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What Is The Newest Xbox Game

Maximizing Your Xbox Library

What’s New in the Xbox App for PC | Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft also has a subscription service, the $10 a month Xbox Game Pass, that’ll get you access to a rotating library of older games. New Xbox exclusives also launch on the service, so you’ll get Halo Infinite and other upcoming games the day they become available. The $15 Game Pass Ultimate option will also get you access to Xbox Cloud Gaming, EA Play games and the ability to play many titles on PC.

Unlike the PS5, you’ll have plenty of controller options no matter what generation of games you’re playing — the Series X and Series S controllers are compatible with Xbox One games, the Xbox One console itself and PCs. You can also use your Xbox One controllers on your Series X and Series S.

Microsofts Two New Consoles

This week, Microsoft released its two new Xbox consoles. Theres the $499 Xbox Series X, and a cheaper $299 Xbox Series S. You can read our reviews of both of them by following the links below.


Xbox Series S review

Its not unusual for console manufacturers to offer a couple of different hardware options at launch, but normally, the differences are minor. The PS3, for example, was initially available in two models. There was a version with a 60GB hard drive as well as a cheaper version with a smaller 20GB hard drive, no Wi-Fi support, and fewer ports. Meanwhile, Microsoft also originally sold a Core version of the Xbox 360 in 2005, which included compromises like including a wired rather than wireless controller and omitting a hard drive.

The differences between the Xbox Series S and Series X are more substantial and have a big impact on how games look. While Microsoft says the Series X is targeting running games at 60fps at a full 4K resolution, the Series S instead targets a lower 1440p resolution at 60fps. Its a big power disparity, similar to what we saw between the Xbox One and the Xbox One X, but this time, the two consoles were available on day one, rather than releasing years apart.

The Xbox Series X comes complete with a disc drive.Microsofts Series S is less powerful and digital-only.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers

  • Developer: Dimps
  • Platform: PC, PS4, NS, X/S, XBO
  • Release: 2022

Dragon Ball: The Breakers is an upcoming multiplayer game that pins a group of survivors having to escape an area that an enemy is patrolling. Its quite a bit like Dead by Daylight, in a sense. A single player controls the enemy, in this case, theyll take control of iconic Dragon Ball villains like Cell. Meanwhile, survivor players have to complete a series of tasks to escape the area. Were sure that youll already be familiar with the gameplay concept. This time were just adding in the theme based around Dragon Ball Z IP. Of course, now were wondering just how many characters will end up getting added into the mix after launch. If youre a fan of the IP, this is likely a great party game to play with some friends online.

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Fourth Generation: Xbox Series X And Series S

The fourth generation of Xbox models, simply named Xbox, includes the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S that launched on November 10, 2020. Both are considered members of the ninth generation of video game consoles alongside the PlayStation 5, also released that month.

The Xbox Series X and Series S are high- and low-end versions comparable to the Xbox One X and Xbox One S models, respectively, with all games designed for this model family playable on both systems. The Xbox Series X is estimated to be four times as powerful as Xbox One X, with support for 8K resolution and up to 120 frames-per-second rendering, with a nominal target of 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. The Xbox Series S is a digital-only unit with less graphic processing power, but can still render at a nominal 1440p resolution at 60 frames per second with support for 4K upscaling. Both consoles features support for new graphics rendering systems including real-time ray-tracing, and the new Xbox Velocity Architecture that works with the internal SSD drive to maximize the rate of texture streaming to the graphics processor, among other features. Besides games for this new console family, both consoles are fully compatible with all Xbox One games and most hardware, as well as all backward compatible games that were playable on the Xbox One from the Xbox 360 and original Xbox console.

Xbox Series X Controller

Microsoft Details New Titles Coming to Xbox Game Pass in July

Another notable change for the Series X is the new controller design seen above. Xbox Series X controllers are a touch more ergonomic than their predecessors, but they are familiar for the most part.

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The controllers button layout is virtually identical to previous controllers, and it features a textured surface on the triggers and bumpers. The rubberized surface is also found on the controllers back for enhanced grip and comfort even in extended play sessions.

The biggest change is that the D-pad has been replaced with the improved design from the premium Xbox Elite Wireless controller Series 2. This should make inputs while playing fighting games in particular much more precise.

Following in Sonys footsteps, Microsoft also introduced a screenshot sharing button. This will allow you to capture and share gameplay without resorting to clumsy cables and adaptors.

Like the previous iteration, the Xbox Series X Wireless Controller is fully compatible with Windows PCs right out of the box. Theyre also compatible with Android and iOS devices via Bluetooth. We fully expect them to dethrone the Xbox One Wireless controller as one of the best mobile controllers out there as availability improves.

