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When Do Xbox Games Go On Sale

Xbox Prime Day Deals End Soon: Snag Games Controllers And Headsets For Less While You Can

Up to 85% OFF Xbox Action Games | Deals with Gold

Prime Day wraps up tonight, but there are still a ton of great game and accessory deals for Xbox Series X and Xbox One.

ends tonight, but you still have time to shop deals on Xbox games, accessories, and subscriptions. Whether you’re a new Xbox Series X|S owner or a long-time Xbox One player, there are discounts to enjoy. And remember: Microsoft designed Xbox to be both backward and forward compatible, so the games and accessories listed below will work on your Xbox no matter what, regardless if you’re playing on current or last gen hardware. Just make sure you’ve got a console with a disc drive before snagging any physical games on sale. For even more savings, don’t forget to browse our Prime Day hub for even more deals and details about competing retailer events. And if you are also looking for some sweet bargains for other platforms, we have roundups for the best PS5 Prime Day deals and best Nintendo Switch Prime Day deals.

Do I Need To Be A Prime Member To Access Prime Day Xbox Deals

In a way, yes. But also in a way, no. It’s become a bit more complicated than it used to be, but we still think that the best deals will indeed be behind a gate marked ‘For Amazon Prime Members Only’. The caveat to this is that there are always deals at Amazon that are up for grabs to everyone, and other retailers will still look to price match those Prime-only deals without erecting any gates to get them.

This latter point is great news more generally, as all the other retailers want a piece of the Prime Day Xbox deals pie, so definitely keep abreast of all the big players and make sure you shop around a bit and get a bird’s eye view of your options.

Returning to the very tip of this point though: it remains highly likely that the deepest price cuts and best offers will be kept for those who have a Prime membership. And even if you don’t want all the other benefits that a Prime Membership – access to the TV platform, TV, and free delivery, etc – you can always use the free trial just for this event!

If you time it right, then a free trial of Amazon Prime, will prove very handy indeed for getting you access to the best offers in the upcoming Prime Day Xbox deals. Just sign up in time to cover that time period, then cancel before the $14.99/£7.99 per month cost kicks in.

Best New Xbox Game Pass Games: December 2021

You’ll rarely go wrong with the diverse selection of games on Xbox Game Pass, but there are always a handful of titles that stand above the rest including but not limited to exceptional indie games, addictive multiplayer games, expansive AAA games, and Microsoft’s first-party games. These are the best new games that have recently arrived on Xbox Game Pass.

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What Will Amazon Prime Day Xbox Deals Look Like In 2022

Even though last year was the first Prime Day to cover the new generation of Xbox consoles and everything that comes with that, it still revealed some great deals and ones that we can certainly look at to get an idea of what’s to come this year. We always find that looking back at the previous year’s deals is a good starting point of figuring out what might happen this year. But it’s absolutely a safe bet that we’ll see some big names in Xbox accessories and Xbox games have their prices slashed. It happens at each sales event, and having covered more than we’d like to remember, we know what to expect.

The Amazon Prime Day Xbox deals are a perfect time to bag an audio upgrade in the shape of a top headset. The most common thing we see is that those premium sets which do often seem as out of reach and a bit too expensive can change price brackets entirely and rocket down to the mid-tier levels of pricing. Some top contenders to look out for are the likes of the Razer Kaira Pro, Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2, and SteelSeries Arctis 9X or 7X.

Subscription-wise, we have to look at Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate. Traditionally there have been solid discounts of around 30% on these subscriptions and we’d fully expect that to be the case again this year. And we’d definitely expect there to be instances where you can get Game Pass and a Series S console, bundled up together for a tasty discount too.

Xbox Game Pass New Games: Full List And Schedule

Xbox One X Sales Skyrocket As Preorders For Xbox Series X Go Live ...

It can be easy to lose track of all the new games coming to Xbox Game Pass, so we’ve compiled the full list for your convenience. In this section of our Xbox Game Pass guide, learn what games have been released on Xbox Game Pass recently, when they became available, and what platforms on which they’re available.

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Xbox Golden Week 2022 Games Sale Has Tales Of Arise Devil May Cry

Just like Sony, Microsoft kicked off a 2022 Golden Week sale on Xbox games for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Also like the PlayStation Store sale, it went live ahead of Showa Day. Game price drops can go up to 80%. However, different titles sales can have different end dates, so it is best to check the store to make sure things are still reduced. For example, Tales of Arises price dropped until May 5, 2022, while Resident Evil Village is on sale until May 9, 2022.

