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Sell My Broken Xbox One

Where Can I Sell My Xbox One For The Most Money

Sold Broken Xbox One For How Much?!

Swappa is the best way to sell your Xbox One video games and consoles online. On Swappa, you buy and sell directly with other gamers for the best price. Cutting out the middleman means you pocket the cash when selling your games. Selling video games on Swappa is always free and you get paid as soon as your game sells.

Can I Sell My Old Game Console Even If It’s Broken

Yes! GadgetGone accepts systems in a variety of different conditions, from brand-new to broken. Were the best place to sell your broken console because unlike other trade-in sites, well pay you a fair price.

You can sell old game systems that are missing original accessories or essential cables. You can even sell used game consoles that are physically damaged or account-blocked. No matter the issue, youll always get the most cash by selling your broken gaming system to GadgetGone.

Sell Broken Xbox Do You Buy Broken Xboxes

Yes we do buy broken Xboxes. As with any device like a phone or tablet Xboxes can sometimes be broken or parts can be worn out. In some cases a buyer will be able to replace these parts to get the Xbox back into working order or even break down and use the parts in another repair. It is therefore worth seeing how much your broken Xbox is worth on SellCell. You may be surprised with how much money you will be able to make, and it certainly may help you put a deposit down on a newer model. To sell your broken XBox all you need to do is enter the model above and then change the condition to Broken or Faulty. You will then instantly be presented with a range of prices for your broken Xbox. Don’t hang onto it, trade it in with

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How Can I Sell My Xbox

BankMyCell makes it easy for you to sell your electronics online. Sell your Xbox with these simple steps:

  • Search your Xbox model on our site and select its condition.
  • Choose from our list of Xbox buyers based on which one offers you the best price.
  • Mail your Xbox to the buyer with free shipping.
  • Get your cash with a fast and secure transfer.

We streamline the buyback process for you. You wont have to worry about any shipping fees when you sell your Xbox through BankMyCell, and youll get paid within days. Some of our buyers will even send UPS to your home to pick up your device.

How Long Do I Have To Ship My Old Game Console

Xbox One X

Your quote is locked in for 14 days from the time you check out on our website. As long as the USPS tracking number shows you shipped your used console within those 14 days, your offer amount is guaranteed.

You can still ship your game system after the 14-day, price-lock period however, your console will be subject to whatever our current pricing is at the time of evaluation. Earlier is always better, but feel free to ship your system whenever youre ready to sell!

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Selling Your Xbox One To Gamestop

While GameStop will take in any working console, the company has been known to undervalue its trade-ins. Unlike auction sites, selling directly to GameStop will guarantee you cash or store credit, all without the worry of finding a buyer. If you’re looking to upgrade your console, store credit will tie you down to a particular retailer but can source a significantly larger budget.

As of writing, GameStop is currently offering around $75 in-store credit for the Xbox One 500GB model and $175 for the more spacious 1TB version. For real-time values on specific Xbox One consoles and bundles, make sure to check out GameStop’s online trade-in calculator.

Our Top Equipment Picks

While this guide only covers three outlets for selling your Xbox One, you may find better valuations from other businesses or even making a direct sale to a friend or family member. As always, keep your mind open, but be wary of potential scams. Once you’re ready to go, pick up the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S if you can find one in stock.

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How Do I Know What My Game System Is Worth

We want you to be happy with your offer from GadgetGone. So before selling your game console, its a good idea to get multiple price quotes to make sure youre getting the best trade-in value for resale. Aside from getting your instant GadgetGone offer, a great way to assess the potential value of your used system is by taking a look at places that will give you a quick valuation like Best Buy, Target, and GameStop. Dont forget that, in most cases, your payment will come in the form of store credit if you choose one of these other companies for your trade-in.

Remember, if you find a better price from any of these companies, GadgetGone will beat it with our PriceMatch+ Guarantee. Just message us to let us know the company youd like to price match.

Here are some typical examples of game console trade-in values with GadgetGone, GameStop, and Best Buy at the time of writing .

PlayStation 4 500GB, with one original controller and in good condition

GadgetGone Trade-In Value: $120

GameStopTrade-In Value: $100

TargetTrade-In Value: $82.72

Best Buy Trade-In Value: $90

Selling Your Xbox One On Ebay

Broken Xbox One X on eBay – Can I Fix it And Make Money?

As one of the most popular online auction sites, eBay serves as a platform for thousands of second-hand Xbox One sales monthly. Provided that you’re asking for a reasonable price and offering enough photos and descriptions, it’s not difficult to get traction with a sale on eBay.

