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Xbox Game Pass 3 Month Trial

How You Can Score A Free 3

How to Claim Youtube Premium 3 Months Free Trial from XBOX Game Pass

The PC Game Pass from Microsoft Corporation’sMSFTXbox costs $9.99 per month, but theres a way to access a three-month free trial.

What Happened:Hulu, the streaming unit of Walt Disney CoDIS, is dishing out three free months of the PC Game Pass, according to a statement.

The offer is available through Hulus website until July 23, 2022, and opens up a window for U.S. users to try out games such as “Microsoft Flight Simulator,” “Minecraft” and more.

The revolving catalog of titles means that more games are added each week, according to Hulu.

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Why It Matters: The PC Game Pass includes a library of titles from Electronic Arts Inc. EA as it comes with EA Play video game membership.

Ordinarily, Microsoft offers a $1 trial to PC Game Pass for the initial month, but the Hulu offer will allow the latters subscribers to check out the gaming subscription service for a quarter without any upfront costs.

Microsoft also offers console and Xbox ultimate tiers of its gaming subscription service for $9.99 and $14.99 per month, respectively. The ultimate version allows users to play games on both PCs and Xbox consoles.

Get 3 Months Of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate For Only $1 Right Now

New and returning subscribers can get their first three months of Game Pass Ultimate for only $1.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate continues to be one of the best values in gaming thanks to its robust library of first-party exclusives and wide assortment of third-party games. Even at its regular price of $15 per month, Game Pass Ultimate is a pretty darn good deal. After all, did you see all those upcoming Game Pass games in the Xbox Showcase? If you’ve been thinking about subscribing, right now is the best time to do it. Microsoft has brought back its best Game Pass Ultimate promotion. New subscribers can get their first three months of Game Pass Ultimate for $1 total.

Microsoft has always offered new subscribers their first month for a buck, but it’s not common for a deal like this one to pop up. If you’re a lapsed subscriber, it’s possible that you’ll be able to take advantage of this deal as a returning member, too.

A Game Pass Ultimate subscription grants access to hundreds of Xbox and PC games, and more games are added to the library each month. You can also stream supported titles on your phone via Xbox Cloud Gaming. Ultimate subscribers get the perks of Xbox Live Gold, too, including free monthly games. After your three-month trial period ends, you’ll be charged $15 per month unless you cancel.

Editor’s Note: Article updated on June 12, 2022

Introducing Xsg Publishing’s New Cloud Gaming Organisation

According to a recent report, an Xbox Game Pass Family Plan is coming soon.

Windows Central says its sources claim the plan will allow multiple users in one household to access the service, in a similar fashion to Spotify and Nintendo Switch Onlines family plans.

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According to trusted sources familiar with Microsofts efforts, we can now confirm that Xbox is moving ahead with an Xbox Game Pass Family Plan, which should be set to launch sometime this year, the site reported.

Microsoft recently revealed that it had paid developers and publishers hundreds of millions of dollars in Game Pass license fees.

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Xbox Game Pass Price Helps You Save

All of the Xbox Game Pass games can be downloaded for an unlimited number of times throughout the duration of the membership, but once the subscription ends, access will return only after the service is renewed. Conveniently, your game progress will be saved and Xbox Game Pass PC subscribers get a 20% discount if they want to buy games and own them permanently. In addition, 3 month Xbox Game Pass subscription gives 10% discount for all DLC and add-ons making Xbox Game Pass price a worthy gaming investment!

Played These Games Microsoft Will Give You 3 Free Months Of Pc Game Pass

Buy Xbox Game Pass for Console

If youre already playing Microsofts PC games, the company would like to offer you the opportunity to play even more with a free three-month trial of Microsofts fantastic Game Pass for PC. Game Pass usually costs $9.99 per month.

The new three-month deal was spotted by Kotaku, which referenced the deal thats currently live on Microsofts web site. The offer is specifically designed for those gamers who have played one of Microsofts three major PC gaming titles: Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5 or Age of Empires IV. The hook: if youve already bought one of these games, Game Pass will allow you to play all three as part of Microsofts subscription service.

If youve played one of those three games before Feb. 28 while logged into your Microsoft account, Microsoft will offer you a 3-month trial of PC Game Pass. The deal is only good for new Game Pass members.

Yes, there is a catch, but its in your favor: If you played the free Halo Infinite multiplayer, but did not buy the game, that meets the offers conditions, too. On the other hand, Microsoft appears to be playing hardball with the only new members stipulation: if youve ever owned Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or PC Game Pass you cant take advantage of the subscription.

