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Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 Controller

Designed For Extended Gameplay

Unboxing Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

Stay in the game for longer with up to 40 hours of rechargeable battery life and refined components that are built to last. Charge the controller either inside or outside the custom dark green carrying case featuring the UNSC insignia, with the included black and gray laser-etched dock with a custom green and orange USB-C cable.*

Victrix Gambit Tournament Controller

And then we have the self-proclaimed worlds fastest controller from Victrix. And again, this one is a joy to use.

Its some going, coming to market and declaring yourself as the worlds fastest controller, but thats exactly what Victrix the eSports arm of PDP are doing. They seem to be backing up those claims too.

Fast or not though, were throwing the Gambit Tournament Controller in as a more than viable alternative to the Elite controller, mostly as its a brilliant addition to the gaming scene. Replaceable faceplates allow you to choose between a superb purple skin, or a more classic white, whilst the lightweight feel will certainly ensure this is the option to take for those not altogether sold on the hefty weight of the Elite.

Theres a ton of customisation away from that too. It comes in a case, and that houses multiple thumbsticks and D-Pad options as well as a couple of different paddles which attach to the rear of the controller whether you want two or four buttons on that paddle is up to you.

Theres a very well accomplished App which helps power the Victrix Gambit Tournament Controller to all new levels too, letting you customise nearly everything you could wish for. Its therefore seriously well set up for any gamer, whether they be an eSports pro, a wannabee or your every day casual.

The Series 2 Is Better Hands Down

Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 vs. the original Xbox Elite Controller

The Series 2 replaces the original Elite Controller, upgrading and enhancing every dimension of the controller. First and foremost, many users of the previous Elite Controller are probably wondering about durability above all else. The previous controller suffered from a notable design flaw in the rubber grips, which allowed them to warp over time, and become detached from the controller itself. The second Elite Controller fixes this issue using adhesive, which should ensure that the grips stay firmly attached for longer. We have no way to know for sure if their attempted fix will work without some long-form testing, but I was unable to pry the grip from the controller using a guitar pick, which is a good sign.

Xbox Elite Controller Series 2Xbox Elite Controller

Beyond build-quality improvements, Series 2 just has piles of extra features. Notably, the biggest and best is probably the charging dock. Not only does it help keep your playspace tidy, but it charges the whopping 40-hour battery in around an hour, ensuring you’ll never want for batteries ever again. In our testing, we found that the 40-hour is a reasonably conservative estimate, as we were easily able to push it to 50 when not using a 3.5mm headset plugged into it.

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Why Get The Xbox Elite Controller Series 2

If you want a controller that offers incredible customization and extra options, the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 will be ideal for you. Compared to the first edition of the Elite Controller, this one sports several performance boosts. Boosts such as more durable plastics and hinges, rubber grips that have better durability, and tension control for thumbsticks that allow you to tweak how you aim in-game from the analog input side of things. On top of this, the controller has Bluetooth connectivity for use with PCs and Project xCloud, as well as a fantastic battery life of 40 hours per charge. Lastly, all of the first Elite Controller’s benefits make a strong return here. These include the myriad of different D-Pads, thumbsticks, and buttons that you can opt to use and swap out at your leisure, as well as lockable triggers and paddle buttons on the back of the controller. This controller may not be cheap, but you definitely get the quality that you pay for.

What Are The Specs Of The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 review: More of the same, but better ...

Xbox controllers don’t have specs in the same way that smartphones or laptops do, but everything here is in order and where you would expect it to be no surprise considering this comes from Xbox maker Microsoft. The dimensions of the product are 177 mm x 175 mm x 73 mm, and it tips the scales at 345 grams.

All the standard Xbox controller buttons are included, plus an extra four paddles on the back of the device to give you even more options when gaming . As we’ve said, the controller runs on a rechargeable battery, and Microsoft reckons you can get around 40 hours of game time from the input device before the battery needs charging up again.

There are 24 buttons in total, 20 of which are programmable, and in the box you get the controller, a carry case, a set of six thumbsticks, a set of four paddles, a set of two D-pads, a thumbstick adjustment tool, a charging dock, and a USB-C cable that’s a little over 2.7 metres in length. Wireless operation requires either Bluetooth connectivity or the standard Xbox wireless dongle.

