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Xbox All Access Worth It

Do Games Go Away After Game Pass Expires

Is Xbox All Access Series X Worth It?

No. You must have an active game pass subscription. Any gamepads games you install will still be installed but you wont be able to play them. After your Xbox Game Pass membership expires, or the game leaves Game Pass, you must purchase the game in order to play it, or redeem your membership.

Is Xbox all access a hard inquiry? How Financing for Xbox All Access Affects Your Credit. The financing comes in the form of a line of credit from lender Citizens One, not Microsoft. Citizens One will run a hard inquiry on your credit report to determine if you qualify for the 0% APR financing.

Does Xbox All Access show up on credit report? Re: Xbox All Access Financing and Citizens One Line of Credit Questions. This is not an account that would show up on your credit reports. The only way it would is if it went into collections. Its financing thru Citizens One, just like Apples Upgrade Program.

Can I pay off all access early? Participation is subject to a credit check and approval of a line of credit from Citizens One bank, which is partnering with Microsoft for the program. That credit line doesnt carry any fees or interest and can be paid off early without penalty.

Xbox All Access: Available Countries

Xbox All Access is currently available in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand, but Microsoft has said it is rolling out the service to eight more countries in “Holiday 2020” – with more countries to come in 2021.

Here are the countries and retailers that will have Xbox All Access come “Holiday 2020”:

  • Australia at Telstra
  • South Korea at SK Telecom
  • Sweden at Elgiganten
  • UK at GAME and Smyths Toys
  • United States at Best Buy, GameStop, Target, Microsoft Store, and Walmart

How Does It Work

Xbox All Access operates like your monthly phone plan. Microsoft is basically bundling together your hardware and your software into one monthly fee to make next-gen gaming a bit friendlier to the average budget than asking $500 for a console plus $60-$70 per game.

Theyve also made enrolling in Xbox All Access extremely easy its basically the same as purchasing a console with cash, the only difference being how much money youre charged and when. To illustrate, on theres a listing for the $500 console and a listing for Xbox All Access. To enroll in the latter, you simply add it to your cart and buy it.

When you enroll in Xbox All Access, Microsoft opens a line of credit for you from Citizens One bank. The bank pays Best Buy and you pay the bank. Yep, youre basically mortgaging your Xbox.

Its worth noting too that Xbox All Access, like other financing opportunities, is subject to a credit approval of 630 and above. If youre struggling in that department, make sure you take steps to improve your credit.

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How Else To Get An Xbox Series X

Of course, a lot of this analysis sidesteps one important issue: right now, its nearly impossible to get an Xbox Series X without Xbox All Access, and relatively easy to get an Xbox Series X with it. But remember, once you get your Xbox in hand, you cant simply pay for the whole thing up front and be done with it. Citizens Bank will have you on the hook for the next two years, and a lot can happen in that time.

Personally, I would feel more comfortable buying a console outright, even if it meant I had to wait a few more months to get my hands on one. Furthermore, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate goes on sale relatively often you could almost certainly get two years worth for less than $360.

Still, if you do get Xbox All Access, just remember to pay on time, and in full, every month. As long as you do that, Citizens Bank should be happy with you, and you should be happy with your Xbox.

Does Klarna Report To Credit


Klarna performs a soft credit check which does not affect your credit score and will not be visible to other lenders when: Deciding to Pay in 4 interest-free installments Preferring to Pay in 30 days Applying for Monthly Financing.

Does Klarna impact credit score? Does Klarna perform a credit check on me, and will this affect my credit score? As a responsible lender, we want to make sure were helping our customers make the right financial decisions for their circumstances. Using Klarna will not affect your credit score when: Choosing to Pay in 3 instalments

What happens if I dont pay Klarna back? Please keep in mind if payments get unpaid, you might be blocked from using our payment options in the future. If the monthly payment due is not made by the due date each month, you can be charged up to $35.00 per missed month. The amount of your late fee will not exceed your minimum payment due.

Is Xbox Ultimate Game Pass worth it? TechRadar Verdict. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is an obvious purchase for anyone planning to play games on both Xbox and PC. Its cheaper than paying for each platforms library separately, and includes online play for the console, which would be worth the monthly fee alone.

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How Much Does Xbox All Access Cost

There are currently three different Xbox All Access plans:

  • The Xbox Series X bundle costs $34.99 per month
  • The Xbox Series S bundle costs $24.99 per month
  • The Xbox One S bundle costs $22.99 per month

All three bundles include the console as well as a Game Pass Ultimate subscription. However, the Xbox One S bundle also includes an 18-month console upgrade option. This allows players to upgrade to the Series X if they choose, though they will have to return the One S console and pay a $20 upgrade fee in addition to the change in monthly fees.

