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Where To Buy Used Xbox One

What Does The Refurbished Xbox One Offer

I Bought A Refurbished Xbox One From GameStop…And This Is What They Sent Me

The Xbox One first became available in 2013, and while a lot has changed in the past 7 years for the Microsoft gaming company, the 2013 version had incredible offers. When it hit the market, it was marketed as a complete entertainment system. Not only does it allow users to play the Xbox games, but it also plays Blu-Ray discs, DVDs, and CDs, as well as streaming services through app downloads . These are all standard features on any gaming system today.

The refurbished Xbox One has a 500 GB hard drive, but also has 1TB hard drives available. This remains comparable to newer, updated gaming systems. It also includes:


8 Core AMD custom CPU

USB outlets for external hard drives or plug-ins

Wireless Internet connection as well as Ethernet cables

HDMI hookups

The Xbox One also has the Xbox Live option, which requires a subscription in order to play live online. However, plenty of games are totally fine for users to play without going live.

Is It Worth Waiting For The Xbox Two To Come Out

At this point, we seem to be at least two years away from the release of Microsofts next-generation console, the so-called Xbox Two. Thats a long time to wait if you dont already have an Xbox One, we suggest you treat yourself to one now and enjoy all the great games that are currently coming out for it.

If youre wondering whether or not to upgrade from the standard console to the Xbox One X, thats a harder call. Its great to be able to play Xbox One X Enhanced games in glorious 4K and HDR, but the price is pretty steep.

You might prefer to save your money for the console that comes next, which will doubtless have even better graphics, along with a whole new range of games and experiences.

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How Are Xbox One And The S And X Different

The Microsoft Xbox One S bundle is a slight variation of the original Xbox One design. The console features a 40% smaller case, and it can be set at a vertical orientation. The Xbox One S also supports both 4K-resolution and HDR gaming. This results in a superior picture quality, but it only works on compatible television sets or monitors that support 4K and HDR technology. Games that output in 1080p can be upscaled to 4K resolution. The Xbox One X is the second update to the Xbox One design. First released in November 2017, the One X features significantly improved power and performance. Games marketed specifically as Xbox One X Enhanced are designed from the ground up to take advantage of the improved power of the One X console and controller. These games are still compatible with Xbox One and Xbox One S hardware, but when played on the One X console, they will receive major graphical improvements that aren’t possible on the older hardware. In addition, the One X console confers significant performance improvements to existing Xbox One games such as a higher resolution or more stable frame rate.

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How Much Storage Space Is Available In The Xbox One

The original Xbox One comes with either a 500 GB internal hard drive or a 1 TB hard drive. The Xbox One S offers both 500 GB and 1 TB models as well as an additional 2 TB version. The Xbox One X console will launch with just a 1 TB model. In addition, the total storage space can be expanded with an external hard drive or solid-state drive. This external drive must support USB 3.0 connectivity and be at least 256GB in size.

Why Buy An Xbox One

The best Xbox One X prices, bundles and deals in June 2019 ...

While buying an Xbox Series X or Series S is the smarter choice in the long run, the Xbox One is still a perfectly suitable option depending on your needs. If you just want a video game system for cheap, its as good an option as any. Its not as powerful, but itll still play just about anything you can run on a Series X.

You have a few options when it comes to buying one. There are several Xbox One models depending on your needs. Theres the standard Xbox One, the revised Xbox One S, and the beefier Xbox One X. Theres also a cheaper all-digital edition of the One S. The naming convention is an absolute headache, so youll want to read up on the nuances of all of them before deciding. The digital One S is a good overall option, though, in terms of price.

The Xbox Ones secret weapon is Xbox Game Pass. If you own a Microsoft system, its absolutely worth subscribing to the service at this point. Youll get access to first-party Microsoft games, tons of third-party hits, and a selection of neat indies. With such a wide selection of games that can be played across multiple devices, you wont be missing out much here by dropping down a generation.

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Where Are The Best Places To Buy A Refurbished Xbox One


Warranty: 1 year

Amazon sells hardware in a variety of conditions, including pre-owned and open box but we suggest you look for certified refurbished. Any hardware described as such has been repaired and fully tested by the original manufacturer, so its as good as brand new, and it comes with a one-year warranty too.

The savings are significant: a refurbished standard Xbox One 500GB costs £185 on Amazon, as opposed to £285 for one thats brand new. The only catch is that it might not come in an original box, and availability tends to be intermittent, as refurbished units dont come up in large numbers. At the time of writing, certified refurbished Xbox One X consoles are sold out, and refurbished Xbox One S stock is very low.

If your chosen console is available, though, theres no better or safer way to pick up a cut-price Xbox.

