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What Do I Need To Start Streaming On Xbox

Gather Connect And Set Up Your Gear


Before you start setting up your streaming software, make sure all the hardware you need is connected. This means connecting your webcam and microphone to your computer. If you plan to add an additional computer monitor to your setup or want to use a green screen, nows the time to get it ready.

Test everything as well. Set up your webcam at a good angle and check out the audio levels on your mic. Nows a good time to sound-proof the room youre streaming in or adjust your lighting if youre using lights.

Govee Glide Wall Light

For a mounted lighting option, the Govee Glide Wall Light is the way to go. It consists of six bars that snap together in various configurations, with a range of lighting effects, plus Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice capabilities built-in. Govees Glide Wall Light is dimmable, customizable and it has six modes that automatically react to music.

Solved: Start Streaming And Login Remote

Just to share for other people…

A while ago I had the following question:

If I want to stream a game from my Xbox One to the PC, I still need to login to my account on the Xbox One. I can wake up the Xbox One from my PC, but I cannot login to my own account. Is that possible? Or do I always have to login to my Xbox One?

Today I was able to solve it myself: start the XBox app on an Android phone, login to the account, connect to the XBox One and you’re logged in! Then you can start streaming from the XBox Companion app from the PC. Great!

Have another question though: it is stated that the XBox Companion app is being replaced by the new XBox app on PC, but I don’t see any streaming options in the new app…. are these available?

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Connect Obs Studio To Twitch

Step 1: With OBS Studio open, click on Settings, displayed in the bottom right corner. Alternatively, click on File followed by Settings in the drop-down menu.

Step 2: The Settings panel appears. Select Stream on the left.

Step 3: On the right, select Twitch as your service .

Step 4: Click on the Connect Account button.

Step 5: Enter your Twitch login credentials.

Things To Consider Before Streaming On Twitch From Pc Ps4 & Xbox One

Everything you need to start streaming games to Twitch or ...

A lot of different users are on Twitch and as you can imagine the channels get extremely varied from some that are dedicated to ASMR, gambling, and of course gaming! We are going to go through a few extra things for your consideration before you go diving into your new Twitch streams.

With Twitch featuring millions of streamers, you need to consider how you are going to stand out. Your niche could be your high levels of skill, glowing personality, or some whacky-looking character idea where you would dress up. Think about what sets you apart from the rest and run with it!

Once you start streaming you wont automatically be a Twitch partner, in fact, you will have to complete what Twitch calls The Path to Partner achievement which is in the achievements dashboard. This isnt the only way to become a partner though and if you demonstrate a large or engaged viewership you have a shot also.

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How To Stream On Mixer Using Obs

OBS is a free, open-source piece of broadcast software that’s as powerful as it is popular. If you’re planning to go the extra mile with your stream and have a capture card to pull the feed from your console, here’s how to get your Mixer account linked up in OBS.

The easiest way is to simply link your account, a feature added to more recent builds of OBS Studio in the past year or so. On the stream tab in settings you just need to select Mixer and click the connect account button. However, if you’d rather use your stream key for whatever reason, find it and apply it by following these steps.

  • Login to your account at
  • Click on your avatar.
  • Click manage channel.
  • Click the copy button next to the blurred box that houses the stream key.
  • That’s what you need to do on the Mixer website. Next, you should fire up your broadcasting software, in this case, OBS Studio.

  • Select Settings in OBS Studio.
  • Select the Stream tab on the left sidebar.

  • Select Mixer from the drop-down box for desired streaming service.
  • In the box below paste the stream key you copied from your Mixer dashboard.

  • Our full guide to streaming with OBS will help you with more specifics and advanced features. Additionally, there’s Streamlabs OBS, which is a similar program, but it’s integrated with the Streamlabs platform.

    Recommended Capture Cards For Streamers

    There are two main other uses for a capture card, though. The first is for PC use with a gaming console being the source of your game stream. While Im mainly talking in this article about PC streaming , you can stream your console-based gameplay through your PC, which is something that even primarily PC-based streamers may want to do. Broadcasting directly from your PlayStation or Xbox console with the built-in functionality is an easy option, but many prefer to use their PC setup as an intermediary to stream their console gameplay.

    Elgato Game Capture HD60 S

    That might seem odd, but its easy to understand why. If youre someone who streams both PC and console games, you dont want to hop out of your regular PC setup to use your console each time you want to stream a console title. A full PC’s streaming hardware setup is likely also superior, allowing you to use your computers microphone, camera, and more while playing a console game. To do this, the capture card connects your PC and console, so it can relay the console gameplay stream to your computer, and the broadcast happens from there.

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    Which Game Streaming Service Is Best

    With the PC requirements out of the way, how do you bring your gameplay to the masses? Your video card and processor will be capable of handling the streaming you just have to give them the platform and tools to synthesize and broadcast them.