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The Xbox Elite Series 2 Is The Best Controller Around And Is Cheaper Than Ever This Black Friday Season

ByDave Jamespublished 19 November 21

With a $40 saving you can still pick up the Xbox Wireless Adapter with it and it’ll still cost less than full price.

    The best PC controller is now cheaper this Black Friday than its ever been before. Okay, the Xbox Elite Series 2, now with $40 off, is mostly designed for the ol’ console player, but it’s still the finest example of joypaddery that you can plumb into your gaming PC. The standard Xbox controller has a great design, but the original Elite and this upgraded Series 2 version, took that and pushed it even further.

    There is a weight to the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller that you just don’t find with other pads, and rather than that making it feel cumbersome it just feels like reassuringly solid build quality. The new sticks feel more accurate and responsive and the triggers are outstanding, with three different levels of depth to them, from full analogue to almost microswitch.

    The Elite Series 2 also includes a built-in rechargeable battery where the original Elite still used the AA batteries that Microsoft’s pads have always fallen back on. You can either charge it via the USB Type-C cable, or via the handy dock situated inside the lovely carry case it ships with.

      What Are The Best Features Of The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

      As you can tell from the box contents list, this is a controller that’s very customisable. You can swap out the thumbsticks, paddles and D-pad tops to get something that feels just right for you, and adjust the tension that you get from some of these buttons too. In short, you can make sure your controller is perfectly tailored to your gaming style.

      Button mapping is included, so you can reassign different buttons for different tasks if you need to, and there’s also support for gaming profiles. One default profile and up to three gaming profiles can be set on the device itself, which means you can take a custom approach to particular games .

      The customisation options continue when it comes to the configuration utility that Microsoft provides you’re able to set specific buttons to match up with voice commands like “take a screenshot” for example. Despite the wealth of options on offer, the software is simple and straightforward to use, so you can get gaming as quickly as possible.

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      Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller

      Over the last few years the Nacon team have gone big. Youd expect to hear that theyve pumped money into games, but its in the accessories where they have really flown, buying up the likes of RIG and twisting stuff up to ensure their name is fast becoming synonymous with the gaming masses.

      Controller wise theyve dropped the Pro Compact Controller to market, but its the Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller which has created the biggest of waves.

      Designed for Xbox and coming in at under £100 in price, it works the same angles as youd expect of an Xbox controller, albeit with slightly enlarged, easier-to-hit face buttons for good measure. It feels great to hold too, whilst the triggers and bumpers seem to be able to blend into each other nicely.

      Again though, its what is on the back which is the best bit of the Revolution X Pro and the placement of four rear-mounted buttons are probably the best of all the controllers on this list. They sit under your third and fourth fingers and this means they can be hit pretty much immediately. We think this layout is the finest weve seen in an Elite alternative. In fact, we think the layout is better than the Elite itself.

      When you include the free-to-download Revolution X App which lets you amend pretty much everything and anything about the controller , its easy to see how Nacon have nailed the controller needs of many.

      This is one seriously good controller.

      Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 Black

      How the Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 Works

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      Powera Fusion Pro 2 Controller

      If youre interested in purchasing a new PowerA controller, then our first instinct would be to push you towards their brilliant Spectra Infinity if only as having the option to light up your gaming sessions with all manner of colour is a joy.

      Fast behind that though is the PowerA Fusion PRO 2.

      Much more aligned with the Elite controller as the Spectra is the simple option, the PRO Fusion 2 feels glorious in the hand, especially when you have the soft-touch black faceplate in place over the sharper white.

      Its also helped by a simple volume control switch sitting on the front, but those looking for an alternative to the Elite will no doubt be interested in the Pro Pack around the back. Removable should you so wish, this Pro Pack brings in four paddles which work pretty much exactly as the Elites do. Programmable as you see fit and easy to hit , if you need some proper custom buttons, the Fusion PRO brings it.

      It also brings in trigger locks should they be your bag. You know, for when you need to prove yourself as a sharpshooter.

      You can find the Fusion PRO 2 over at .

      Performance And Xbox Accessories App

      Where the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 really shines is in its software and performance improvements. The Series 2 provides you with more customization options then ever, but this time it goes right down to system level.

      You can still customize the controller’s button mapping through the Xbox Accessories app , which allows you to configure everything from stick sensitivity to vibration and brightness. You can even set a button to be your ‘shift’ key, so other buttons can have more than one use.