Xbox All Access: What Is It

Toms Guide has written about Xbox All Access before, but weve never discussed it in great detail. In case youre not familiar with it, Xbox All Access is essentially a financing option, but for a game console rather than a bigger purchase, such as a car or a house. You apply for a line of credit with Citizens Bank, which charges you $35 a month for 24 months.

While were normally leery of financing plans, Ive gone through the Xbox All Access fine print with a fine-toothed comb, and it seems pretty safe. However, youre going to lock yourself into a long contract, and may wind up saddled with services you dont want or need.

If youre wondering whether Xbox All Access is a good way to get an Xbox Series X, Im here to tell you that it is and it isnt. Read on to find out whether you should apply for All Access, or hold out for a more traditional restock.

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Buy Game Pass Ultimate Subscription Codes Piecemeal Off Of Ebay

As for software, $14.99 is a nominal price to pay for the latest games and a Netflix-like back catalog of greatest hits. But heres a secret Microsoft doesnt want you to know: you can purchase individual one-month subscriptions to Ultimate Game Pass on eBay for $4.99. I can vouch for their legitimacy, as Ive been using them for years. Sure, you have to enter a fresh code each month, but its a small price to pay to save $120 per year. Plus, you can cancel anytime by simply letting your 1-month subscription expire no auto-renewals to worry about.

On that note, the greatest drawback, the catch to Xbox All Access, is that it locks you into paying full-price for Game Pass Ultimate for two years. If you instead pay $499 for a Series X console and purchase some eBay codes, even 24 of them, youll end up saving $240 versus Xbox All Access. If you can settle for an Xbox One X, youll save $440 versus Xbox All Access.

Best of all, on the Console + Codes plan, youre never locked into a monthly payment you may suddenly be unable to afford. Paying off your console up front is also a sure way to avoid missed payments.

I mean, can you imagine letting your Xbox affect your

Xbox All Access Is It Worth It

Xbox Series S & Xbox Series X All Access Review Is it worth it right now?

Lets crunch some numbers. Is Xbox All Access really as good of a deal as it sounds? Whats the catch?

Ill start with the Xbox Series S. Heres what youd pay for everything in cash versus financing for 24 months. Im including 8% sales tax, but the tax will differ depending on where you live.

  • Cash:
  • Xbox One S console .
  • 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate .
  • Total: $658.76 + 8% tax = $711.46.
  • Xbox All Access:
  • Total: $24.99 x 24 + 8% tax = $647.74.
  • So if you enroll in Xbox All Access, youll actually end up saving around $63 versus purchasing the console and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate separately. From that perspective, Xbox All Access is a good deal.

    Lets now take a look at the Series X.

    • Cash:
    • Xbox One X console 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate .
    • Total: $858.76 + 8% tax = $927.46.
  • Xbox All Access:
  • Total: $34.99 x 24 + 8% tax = $906.94.
  • Once again, financing your next-gen Xbox will actually save you money versus paying cash, albeit less this time . Thats honestly pretty amazing, considering financing virtually every other asset on the market will cost you money in interest.

    Citizens One has to make money somewhere, so Im guessing that in lieu of interest theyre getting a nice kickback from Microsoft, who in turn is subsidizing the cost of Game Pass Ultimate.

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    How Does Xbox All Access Work

    Xbox all access requires a payment of $34.99 per month for 24 months for the Series X bundle and $24.99 per month over the same timeframe for the Series S bundle. It’s a financing contract that offers a discount and deferred payments when bundling the console and online features up front.

    Adding up the total costs, it’s $840 over two years for the Series X all access package and $600 for the Series S package.

    Xbox All Access: Pros

    As mentioned above, Xbox All Access is a way to finance an Xbox over the course of two years rather than buying a console up-front. Heres how it works: You apply for a line of credit with Citizens Bank, much like you would for a credit card. If Citizens likes your credit, it will provide an Xbox Series X, as well as a monthly Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, and charge you $35 per month for them.

    First and foremost, the Citizens Bank line of credit is not nearly as punishing as a traditional credit card would be. Xbox All Access has a 0% annual percentage rate , meaning that you wont pay any additional interest on top of the $35 per month. Furthermore, there are no annual fees, penalty fees, or late fees.

    To be perfectly honest, I was surprised to learn about the 0% APR, along with the lack of late fees and penalties. Typically, credit companies make their money by charging people interest if they dont pay their bills in full each month, and make extra money by charging administrative fees on top of that. But, as far as I can tell, if you pay $35 on time each month, for 24 months, there are no additional costs. Furthermore, if you miss a payment, you supposedly wont face any additional fees or interest at least for the first two years.