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Microsoft Launch Pc Game Pass 3 Month Trial Promotion

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Mike Sanders

We have a question for you. Have you ever played Forza Horizon 5, Age of Empires IV, or Halo Infinite on PC within the last 6 months? If the answer is yes, then we potentially have some amazing news for you. As part of their latest gaming promotion, Microsoft is offering anyone who played those titles the opportunity to claim 3 months of free PC Game Pass!

Well Pending a few conditions of course!

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Love A Game In The Library

PC Game Pass members get a discount on games in the Game Pass library, plus DLC and add-ons. Use the Store tab in the app.

System requirements

Windows 10/11, version 22H1 or higher
ProcessorIntel Core i5 AMD Ryzen 5. Quad-core or higher.
GPUNVIDIA GTX 1050 AMD Radeon RX 560

System requirements vary by game performance scales with higher-end systems.Not supported on Windows 10 in S mode.

Eligibility For The Promotion

How To Get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate For Cheap!!

Q: Who can claim this promotion from their Xbox app?

A: To claim through the Xbox app, you must be a current Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member. Additionally, this promotion is only available in AR, AU, AT, BE, BR, CA, CL, CO, CZ, DK, FI, FR, DE, GR, HK, HU, IN, IE, IL, IT, JP, MX, NL, NZ, NO, PL, PT, SG, ZA, ES, SE, CH, TW, TR, AE, GB, US.

Q: Who can redeem this Nitro trial to their Discord account?

A: You must be a first time Nitro subscriber.

  • Note: If you have activated any other Nitro trials or promotions or any gifted Nitro subscriptions at any point in time, you will not be eligible for this promotion.

Q: What if I’m a current or previous Nitro Classic subscriber or a Server Boost subscriber? Can I also take part in this promotion?

A: Yes, if you currently have a Nitro Classic or Server Boosting subscription, you will be eligible to claim this promotion and your current subscription will be replaced with the 3 month Nitro subscription.

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Pc Game Pass 3 Month Trial Conditions

Best of all, anyone that played Halo Infinites free multiplayer component is eligible for this offer. This PC Game Pass promotion is happening until April 30, 2022, so check out your eligibility on Microsofts sign-in FAQ.

Did you play Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, or Age of Empires IV on PC before 2/28?

To say thanks, were giving out 3 months of PC Game Pass for free to new members only at


By now, youve undoubtedly heard what a value Xbox Game Pass is, and while the PC variant doesnt have quite as many games as its console counterpart, there are still well over 100 titles on offer. Where else on PC can you play indie darlings like Bugsnax alongside big-budget stuff like ? Nowhere.

So if youre keen on free games and are eligible, you might as well give PC Game Pass a try. Do it for Master Chief! Finish the fight and all that good stuff.

Written by Kyle Campbell on behalf of GLHF.

Xbox Live Gold Perks And Benefits

With the same Xbox Game Pass Ultimate code, youre also bound to receive one of the most popular Xbox subscriptions Xbox Live Gold! The service enables multiplayer and online co-op modes for all of your Xbox games and brings additional benefits. Gold subscribers get a chance to receive anywhere from 2 to 4 free games each month and enjoy even more exclusive discounts that go up to 50% or 75%! In conjunction with the Xbox Game Pass deals, the Microsoft Ultimate 3 m. code remains one of the best options for those who seek to save while shopping on Xbox Live!

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Xbox Series X And Series S

  • Sign in to your Xbox One .
  • Select the Microsoft Store app from your Home Screen or search for it.
  • Scroll down to “Redeem Code” .)
  • Enter the 25-character code thats displayed on the Order page of, then follow the prompts. Dont worry about hyphens, the system takes care of those for you.
  • Note If you cant locate Store, scroll down to Add more on the Home screen and select the Store tile. Then select Add to Home.

    Potential Errors And Other Issues

    Buy ð¥XBOX GAME PASS 3 month (PC) (USA, DE)

    Q: What if I dont see the Nitro promo in the Xbox app, even if I’m an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber?

    A: To claim through the Xbox app, you must be a current Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member. Additionally, this promotion is only available in AR, AU, AT, BE, BR, CA, CL, CO, CZ, DK, FI, FR, DE, GR, HK, HU, IN, IE, IL, IT, JP, MX, NL, NZ, NO, PL, PT, SG, ZA, ES, SE, CH, TW, TR, AE, GB, US.

    If you believe you are eligible for the promotion, contact Xbox’s support team through using the following link:

    Q: I see a Sad Trombone error when I try to redeem my Nitro promo link!

    A: Would you happen to be entering this Nitro promo link from the promotion into the Discord Gift Inventory or as a link within Discord chat?

    If so, this is the incorrect method for redeeming the Nitro promo link, and you will see an error when attempting to redeem the promotion.