    Theres no beating around the bush that Twitch is the great big gorilla here, so jump in to our Twitch streaming guide for how to get started on that specific platform. Its the obvious choice for most folks. The largest potential audience is there, it specializes in exactly this topic, and its popularity means it has streamlined the onboarding process and functionality.

    There are alternatives to Twitch, though. Gaming is a popular category in its own right on YouTube, piggybacking off the already ubiquitous video platform, and YouTube is home to a host of high-profile streamers. has less of an audience, but still millions of users, and it may gain popularity following a partnership with Microsoft after the software giant closed its own platform, Mixer, in June 2020. The fact that Twitch is the most popular can be a bad thing, in one respect, since so many streamers are competing for eyeballs on the service. As a beginner, you might have better luck carving out your own niche on one of the alternate platforms.

    Not all games, though, support this functionality. Which brings us to some very important software: OBS.

    How To Stream Your Xbox One Gameplay Without A Capture Card

    How to STREAM on Xbox One WITHOUT PC

    To begin, you need to enable streaming on your console. Go to Console Settings.

    Next, navigate to Preferences – Xbox app connectivity.

    For other devices enable streaming only from profiles signed in on this Xbox. Also, make sure to enable both streaming options on the right for this Xbox.

    After doing that download and install an Xbox Console Companion App for your Windows computer. Log in to the same account you use on your console.

    After logging in navigate to Connection and select your Xbox One. Press the Stream button on the top. A window with your console screen will be opened.

    Note: You don’t have to connect Xbox Gamepad to your PC. If you have a warning – just click Continue to avoid latency issues.

    Add this window to OBS as a Screen capture or Window capture in your main OBS Sources area.

    Note: for the best quality, both devices should be connected to the same network with Ethernet cables. Having them connected over WiFi may result in a quality loss.

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    Select Content You Can Generate Regularly

    Because consistency is key when it comes to streaming, the best way to do it is to try to stick to a schedule as much as possible. If the content you want to create doesnt let you stream regularly, its best to avoid streaming that type of content. That is, of course, if you dont plan to add some other type of content to your portfolio that can fill in the gaps.

    Xbox Streaming Using A Capture Card

    Below is a quick guide to the steps you need to take to stream from your Xbox One using a capture card:

    Step-by-step guide:

  • Create the source media source in it to feed the Xbox image into the broadcasting software.
  • Open the Studio mode in your broadcasting software.
  • Create and check your scenes .
  • Check all audio channels
  • Start your game on the Xbox.
  • Check the image of your upcoming stream.
  • Start your stream!
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    What You Need To Stream On Twitch From Pc

    So streaming can be done by anyone with a solid internet connection but you will need some other bits and pieces before you begin broadcasting. Twitch stardom is on the horizon but first, you need to consider what hardware you need, what software you need to download, and what you are going to be streaming on your Twitch channel. You can use the Twitch app on your desktop and even download the Twitch mobile app for both android and iOS mobile devices. The Twitch app is also most commonly used when streaming via console but you can also download the Twitch app via devices like Fire TV and Apple TV.

    Elgato Collapsible Green Screen

    How to start streaming your gaming: All the gear you need


    If you’ve got yourself a good camera and sufficient lighting, then the next logical step is a green screen. This is what you use to hide the mess of your room or to minimise the amount of disruption your webcam makes to the game.

    With a green screen, you can apply a Chroma Key Filter to make anything green transparent and therefore make the camera feed simply show you, your chair and anything else you happen to put between you and the green.

    Green screens can be a bit of a faff generally, as you not only need to get the lighting right, you also need to ensure the green screen panel is smooth and crease-free for the best results.

    Elgato’s collapsible green screen is a fantastic solution. It’s huge but rolls up into a hefty base that can be stored out of the way when it’s not in use. The design of this green screen means you don’t need to worry about faffing about with pinning up a material screen or doing something drastic like painting a wall.

    It’s large enough to stand in front of, perfectly wide enough to fill your camera’s view and it’s sturdy and durable too. Convenience is probably our favourite part of this bit of kit though as it’s easy to get out when you need it and roll away when you don’t.

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    Live Streaming Use Cases

    If youre on the fence about live streaming because youre not sure what kind of content you could produce, then check out all these examples of live video formats.