The official page for the 2022 Golden Week features over Xbox 130 games, which can be playable on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Heres a list of some of the more notable titles folks can pick up.

The Xbox Golden Week sale is on sale and will run until early May 2022.

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There’s Also Ps5 Stock Very Soon

Memorial Day sales aren’t usually bustling with video game discounts, but this year is a little different. Thankfully, PlayStation has graced us with the Days of Play sale. This slew of discounts for PS5+PS4 games, accessories, and more is running all the way until June 8. This means you’ve still got plenty of great gaming deals to check out during Memorial Day, and there are plenty of incredible discounts on offer as well.

One of the most popular deals at the moment is the $30 discount on Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart, now down to just $39.99. While there are also other deals including Uncharted Legacy of Thieves for $29.99, 20% off DualSense Controllers and PS5 stock expected by June 2 at Walmart. For more on Memorial Day deals, check out our Best Memorial Day Sales 2022 list to find even more deals on tech, appliances, outdoor gear for summer, and much more.

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Video Game Prices: When Do Games Go On Sale

If youre like me, there are probably more than a few video games always on your wishlist. But video games prices arent always accommodating to those on a tight budget. I decided to take matters into my own hands and do some research on when you can get games at the best price.

When do video game prices drop? Video game prices can drop or go on sale within several weeks of release, or several years, depending upon their popularity and sales figures. A game that does poorly upon release typically has its price lowered quickly in an attempt to recover losses and encourage more sales.

While there isnt an exact science to predicting when the price of a video game will go down, there are a few simple ways to tell when the price of a game will be lowered.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Xbox Ultimate Game Sale & Destiny Deals – IGN Daily Fix

Following the events of 2016’s Dying Light, humanity is once again on the brink of collapse and you must help decide the fate of The City, one of the last large human settlements. Discover different paths and hidden passages in the open world, and take advantage of your parkour skills to tip the scales in combat. You can choose to play through the story on your own, or in co-op up to four players. Save nearly £20 on Dying Light 2 in the sale this month.

If you want a physical version of Dying Light 2, you can get it for just £31.95 at The Game Collection, meaning you can keep an extra £8 in your wallet.

There’s around 600 different games, DLC and add-ons on sale in the full Xbox Deals Unlocked sale, so to help out we’ve listed ten more great offers including Halo Infinite for £36.84, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for a fiver, and more.

And so the Xbox excitement continues! Hopefully that’s got you a new game or two to play on your console, or encouraged you to sign up to Game Pass. If you’re still waiting to get an Xbox Series X/S, make sure to have a read of our Xbox stock checker page to get yourself one. If you’re looking for more deals to bolster your Xbox collection, then go through our best Xbox deals page to find them. Also head over and follow where we keep you updated with sales events, discounts, and more.

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Prime Day Xbox Game Deals

Prime Day Xbox game deals include steep discounts on third-party hits like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Watch Dogs: Legion, and Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Amazon also has a great bundle deal on digital versions of Forza Horizon 4, Halo 5, and Halo: The Master Chief Collection, dropping the price from $95 to $40. We’ve rounded up the best Xbox game deals you can snag during Prime Day.

Steam Open World Sale 2022

Expected to be active between: May 22 – May 30

The Steam Open World Sale replaced the Spring Cleaning Event in 2021, discounting multiple open-world games while also including live streams of the participating titles. A newcomer in the yearly sales arena, it was a perfect time to grab games into which you can easily sink tens of hours, if not more. We’ll have to see if it makes its return in 2022 or gets replaced by a different sale.

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What’s Leaving Xbox Game Pass Soon

For the most part, more games join Xbox Game Pass than leave. However, most games do leave the service eventually, so Microsoft likes to give players a heads up if they hadn’t gotten around to playing that game yet. Keep an eye on this section of our Xbox Game Pass guide for games you still want to play. If you see a game you’ve played and loved, be sure to purchase it with your Xbox Game Pass discount so you can keep it forever.

Do Xbox 360 Games Work On The Xbox One

Xbox One X Sales Skyrocket On First Day Of Xbox Series X Preorders

A lot of Xbox users have owned or still own an Xbox 360 console. In that case, there’s good news: almost all Xbox 360 titles are backwards compatible on later Xbox systems, so you can install and play them on your new console.

However, controllers like the older Kinect won’t work on the Xbox One, so you’ll need to buy a replacement racing wheel or flight stick if you want to get the full gaming experience. On the other hand, all of your achievements unlocked on the 360 will be present on the Xbox One.

