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Where To Sell My Xbox Series S

How To Sell Your Xbox With Mazuma


Selling your Xbox One, S or X with Mazuma is simple as screen-looking with arguably quicker results! Check out the five steps below and you’ll be trading in your Xbox in no time.

  • Select your Xbox model and hard drive size at the top of the page, then enter its details to let us work out your quote.
  • Satisfied with your sum? If so, well wing you over a sales pack it has everything you need to get your console to us.
  • Package up your Xbox and follow the instructions in the pack to arrange fast, tracked delivery.
  • If we receive the Xbox youre selling before 2pm, you’ll have the money in your account the same day. If not, the day after day. Either way, thats Ma-zoom-a fast!
  • £££!

To learn more about our ever-so-speedy online Xbox selling process, read our helpful guide.

Can I Sell My Broken Xbox Series S

We’ve accepted and paid out for a number of ‘broken’ Xbox Series S consoles – so you can definitely sell your ‘broken’ and / or damaged device to us. But be aware that not every console can be traded-in for cash. To find out if yours qualifies, we suggest you first check our criteria for a ‘broken’ Xbox Series S. As long as your console meets these conditions, we guarantee the best possible price for it!

But if you’re still unsure, simply select ‘broken’ when placing your order and we’ll inspect the console when it arrives. We promise to give your Xbox Series S a fair evaluation and – if it meets our ‘broken’ criteria – you’ll get a great cash payment for it. If it doesn’t, you can always recycle it with us for free!

Selling Your Xbox One To Gamestop

While GameStop will take in any working console, the company has been known to undervalue its trade-ins. Unlike auction sites, selling directly to GameStop will guarantee you cash or store credit, all without the worry of finding a buyer. If you’re looking to upgrade your console, store credit will tie you down to a particular retailer but can source a significantly larger budget.

As of writing, GameStop is currently offering around $75 in-store credit for the Xbox One 500GB model and $175 for the more spacious 1TB version. For real-time values on specific Xbox One consoles and bundles, make sure to check out GameStop’s online trade-in calculator.

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Get A Playstation 5 Or Xbox Series X For Less

If youre selling your old game console, its probably because youre trying to upgrade to a next-gen PS5 or Xbox Series X. Unfortunately, theyre practically impossible to find at electronics retailers worldwide, and shortages are expected to persist for up to a year! Luckily, you can find the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S on Swappa today for hundreds less than youd pay on eBay. Want to know whats even better? Our expert moderation team and strict no-junk policy mean that we keep out scammers, so you can buy with confidence.


Resale value for Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Oculus Rift. Data collected on October 5, 2021

In general, Swappa gets you more than twice as much money as trade-in programs and resellers such as Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, and Decluttr and on Swappa youre paid in cash rather than through gift cards you may never use. Swappa even gets you quite a bit more than youd get on eBay, while sparing you from the hidden fees and scams that typically plague online auction sites.

How To Get The Best Price For Your Xbox One

Xbox Has Built More Series X Units Than Series S

Now that you’ve prepared your console, it’s time to choose where you want to sell it. Many video game retailers buy second-hand consoles. However, online auction sites can often bring in higher profits.

Setting up an online listing is a great way to receive more for your console.

While retailers will buy working consoles with no questions asked, they are a third party between the previous owner and a new buyer. With all those involved hoping to make a profit, retailers will offer significantly less, so they’re able to make a hefty markup on the pre-owned hardware. Selling your console to these vendors will be easier and guarantees a sale. However, you’ll be getting a fixed, smaller return on your initial investment.

If you’re willing to spend a little more time on your sale, setting up an online listing can be a great way to receive more for your console. Between some attractive photography and an in-depth listing, you’ll see a significant increase in your revenue.

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Find Out How Much Your Microsoft Xbox Series S Is Worth

Sell your Microsoft Xbox Series S for top dollar at GreenBuyBack

Select the information above in order to receive an accurate quote for the device you want to sell. Click sell item if you agree with the price that is displayed. GreenBuyBack purchases cell phones and tablets at the highest prices in the industry! GreenBuyBack pays cash for your old cell phones and tablets. When you sell your cell phones or tablets to GreenBuyBack you will never have to pay shipping. GreenBuyBack is dedicated to maximizing the cash back to our customers.

All quotes outlined above are good for 30 days upon checkout. Once you have completed the checkout process simply print the shipping label, box your item, and ship them free of charge to us. The faster you ship the item to us the quicker you get get paid!

Sell your Microsoft Xbox Series S for cash today!

Tell Us About Your Xbox Series S


  • Device looks brand new with zero signs of use
  • Flawless condition with no scratches or cosmetic blemishes of any kind
  • 100% fully functional
  • Light to moderate signs of wear or scratches consistent with normal use
  • 100% fully functional
  • Most common device condition


  • Heavy signs of wear but otherwise 100% functional


  • Device is damaged or faulty
  • eg. smashed screen, faulty screen, faulty camera / charging port / microphone, etc.

