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Sell Xbox Gift Card For Cash

Sell Xbox Live Accounts Today

How to Sell Gift Cards safely and at the Best Price (Amazon, google play, iTunes, Steam, Xbox, etc)

In 2020, 19,600+ sellers made cash from selling on PlayerAuctions.

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Xbox Live accounts are multi-tiered, in the sense that there are various membership levels available for an account. Whether the account is with Xbox Live Gold membership, Ultimate Game Pass subscription, or just either Xbox Gold or Game Pass, these membership levels provide flexible layers of gamer requirements whether they want to just be able to play online or perhaps fixate themselves on awesome games without wanting to play online.

Xbox gamers tired of their accounts may choose to sell Xbox Live accounts to buyers who could potentially want to buy Xbox Live accounts. Some buyers on the world wide web even prefer to buy Gamertags or boost Xbox achievements by getting new Xbox accounts.

Online Gift Card Resellers

A variety of online gift card resellers will give you a cash offer for an unwanted gift card. Typically, the cards balance must be at least 20 dollars, and higher offers are given for gift cards to popular stores that sell a myriad of merchandise. For example, you might get 92 percent cash back on a gift card to Walmart , but only 70 percent back on a gift card to Sunglass Hut . If you sell the gift card online, you will either have to mail the card into the company in order to receive payment, or in some cases, you can submit the gift code electronically. .)

Learn more about online gift card resellers in this post.

How To Get Started With Trading On Prestmit

The first step is to and register an account. If you already own one, just log in. Thereafter, go ahead to the trade page and select Start Trade button, then on the next page Sell Gift Cards and fill in the necessary details upon scrolling down. Choose Xbox gift card and enter the amount of the gift card to be sold.

While Typing in the total sum, the amount you are to get in exchange will be displayed.Deliver the screenshot of the trade, then give it a few minutes, and you will get credited to your wallet balance at the corresponding rate. The page shows rates.

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What Types Of Gift Cards You Can Sell

Gift cards are special for everyone to make their wish come true whether it is a birthday or anniversary you can express your feelings through gift cards. Zingoy is the best place where you get to choose from wide store categories like birthday gift card, wedding gift card, anniversary gift card and more. It is the best options when you are looking for simple gifting rather than carrying a huge gift. Other gift cards you can check out our travel, food, fashion, shopping, electronics and more.

Check Into Cash Stores

FREE Xbox Gift Card

Im not a fan of payday loan services, but the Check into Cash stores will buy your gift cards off you on the spot. No, you dont have to get a payday loan to qualify, either.

The only downfall is that you wont know what you get unless you call or visit a location, which you can find via the companys official website at

If you do decide to sell, bring in your gift card, a valid ID and you will walk out with cash in hand as long as the card is confirmed. This is a great place to sell your gift cards and get cash in person.

  • Website:

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How To Sell Your Unused Gift Cards

Apart from being a rocking cashback site, Zingoy is a platform where people can buy and sell gifts cards from each other directly. Thats right! No middleman, no wastage of good gift cards, just because they landed in the wrong hands, at the wrong time. You can exchange gift cards for money over here.

Where Can I Sell Amazon Gift Cards

are among some of the most popular to sell. Its understandable why. Amazons marketplace allows buyers access to a versatile array of products. Whether youre on the platform to find a gift, purchase outdoor sports gear, or youre looking for a good book, Amazon has it.

Every one of the platforms mentioned above offers assistance reselling an Amazon Gift card. However, if youre looking for money fast, you can offer to sell your Amazon Gift card to friends, co-workers, or your family members. We can almost guarantee that youll find a solid group of interested buyers within your own personal network.

Let them know youre looking to sell your Amazon gift card for a discount, give them the card details and let the bidding begin.


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How To Redeem Xbox Gift Card

Microsoft makes redeeming gift cards as simple as possible. If youre selling the card, youll be able to activate it in a variety of ways:

Xbox One

  • Go to the Store from the Home screen
  • Choose Games from the Categories menu
  • Select the Use a Code option
  • If asked, sign in
  • Prepaid key will be in the form of either a QR code or a 25-character code
  • Keep the QR code up to your Kinect sensor if its a QR code. Simply enter the 25-character code by hand in the case of the 25-character code

Follow the following instructions to unlock Xbox Gift Card using a web browser:

  • Pick the Redeem code function at
  • Select Sign in from the menu
  • Go to Microsoft account and sign in.
  • Select Redeem from the menu
  • Select Confirm after entering the 25-character code.
  • Have fun!

