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Resident Evil 8 Demo Xbox One

Resident Evil Village Is Down To $4019 Right Now


The Resident Evil Village demo saga was quite the spectacle, and if you missed it which is very plausible, considering how limited its availability was then youve got another chance to try it out. Capcom just brought back the demo on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

To quickly recap, this demo is a 60-minute experience, in which you can explore the cordoned-off village and castle areas. Theyre short enough that you can finish both gameplay slices in the time limit, though the former is pretty cutscene-heavy, and the timer does constantly count down.

I honestly didnt love the artificial time pressure for Resident Evil Village, and I certainly hated the weird schedule Capcom put players through, but a demo is a demo. Fleeting as this one is, Im glad it exists. I just downloaded the PC version, which I hadnt done before.

Based on the wording in a Steam post, it sounds as if the 60-minute timer is shared from the previous experience, meaning if you already played the Resident Evil Village demo back in May when it was originally available, you shouldnt bother playing it again on the same platform with the same account. Several months later, this thing is still fussy as hell!

Potentially more relevant to your interests, theres also a deal running for Resident Evil Village right now its $40.19, which is 33 percent off, across Steam, PS4 + PS5, and Xbox One + Xbox Series X/S. These digital sales will last through October.

All Playstation Demo Schedule

North America: Apr 17, 17:00 PDT Europe: Apr 18, 19:00 CEST 8 Hours
North America: Apr 24, 17:00 PDT Europe: Apr 25, 19:00 CEST 8 Hours
North America: May 1, 17:00 PDT Europe: May 2, 02:00 CEST 24 Hours

PlayStation users can have 2 separate early-access demo for The Village& The Castle regions. Then, they can participate in the final Multiplatform Demo as well, making it a total of 3 demo opportunities.

Resident Evil Village Demo Editions Times And Schedule Explained

The Resident Evil Village demo rollout can be a little on the confusing side – here’s a breakdown of how it works:

  • There is a single demo available, allowing you to explore the village and castle areas of Resident Evil Village.
  • All platforms – PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Steam and Stadia – will have access to this demo for a limited time for a week from the weekend of May 1st .
  • PS5 and PS4 owners will have early access to this demo across the two weekends prior – the weekends of April 17th and April 24th – staggering out access to the Village and Castle areas respectively across these weekends.
  • Access to all demos will be limited, both in availability as well as playtime. The PlayStation demos will be scheduled during an evening in both Europe and North America, while the final, multi-platform demo will start and end at the same time globally.
  • Pre-loads will be available on all platforms ahead of each window.
  • All demos will be free, and require no pre-orders or sign ups to access.

Note these demos are different to the Maiden demo, which was released exclusively on PlayStation 5 earlier this year – though it’s possible some of the same areas might feature in the castle segments. You can watch a full playthrough of Maiden in the following video:

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Resident Evil Village Demo Dates And Times On Ps4 And Ps5 Explained: When Can You Play 8 Hours In Village

For PlayStation owners, you have three weekends in total to sample the Resident Evil Village demo, allowing you to explore the village and castle areas across two platform-exclusive weekends, then another alongside other platforms to explore either area as you choose.

On each weekend, you can only play the demo during an eight hour period, and play only for 30 minutes. Each period will go live during evening hours in the US and Europe.

The dates and times are as follows:

Village demo times

  • West Coast US: April 17th, 5pm to April 18th, 1am
  • East Coast US: April 17th, 8pm to April 18th, 4am
  • UK: April 18th, 6pm to April 19th, 2am
  • Europe: April 18th, 7pm to April 19th, 3am

Castle demo times

  • West Coast US: April 24th, 5pm to April 25th, 1am
  • East Coast US: April 24th, 8pm to April 25th, 4am
  • UK: April 25th, 6pm to April 26th, 2am
  • Europe: April 25th, 7pm to April 26th, 3am

It’s then assumed the same demo download will allow you to then access the multiplatform window – which PlayStation owners can also participate in – the following weekend.

Resident Evil Village Demo Preload For Xbox And Pc Now Live

Resident Evil 8

Good news for Resident Evil fans on PC and Xbox as the preload for the final Resident Evil Village demo has finally gone live!

After two weeks of being available to download on the PS4 and PS5 for early access, the long awaited Resident Evil Village Demo is now downloadable on PC and Xbox consoles.

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Second Resident Evil Village Demo Coming May Playstation Players Get It Starting This Weekend

The next Resident Evil Village demo looks even more meaty than the one from earlier this year.

In January, when Capcom surprise-dropped the first Resident Evil Village demo, the developer promised that an even bigger sneak peek is coming in the spring. Today, at the Resident Evil Showcase, Capcom fully detailed what we can expect.

For starters, the demo will be available on PC , PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Stadia. This limited-time demo will only be available for one day. During that window, you’ll be able to play it for just up to one hour.

The demo includes access to the village itself, and the surrounding castle areas. You can explore either of those locations and do whatever you want, all within the 60-minute time limit. This is a similar setup to the Resident Evil 2 1-Shot Demo from 2019. The multiplatform demo will be available to pre-load April 30.

