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Scary Multiplayer Games On Xbox

Divinity: Original Sin 2

we played a really scary multiplayer game on xbox, I didn’t like it at all…

Supports: 2-player local and 4-player online multiplayer

Divinity: Original Sin 2’s Definitive Edition has made its way onto practically every games best list we’ve published. It’s not all too surprising since we awarded it a rare 10/10 in our Divinity: Original Sin 2 review, but it’s a testament to just how breathtaking and original of a game it truly is. Divinity: Original Sin 2 is an old-school CRPG for a new age, complete with a spacious and detailed open world, a meticulously crafted turn-based combat system with near-endless layers, and colorful characters that draw you into its winding story. Online co-op supports up to four players, while local co-op is two-player only. Divinity: Original Sin 2 is brimming with dozens upon dozens of hours of awesome content, and it’s even more satisfying when you play with friends.

Resident Evil : Biohazard

  • Released: 2017
  • Developed by: Capcom
  • Platform: PS4, PSVR, Xbox One, and PC

Released in 2017 for the PC PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, and the Xbox One, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard managed to successfully bring the series back to its survival horror roots and mechanics while reinventing itself by using a new first-person viewpoint and one of the best graphics engines of the generation.

Resident Evil 7 is terrifying in all formats, but the PlayStation VR experience is one of the best on the system. Its hard not to lose oneself in the disgustingly rotten home of the crazed family that dwells there. Furthermore, the sound design is in a league of its own for the genre.

Best Multiplayer Horror Games You Should Play

Don’t go into the dark night alone.

Why face unspeakable horrors on your own when you can do so with a friend? Multiplayer gaming has changed the horror playing field quite a bit, giving us scaredy cats someone to project our fears onto so were not alone in our anxieties with horror multiplayer games.

Like anything, though, finding a good multiplayer horror game isnt a matter of blindly choosing. Theres a lot out there youll want to avoid. Being one that enjoys tackling horror and facing my fears in a cooperative or even competitive environment, it seemed fitting to showcase the following best multiplayer horror games.

These multiplayer horror games excel at mingling terrifying scenarios with the staples of multiplayer video gaming. Ultimately, that just means someone will hear me screaming as a zombie gnaws at my face.

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Best Multiplayer Horror Games For Xbox One

This article discusses some of the best Multiplayer Horror games for Xbox One. When it comes to horror games, people are often divided.

Some individuals enjoy them and are fueled by the anxiety and anticipation of playing them, while others cannot comprehend why anyone would go through such an ordeal.

For the latter group, literally or symbolically, having someone by their side may be the answer. We have a surprise for you.

The best multiplayer horror games for Xbox One are listed below so that you may share the fun with a pal. Horror video games have always been a popular video game genre.

You will have no trouble picking up and playing a game today. However, if youre seeking cooperative horror video games, things can get a little more niche.

Lets discuss some of the best Multiplayer horror games for Xbox One without much ado.

Best Scary Roblox Games You Should Play

TOP 5 Best Multiplayer Horror Games For Android/iOS

The collective spirit of community has always been strong in gamers. It doesnt matter if youre a gamer playing online games with strangers or looking for Among Us Discord servers, the bond has always been there. Among the plethora of community open-world games out there, Roblox has quickly become one of the best community-rich platforms. Allowing custom game creations, Roblox has a wide variety of games that dive into all sorts of genres, including shooters, roleplaying, kids games, and more. Our focus today is on the scariest Roblox games out there that will leave you shivering. So if youre a Roblox gamer looking for the best scary games in 2022, here you are.

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An Overview Of Xbox Horror Games In 2021

There’s a couple of key players helping to ensure the health of horror games as a whole. Japan-based publisher Capcom in particular has seen a massive resurgence, with the Resident Evil games selling millions of copies while shifting back into horror and exploring different themes with a balance of survival and action, all without losing the focus on being scary.

Some of the other developers working on horror games include Tango Gameworks, part of Bethesda Softworks and one of the 23 first-party Xbox studios producing some of the best Xbox Game Pass games. Arkane Studios, another pair of studios at Bethesda, is exploring horror concepts in its titles, while Asobo, well known for its work on Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, has taken a dark, medieval approach to horror.

All in all, horror games still thrive in the indie scene, but the big budget titles can be and are successful. Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S owners should be able to look forward to even more big horror games in the upcoming years.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man Of Medan

  • Approximate Game Length: 4 Hours
  • Genre: Cinematic Adventure
  • Developer: Supermassive Games
  • X|S Enhanced: No
  • File Size: 27 GB

There have been many attempts to find a happy marriage between films and video games as artistic mediums take practically anything in the Quantic Dreams catalog as proof. But the Dark Pictures Anthology arguably comes closer than most attempts in its bid to operate as a playable horror film. However, it comes with the welcome twist of being able to include your friends with cooperative play. Reactive dialogue options, tense quick-time events, and creepy exploration segments all figure into branching plotlines with registerable impact on the narrative flow and theres certainly something cathartic when you can actually prevent a foolhardy protagonist from going into that roomrather than howling helplessly at the screen as they do so anyway.