Before listing your item, take a look around at the pricing of Xbox One consoles currently for sale. Right now, Xbox One 500GB models are fetching close to $150 or lower, and Xbox One X is reaching $250. This increased value comes from a direct sale to the buyer with no third party in the middle taking their cut. eBay does take a small cut of the profit when selling through their site, so make sure your earnings don’t diminish over other methods.

When listing an Xbox One console on eBay, make sure to present the console professionally with an in-depth description and high-quality photos. Other bonuses, such as fast shipping and additional accessories, will help your listing stand out from the crowd.

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Who Buys Used Xboxes

We often get asked what happens once you have sold your Xbox to SellCell? It’s pretty simple, the buyback company will inspect the device and make a decision on whether they resell it straight on if it’s in good condition. If they need to refurbish the Xbox for sale the buyer may need to make some repairs or swap out some parts to put it back into good working order. If the device is in a particularly bad state it will probably need to be recycled. A device is largely recycled if it can’t be repaired or it is not economically viable to do so. The devices that are resold will end up in the US or even in international markets.

Will You Buy A Broken Xbox

Well buy your broken Xbox, even if it no longer works. Broken Xboxes may still have working parts, which means the buyback company can use those parts to repair other Xboxes. Other times, the buyer can repair your Xbox and resell it once they get it working correctly again.

Even if you dont know whether your used Xbox can get you cash, start with comparing prices on BankMyCell. Find your Xboxs value when you search our site for the model and see what each buyback company can offer. When you want to sell a broken Xbox, enter your systems condition as Faulty to get an accurate quote.

You may not get the same price you would for an Xbox in usable condition. Still, depending on the problem, you can get enough cash to invest in a new one.

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What Happens To My Used Xbox

Once you sell your used Xbox, it goes straight to the buyer. Theyll inspect it to check for damage and make sure its in the expected condition.

If the buyer doesnt find any significant damage or other problems with the device, theyll sell it. Otherwise, theyll refurbish broken systems by replacing parts or making repairs in preparation for selling them.

If the buyback company cant restore the device to proper working condition or repairing it wouldnt be worth it for them, theyll recycle it.

Is It Possible To Send My Ps4 To Be Repaired

Xbox one x for Sale in Broken Arrow, OK

Our skilled technicians, fortunately, have the knowledge and know-how to clean and repair PlayStation HDMI ports swiftly. Simply bring your PS4 console to a CPR shop near you for an in-store evaluation and quotation. Well get right to work on your HDMI port repair after you confirm the time and cost estimate.

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Why Sell To Us

  • We Pay More! – Not many places buy broken devices. Those that do don’t pay anywhere near as much as we do. Music Magpie will pay £8.50 for a faulty PS4 original . We pay up to £40! If you see a better quote, let us know.
  • Price Promise – The price you see is the payment you receive. As long as what you send us is as described.
  • Fast Payment – On acceptance, we pay.
  • Free Shipping – We collect for free using DPD’s safe, secure, fully tracked service.
  • *** Please note, we cannot offer payments on older consoles like the PS3 and Xbox 360 due to there being very little value on these. If you wanted to safely and environmentally dispose of your older devices, we can still collect from you to dispose of them. If you were to send in an old console expecting a payment but don’t receive one and want the console returning, we will have to charge a £12.99 fee to cover the shipping costs. ***

    Can I Sell My Broken Xbox One

    You can sell your Xbox One if it’s broken or damaged. But unfortunately, not every ‘broken’ console can be traded-in for cash. Our ‘broken’ criteria cover a wide range of common faults and defects, so take a look at them in the first instance. As long as your Xbox One meets these conditions, we guarantee an unbeatable valuation for it!

    And even if your Xbox One is broken or damaged beyond repair, you can always recycle it with for free! At The Big Phone Store, we take protecting the environment very seriously. As a result, we never send consoles or their parts to landfill and dispose of them in the most sustainable way possible.

    Still got a question?

    If you still have questions about our Buy Back Store, just ask one of our friendly team – they’re always happy to help!

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    Best Places To Sell Your Used Xbox For Cash

    I Bought a BROKEN Xbox One X From eBay…Or So I Thought…I Lost Money

    by Lauren Bennett – Last Updated April 8, 2021

    With more than 48.69 million units sold, the Xbox One is one of the most popular gaming consoles out there.

    If youre looking to sell used video game consoles like Xbox, whether its an Xbox One, an Xbox 360, or the newer Xbox Series console, then this is the post for you.

    Below, Ill cover the best places where you can sell a used Xbox.

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    Selling Your Xbox One To Amazon

    Amazon also accepts Xbox One trade-ins, with current valuations slightly exceeding those of GameStop. To send off your console, you must first identify its condition using the company’s guidelines. The console’s value can vary based on its status and bundle, but if it is fully functional, Amazon will be offering around $55 for a 500GB variant of the original Xbox One and up to $150 for Xbox One X.