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How Much Can I Sell An Xbox For

Whether you’re working your way up to a One X by selling your old Xbox One, or joining the next-generation console revolution with a Series X or S, you need to be sure you’re getting the best possible price for Xbox trade-in.

Forget slow, time-wasting online marketplaces or dodgy second-hand shops with Mazuma, we’ve made it so you get a fair price when you sell your Xbox. It’s all down to its specs and condition.

Selling an Xbox One S with a 1TB hard drive? If it’s in good condition, with a controller and power cable, we’ll pay more for it then an Xbox One 500GB that’s faulty.

To know exactly how much well pay for your Xbox, scroll up and find your model. Just know that if your Xbox isn’t worth what we quoted you, well send it back to you, free of charge.

Xbox Series S Is On Sale For Its Lowest Price Yet

The Xbox Series S: Should You Buy One?

The refurbished console also comes with some digital content for Rocket League and Fortnite.

Xbox Series S inventory has been steadily increasing throughout 2022, making it easier for fans to get their hands on one of Microsoft’s new-gen consoles. Deals and discounts have also been available a few times, but we’ve yet to see a deal as good as the one at Woot right now. Until the end of the week, you can pick up a refurbished Xbox Series S for just $240–down from its usual price of $300.

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How Much Can I Sell My Xbox For

When looking to sell, Xbox valuations fluctuate and vary depending on a number of factors. We monitor valuations every day to ensure you’re getting the best possible deal. So using our valuation calculator means you’re guaranteeing yourself an unbeatable cash payment for your Xbox!

When it comes to ‘condition’, you’ll always find an Xbox in better overall working order will be worth more money! We’ve split our ‘condition’ criteria into just four categories: New, Good, Poor and Broken. Most consoles sent to us fall into the latter three categories, but if you have a ‘new’ Xbox, you won’t find a better cash offer for it anywhere else!

Another factor affecting the valuation of your Xbox is ‘internal storage’. Depending on the console, ‘storage’ options vary – but as a general rule, higher capacity tends to mean a higher cash value!

And of course, the Xbox console you’re looking to sell also alters its overall valuation. Newer consoles usually have higher trade-in valuation, as do Xbox devices in higher demand!

Selling Your Xbox One On Ebay

As one of the most popular online auction sites, eBay serves as a platform for thousands of second-hand Xbox One sales monthly. Provided that you’re asking for a reasonable price and offering enough photos and descriptions, it’s not difficult to get traction with a sale on eBay.

Before listing your item, take a look around at the pricing of Xbox One consoles currently for sale. Right now, Xbox One 500GB models are fetching close to $150 or lower, and Xbox One X is reaching $250. This increased value comes from a direct sale to the buyer with no third party in the middle taking their cut. eBay does take a small cut of the profit when selling through their site, so make sure your earnings don’t diminish over other methods.

When listing an Xbox One console on eBay, make sure to present the console professionally with an in-depth description and high-quality photos. Other bonuses, such as fast shipping and additional accessories, will help your listing stand out from the crowd.

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Our Top Equipment Picks

While this guide only covers three outlets for selling your Xbox One, you may find better valuations from other businesses or even making a direct sale to a friend or family member. As always, keep your mind open, but be wary of potential scams. Once you’re ready to go, pick up the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S if you can find one in stock.

Can I Sell My Broken Xbox

Xbox Has Tested Series X and S Backwards Compatibility for 500,000 ...

You can sell your Xbox if it’s broken! But unfortunately, not all ‘broken’ consoles can be traded-in for cash. To find out if yours qualifies, read through the following criteria:

  • Console may have faults, be damaged or not work correctly.

  • Console must not be bent, crushed or in pieces.

  • Console must have no internal missing parts.

  • Console must not have been reported lost or stolen. It must also be free of any outstanding finance.

  • Console must have no missing parts.

  • Console must have no etching or personalisation.

  • You must have removed any attached accounts from the console or anything else that limits usage.

Many faults and defects are covered by these ‘broken’ criteria. And if your Xbox meets these conditions, we guarantee the best possible price for it!

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How To Sell My Xbox S Series

To get an instant price for your Xbox Series S, just follow these steps:

  • Tell us the model, storage and condition – choose from Good, Poor and Faulty
  • Put your Console into a secure box and ship it to us for FREE!
  • Our Fast Next Day Payments means youll get paid the day after we receive your Xbox Series S via PayPal or Direct Deposit
  • Check out our how it works page for more information.

    Best Time To Sell Your Xbox One Console

    In previous years, mid-generation Xbox hardware focused on delivering a new form factor, with minor features thrown in to entice new buyers. Ultimately, the core gaming experience has stayed the same until the Xbox One X.