2. Tesco eBay Outlet

Warranty: 1 year

Tesco doesnt always have refurbished consoles in stock, but when they do come along the prices can be very competitive. For example, weve seen a refurbished Xbox One X 1TB plus Far Cry 5 for £384 a saving of £116 versus buying the same bundle brand new.

3. CeX trade-in

Warranty: 2 years

Best Places To Sell Your Used Xbox For Cash

by Lauren Bennett – Last Updated April 8, 2021

With more than 48.69 million units sold, the Xbox One is one of the most popular gaming consoles out there.

If youre looking to sell used video game consoles like Xbox, whether its an Xbox One, an Xbox 360, or the newer Xbox Series console, then this is the post for you.

Below, Ill cover the best places where you can sell a used Xbox.

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How To Sell An Xbox One

First, get an instant Xbox One trade in price using our valuation engine and we’ll lock it in for 28 days. You can sell CDs, DVDs, Games and other Tech at the same time too.

Then, pack all of your items into a box. Any box as fine, so long as it keeps your items safe during shipping.

Last of all, send your items using one of our FREE shipping options. When they arrive, well check them and pay you by PayPal or direct deposit into your account the next working day.

The Decluttr Price Promise

We know getting the best deal is important, which is why we promise to pay the full amount we offer when you trade in your Xbox One or return it for FREE!

Scan it, send it, spend it – it really is that easy to sell Xbox games for cash with Decluttr.

Older Xbox 360 Systems

I Bought a USED XBOX ONE FROM GAMESTOP!! and it didn’t go well…

Xbox 360 systems are more difficult to find these days, and you’ll likely only find used models. Older Xbox 360 hardware had quite a few issues that led to breakdowns. Before buying a used system, always check the manufacturer date, which you can see on the back of every Xbox 360 console. The more recent, the better.

The Xbox 360 had a full suite of family safety functions that parents can access. You could set timers for how long your kids were allowed use the system, as well as set content limits for what games they could play and who they were allowed to contact and play with on Xbox Network.

Extra controllers, steering wheels, arcade sticks, Wi-Fi adapters, memory units, and more are all extra accessories you can consider buying for your Xbox 360.

The Xbox saw several hardware iterations since its original launch. The Xbox 360 launched in November 2005 and saw two main variations.

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What About Buying A Second

When youre shopping for pre-owned electronics, its best to buy from an established retailer that offers at least a year-long warranty. Otherwise, you may be left with no one to turn to when your console dies on you after a few months of use.

But if youre prepared to take the risk, you can save even more money by buying second-hand from an individual. Start by checking in with your colleagues, friends, and family to see if they have an Xbox One going spare its possible that someone has one in a corner gathering dust, and buying from someone you know means youre much less likely to be ripped off.

If that fails, eBay is the next place to look. eBay Stores are generally pretty trustworthy, and you can check their reviews to see how long theyve been in business and how reliable they are at delivering the goods as promised. Since sales on eBay are processed through PayPal, theres also a record of the payment and you can get a refund if things go wrong.

Another popular site is Gumtree, but this is much more of a Wild West than eBay, with no way to check someones reputation and no easy recourse if you get scammed. Gumtree has to help you avoid becoming a victim heres our advice for buying an Xbox One or any electronic item from a stranger on the internet.

Microsoft Xbox One Console

The Xbox One is the third major video-game console developed by Microsoft. First released in November 2013, the Xbox One emphasizes online play, social networking, and cloud-computing features. The console has a library of more than a thousand games, including the titles Madden NFL, Halo 5, and Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

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Access Games And Entertainment With Xbox One Consoles

Since its release in 2013, Microsoft’s Xbox One console has gone through a number of changes. This guide will help you decide which of the many Xbox One consoles and accessories available on eBay is right for you.

What are the difference between Xbox One consoles?

The Xbox One has been through several different variants since its release, each of which has its own strengths. The different models of Xbox One released since 2013 include:

  • Xbox One: The original Xbox One consoles featured a larger casing and a 500 GB hard drive. A version of this console with a 1 TB hard drive was released in 2016.
  • Xbox One Elite: This version of the Xbox One featured a solid-state 1 TB drive and a redesigned controller. It was on store shelves from 2015 to 2016.
  • Xbox One S: Xbox One S consoles have a slimmer casing and can stand upright. Versions of this console are available with 500 GB, 1 TB, and 2 TB hard drives.
  • Xbox One S all-digital: This variant of the Xbox One S has no Blu-Ray drive and relies on digital downloads for games and entertainment.
  • Xbox One X: Xbox One X consoles have improved hardware that allows them to render 4K video and deliver superior performance.