    Amazon’s guidelines allow for some minor dents and damage to the hardware without hugely affecting the console’s value. If you’ve incorrectly estimated the condition, Amazon will give you the option of a free return shipping or a lower valuation. to help you estimate how much your console and included accessories should be worth.

    The Best Way To Sell A Broken Xbox 360

      HBG: âA cool great working xbox 360 with modded L.E.D lights.â What a great way to sell an Xbox 360. A recent listing on eBay is for what the seller is calling a âModded Xbox 360 with L.E.D lights.â Thereâs no way to tell if this is bullshit, but you can see if it actually sells at the end of the month.

      Bad Karma Move. Don`t. If you can`t get it fixed, smash it and leave it on MSs front door.

      sell it to another s*up*d xbox fan hehe jk. my cousin found a broken one in the trash at his college freaking rich kids… i woulda fixed that **** up and sold it, put a lil duct tape, crazy glue and wahla, $150 in urr pocket. i bought one on CL for $85 and came with a 20gig hdd, and i sold it for like $50 profit.

      Easy, advertise it like there’s no tomorrow,. And Dumn ppl will come running. Or just stick a picture of Justin bieber on the side of the xbox and kids will come running.

      That’s nothing. In my campus some stupid idiots threw down an alienware laptop from the six floor down to the ground just because the screen doesnt work anymore. Seriously, those kids must have rich parents or something… they should have adopted me.

      The easiest way is to sell it too a Microsoft fanboy. I think they will buy it and tries to repair it. Wish you luck guys.

      With the small screws, screw in from the bottom of the board. Resin washer on top of the board and medal washer beneath the board.

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      How To Sell Xbox Controllers

      Its really easy! Follow these simple steps:

    • Get an instant price by telling us which controllers you want to sell
    • Pack everything youre selling into any box and ship your items for FREE.
    • Get paid fast by Direct Deposit or PayPal!
    • It’s really easy to sell your Xbox controllers, plus you can also sell Nintendo controllers and PlayStation controllers to make extra cash.

      How Much Is My Xbox Worth What Is The Value Of My Xbox

      Selling broken Xbox one S (no cords) for Sale in Philadelphia, PA

      Keen to find out how much your old Xbox is worth? Well look no further than SellCell. We feature all of the main XBox buyers and our clever pricing tool means that we can find you the best deals for trading in your old Xbox in one place. All you have to do is enter the model of the Xbox and you will instantly get your value. Why go anywhere else?

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      How To Sell Your Xbox One For Cash With Mazuma

      Have you got an Xbox One sitting in the corner gathering dust because you’ve gone next-gen? Perhaps you’re saving up for an Xbox Series X and could do with some money towards it? Whatever your reason for selling your Xbox One, Mazuma’s trade-in service can get you cash for your old console quickly and easily.

      The Xbox One might not be the newest kid on the block anymore, but with loads of amazing games still being released for it, Microsoft’s third-generation console has still got plenty of life – and value – left in it yet.

      With Mazuma, you can get a cash offer for your Xbox One, Xbox One S or Xbox One X in the space of just a few clicks. And with our simple, speedy and sustainable send-off process, you can have the money in your account in a matter of days.

      About that send-off process, then – here’s how you sell your Xbox One with Mazuma in four simple steps…

      How Much Is Your Console Worth And How Much We Pay

      The table below shows how much Console Therapy will pay you when you sell broken Xbox One to us. Simply match the condition of your Xbox to the list below, find your model Xbox to work out how much we will pay directly to you no commissions required!

      We accept your Xbox in ANY condition, however the only exception we make is the console is complete and has the original blu-ray/DVD drive included.

      If you have any questions, please get in touch and let us know how we can help.

      Xbox Model
      Xbox One S 500 GB£25
      Xbox One S 500 GB£40
      Xbox One S 500 GB£35
      Xbox One S 500 GB£25
      Xbox One X£45

      Simply complete the form below and we will be in touch to arrange the purchase of your broken Xbox One

      Our sell broken xbox one service is governed by the Terms and Conditions listed below. By sending us your broken faulty console you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.

      1. AGREEMENT

      1.1 When selecting the condition of your console, we are relying on your trust and honesty that the condition option selected is a fair representation of your faulty console.

      1.2 Once we receive your console, we will carry out our own grading based on the option you have selected. If it is decided that the condition you have selected is not a fair representation, we might offer you a lower price for your console.

      1.4 We take no responsibility for any additional damage to your faulty console while the above steps are completed.

      2. OWNERSHIP

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