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Stream Xbox One To Twitch

How To Stream Your Xbox One Gameplay Without A Capture Card

How to Stream XBOX ONE to TWITCH at 1080p with NO PC NEEDED! (Easy Method)

To begin, you need to enable streaming on your console. Go to Console Settings.

Next, navigate to Preferences – Xbox app connectivity.

For other devices enable streaming only from profiles signed in on this Xbox. Also, make sure to enable both streaming options on the right for this Xbox.

After doing that download and install an Xbox Console Companion App for your Windows computer. Log in to the same account you use on your console.

After logging in navigate to Connection and select your Xbox One. Press the Stream button on the top. A window with your console screen will be opened.

Note: You don’t have to connect Xbox Gamepad to your PC. If you have a warning – just click Continue to avoid latency issues.

Add this window to OBS as a Screen capture or Window capture in your main OBS Sources area.

Note: for the best quality, both devices should be connected to the same network with Ethernet cables. Having them connected over WiFi may result in a quality loss.

How To Stream To Twitch From Xbox One & Series X

For those looking to start streaming on their Xbox, heres how you can easily stream straight to Twitch from your console.

Xbox and Twitch have teamed up to make it easier for players and content creators alike to stream straight to the website from an Xbox One or Series S/X.

Twitch is one of the biggest streaming platforms for content creators who love sharing their gameplay experiences with an audience.

Luckily, for those on Xbox without a PC to stream from, you can easily do so straight from the console. Heres our simple guide on how you can stream to Twitch straight from your Xbox One or Series S/X.

Starting Your First Twitch Stream & Testing

The first time you stream from the Xbox One, you’ll be required to run some small tests to make sure everything is working properly and that the quality of the audio and visuals are as good as they can be. Here’s how to get everything set up.

  • Open the Xbox One game that you want to stream. You will not be able to stream to Twitch without a game being active. It’s okay if you open it and just leave it on its title screen. You don’t actually have to begin playing the game.

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  • Return to your Xbox One dashboard and open the Twitch app. Click the Broadcast button on the lower-left side of the screen to reopen your Xbox One game and shrink the Twitch app to a small bar on the right side of the screen.

  • Click the Broadcast Title field and rename your Twitch broadcast. It can be anything you like. This is what your stream will be called on the Twitch website and in the apps.

  • Select Settings. You should see a preview of what your Twitch broadcast will look like in a small window at the top of the Twitch tab.

  • If you have your Kinect connected to your Xbox One, you will see a preview of what the Kinect sees within your stream window. If you wish, you can disable it by unchecking the Enable Kinect box. Reposition the Kinect camera within your stream by clicking on the relevant layout box onscreen.

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    How To Set Up Obs Studio For Streaming To Twitch

    Twitch has a number of requirements for video being broadcast to the platform. As a rule, here’s what you will be aiming for.

    • Max bitrate: 6,000 kbps
    • Max frame rate: 60 FPS
    • Rate control: CBR
    • Keyframe interval: 2

    Of course, this is all dependent on your PC hardware and your internet connection. If you don’t have the spare bandwidth for 6,000 kbps, for example, then you can’t use that bitrate. You’ll need to lower that as required based on your connection.

    Likewise, if you don’t have a CPU that can encode a 1080p60 stream, you’ll have to make sacrifices there, as well. It’s important to remember that if you’re just starting out you won’t have transcoding on your Twitch account, either, so you might want to lower to 900p or 720p and a lower bitrate to ensure your viewers have a good time as well.

    But how do you plug all of these settings into OBS? It’s all done in the Settings menu under the Output and Video tabs.

    Select A Game To Play And A Quality Bit

    How to Stream to Twitch on Xbox One

    The final step is to select the game you want to play, and then select a bit-rate for your session. The bit-rate affects the quality and speed of your broadcast generally, higher bit-rates result in cleaner graphics, but may slow down or cause interruptions in your stream. You may need to do a bit of homework regarding your Internet connection to see which bit-rate gives you the best balance.

    After that, just select Start Broadcast and youre ready to go!

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    What Will I Must Stream From Xbox One To Twitch

    If you have already got an Xbox One, Xbox One S or Xbox One X and a TV set, you will not want rather more to start out your first stream on Twitch. Nonetheless, you will should guarantee that your console is related to the Web both by a wi-fi connection or a wired one. The consoles controller ought to be used to navigate by menus or to play a recreation.