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How To Get Steam 3000 Badges

Those who want to continue the fun can earn Steam 3000 Badges by simply interacting with the platform during the Summer Sale. Heres a list of things you can do to achieve these exclusive collectibles:

  • Purchase games: Buy any games during the Summer Sale to get a trading card for every $10 you spend.
  • Browse the Discovery Queue: Dont want to spend too much money? Explore new games within the Discovery Queue to earn trading cards and badges.
  • Buy or trade for trading cards: Exchange cards in the Trade Forum to complete unfinished sets. If you cant find the one you are looking for, you can buy the card.
  • Solves clues for Clorthaxs Paradox Party Badge: As mentioned before, you will get a badge for every clue you crack.

So, there you have it, this is how to get the Clorthaxs Paradox Party and Steam 3000 Badges for the Steam Summer Sale. If you want to know more about the event, you can check out our guide on the 10 best deals for the Summer Sale. Be sure to also explore additional content by looking at the relevant links below.

The Ultimate Game Sale Is Live Now On Xbox Featuring Sixteen Call Of Duty Deals

The Xbox Ultimate Game Sale is here! All primary installments in the Call of Duty franchise that are available on Xbox One or Xbox 360 are included in this sale, and in some cases, enhanced editions and Season Passes are also available at a discounted price.

The Xbox Ultimate Game Sale is expected to end on Monday, August 24th, get them before they’re gone!

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The Witcher : Wild Hunt

If you’ve not played The Witcher 3 yet, what have you even been doing with yourself? Seriously?! One of the finest role-playing games ever made, the Witcher 3 is, in our mind, an utter classic.

The game of the year edition also includes all the expansions and other goodness too. Giving you well over 100 hours of gaming goodness for less than the cost of a large pizza. Get stuck in.

The Xbox Deals Unlocked Sale Lets You Save Up To 90 Per Cent On Games

Xbox Super Game Sale Microsoft Rewards Punch Card – 4,000 Points up for Grabs!

It was a big weekend for Xbox fans, with the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase giving us a lot of things to get excited for in the future like Starfield and a new Hideo Kojima game.

If you’re looking for cheap new games to keep you busy or there’s something you’ve been waiting to buy at a reduced price, you should hit up the Xbox Deals Unlocked sale. The event started on Friday and is running until the 23rd June 2022. You can find big discounts on loads of games including Halo Infinite, Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga and more, with savings as big as 90 per cent.

Down below, we’ve highlighted some of the best deals available in the event, but make sure you check out the full catalogue of games so you don’t miss out. A lot of these games are also available with Xbox Game Pass, which you can and get 3 months for just £1!

It’s also worth noting that some of these digital offers are actually cheaper when bought in their physical format. In some instances, the savings are almost doubled compared to what the Xbox store is offering. If you’re an Xbox One or Series X owner and prefer buying physical games, you’ll save a lot more money with the alternative options we’ve highlighted below.

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Will There Be Xbox Series X Stock On Amazon Prime Day

Now, it must be said that it is probably as ‘easy’ as it has ever been to find stock of the Xbox Series X nowadays despite that awful first year or so. I know the word ‘easy’ is doing a lot of heavy lifting there, but it’s undeniable that the flow of Xbox Series X stock has been much better in recent months. The Series S has long been easy to obtain too.

It’s also worth remembering that what Amazon did with some of its recent PS5 console restocks was to put them just behind a Prime membership. We should probably expect this to happen with highly-demanded items such as Xbox consoles too this year.

However, there’s never a bad time to check, so the below links will take you straight to Amazon’s and other retailers’ Xbox stock pages so you can check them instantly.

Is It In The Game Developers Best Interest

All video games have different marketing plans. Games like Fortnite are advertised as free to play, but they count on players paying for all of the various add-ons that theyve made available.

If the game youre considering has an underwhelming release, but the game creators have tons of DLC and microtransactions in the game that they believe players will buy, it would be in their best interest to lower the initial cost in order to garnish more of those smaller sales.

If the game is like Grand Theft Auto V, or the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, those game companies know that they have a product that is in very high demand. It makes more sense for them to keep their prices at the normal $60 release price for as long as possible.

There are other games that fall into more of a grey area. In fact, I would say this category makes up most of the games that are released. They have a decent release, but consumer interest fades at a moderate rate, leading them ultimately to lower their prices in the hopes of driving more sales towards a $20 or $30 dollar DLC.

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