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The Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope

This game proves that you dont need to have an all-out evil spirit elimination mechanic in-game to make it a good multiplayer horror experience. The game feels very much like you deciding the fate of a storyline. Youre sure to have a satisfying amount of in-game scares with this one. We dont want to give too much away about this game, its something you really have to play to understand. Its an interactive horror experience you will enjoy playing with your friends. This is probably among the best psychological horrors out there at the moment, so be sure to give it a try.

Best Horror Games Xbox One Multiplayer

SCARIEST Xbox Games In 2020

10 Best Xbox One Horror Multiplayer Games

  • #10 White Noise 2. White Noise 2 is a 4v1 style of video game where players are either taking the role of a paranormal investigator or a monster. …
  • #9 Dead by Daylight. …
  • #6 The Dark Pictures Anthology. …
  • #5 Dying Light. …
  • What are some scary games to play with friends?
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    The Dark Picture Anthology: House Of Ashes

    The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes is the latest episode in Supermassive Games short tale horror games series.

    This time, the game places players in 2003, during the Iraq War. Overseeing a task force tasked with gathering intelligence on weapons of mass destruction, the squad ends themselves in a cave where a deadly evil is unleashed.

    While this game features cooperative gameplay, it is unique. Also, players pass the controller around because this is a game with numerous characters, choices, and QTEs. In this approach, you can control a character or a story in short bursts.

    Because one wrong decision or move could have disastrous consequences, its more of an interactive horror film to watch with friends. This is one of the best multiplayer games for Xbox One available.

    Best Multiplayer Horror Games On Roblox

    Roblox’s horror catalog is in the limelight due to some amazing games that guarantee good vocal exercise. If players are having trouble discovering horror titles on Roblox, this list may be of assistance.

    They can also play these frightening Roblox games in multiplayer mode. It’s time to bring back Friday’s terrifying titles!

    While we all agree that Roblox is different in the way avatars appear, it is home to a number of creepy multiplayer horror games. While the majority are still family-friendly and appropriate for all ages, a couple of games are somewhat disturbing and frightening.

    The majority of Roblox horror games combine tactics, trivia, puzzles, discovery, and endurance. These can be found in several of the games mentioned below. While the final goals vary, players can anticipate these Roblox horror games to put their judgment abilities, execution strategy, perseverance, and practical wisdom to the test.

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    Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Master Edition

    Supports: 4-player online multiplayer

    Monster Hunter World was a breakthrough game for Capcom. While the series has always been popular in Japan, it had a dedicated but relatively small fanbase in the US. Monster Hunter World changed that en route to becoming one of the most popular games in 2018. Monster Hunter World follows the same basic formula seen in all games in the series. You play as a hunter tasked with tracking and slaying challenging monsters. World ushers in more detailed graphics and monster animations along with seamless environments that are a joy to explore. Monster Hunter World’s combat system is uniquely rigorous and forces players to really get to know their abilities as well as their prey. The massive Iceborne expansion adds an additional lengthy campaign and heaps of awesome endgame content. It’s easy to sink hundreds of hours into Monster Hunter World. Though playable solo, Monster Hunter World is primarily an online co-op game for up to four hunters. Monster Hunter World is available on Game Pass, but you have to buy the Iceborne expansion separately.

    Alone In A Dark House

    10 Best Xbox One Horror Multiplayer Games

    Another exploration-based horror game for Roblox, Alone in a dark house combines story elements and walking mechanics with a lot of scares. Set in the game makes you a private investigator who travels to a small town. Your focus is a brutal vehicle murder and your journey will take you to a big house that contains a multitude of secrets.

    While you may think the empty place contains nothing but furniture, secret passageways filled with dark secrets await you. You must solve a variety of puzzles and ultimately the bigger mystery itself. Oh, and youre not alone in that house. Good luck!

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    A Plague Tale Innocence

    A Plague Tale: Innocence by Asobo Studio was a surprising smash. The beautiful French landscape and two loving children are juxtaposed with the terrifying danger of the Inquisition and an ancient plot in this dark medieval horror game.

    As Amicia de Rune, youll have to balance caring for your baby brother Hugo while navigating the evil world youve been plunged into.

    Its a truly stunning game, with a 120 FPS mode available for Xbox Series X and S. The gameplay is adequate, although there is some space for development.

    Fortunately, A Plague Tale: Requiem, the next sequel, will provide the studio with the opportunity to achieve just that.