Xbox One controllersDoes the Xbox One include Kinect?Xbox One console games

Only Applies To The Original Model Console

$299 Xbox One Deal is The Best Savings in Gaming

If you’re having power issues with the Xbox One X or Xbox One S, then your problems are likely going to require the console to be sent in for repair or replacement.

From the Xbox One S onwards, the power brick is internal with a simple wall adapter cable as the only external connection. The Microsoft support steps above will help you out.

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The One Biggest Issue With Xbox One Systems

Many consoles have issues. Most are hardware issues where the console will not load and/or play a game. But there is also one simple issue that many people get wrong. Syncing the console and controller. Many people do not realize that they need to be synced. They often call the place of purchase to find out how to fix the issue. It is not common knowledge for some people.

Xbox Network Vs Xbox Live Gold

Xbox Network is the online service where you can download games, demos, and apps like Twitch and Netflix . You can also send messages to friends, chat in groups, and even video chat. However, you can only access online multiplayer features in free-to-play games unless you have Xbox Live Gold.

Xbox Live Gold is a paid subscription service that costs $60 per year, but you can usually find it discounted when you look for Xbox Live Gold deals. With a subscription you can play online with your friends, access to select games for free that vary each month, and more.

You can also purchase and download full versions of Xbox and Xbox 360 games, and indie games. With Xbox Live Gold, you also get a substantial discount on these game purchases. You can also buy TV show episodes and rent or buy movies. There is also Twitter and Facebook support so you can update your friends on what you’re doing right from your Xbox dashboard.

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The Ultimate Games And Entertainment System

To unlock a bottomless treasure chest of games and entertainment apps, turn to Xbox One. Microsoft’s next gen console hit the scene in 2013 and, to this day, consistently pushes to outdo itself and redefine excellence with the Xbox One S release in 2016 and the Xbox One X release in 2017. The Xbox One leverages its rich arsenal of blockbuster games and consistently expands its features to transform your console into a multimedia Swiss army knife. Stream video through your favorite apps, watch Blu-ray movies, fly through space in beautiful 4K Ultra HD, and dive headfirst into gaming adventures.

Xbox equips players with an increasing number of gaming options. Advanced technology enables them to harness the true power of 4K gaming with more memory, bandwidth, and immersive detail. Xbox One S offers players the best value in gaming, with a high quality gaming experience and access to everything the Xbox One has to offer, but with a little less graphical horsepower compared to the Xbox One X. No matter which way you want to play, GameStop has all of the exciting games, revolutionary hardware, and game-changing accessories you need to personalize your gaming experience.

Listen You’re Being Surrounded

Should you sell your XBOX One X and buy a Series S?

3D Spatial Sound is the next evolution in audio technology, using advanced algorithms to create immersive lifelike worlds that put you at the center of your experience.

Xbox Series X|S are the first game consoles to support gaming in Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, which enhance gameplay with both full-spectrum visuals and immersive audio.

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Why Should I Buy An Xbox One

Rival consoles certainly have their fans, but for many gamers, the Xbox One is the only gaming platform worth talking about in 2018. Besides a whole host of exclusive franchises such as Halo, Gears of War, and Forza, Xbox gamers get access to the Games with Gold subscription service as well as the ever-growing Games Pass library. And should you fancy a spot of classic gaming, theres backward compatibility with thousands of Xbox 360 and original Xbox titles too.

Buying A Used Xbox Onewould You Do It

I’ve been reading some old threads and there was an interesting discussion about buying used consoles. Most of the objections were concerning not knowing if you are getting a banned system.

So, if banned systems are the big issue, I guess you don’t buy one from CraigsList. I think the eBay buyer’s protection program would take care of you if you bought a banned brick.

I’m on the fence with this one. I’d be really tempted to buy something special and unique like this one: Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Special Limited Edition XBOX One Console but it comes at a cost.

But I’m not sure that there is enough price difference between used systems from eBay and buying a fresh machine off the shelf. I kind of like the though of having a full warranty on my machine as well as having the new console smell.

Your thoughts?

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Is Buying Used Reliable

Generally when buying USED you are buying privately. A store will have a warranty whereas buying privately from Facebook Marketplace or Garage Sales will not come with a warranty. It is best to ask lots of questions before purchasing. And on pick up it is best to check the console works. Not everybody has the same ethics as you. And some may want fast money from products that are not working properly. Always check. Look for signs the console has been open. This is not always easy but give it a good inspection.

Buying a used Xbox One is generally the cheapest way. As it does NOT come with a warranty. You do pay for the warranty when you purchase a refurbished Xbox One console. So if you buy used, are you prepared to pay for the console to be fixed? In most instances it doesnt cost a lot. However the cost could come down to finding somewhere to take the console. Is there a repairman in the same city? How long will it take to fix? All these things need to be taken into account.

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