How To Sell Bitcoin On Paxful

Earn Free PayPal Cash, Amazon Gift Cards, Xbox/PSN Cash

Its now easy to sell Bitcoin as a Paxful vendor. You have the freedom to set your own rates, and also the luxury of over 300 payment options to get paid for the Bitcoin you sell. As Paxful is a peer-to-peer marketplace, you can sell your Bitcoin directly to over 3 million users worldwide. Our platform makes it extremely easy for beginners and veterans alike to make a profit.

To sell Bitcoin instantly, create a Paxful account or log in to your existing one. Once logged in, just follow these steps:

  • Set your requirements Choose your preferred payment method and the maximum amount of Bitcoin youre willing to sell. You may also indicate your location and your preferred currency. Once youre done, click Search For Offers. You will see a list of relevant offers to choose from.
  • Review offers Before selecting an offer, be sure to check all vital information about the buyer, including but not limited to their name, reputation, verification level, and rate per Bitcoin. Once youve found a suitable offer, click Sell. It wont open a trade yet, but will guide you through the offer terms and conditions set by the buyer.
  • Leave feedback After successfully selling your Bitcoin, dont forget to give your trade partner feedback. This is important for our platform as it helps build a users reputation.
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    What Types Of Accessories Would Be Able To Get With Xbox Gift Card

    • Controllers
    • Racing accessories
    • Console accessories

    It gets much better. Not only are these accessories cool, but Xbox also allows your customers to completely customize their gaming experience. Your customers will be able to design their own custom controllers using the Xbox Designs Lab. This is incredible for a gamer. Everyone has a distinct personality, as well as preferences and dislikes.

    Now, if youre buying a gift card online from EZ PIN, you should be aware of the area in which the card is purchased. Assume the gift card is from the United Kingdom and has a value of £75. You wont be able to sell and activate the Xbox card in the United States, because youre in a different country. The area constraints are inconvenient, but many people have solved the problem by doing the following:

    • Change accounts area to the country gift card belongs.
    • Purchase the desired item.
    • Return to your own country.

    After switching regions, all you have to do is restart the console. Its a simple and fast way to get around these limitations.

    How Much Is My Xbox Worth What Is The Value Of My Xbox

    Keen to find out how much your old Xbox is worth? Well look no further than SellCell. We feature all of the main XBox buyers and our clever pricing tool means that we can find you the best deals for trading in your old Xbox in one place. All you have to do is enter the model of the Xbox and you will instantly get your value. Why go anywhere else?

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    How To Sell Vouchers For Cash Instantly Online

    Grab the best deals with no worry sell gift vouchers on Zingoy with the given easy steps. A huge number of stores are listed in the marketplace where you can sell unused gift cards & vouchers for instant cash. Choose stores were you are looking to exchange or sell eGift voucher enter the detail information hassle free and get paid instantly once unused gift vouchers are sold. Zingoy guarantees for safe and secure payment for every gift card sold.

    Get The Most Money For Your Gift Card

    $100 xbox gift card

    To make sure you get the most for any trade, visit a couple of different gift card exchange sites and compare offers.

    Start at This online gift card aggregator lets you select the merchant of your card and then easily compare offers from other reseller sites, including and, to see the best deal among their partners. was best for sellers, according to a WalletHub analysis of the major gift card exchanges. It offers immediate sales and an average gift card resale value of $76.50 for an $100 gift card.

    Note that each gift card exchange uses different fees and payment methods. Be sure to read the fine print so you know exactly what you’ll get in return for your card.

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    Can You Redeem An Xbox Gift Card For Cash

    According to the Microsoft terms and conditions, you can redeem your Xbox gift card if required by lawwhich it is in Puerto Rico and 11 U.S. states. In these locations, companies are legally required to give their customers unused cash from their gift cards if it doesnt exceed state-specific limits.

    In the following table, you can see the U.S. locations and their predefined balance limits:


    Use It Sell The Items For Profit

    Now since we are talking about unconventional ways here is another way you could try.

    It involves using the gift card to buy cool stuff from Amazon and then selling it online for a tidy profit.

    The most significant advantage of using this method is that you dont have to sell your gift card for a discount and you end up making a nice profit instead. Plus if you happen to be an Amazon Prime member, you stand to earn cash rewards too.

    How does that sound to you? Good? Then go for it.

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    Are Walmart Gift Cards Traceable

    Gift cards are difficult to trace. Walmart gift cards and egift cards can be used at Walmart stores, on, at Walmart and Sams Club gas stations, in Sams Club Stores, at and on If the gift card user is not a Sams Club member, a 10 percent surcharge will be added to all purchases.

    How Much Are Gift Cards Worth

    Top 10 Best Places To Sell Gift Cards For Cash I MsHustle

    To get a value for your gift card, scroll up to our search box above and select the retailer that the gift card belongs to, as well as its value. After that receive an instant valuation by selecting the add to trade button simple. There are no hidden fees, and postage is completely FREE! Why not see how much money you could make today?

