of those games for only $1. The service normally costs $10/month.

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    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate , meanwhile, includes Xbox Game Pass for console and PC, and it also comes with Xbox Cloud Gaming and EA Play. Microsoft is also offering Ultimate subscriptions for new subscribers for only $1 for three months.

    Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft’s ambitious subscription program that offers members a growing catalog of freebies as part of a single subscription. New additions to Xbox Game Pass in November include the previously mentioned Forza Horizon 5, as well as GTA: San Andreas Definitive Edition, It Takes Two, and Football Manager 22, among others.

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