    You will should obtain the free Twitch app thats appropriate with all variations of Microsofts gaming console and if you happen to do not have already got an account on Twitch, you will should create one. You should utilize chat, webcams, headsets or microphones in your broadcasts, though you will should allow every of those options earlier than your stay stream begins. The Kinect sensor or any webcam appropriate with the Home windows OS can be utilized to seize the footage of you commentating on the sport you are enjoying, however Kinect continues to be your solely choice as webcam if you wish to broadcast stay streams on Twitch. Nonetheless, if you happen tore sharing your movies to Microsofts Mixer stay streaming platform you need to use any Home windows appropriate webcam.

    As soon as your controller, webcam, mic, TV set and the console are related, you can begin organising your first stay broadcast on Twitch.

    Verify our picks of the very best webcams for twitch livestreaming right here.

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    How To Stream Xbox One To Pc

    The second, and final, step in streaming an Xbox One to a PC requires the Windows 10 Xbox app. You can if it’s not already installed on your computer.

    The Xbox app is used to initiate streaming:

  • Make sure your Xbox One is turned on.

  • Launch the Windows 10 Xbox app.

  • Select the Xbox One icon on the left.

  • Locate your Xbox One in the list, then select Connect.

    This step is only done once. If your Xbox doesn’t show up in the list, verify that it is turned on. If it is, and you still don’t see it on the list, you will need to find your Xbox One’s IP address and enter it manually.

  • Select Stream.

    This will initiate the stream. If nothing happens, select Test streaming to see what the problem is.

  • After this initial setup has been completed, streaming in the future is even easier. Just launch the Windows 10 Xbox app, select the Xbox One icon on the left, then select Stream.

    If the Xbox One is off, you will first need to select Turn on.

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    Twitch Alerts For Console Streamers

    Is the stream deck a capture card?

    No, the stream deck is not a capture card. A capture card is used to record video footage from a gaming console or computer. The stream deck is used to control streaming software, such as OBS or XSplit, and to switch between scenes or sources.

    How do capture cards work for Xbox One?

    Xbox One capture cards work by capturing the video output of the console and encoding it into a digital file that can be played back or edited. This allows gamers to record and share their gameplay footage with others online.

    How do you broadcast on Xbox One?

    To broadcast on Xbox One, you need to have a Kinect sensor. You can then start broadcasting by saying Xbox, broadcast.

    Can you use a stream Deck on Xbox?

    Yes, you can use a stream Deck on Xbox. The process is a little bit different than on a PC, but its still relatively easy to do. First, download the Xbox app on your PC. Then, open the app and sign in with your Microsoft account. Once youre logged in, click on the Devices tab and select Add a Device. Select Xbox from the list of devices and follow the on-screen instructions.

    How can I be a good Xbox streamer?Do I need a capture card to stream on Xbox?

    No, you dont need a capture card to stream on Xbox. You can use the built-in streaming capabilities of Xbox One and Xbox 360 to broadcast your gameplay to Twitch, YouTube, or Microsofts own Beam service.

    Can you get OBS on Xbox?Does Twitch studio work with Xbox?Can I use Streamlabs on Xbox?

    What Is Xbox One Game Streaming


    There are two different things that game streaming can refer to. The first involves live streaming Xbox One gameplay to a platform like Twitch or . The other involves streaming from the console to a computer that’s connected to the same network.

    The purpose of streaming an Xbox One to a PC is that it can turn any Windows 10 PC that’s connected to the same network into a remote display for the console. That means you can play games, or watch movies, or use an Xbox One app on any Windows 10 tablet, laptop, or desktop computer, without physically moving the console, as long as everything is hooked up to the same network.

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    Install And Connect Your Capture Device

    The first thing you should do is set up your audio/video capture device. Usually, this involves connecting it via cables to your game console, your computer, and possibly your TV. In some cases, it may require you to physically install it inside your computer, and/or install additional control software on your computer. Check the website of your capture devices manufacturer for more specific instructions.

    How To Stream On Xbox

    Now that you have installed your twitch account on your Xbox. Its time to go like and avail the opportunity of getting fame. There are some gamers that might find this hectic, but its not at all daunting. With the successive strands, you will have the simplest ways to stream on Twitch. Follow these brief steps and be a part of the Twitch streaming family.


    • Open the twitch app on Xbox and login.

    Step 2

    • From settings Account privacy and online safety Xbox live privacy view details and customization online status and history others can see if you are online then choose everybody.
    • Following this process will allow everyone to see your broadcast.

    Step 3

    • In view detail and customization, select game content and you can broadcast gameplay.
    • Allow and start streaming.

    Step 4

    • Make sure to have appropriate cameras set right in front of you. Connect them by pressing you can share content made using Kinect or another camera in the game content section.
    • Press Allow, and your devices will be connected for streaming.