Its also worth noting Xbox Series X/S controllers will work with the older Xbox One family and vice versa.

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What Is The Newest Xbox Model Out Now

Aaron DonaldRead moreMay 3, 2022

Microsoft has been a dedicated competitor in the console wars for decades, with Sonys PlayStation as their biggest competition. The Xbox series has been in production since 1996, starting with the first Xbox console. Today, the latest models are the Xbox Series X/S.

Both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S saw a simultaneous release, with the latter being the budget-friendly model and weaker in terms of hardware and performance. Read on to find out their specifications and features.

Xbox Live Gold And Xbox Game Pass

With Xbox, you can enjoy continuing blockbuster franchises like Halo Infinite and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, or dive into hundreds of best sellers and indie titles on the Microsoft Store. When you feel like playing online, Xbox Live Gold offers the best multiplayer experience on the planet, with a reliable network and up to four free games a month. And for power players, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate includes a subscription to Xbox Live Gold and access to more than 100 games, including new releases. You’ll never run out of incredible titles to play.

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Buying Guide For Best Xbox Consoles

When modern video game consoles first came out, it was typically on a one-at-a-time basis: Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo would release one model per generation, and typically wait anywhere between five to ten years to release a new version. All that has changed, however, and now both Microsoft and Sony have begun releasing multiple versions of their current-generation consoles, each aimed at a specific segment of the gaming market.

While that may sound confusing, its actually great news, particularly for Xbox fans: it means that whether youre on a shoestring budget or youre looking for the best 4K gaming experience there is, theres an Xbox available in Microsofts lineup thats perfect for you. Heres everything you need to know about the current generation of Xboxes the available models, what the differences are, and how to score a good deal on your favorite.

Nier: Automata: Become As Gods Edition

Xbox Update April 2021 | New Xbox Games, Electric Volt Controller + MORE

Nier: Automata is the weirdest game on this list, but thats what makes it a must-play. It masquerades as an anime action game in a post-apocalyptic world. And while it very much is an anime action game in a post-apocalyptic world, its got a ton of interesting mechanics and storytelling techniques boiling beneath its surface.

Automata is an existential meditation on consciousness and purpose. Its got charm and darkness. There are goofy, singing robots and brutal destruction. And it all unfolds over multiple playthroughs of a similar campaign. Each replay offers new details and missions to uncover, and it all plays into a larger mystery.

Its game director Yoko Taros magnum opus, and its not to be missed.

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Is The Xbox Series X Worth It

The Xbox Series X is an impressive upgrade over its predecessor and features the same starting price as the Xbox One X that launched back in 2017. For buyers, the console has a lot going for it. Its powerful, offers amazing backwards compatibility, and has an ace in the hole in Xbox Game Pass. Overall, it offers a great balance of power and value for money.

Learn more: |

That said, there isnt a truly compelling reason to buy one just yet, especially if you have the Xbox One X. The library is still limited more than a year after release, and you can play most new games on an older console as well, even if not at the highest possible quality.

Theres definitely a lot to look forward to though! To answer the question, the Xbox Series X is absolutely worth it. If youre looking to buy into the Xbox ecosystem for the first time, the Series X is the best choice . If youre in the market for an upgrade though, you can hold off for a while. This is probably what youd have to do regardless, given how difficult it is to get your hands on one right now.

Upcoming Xbox One & Series X

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S launched in late 2020 to much praise, and a steady stream of high-quality console experiences have been showcasing the power of the hardware ever since. As we look deeper into 2021 and beyond into 2022, we’re on the hunt for games with the potential to sit up there with the best Xbox games and best PC games of all time, and these are the titles we think that may fit the bill, and deserve your undivided attention.

Also, be sure to check out our separate Xbox Game Studios rumors article for upcoming unannounced games.

If you’re a game developer or publisher and would like to see your game listed here, get in touch with me via email: jez at!

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The Best Xbox Series X Games For 2022

Manage to score a new Xbox? These are the games you want to grab first.

Microsoft knows that video game console generations need to change. Gamers want more choices than just buying one expensive new box every seven years. After incubating several innovative software experiments during the rocky Xbox One years, the Xbox ecosystem feels healthier and more vibrant than ever.

Microsoft gives you two next-gen consoles to choose from, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Both systems offer next generation experiences. The Series X delivers excellent 4K visuals, while the Series S is more affordable and ditches the disc drive. You can buy games individually, or subscribe to Xbox Game Pass to sample a large game library on Xbox, PC, or mobile devices .