    • Live interviews and Q& As: Live streaming is perfect for live interviews or Q& A sessions. You can easily bring a guest onto your broadcast with split screen sharing, plus you can field questions from viewers via chat.
    • Live stream an event: People love attending events, even if theyre virtual. Drum up excitement for your educational event by live streaming it, or widen your events impact by reaching an even bigger audience online.
    • Podcasts: More and more people are listening to podcasts, so you could find your target audience by creating a podcast. You can live stream yourself recording your podcast as a bonus for fans, or turn your live stream into a podcast by converting it into an audio file.
    • Product launch: Announce the arrival of a new product with a live launch, where you can do demos, answer questions, and even host guests.
    • Behind the scenes: Fans love going behind the scenes, whether thats a tour of your company, interviews with your employees, or an exclusive look at your live streaming process.

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    Stream Using Your Xbox Or Playstation

    While many streamers choose to start streaming with a laptop or computer, the good news is that for most gamers, you have everything you need to start streaming already in your living room. If youâve got a current-gen PlayStation or Xbox, you can be live on Twitch in just a few simple steps.

    1. Create a Twitch account from a mobile device or computer. We recommend downloading Twitch on your iOS or Android phone to adjust your stream settings on the fly, which is easy to do with your Stream Manager in the app. Also, donât forget to turn on Two-Factor Authentication to keep your account safe.

    2. Download the Twitch Xbox app from the Microsoft Store. Note: you donât need the PlayStation app in order to broadcast from your PlayStation.

    3. Personalize your channel by adding elements that reflect your personal brand to set yourself apart. This will help viewers know who you are when they discover your page! You can modify your profile photo and bio on mobile, or customize a number of additional settings via a web browser. Weâve set up an entire Creator Camp page on Personal Branding to show you all of the places you can customize your channel page to reflect you and your brand.

    5. The quality of your audio is critical in helping you connect with viewers. There are a few great, affordable headsets with built-in microphone settings, like the Turtle Beach Recon 200, which work for all consoles and PC, that ensure great audio for your stream.

    Streaming from PlayStation

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    Twitch Streaming Software Worth Your Attention

    So, whats the best streaming software for Twitch that you can use?

    OBS Studio

    Over time, OBS studio has become one of the most popular streaming software available. If you ask a regular streamer which option to choose, chances are theyll recommend this tool.

    So, how to start streaming on Twitch with OBS?

    The software is open-source, and its most often used for streaming on YouTube and Twitch. Its a powerful mixer of video and audio inputs. More importantly, it operates as a powerful recording tool that can capture video from several sources.

    The design includes custom overlays that make going live much easier. In terms of features, OBS isnt the top one, but it has absolutely everything you need. This includes cropping, rotating, and resizing.

    Many consider it to be better than some paid options on the market.

    XSplit Gamecaster

    XSplit Gamecaster is another effective program Twitch livestreamers use. The program is free to download from the companys website but you can upgrade your streamers license later. That should give you access to a few more features that can improve your channel.

    The software gives a professional feel and makes integrating with the service a real piece of cake.

    Often considered to be one of the best Twitch streaming software, XSplit is very intuitive. Even if youve never gone live before, youll get a hang of it in no time.

    Twitch Studio

    Next on the list, we have software designed by the folks behind the platform itself.

    Are You A Variety Streamer Or Do You Stick To One Category

    How to Stream XBOX ONE to TWITCH at 1080p with NO PC NEEDED! (Easy Method)

    Some people will jump between gaming, chats, and streaming as part of a variety content strategy. Others will focus on chatting alone, or creating art, or playing a single game, or playing a genre of games. As a variety streamer, your personality is the major draw. If youre more of a focused streamer, on the other hand, your knowledge and skills will help you build an audience.

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    Before We Begin Streaming

    To stream to Twitch from your Xbox One console, you need to complete the following steps:

  • Allow content sharing
  • Connect your Xbox and Twitch accounts
  • Plug USB webcam into your Xbox One
  • Plug a headset or mic into the console. It could be a controller mic, a wireless headset, a Bluetooth headset, or a USB headset.
  • Open your Twitch account and customize your broadcast
  • Start broadcasting
  • Settings Within The Twitch

    When the Twitch app is started for the first time, some preferences still have to be set. These include:

    Kinect camera

    You can set whether the video of the facecam should be shown on the screen and if so, where. Depending on the game, the UI is in different locations, so make sure that you dont cover important elements with your camera image. Of course streaming from the Xbox One also works with most USB headsets available on the market

    Kinect microphone

    Select whether your users can hear you by enabling Enable microphone. Also adjust the volume of the microphone in relation to the in-game sound so that it does not drown out your voice completely. When buying a microphone, you must first make sure that it is compatible with your Xbox.

    Twitch overlay

    Finally, you can decide whether you want to use the twitch overlay as a permanently displayed sidebar or in a minimized version. In the minimized version, you can access the functions of the app using the snap function of the home menu.

    Stream settings

    Now you only have to give your stream a name and select the game you want to stream. In the future, you can also start your stream outside of the app by simply using the Kinect command Xbox, Broadcast! On your mark, get set, stream!

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