Here’s when you can play:

  • North America: May 1 at 5pm PT, 8pm ET until May 2.
  • Europe: May 2 at 1am UK, 2am CEST until May 3.
  • Asia: May 2 at 8am HKT until May 3.

But that’s not all, PlayStation owners on PS4 and PS5 will get early access to the same demo, only it’s going to be split into two 30-minute chunks covering each of the two areas. This demo includes the same content as the multi-platform demo, essentially allowing PlayStation players to try the content out twice.

Here’s the schedule:

Resident Evil Village is out May 7 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Stadia.

Resident Evil Village Demo Dates And Times On Xbox Playstation Pc And Stadia Explained: When Can You Play On All Platforms

Across all platforms – PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Steam and Stadia – the demo can be played across one week, allowing you to explore both village and castle areas.

When available, you can access the demo for only 60 minutes. The week-long availability is the same across the globe – starting in the evening on May 1st in the US, and early hours of the 2nd in Europe.

Resident Evil Village demo times

  • UK: 1am, May 2nd to 1am, May 10th
  • Europe: 2am, May 2nd to 2am, May 10th
  • East Coast US: 8pm, May 1st to 8pm, May 9th
  • West Coast US: 5pm, May 1st to 5pm, May 9th

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If The Quality Hadnt Been Sufficient I Dont Think We Would Have Released It

Resident Evil Village could have skipped last-gen platforms entirely, with the developers waiting to make sure it ran well enough before committing to making a PS4 and Xbox one version.

Resident Evil Village is gorgeous on next-gen platforms and PC, but recent demos and IGNs own hands-on time have indicated that the game also looks great and runs smoothly on last-gen platforms, the PS4 and Xbox One. However, according to producer Tsuyoshi Kanda, Capcom did not decide to release the game on last-gen platforms until after Village was announced in June last year.

We developed Village as a game for next-gen hardware, but in order to make it accessible to more players, we went through a lot of trial and error to somehow provide a comparable experience on last-gen hardware, Kanda told IGN. In the end, we were able to deliver a high-quality product for last-gen hardware as well. That being said, if the quality hadnt been sufficient, I dont think we would have released it.

If there was a big difference in graphical quality or framerate, it would not have been something we could deliver to players, so we did our best to make sure it would be satisfying on any platform, added director Morimasa Sato.

If youre not sure whether to get Village on last-gen or next-gen consoles, dont worry, as Kanda emphasizes that the last-gen versions can be upgraded to next-gen free of charge, if you buy a next-gen machine later.

What Is The Resident Evil Village Demo

29 Minutes of Resident Evil 8 Village DEMO (Xbox One X)

What youve got to look forward to is an hour of gameplay across the games early village and castle sections. Unlike the scripted, PlayStation-exclusive first demo, this gameplay slice sounds much more open.

Youll be able to do what you like in either or both of the two areas, but will be limited to 60 minutes total so choose wisely.

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Links For Resident Evil Village Demo Preload

Xbox : Resident Evil Village Gameplay Demo

Size: Roughly 9.8GB

Steam: Official Steam page or use steam://install/1541780. Be sure you have Steam installed as the link will open up the software and redirect you to the demo page.

Size: Roughly 8.5GB

Final Resident Evil Village Demo Schedule

North America: May 1, 5PM-May 9, 5PM PDT

UK: May 2, 1AM-May 10, 1AM BST

Europe: May 2, 2AM-May 10, 2AM CEST

The Resident Evil Village Demo will be available to play for one full week starting Saturday, May 1. Its important to note that while the demo is available for the week of release, you actually only have a total of 60 minutes to play the demo as it is on a timed restriction. During those 60 minutes you will be able to play through two early game sections, one being set in the village itself, while the other in castle Dimitrescu. The demo features a variety of different gameplay mechanics for players to play around with. Both sections are beatable, though it is possible to run out of time before that.

If you are interested in our thoughts on the demo, please be sure to read our Resident Evil Village demo impression!

Resident Evil Village Demo: How To Download Resident Evil Maiden Demo What Platforms Is The Re8 Demo On And More

If you fancy some horror this weekend, this demo is for you…

During its Resident Evil-focused livestream on January 21, Capcom announced it is releasing a special demo for Resident Evil Village.

This demo comes before the full release of Resident Evil Village, which is set to launch later this year on May 7 for PS5/PS4, Xbox Series X/S/Xbox One and PC.

If you want to know more about what this horror demo entails, alongside how to get involved, keep reading…

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Resident Evil Village Demo Platforms: Can You Play Resident Evil On Xbox Pc Or Playstation

Unfortunately for Xbox, PC and even PlayStation 4 owners, the Resident Evil Maiden demo is only available on the PlayStation 5 console.

Capcom gave no mention of whether this demo will later come to other platforms. If you paid close attention to the Resident Evil showcase, Peter Fabiano said: “Of course, we want as many people as possible to get a chance to play. So we’ll have a separate, new demo, available on all platforms, ready for some time this Spring.”