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    Xbox All Access: Important Things To Know

    Before you sign up for Xbox All Access there are some crucial details to be aware of:

    If you return the console, you are still responsible to pay for Xbox Game PassXbox All Access is subject to the Microsoft Store standard return policy. This means your chosen console has a 30-day return policy. However Xbox Game Pass is not returnable and is non-refundable. It’s also worth noting you can’t revert Game Pass Ultimate back to a standard Game Pass package once you’re signed up – nor can you cancel it to reduce payments.

    Can I cancel Xbox All Access?The short answer is no, when you purchase the bundle you are signing up for a 24-month contract – which isn’t to be taken lightly. But check with the retailer you purchase from.

    It’s yours to keep after the two yearsSigning up for Xbox All Access apparently means you own the console and the 24 month Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold memberships outright upon purchase. But, in reality, until you make all your payments, it’s not really yours – which is why Microsoft asks for your current console back when you choose to upgrade before the minimum payment time.

    Microsoft Limited Warranty only covers the Xbox console for one year If it malfunctions after that then you are responsible for any repair costs and monthly payments will continue until the remaining balance on your Dell Preferred Account is paid in full.

    More information is available at Microsoft’s website.

    Setting Up Your Xbox And Game Pass

    How to buy Xbox All Access

    If youve set up an Xbox One before, setting up an Xbox Series X or Series S will feel familiar: Microsofts Xbox app for Android and iPhone takes care of most of the process. Simply launch the app, power on your Xbox, and enter the code on the TV screen.

    The Xbox app will guide you through the rest of the process, including connecting your Xbox Series X|S to your Wi-Fi network, transferring settings from an Xbox One , and choosing the streaming apps you want installed on your Xbox.

    Now all thats left is to activate Xbox Game Pass. For Xbox All Access, Game Pass is actually tied to the console itself instead of being included as a separate prepaid card.

    One thing to note is that if you already have an active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, the Xbox All Access credit will add 24 months on top, but only up to a maximum of 36 months!

    So if youve already paid for a year or more of Xbox Game Pass, you may want to wait before activating the credit included with Xbox All Access to make sure you make the most of it.

    If this is your first Xbox, no need to worry. Just activate Xbox Game Pass as part of setup and enjoy your new console!

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    Is Xbox All Access Right For You

    The included Xbox Game Pass service offers more than 100 games to play on demand at any given time, including most of the games you would buy for Xbox Series X|S in the first place.

    Its no secret that Microsoft is betting big on Xbox Game Pass, and why shouldnt they? Its a winner. Bundling it with Xbox consoles makes sense for Microsoft. But does it make sense for you?

    Microsofts tagline for Xbox All Access is Xbox Console & Over 100 Games fits well with its two offerings: $35/mo for Xbox Series X and $25/mo for Xbox Series S. Thats a compelling offer!

    In the age of Netflix and Spotify, were used to paying a flat monthly fee for on-demand access to large libraries of media. Most of us dont care to own media anymore digital access is good enough.

    If you like playing video games but you arent hardcore, Xbox All Access is a great option reminiscent of cable TV bundles that include a set-top box. Getting started is easy and youll never run out of new games thanks to the ever-rotating selection of Xbox Game Pass.

    For the more hardcore gamers among us, its still a pretty good value since Xbox Game Pass is only getting better over time. The fact that its one of the easier ways to actually get your hands on a hard-to-come-by Xbox Series X|S console doesnt hurt either.

    How much do you end up paying for Xbox All Access?

    In other words, with Xbox All Access, you end up paying $480 or $240 .

    New Xbox Series X Features

    One new Xbox feature is thats coming soon is Microsofts new cloud streaming service called Xbox Cloud Gaming, which is included as part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Similar to or Geforce Now, it will allow you to stream games from the cloud onto your device. This way you can bypass download, install, and update times to hop right into the game or demo. As of now, its available on mobile, PC, and consoles.

    Thanks to its access to the massive Xbox content library, Microsoft is already touting its superiority over other budding cloud gaming services like Stadia. Theres also Remote Play for those that want to stream directly from their console to mobile devices. This is far more stable, though youll still have to suffer through some input lag when playing. Nevertheless, its a handy option to have when someone else wants to take over the TV and youre not quite ready to quit.

    Once games are installed, the upgraded SSD should drastically reduce load times in-game vs the HDDs of older-gen Xbox consoles. While it is a hair shy of the PS5s new storage speeds, it does have a slightly larger capacity, so it should fit more games. Either way, its a massive upgrade from current-gen consoles that will be felt in every game you play new or old.

    The Xbox Series X can add HDR and improve framerates of Xbox One and Xbox 360 games.

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