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Xbox Design Lab Cool Designs

Xbox 360 Controller Replica

Xbox Design Lab Controller is Pretty Cool ! #shorts

I tried to make an Xbox 360 controller replica with the new #Xbox Design Lab. How tempting

Jordan Oloman

As soon as the lab opened, the first thing fans set out to accomplish was recreating the old Xbox 360 controller. This design has a lot of sentimental value for many, especially those who grew up with Microsoft’s seventh-generation console, so it is hardly surprising to see it being resurrected.

Here at Newsweek, we have figured out how to get yours looking as close to the real deal as possible. For that authentic Xbox 360 controller look, you will need to choose the “Robot White” color for the body, triggers and bumpers. Then, select “Ash Grey” for the back and D-pad and “Storm Grey” for the thumbsticks. Finally, the face buttons should be “Black on Colors” and the menu buttons should be “Grey on White.”

How To Create Your Own Custom Controller In The Xbox Design Lab

One of the best features from the Xbox One generation of consoles was Microsofts ability to enable players to create their very own controller through a service known as Xbox Design Lab. The labs first incarnation was officially retired in advance of the Xbox Series S|Xs arrival last October, but now its back and better than ever. This new version of Xbox Design Lab was launched in the wake of Microsoft and Bethesdas E3 showing earlier this year, and offers Xbox players the chance to create their own customised gamepad with 18 initial colour options.

In this post were going to cover how the Xbox Design Lab works, the different customisation options it offers you, and what features Microsoft may choose to add in the near future. Of course, Xbox will continue to release new controller variants like the DayStrike Camo, Electric Volt and Shock Blue colours, but if theres a specific way you want your Xbox controller to look, the Xbox Design Lab may be your ideal solution.

The Original Aka The Duke

Let’s go back to the early 2000s with a controller design inspired by the classic color scheme of the original Xbox. Selecting Carbon Black for the body of the controller with Electric Green highlights on the triggers, buttons, and thumbsticks give a familiar look to the colors on the original Xbox console itself.

Taking inspiration from the original controller, or “The Duke” to some, add full-color letter buttons and some white accent buttons. What you’ll end up with is a bold controller that brings back memories from the very beginning of Xbox.

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Will Xbox Design Lab Add More Custom Features In The Future

Microsoft has already gone on the record to say that more customisable options will be made available over the coming months. This is great considering that the current Xbox Design Lab doesnt offer as many tweakable features as the previous one. As for what these extras might be, whos to say? However, itd be wise to assume that military camo colours/skins will be one of the first new elements to be added, as Microsoft itself recently released the red Daystrike Camo Xbox controller as a standalone product.

Then theres the absence of fade colours. Whereas before you had the choice of two different shades for the main body of your Xbox controller, no such feature currently exists. Following that, other patterns that sit under the main colour would be a welcome addition, as would even more colour tones including those that are more metallic like Silver and Gold. Microsoft has proved that possibilities with the Xbox Design Lab are almost endless. Players that crave such a high level of customisation, however, will need to be patient.

Now You Can Get An Xbox Controller To Fit Your Personal Style

Cool Xbox Design Lab Controllers

By Garrett GosnellJune 17, 2021, 21:18

What just happened? The revamped Xbox Design Lab lets you pick a color for every piece of a custom Xbox Series X controller of your liking. There are 18 colors to choose from in each section, with millions of combinations to get your new controller order in, looking just how you’ve imagined it. You can even get it laser engraved to say something silly like “Git Gud.”

Microsoft has returned with a improved version of Xbox Design Lab. You can use their revised web app to customize a controller, based on the model that ships with their Xbox Series X and Series S, with millions of color combinations.

The service comes with free 14-day shipping and each controller will cost you $69.99, about $10 more than grabbing a plain-colored device off the shelf at your local retailer. The premium is likely worth it to many gamers who’ve been dying to rep the colors of their favorite sports team, or just dreaming of a controller with yellow-purple drip like the one Microsoft showed off on Twitter. You can place your order today in the US, Canada, and most Western European countries.

In the customization page there are 6 regions on the controller to select from a rich and vibrant roster of colors. There are a further 2 lists of choices for the forward-facing buttons where you’re offered a handful of styles from minimalist and modern to classic and iconic.

This wireless controller can connect via Bluetooth to the following devices:

  • Xbox Series X

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Take Your Controller To The Skies

This controller is all about making each button look like a cloud. Essentially, the design is a contrast between all Robot White buttons and a Shock Blue body. The Shock Blue color is by far the best job option for recreating that sky blue color. If you’re a fan of Microsoft Flight Simulator, this controller might be for you.

Here’s an opportunity to use the engraving to write in your call sign. And with Microsoft Flight Simulator coming to Xbox Series X, now is the time to invest in your controller.

Slick Xbox Design Lab Controller Creations

With the launch of the Xbox Series X|S last year, Microsoft has taken a more streamlined and user input approach to their design of the newest console, one such feature I will be looking at is Xbox Design Lab, a controller design program offered by Microsoft recently relaunched after this years Microsofts Xbox/Bethesda games showcase.