Based on this, it seems the Maiden demo will remain a PlayStation 5 exclusive permanently. A new, more conventional demo likely focusing on Ethan Winters will launch closer to Resident Evil Villages release, for all platforms.

Demo Is 30 Minute Of Gameplay Only

Resident Evil 8 Village

The first 2 Village, Castle demo will only allow players to play for 30 minutes of the game. All cutscene, menu time is calculated, so skip cinematics if you want the full gameplay duration. Players can restart to play again but only for 30 minutes.

Demo Is Available For Limited Time Only

The Demo will only be available for a short time after release before closing. For the first 2 Demo, the available duration is 8 hours. For the final Demo, that duration is 24 hours.

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What Do The Reviews Say

The video game has a rating of 83/100 on Metacritic.

“Resident Evil 7 was an excellent return to the horror underpinnings of the franchise, but cunningly altered with new ideas and a new perspective. Similarly, Village is an intelligent reintroduction of the best action elements of Resident Evil. Though it captures some of the same things that made RE7 such a breath of fresh air , Village evolves to become its own unique creature. It makes you wonder what beautifully twisted fiend Resident Evil might mutate into in the future.”

Resident Evil Maiden Demo Explained

While The Resident Evil demo takes place in the same location as RE: Village, it will not focuses on Village’s protagonist Ethan Winter, instead giving players control of ‘the maiden’. According to Resident Evil Village Producer Peter Fabiano, the maiden is not a particular character or person, but “symbolizes the protagonist, a girl who’s trapped in Dimitrescu Castle.”

This demo was originally intended to be a short visual demo, Fabiano also said. It then “evolved to include a short story and puzzle-solving” as development went on, before turning into a complete standalone experience.

During the demo, players will be unable to fight or block, offering completely unique gameplay compared to the experience players will get when RE: Village launches in May.

You can watch the full Resident Evil Showcase below:

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Resident Evil Village Download In Progress

You will be automatically redirected to the homepage in 30 seconds.

Resident Evil Village is the return of our favorite survival horror saga: this installment follows the terrifying story of Ethan Winters. In the previous opus, Ethan had to face all kinds of enemies and misfortunes to try to get his wife back, Mia. After tons of effort and suffering in the Bakers’ house, it seemed that they were finally going to be able to have a quiet life together. However, as you have undoubtedly imagined, this is not the case.

Duration And Game Modes

Resident Evil 8 Village-Castle Demo [ Xbox One ]

The title comes with the classic solo adventure mode and, as mentioned above, with a brand new competitive multiplayer mode. The latter offers players the possibility to face 5 other players in different locations, as well as the freedom to choose from any character in the saga.

The time it takes you to complete the campaign depends, on one hand, on the level of difficulty you choose, and on how exhaustive you are at exploring the scenarios and discovering all the secrets, on the other hand. In general, finishing the story takes between 8 and 10 hours.

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Its Just A Local Tale

Picking up where Resident Evil 7 biohazard left off, Resident Evil Village is the eighth major installment in the flagship Resident Evil series. The game sees the reunited Ethan and Mia Winters living happily together and putting their shared nightmares of the Bakers plantation behind them until their life is upended and Ethan becomes the focal point of a new nightmare.

When Does The Village Demo Drop

The demo will be available across every platform from 1 May at 5pm PDT/8pm EDT in the US, which works out as 2 May at 1am BST/2am CEST for those of us in Europe.

The hour-long gameplay section will be available for free from your platform store of choice, and will be accessible for a little over a week, disappearing a couple of days after the game itself goes on sale.

The original plan was to only make the demo accessible during a 24-hour window, but Capcom relented after fans and media complained that the limited availability wasnt respectful of player time.

Note that this doesnt change the fact that you can still only play the demo for a maximum of one hour before youll be locked out.

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What You Need To Know

  • Resident Evil Village, or Resident Evil 8, is just around the corner with a release date of May 7, 2021.
  • Ahead of release, Resident Evil fans will be able to play the Resident Evil Village time-limited demo.
  • The Resident Evil Village second demo will be available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, PS5, PS4, and PC.
  • Players will be able to play for up to 60 minutes on their platform of choice starting May 1, 2021.

Capcom revealed crucial information about the second demo for the much-anticipated Resident Evil Village during the April Resident Evil Showcase. The 8th entry in the mainline Resident Evil series celebrates 25 years of some of the best horror games, and takes the series to an all-new location with new horrors to face. Today, it was revealed that players excited for Resident Evil Village will be able to participate in a time-limited demo of the game starting May 1, 2021.

Resident Evil Village also has a brand-new story trailer which showcases more horrifying threats.

Here’s what you need to know about the second Resident Evil Village demo:

The second Resident Evil Village demo will be expanded to even more platforms, and will be available on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, PC, and Stadia. Players will be able to experience Resident Evil Village for up to 60 minutes on their platform of choice. The times for the Resident Evil Village demo include:

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