    Whilst gift cards may show someone youve given a bit more thought into their present than just handing them a clump of cash, they sometimes miss the mark. I think weve all been in the situation where a gift card has sat in a wallet for so long that its gone out of date. Dont let that happen to you! Sell gift cards to Zapper for a great price.

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    Selling Gift Cards With Zapper

    Here at Zapper, we offer a quick and reliable way to sell your gift cards for cash no mess, no fuss. Gift cards can be a great solution when it comes to figuring out what you can give to a friend or relative for a special occasion. Unfortunately, these treats arent always well-suited to the people that receive them. However, what do you do if you receive a gift card from a well-meaning relative, to a shop that youre not interested in, or dont use? Rather than waste the money on something you dont really want, why not trade your gift card in for cash with Zapper, and get something you really want.

    Invented in 1994, gift cards were first made popular by Blockbuster, who were the first to display the cards in their stores. Apparently, the idea was first thought up as a means of preventing the rampant counterfeiting that had been plaguing their paper gift certificates. The next big company to introduce gift cards was Starbucks in 2001, who were the first to make a card that could be used more than once. Now youll find gift cards everywhere, from games shops to high street fashion retailers.

    Check Back With Amazon

    Now, this might seem a little unconventional to some, but what the heck its worth a shot. Have you considered the possibility of selling the card back to Amazon?

    Its possible they might be interested in repurchasing it from you, and all you need to do is ask them. Worst case scenario, they might turn you down, so what?

    But if they do say yes, there is a good chance that you may get the full monetary value back for your gift card.

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    Buy Stuff You Really Need

    Ok now heres another cool idea and this is how it works. As you probably know already, Amazon sells thousands of products online across hundreds of different categories. This also includes many of the daily essentials that you need to buy anyway like soap, groceries, accessories, clothing etc.

    So you use your gift card to buy the stuff you need for FREE and in return, you gift yourself the cash from your bank account which you would have commonly used to pay for the stuff to do as you please.

    This way your gift card is put to good use and you also get your hands on some surplus cash to spend as you deem fit.

    In Conclusion

    With over 562,382,292 different products listed , it comes as no surprise why Amazon continues to be among the top choices for online shopping.

    Having said you should face absolutely no problem in finding a buyer for your unused Amazon gift cards either online or offline using any of the simple ways suggested in this article. Good luck.

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    What Is An Xbox Gift Card Used For

    Microsoft Xbox Gift Card $50 Price in Pakistan

    Xbox gift cards are online cards that can only be used on the Xbox live network. Xbox gift cards come with codes that must be activated. They can only be used to purchase movies, apps, devices, television shows, new and interesting Xbox full game downloads, and many more. The icing on the cake is that you dont have to be bothered regarding fees or expiry dates.

    Suffice it to say, Xbox gift cards are awesome for purchases at Xbox, windows, and Microsoft stores online.However, you cant make use of your gift cards at physical Microsoft Stores, you are only allowed to do so on Xbox, the Microsoft Store online, and Windows. You are allowed to redeem your Xbox gift card for most purchases that are related to entertainment. Xbox Gift Cards allow users to choose the gift they want.

    Xbox gift cards can also get you in-game possessions such as on FIFA or Fortnite. Honestly, you can add to your Xbox balance to in-game purchases like Fortnite V-Bucks and FIFA Points.

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    Donate Your Gift Card

    If youd rather keep another service from profiting off your gift card or dont find the exchange worthwhileor if you’d feel less Scroogelike by giving your unwanted card awaycontact your favorite charitable nonprofit and ask if they accept donated gift cards. Giving the card away could even lower your tax bill, if you itemize, and extend that holiday generosity even more.

    Gameflip Is The Safest Way To Sell Steam Gift Cards For Cash

    Gameflip is the simplest way to sell unwanted Steam gift cards for cash. You can sell any unused, prepaid and non-reloadable gift cards on Gameflip. Popular gift cards on Gameflip are Steam cards, PSN, Xbox Live, Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play cards.

    Your Steam gift card will be listed in front of the thousands of buyers participating in the marketplace. To sell Steam gift cards quickly, set the price between 2% and 15% off the original amount. Depending on the popularity of your Steam gift cards, you may need to adjust the asking price to attract buyers.

    Simply list your Steam gift cards using our website or our free mobile app. We recommend choosing auto-delivery for fastest and smoothest transaction. After the buyer receives your git card code, redeems and completes the transaction by rating, the sale proceeds are immediately deposited into your Gameflip wallet. You can choose to withdraw your sale proceeds any time.

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