    Step 5

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    How To Stream On Xbox One To Another Device

    To stream from your Xbox One games to other devices, you need to complete the following steps:

    • Enable the game streaming option on the Xbox One
    • Enable the Remote Play option on the Xbox One
    • Log in on the app with your Xbox/Microsoft profile
    • Use a Wireless or BlueTooth controller on your secondary device.
    • Both devices need to have an internet connection. They dont have to be on the same WiFi, though.

    If you stream to a PC, you can use third-party software to record your screen. Then, you can edit the footage and upload it to sites other than Twitch, like YouTube.

    Alternatively, you can use software like OBS to stream your screen directly to the platform you choose.


    Perform The Initial Twitch App Set

    How to Stream to Twitch from Xbox One

    The first time you log into the Twitch app for Xbox One, it will test your Internet connection to determine what your streaming quality should be. You can select Twitchs recommended settings, select a setting manually, or select Get New Recommendation to have Twitch check again. You can change this setting later, if you wish.

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    Xbox Has Finally Fixed Its Twitch Streaming Problem After 5 Long Years

    ByPatrick DaneContributions fromAdam Vjesticapublished 24 February 22

    Streaming on Twitch is now super simple

    Microsoft has fixed its Twitch streaming problem in a new update for Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One, as you can now stream straight from your Xbox dashboard without having to open up the Twitch app. This functionality was originally available in 2014 and relied on the Xbox One’s ‘snap’ functionality. However, Microsoft removed snap altogether in 2017, which means the ability to stream on Twitch easily hasnt been supported for several years.

    As noted on Xbox Wire, the ability to stream straight from your Xbox dashboard is now live to all users, making it one of the easiest ways to stream to Twitch across any platform. Previously, you would have to go into the Twitch app itself to start a stream from your console, but this update makes the process much simpler.

    Streaming can be a daunting task for new creators to tackle, so this simplifiedprocess helps potential content creators get started. This is all part of the Xbox dashboard update that went live on February 23. This new functionality is cross-generational too, coming to Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One consoles.

    However, you may be wondering how to stream on Twitch using your Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, or Xbox One consoles. Heres what you need to know if you do plan on broadcasting your gameplay to the world.

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    Apex Legends Season 12 is well underway, but who has dominated the pick rates for Season 12 of Respawns battle royale so far?

    Season 12 of Apex Legends has tons of characters to choose from to enjoy its several maps. But who has the top Season 12 pick rates in Respawn Entertainments battle royale shooter?

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    There are now a whopping 20 different Legends to choose from, giving players a headache before each game. The latest to be announced is Mad Maggie, who has arrived in Season 12.

    As Mad Maggie has come in and shaken up the meta, lets take a look at the current Legend pick rates in Season 12, which provides an idea of who the most popular Legends are.

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    How To Stream On Xbox One

    Twitch is the only platform that allows direct streaming from the Microsoft console. That includes the Xbox One, the Xbox One Slim, the Xbox One X, the Xbox Series X, and the Xbox Series S.

    Then, the Xbox console family allows you to stream your library games to your smartphone, tablet, or PC from anywhere. This is a valid option to capture the gaming footage youre streaming from your console to the PC. Users with low-end PCs would prefer this option overplaying and capturing gameplay from their computers.

    Also, all of these consoles share the same interface, so you can follow the same steps on either platform.

    Configure Your Twitch Broadcast Settings

    How to Stream to Twitch from Xbox One – No Capture Card – 2021

    Now you will have to set up how your broadcast will look and sound on Twitch.

    Here are a few key settings to consider:

    • Selecting the Enable Kinect option will allow spectators to view you as youre playing. You can then select one of the options below this box to choose which corner of the screen you want your Kinect feed to appear in. This allows you to avoid covering up important areas of the game screen, depending on which game youre playing.

    • Selecting the Enable Microphone option will allow spectators to hear your commentary as you play. You can also set your microphones volume relative to your games volume, so your viewers can hear you properly but you dont drown out the rest of whats happening in the game.

    • Using the Snap option allows you to choose whether to view chat messages from spectators on-screen beside your game broadcast, or minimized in a corner of the screen so your fans get a better view of the action.

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    How To Stream To Twitch On Xbox Consoles

    Starting from , Microsoft/Xbox and Twitch have teamed up to make streaming from the console much more easy and accessible.

    According to their blog, you can now access Twitch directly from the Xbox guide and manage your setup in a few simple steps.

  • Navigate to the Capture and Share tab on the guide and select Live streaming.
  • Link your Twitch with your Xbox account by following the on-screen steps.
  • Once linked, select the Go live now button to instantly go live and start live streaming games that are downloaded to your console.
  • Its as simple as that, but you can also manage other aspects of the stream such as audio, webcam, and resolution.

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