      But the most important aspect of this is setting up uses for your new paddles. We preferred assigning them to the X, A, Y and B buttons to avoid having to move our hands from the standard controller position.

      If you can’t decide on just one set-up then don’t fret, you can save up to three custom profiles – and one default profile – on the controller and then switch between them using the aforementioned profile button on the front of the pad.

      Button mapping can also be used to act as shortcuts for system actions such as recording gameplay, taking screenshots or seeing achievements. It’s worth noting, though, that this feature isn’t currently available on PC.

      It takes some time to play around with the various customization options – both in terms of software and hardware – to find what works for you but, when you do, there’s no denying this is one of the best Xbox controller on the market.

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      Hurry Grab An Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller For Just $139

      ByMillie Davis-Williamspublished 20 January 22

      Get the best and most customizable controller for Xbox and PC gaming at a nice discount

        We may be more than halfway through the month, but keep rolling in and this is one of the best for gamers.

        For a limited time, the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller is just $139 at Microsoft . It’s just a hair above its lowest-ever price of $134, so now is a great time to pick one up.

        Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller: The Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller is one of the best pads for Xbox and PC gaming. It offers a premium design, interchangeable thumbsticks, and programmable back paddles. Not to mention with a 40-hour battery life, you can game all day without needing to recharge. Right now the Xbox Elite Series 2 is a massive $40 off at Microsoft.

        If you’re not a fan of the standard Xbox Series X controller, then the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller is a great upgrade. With a high level of customizability and comfort, it’s not only the premium controller for Xbox, but one of the best PC game controllers too.

        You’ll be able to swap out the thumbsticks, D-Pad, and paddles on your controller freely to suit your preferences, and even dive into the Xbox Accessories app to fully remap every button. A new feature for the Elite Series 2 is the ability to program in a shift key which lets you assign a second set of functions to the buttons when the key is held down.

        What Are The Alternatives To The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

        Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 review: More of the same, but better ...

        Take a look at the best Xbox controllers list that we’ve put together to see some of the main rivals to the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 at the moment. A lot of these controllers offer the same sort of features, but there are some subtle differences and it’s definitely worth comparing the latest prices on them as well.

        Speaking of price, the Turtle Beach Recon Controller is one of the best-value Xbox controllers around at the moment. Turtle Beach is a brand you can trust when it comes to reliability and longevity, and the affordable controller brings with it some premium audio options for connected headphones, and customisable gaming profiles that you can swap between.

        Then there’s the Powera Enhanced Wired Gaming Controller. You don’t get as many options and features as you do with other devices, but as well as button mapping support you have access to a host of funky, eye-catching designs if you’re keen to move away from the standard Xbox controller look, this is an alternative you should check out.

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        Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 New Features

        Beyond the charging dock, a lot of the Series 2’s new features are hidden away on the inside or in subtle additions throughout. There are now three stages of trigger locking up from two, for example. There’s also a tension control key, which lets you increase the amount of force you have to deliver to move a thumbstick, which can be a massive boost for precision with the right tweaks. Using a longer joystick, for example, gives you a greater distance away from the joystick pivot for making small precise aiming adjustments without having to sacrifice speed.

        Being able to control the TV volume with your Xbox controller is something I never thought I needed until now.

        The upgraded microprocessor in the Elite S2 allows for a greater degree of keybindings than the previous Elite as well. Now, you can also add system-level features to the reverse paddles, including things like Xbox capture and screenshots, and even TV controls if you’ve set up the IR Blaster on your Xbox One. Being able to control the TV volume with your Xbox controller is something I never thought I needed until now.

        What Else Do I Need To Know About The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

        Microsoft is biased, but it calls this “the world’s most advanced controller” and we don’t have too many arguments about that. It performs really well and it looks fantastic too .

        The standard edition of the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 is only available in black, but there are some really nice aesthetic choices that we like here. They include the wraparound rubberised grip that really gives you a sense of control and certainty during gaming it’s one of the many subtle differences between this and the standard Xbox controller that make it worth considering an upgrade.

        You also get a 3.5 mm audio jack on the controller for a more private listening experience, if you need it. The device is also compatible with the Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter, plus just about every other Xbox controller accessory made by Microsoft the Microsoft branding is perhaps one of the reasons to go for this over an alternative, considering it makes Windows and the Xbox as well.

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