Inside the program offers a wide selection of colors and tints to work with, offering to cover the front and backplate, the trigger, and even the face buttons. Even before creating your own, there are a few premade to get the creative juices going. For now, Ill give you some of my favorites that were already provided:

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Awesome Controller Designs From Xbox Design Lab

The Xbox One controller is great, but if you stick with the one that comes with the console you’re using the same thing as millions of other people around the world.

Why not treat yourself to a custom creation from Microsoft’s official Design Lab, where there are more combinations on hand than you could ever try for about $70. Here are eight awesome designs courtesy of the Windows Central community.

A Cool Way To Customize Your Xbox Design Lab

Xbox Design Lab Controller Ideas 2021 Series X Edition

Xbox Design Lab is an exciting software that provides several unique means to make your very own custom Xbox Wireless Controller. This is the ultimate way to personalize your wireless controller, as it is created uniquely for every individual player. With Xbox Design Lab, gamers can color-apply most of the external components of the controller such as the body, trigger, bumpers, buttons, ABXY, sticks, buttons, thumbs, grips, and even the shoulder buttons. The possibilities are endless when customizing the wireless controllers with this program!

There are several options for designing lab controllers. For example, you can choose from a wide array of Xbox wireless controller skins. Some of these skins come in different vibrant colors. Some of them are also made of high-quality vinyl. These skins are very attractive and will enhance the appearance of your controller.

If you want to take it up a notch, there are several color options for the Xbox design lab. You can choose from an array of vibrant colors that will certainly give your controller a customized look. Some color options include blue, red, green, yellow, silver, ivory, pink, maroon, neon, and black. Each color option has several vibrant hues and will add more color depth to your controller.

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All Customizable Options In The Xbox Design Lab

Xbox fans have the ability to select customizable colors in any combination for the front, back, bumpers, triggers, D-pad and Thumbstick portions of the controller. Xbox Design Lab has 18 total colors for those exterior portions of the controller. The standard controller comes in Robot White, but other options include Retro Pink, Lightning Yellow, Glacier Blue, Electric Green, Zest Orange, Regal Purple, Pulse Red, and several other snappy hues across the color spectrum.

The face buttons also have six options: grey on white, black on grey, grey on black, white on black, colors on black, and black on colors. Meanwhile, the View, Menu, Share buttons have five options in a variety of white, black, and grey combinations. Kumar described the latter two as a fun homage to the original Xbox controllers. The Xbox Design Lab also offers customizable engravings on the controllers for an added $9.99. Players can label their controllers with their gamer tag or a short phrase.

During their Xbox Games Showcase Extended interview, Lilly and Kumar presented a series of customized controllers. Some were inspired by video games such as Grounded and Psychonauts 2, while others were inspired by the Lakers or a pair of sneakers. Still more controllers were created purely for aesthetics. Both encouraged fans to check out the Xbox Design Lab and play around to find what they like the best.

What The Xbox Design Lab Closure Could Mean

Ultimately, its closure suggests one of three things, but theres one big determining factor. If it opens in a matter of hours or just a couple of days, its probably nothing big. If it hasnt been re-opened by the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, its more likely to be something big.

The simplest reason for the closure is obvious: updating the design lab with new customization options, as well as more customizable parts. Notably, the face button customization on the Xbox Design Lab wasnt the most in-depth, and there are a ton of ways the general choices could be improved. All in all, if its re-opened soon and even if it isnt, this is the most likely result.

The second possibility is also viable and would perhaps be the most exciting option. With or without the above, introducing the option to customize Xbox Elite controllers would certainly be welcome. That would automatically come with more options and a higher price, but as the Xbox Design Lab currently only applies to the standard controller, it would be awesome to personally customize Xboxs Elite series of controllers. Many love and prefer these controllers, and it would be a good step forward for the service.

The Xbox Design Lab is currently closed.

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Xbox Design Lab: Where & How To Design Your Own Xbox Controller

Xbox Design Lab lets fans make an Xbox controller. Here’s where fans can go to take advantage, and how to make the most unique and personal design.

Summer Game Fest 2021 hosted the Xbox Games Showcase Extended on June 17, an additional presentation to E3 2021’s Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase. Content creator Parris Lilly hosted the event, joined by executives from Playground Games, Ninja Theory, Xbox, and more, for interviews around exciting games and projects announced at Xbox’s second event. Early in the program, Navin Kumar, Xbox director of product marketing, joined Lilly to introduce the new and improved Xbox Design Lab.

Xbox Design Lab is a website that allows players to create a customized Xbox controller. The site initially launched five years ago, offering hardware for the Xbox 360 and Xbox one, but had to pause its efforts as the Xbox Series S|X rolled out. Now it’s back with a wide array of customization possibilities, and three new color options added for the exterior. Most of the colors are made using recycled materials for a more sustainable Xbox controller. The return also coincides with Xbox’s commitment to crossing over with PCs.