    The Exorcist: Legion Vr

    • Released: 2017
    • Developed by: Wolf & Wood
    • Platform: PSVR and PC

    The Exorcist: Legion VR released on the PC and the PlayStation VR in 2017 and 2018 respectively. As the game title suggests, its a virtual reality horror game that was released using an episodic model.

    The game is based in the same universe as The Exorcist, which many consider to be the most influential horror movie of all time. The Exorcist: Legion VR is based on the third movie in the franchise and is just as disturbing and as its source material. The sound design is phenomenal and does a great job of building tension with its creepy whispers and sounds that seem to come from everywhere. The intensity never lets up and players will be literally on the edge of or leaping off their seat in pure terror.

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    The Dark Pictures Anthology

    Supermassive Games has made a name for themselves after the success of their horror video game IP, Until Dawn. The video game title released exclusively on the PlayStation 4, but there have been more horror games coming out from this studio that can be enjoyed on the Microsoft Xbox One console platform. These video games offer multiplayer support and have the same style of mechanics as Until Dawn. Overall, these games are very narrative-driven with players getting the ability to control a multitude of characters throughout the storyline. While there are some exploration moments, the main part of this game is making quick and difficult decisions.

    For The Dark Pictures Anthology, Supermassive Games is delivering a series of short horror video games for players to enjoy. Right now, at the moment were writing this description, only two of those video game titles are readily available for purchase. Those titles are Man of Medan, a game that follows a group of sunken treasure hunters, and A Little Hope, where we follow a group of students that end up getting stranded at a haunted town. As mentioned, these games offer multiplayer support where a group of local players will be in charge of an individual character to make decisions or if youre playing with a secondary player online, the game splits the characters up between the two players.

    Dead Island Definitive Edition

    10 BEST Multiplayer HORROR Games To Play With Friends (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch)

    Dead Island was developed by Techland, a studio that worked on Dying Light which well be getting into later in this list. Within Dead Island, players are trapped on a tropical paradise resort island when the zombie apocalypse happens. Now to get off the island, you discover that youre immune but that doesnt mean you cant get killed by these beasts if they happen to swarm around you.

    Players are tasked with aiding civilians around the island with their needs as they work towards a way to get back home. Its a melee-focused game as well with players slashing away at zombies or using one of the unique weapons that can be crafted as you progress through the campaign. There is also a definitive edition available with this game which comes with the game, Dead Island: Riptide, along with all the DLC. Players can go through the game co-op but its only supported online so if youll be out of luck if youre wanting to enjoy the game locally.

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    The Haunted Imperial Hotel

    Featuring an abandoned hotel that was closed down due to multiple deaths caused by a collapse, the Imperial Hotel game is a Roblox horror that packs intense mysterious vibes. Based on exploration mechanics combined with horror, this Roblox game lets you explore a supposedly haunted hotel that is full of unexplained mysteries.

    As the explorer, you must navigate through the building while dodging enemies and clearing traps. This scary Roblox game packs a lot of horror along with jumpscares. And if you feel alone, you can always play multiplayer and invite your friends too.

    Halo: The Master Chief Collection

    Supports: 2-player local and 4-player online multiplayer

    Halo: The Master Chief Collection could be described as the ultimate cooperative first-person shooter for Xbox. The compilation comes with the first four mainline Halo games as well as Halo 3: ODST and Halo Reach. All six games feature campaigns that can be played cooperatively either online or split-screen. You really can’t go wrong here, as several of the best FPS games ever made are featured in this collection. In addition to the campaigns, you can join up with friends to try to survive in Firefight, a horde mode featured in ODST and Reach. Halo: The Master Chief Collection is available to play for free if you’re a Game Pass subscriber. After getting your fill of the collection, Halo 5 is also worth playing alongside family and friends. Unfortunately, Halo Infinite’s cooperative campaign isn’t available yet, but the latest Halo game will likely find its way on this list once co-op launches.

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    Zombie Army : Dead War

    The Zombie Army franchise has a fourth installment available and its a series that some players may have completely missed. With that said, its well worth checking into with the fourth installment being the latest. Here players are going through a wacky storyline where Nazi zombies have turned up and you along with your friends are sent to stop them from overtaking the world. Its a game thats a bit like Left 4 Dead, where you have a group of survivors gunning their way down a massive collection of zombies all while completing a series of mission goals.

    Meanwhile, youll have the ability to make tweaks and upgrades for your weapons which, much like the storyline, can be over-the-top fun, such as a shotgun that can shoot out electrical blasts. However, if you rather not going through the campaign then theres the traditional wave-based style game mode as well where your group of friends can attempt to see how long they would last in the game before finally being overtaken by the zombie horde.

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