As always, games are what really matter. More than a year after their launches, Xbox Series X and Series S have numerous great games, with more heavy hitters, such as Fable and Starfield, on the way, not to mention everything Microsoft gains through its Activision Blizzard acquisition.

What To Look Forward To

Best Games to Play on Your New Xbox One

Well continue to test the Xbox Series X and Series S as software arrives, and well update this guide with our thoughts and impressions on the user experience accordingly. Additionally, Wirecutter senior staff writer Chris Heinonen, who is responsible for much of our television coverage, has tested the Xbox Series X as well as just about every major 2020 and 2021 television model with HDMI 2.1 support, and has screen recommendations for various budgets to get the most out of the new consoles.

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Lego Stars Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Developer/Publisher: TT Games / Warner BrosGenre: Action-adventureGame Pass: No

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is giving you the opportunity to play through all nine Star Wars movies in Lego form, with the trademark TT Games humour. You can play them in any order, and there will be 300 playable characters to switch through. It’s going to be a Lego Star Wars game like no other, and it looks phenomenal.

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If youre ready to jumpstart your gaming experience with Xbox, you can check out the collection of Xbox consoles, controllers, games, accessories and more right here at Lenovo. Lenovo features a great shopping experience, combined with the top-notch products offered by Xbox.

Enjoy true 4K gaming with the Xbox Series X and Series S consoles, and have a great time with gaming on all the Xbox classics and out there. With hundreds of games available and even more when you purchase the Game Pass subscription, you can enjoy your gaming experience powered by Xbox.

Apart from top-notch Xbox products right here at Lenovo, you also have access to different gaming products, PC accessories and more. You can enjoy shopping for games, consoles and gear from Xbox and other leading companies.

You can power your gaming experience and explore your limits with Xbox at Lenovo today.

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New Games Old Hardware

Microsoft has said you wont have to buy new hardware to enjoy its upcoming first-party titles because many of them will also come to Xbox One. Heres how Xbox chief Phil Spencer described the companys approach back in July, where he said that every Xbox Game Studios game in the next couple of years will be playable on the Xbox One.

You wont be forced into the next generation. We want every Xbox player to play all the new games from Xbox Game Studios. Thats why Xbox Game Studios titles we release in the next couple of yearslike Halo Infinitewill be available and play great on Xbox Series X and Xbox One. We wont force you to upgrade to Xbox Series X at launch to play Xbox exclusives.

And if youre more of a PC gamer and dont own an Xbox One, then Microsoft also typically releases its major titles there as well, and it says it plans to continue this policy this year.

Microsoft has promised to bring Halo Infinite to PC and Xbox One as well as its new Xbox consoles.

There are some caveats you should be aware of. First is that these promises only cover Microsofts first-party titles, aka those published by Xbox Game Studios. Microsoft isnt making any promises about how other publishers like EA, Ubisoft, or Activision will handle their new games.

Microsoft is making big promises about its own games

Xbox Game Pass Comparison

Xbox Game Pass UPDATE | 7 Brand NEW Games Added

Suffice it to say, if you dont have the cash to make a big upfront purchase, then Microsoft still wants to get you on board for its next generation of consoles. You wont own any of the games you can play , but thats the trade-off you make.

Microsofts plans for the next generation of gaming are sprawling. Two consoles that are available via subscription and can play a huge chunk of your existing Xbox games, a new roster of games that will be playable on your existing Xbox One, a continuing focus on PC gaming, and a game streaming service mean that, no matter what hardware you own, theres a decent chance youll be able to pay Microsoft to play its games.

Weve written before about how the focus on trying to sell subscriptions rather than premium hardware means that the true next-gen Xbox is the subscription itself, rather than the hardware it plays on. Microsoft is casting its net wide, and it doesnt want any hardware requirements to get in the way of you subscribing.

Sony, meanwhile, is doing what its always done: its making a new console, developing exclusive games for it, and selling it. Its hard to argue too much with the approach when its done so well for the company so far, especially with the PS4.

Update November 12th, 1:30PM ET: Added hands on impressions now that the Xbox Series S and Series X have launched.

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Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown

  • Developer: KT Racing
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, XBO, X/S, NS
  • Release: September 22, 2022

We dont have too many details about Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown. Still, were finally getting a new Test Drive game. Its a franchise that first got started back in 1987 and continued to see new games until 2012. It was actually back in 2016 that there was some interest in getting this game franchise a reboot. We know that were getting a new open-world racer featuring high-end vehicles from the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, and Bugatti, to name a few. Meanwhile, were still waiting on gameplay footage to come out, although we do know that well be racing around Hong Kong Island.

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