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Design Your Custom Xbox Series X Controller

I designed an Xbox Wireless Controller with Xbox Design Lab ...

Xbox Design Lab returns letting players customize their own Xbox Series X controllers starting today.

The Xbox Design Lab program is a service Microsoft offers that lets players create a custom Xbox controller. Players by letting them choose different colors they like and mix-and-match colors for a unique Series X controller.

The Design Lab was originally a program that was started during the Xbox One era, but Microsoft paused the program ahead of the launch of the Xbox Series X. Now that Microsoft’s new-gen console is finally out, and there’s a new Series X controller, the Design Lab program is back.

Xbox has been releasing some fun colors for the Series X controller, like the Pulse Red, but with Design Labs, you won’t be limited by Xbox’s official designs.

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Saw Down Hordes Of Locusts With This Gears Of War Controller

Sometimes a splash of color is enough, and this Gears of War-inspired controller is a great example of how effective it is. Gears of War is known for its bleak colors and its iconic red gear in the logo.

Instead of opting for Robot Black, go for a blend of Ash Grey and Storm Grey, which gives the controller a metallic look. Using the D-pad as an accent is a sleek way of adding a pop of color to any monochromatic controller.

Xbox Design Lab Brings Back Rubberized Grips Metallic Finishes And More

    Earlier this year we brought back Xbox Design Lab, our customization program that offers different ways to create your own personalized Xbox Wireless Controller. Since then, the community has created hundreds of thousands of unique designs tailored to their personality and style.

    Today, were excited to announce that rubberized grips and metallic finishes are returning to Xbox Design Lab along with new color customization options, giving you even more combinations to choose from.

    In addition to all the original customization options available in Xbox Design Lab, weve added:

    • Black rubberized grips available on both the back case and side grips for added comfort and control
    • 19 new metallic finish colors for D-Pads and Triggers including: Sterling Silver, Pewter Silver, Gunmetal Silver, Abyss Black, Retro Pink, Deep Pink, Oxide Red, Zest Orange, Gold, Electric Volt, Velocity Green, Glacier Blue, Dragonfly Blue, Mineral Blue, Photon Blue, Midnight Blue, Regal Purple, Nocturnal Green, and Warm Gold
    • 3 new color options for controller parts
    • Introducing Dragonfly Blue
    • Military Green has been updated to Nocturnal Green providing a richer earth color
    • Electric Green has been updated to Velocity Green bringing this in line with the iconic Xbox color
  • New Inspired by controller designs from Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Battlefield 2042, Forza Horizon 5, and Riders Republic to get your customization journey started
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    Random: Pokmon Fans Are Making Themed Xbox Design Lab Controllers

    • 353

    Image: The Pokémon Company

    As you might have seen over on our sister site Pure Xbox, earlier this month the Xbox Design Lab returned. The player designs the controller on the official Xbox website and then Microsoft builds it.

    Since its return, Xbox fans have been creating all sorts of themed Xbox Series X controllers and now Pokémon trainers have joined in on the fun with their very own pocket monster-inspired designs. One individual in particular – who goes by the username ‘mandoo12345’ on the Xbox One subreddit – has come up with 20 different designs.

    There are Pokémon like Charizard, Totodile, Tepig, Ivysaur, Galarian Slowpoke, Gengar and many more:

    Image: Microsoft / The Pokémon CompanyImage: Microsoft / The Pokémon CompanyImage: Microsoft / The Pokémon CompanyImage: Microsoft / The Pokémon CompanyImage: Microsoft / The Pokémon CompanyImage: Microsoft / The Pokémon Company

    Although you can’t create your own themed controllers in the land of Nintendo, you can actually purchase officially licensed Pokémon ones. There’s been quite a lot in the past. More recently we got the 25th anniversary Pikachu Power-A Pro Controller.

    You can see all 20 of the themed pocket monster Xbox controller designs over on Reddit. What do you think of them yourself? Would you like to see Nintendo do something like the Xbox Design Lab? Do we need even more Joy-Con colours?

    What Does It Feel Like To Chew An Xbox Controller

    Xbox Design Lab Controller Ideas

    It’s typically unadvisable to take a bite out of your controller, but one design by Aarik Dorobiala, the community manager for Obsidian’s upcoming “Grounded,” has fans second guessing that general rule. Dorobiala created a 5 Gum-themed controller in the Xbox Design Lab. The controller featured a black body, gray back plate and D-pad, and minty green joysticks and bumpers.

    In his tweet, Dorobiala said the resemblance between his controller and the popular chewing gum brand was “unintentional,” but the color combination looks like the perfect marriage of cool and cute. Xbox’s official Twitter account responded to the design by advising Dorobiala, “Please do not chew on your controller.” Dorobiala made no promises, but insisted he’d try not to.

    One of Dorobiala’s coworkers then challenged him to create a Durance controller to honor the legendary “Pillars of Eternity character. Though it’s unclear what that design might look like, it goes to show how versatile the Design Lab is, allowing gamers the opportunity to make controllers of that fit personal aesthetics and pay tribute to their favorite games or characters.

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