    But with the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, this marks a significant change for the industry, far distanced from the Xbox One family. As a result, the value of legacy Xbox One hardware has dropped as marketing shifts toward the hottest setup.

    That’s not to say there isn’t demand for the original Xbox One. Finding an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S through the launch window is challenging, and many upcoming games play on Xbox One consoles. Selling your device sooner will still return more cash, especially as availability improves.

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    What Places Buy Xbox Ones

    If you’re in the market to sell your Xbox console, then there are a fair few places that will buy your Xbox One, S, or X instead of Mazuma though all will offer you a worse experience in terms of price, speed, and effort:

    • A competitor, who has worse reviews, customer service, prices, and doesn’t offer free tracked delivery
    • Social media, where there are definitely no time wasters to be found…
    • Second-hand sites but get your photography skills on point first and get ready to deliver in person
    • Mates who, as we all know, dont usually offer the best rates.

    Or you can just choose us, trade in your Xbox One, S or X, and get your money fast, right into your account at almost the moment we receive it.

    Where Can I Sell My Xbox

    Will You REGRET Buying Xbox Series S?

    Old Xboxes can be sold on SellCell for cash. We compare all of the main electronics buyers so you don’t have to. Enter the model of XBox and sit back as the prices are all listed at the touch of a button. All the buyers are vetted on our site so as well as getting the best price you also have the peace of mind that the buyback partner that you choose is highly reputable. Sell your Xbox on SellCell today!

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    How Does Your Recycling Service Work

    Our recycling service is both free and a really responsible way of disposing of any broken and / or damaged Xbox Series S. So if we can’t fix your console, why not agree to let us recycle it and do your bit for the planet at the same time!

    Our team has over 50 years of combined experience in the electrical recycling sector and we never send parts or consoles to landfill. We instead dispose of them by following guidelines set out by the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive, the Environmental Protection Act and Hazardous Waste Regulations .

    Still got a question?

    We hope we’ve managed to answer all your questions about our Buy Back Store. But if not, just ask one of our friendly team today – they’re always happy to help!

    How Much Can I Sell My Xbox One S For

    The cash value of your Xbox One S depends on a couple of factors – ‘condition’ and ‘internal storage’.

    When it comes to ‘condition’, an Xbox One S in better working order will always be worth more. We’ve split our ‘condition’ criteria into just four categories: New, Good, Poor and Broken. Most Xbox One S consoles sent to us fall into the latter three categories – but if you have a ‘new’ device, you won’t find a better deal for it anywhere else!

    With ‘internal storage’, we accept the Xbox One S 500GB, 1TB and 2TB. Bigger ‘storage’ capacity generally means a higher cash value!

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    How Do I Sell My Xbox Series S To The Big Phone Store

    You sell it by following our simple five step process! Here’s how it works:

  • Get your valuation. Using the valuation calculator above, let us know the ‘condition’ and ‘quantity’ of the console you want to sell. Once you complete this, you’ll get an instant valuation for your order.

  • Place your order. If you accept our valuation , all you need to do is choose a designated bank account for the cash transfer and tell us a few personal details.

  • Send your Xbox Series S. Within 24 hours, we’ll send out our Welcome Pack. It contains everything you need to post your console to us. Anything sent to us in error may not be returned.

  • We check your order. When your package arrives, we’ll send an email to confirm. We then inspect your Xbox Series S and check that the ‘condition’, etc. is as you indicated when placing your order.

  • You get paid! As soon as everything’s checked and confirmed, you get paid. Expect the payment to arrive in your chosen bank account on the very same day!

  • Verizon Starts Selling Xbox Series X Consoles

    Xbox Series X

      If you haven’t had any luck acquiring an Xbox Series X or a Series S through the usual retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, or Microsoft itself, there’s a new option out there that may work out in your favor. Verizon announced this week its plans to start selling the newer Xbox consoles via Microsoft’s Xbox All Access program. Both of those consoles are available through the mobile and Internet provider now.

      Xbox All Access, for those unfamiliar with the program, is a way for people to get their hands on an Xbox console if they’re not quite ready to pay for it all upfront. You pay in monthly installments instead and also get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to make better use of the console’s online features and its library of Xbox Game Pass games. If might not be the preferred option for obtaining a Series X or Series S, but if you haven’t gotten one by now, it’s at least another option.

      Aside from the natural draw of attracting those who want a console but don’t yet have one , Verizon’s connection for these Xbox sales is the consoles’ compatibility with the provider’s 5G offerings.

      Xbox is coming to ! Starting 7/28, you can purchase All Access online and in select stores and get your hands on a Series X or Series S and two years of Unlimited. How awesome is that? Here’s everything you need to know.

      George Koroneos

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