    In order to successfully claim this promotion, try opening up an incognito browser and then copy and pasting the promotion link into your browser’s address bar .

    Q: I see a “Oh no! It looks like you have Nitro already” error when I try to redeem my Nitro promo link!

    A: If you’re seeing an “Oh no! It looks like you have Nitro already” error, that means that the Discord account you’re trying redeem this promotion on currently has a Nitro subscription so it is ineligible for this Nitro promotion.

    Be sure to include your full Discord ID and email address tied to your Discord account

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    Get 3 Months Of Xbox Game Pass For Pc For $1 A Plague Tale: Innocence Children Of Morta And Gris Coming Soon

      I know youre here for the games and we have some gems on the way! Theyre hauntingly beautiful, challenging, and are coming soon to Xbox Game Pass for PC .

      You might need more than a few days to dig into these games, plus all the others you want to play in our library. Lucky for you, if you havent tried Xbox Game Pass for PC yet, we just launched our best deal yet for PC: Get your first 3 months for just $1! Discover your next favorite game with unlimited access to over 100 high-quality PC titles. Youll always have something new to play with games added all the time. This deal wont last forever, so join today and tell your friends this is an easy way to get them to jump in and play with you!

      But lets get to the part that you really want to know about: Heres the latest info on the games coming at you for the next few weeks!

      Children of Morta A story-driven action RPG about an extraordinary family of heroes. Lead the Bergons, with all their flaws and virtues, against the forthcoming Corruption. With a unique mix of action-adventure, RPG, rogue-lite, and hack and slash, youll develop not only individual characters but also the entire family as they stand against an encroaching darkness.

      Free 3 Months Of Pc Game Pass For Those Who Played Some Of The Latest Microsoft Games

      Grab your free PC Game Pass Trial now! See the details inside.

      Microsoft wants to show appreciation to everyone who tried out some of the most recent Xbox Games Studio titles. Everyone who has played Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, or Age of Empires IV on PC before February 28th, 2022 can claim a free 3-month PC Game Pass free trial! The best part of this deal is that the free-to-play Halo Infinite Multiplayer also counts towards eligibility!

      To check if you can take advantage of the free PC Game Pass Trial offer, visit this Xbox page and click on the “Check Eligibility” button.

      This deal is available only for new members. You can claim your PC Game Pass subscription for free between March 14th and April 12th, 2022.

      Lately, the subscription has expanded with and more fantastic games. With PC Game Pass, you can play over 300 high-quality titles!

      More giveaways & freebies

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      Get 3 Months Of Xbox Game Pass On Pc For $1

      Microsoft is offering a very good deal on Xbox Game Pass for PC right now.

      As part of its effort to grow Xbox Game Pass subscribers, Microsoft is offering a pretty sweet deal for Xbox Game Pass for PC. A new offer rolled out today, November 2, through which new subscribers can sign up and get three months for only $1.

      It’s a very good time to have Game Pass, too, as Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite are launching very soon, while Age of Empires IV and Minecraft were just recently added to Game Pass. With this deal, you can play all of those games for only $1. The service normally costs $10/month.

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      Now Playing: Best Of Xbox Game Pass… Don’t Miss These

      Xbox Game Pass Ultimate , meanwhile, includes Xbox Game Pass for console and PC, and it also comes with Xbox Cloud Gaming and EA Play. Microsoft is also offering Ultimate subscriptions for new subscribers for only $1 for three months.

      Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft’s ambitious subscription program that offers members a growing catalog of freebies as part of a single subscription. New additions to Xbox Game Pass in November include the previously mentioned Forza Horizon 5, as well as GTA: San Andreas Definitive Edition, It Takes Two, and Football Manager 22, among others.

      Eligibility For The Claiming This Promotion From Xbox

      Get 3 months worth of XBOX GAMEPASS for FREE!

      In order to claim this promotion link, you’ll need to be a new Xbox Game Pass member. Additionally, this promotion is only available in AR, AU, AT, BE, BR, CA, CL, CO, CZ, DK, FI, FR, DE, GR, HK, HU, IN, IE, IL, IT, JP, MX, NL, NZ, NO, PL, PT, SG, ZA, ES, SE, CH, TW, TR, AE, GB, US.

      • The code must be claimed from Xbox by 4/26/2022 , otherwise it will no longer be available to claim

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      Game Pass: Is Microsoftable Subscription Open

      While you can go up to the official date with the free three month subscription, Microsoft is perhaps already working on the next feature of the Xbox 360. Its only recently announced that a family subscription is apparently being planned, with the exception of three. Two people can share the same Game Pass subscription with up to five people. Microsoft could really score points with gamesr households with the new feature.

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