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Real Time Strategy Games Xbox One

Xcom : War Of The Chosen

Age of Empires IV – Gameplay Trailer

Released in 2017, XCOM 2: War of the Chosen is an expansion that provides so much more content and improvement over the original version that it should be considered a new game. War of the Chosen includes new environments, soldier relationships, classes, enemies, and missions to keep it feeling fresh to veterans of the series.

By all accounts, the developers at Firaxis could have easily released War of the Chosen and sold it as XCOM 3 and most fans would have been happy. Furthermore, players that cant help but get attached to their soldiers and will feel an even greater sense of loss with the implementation of a character relationship system that resembles the Fire Emblem series.

Europa Universalis Iv: Microsoft Store Edition

Its not as mainstream of Crusader Kings 2, but EU4 is one of the two main poster-children of grand strategy gaming. This game takes you from the mid-1400s right through to the end of the Napoleonic era in 1815 some 400 years of history that saw everything from the discovery of the new world, to the age of gunpowder. You can choose to play as any nation in the world and lead them through their own journey.

As well as the base-game, all of EU4s DLC has also been made available via the Microsoft Store. You dont get it for free with Games Pass, but subscribers do get a discount.

Is There A Game Like Age Of Empires For Ios

Before it was closed down in 2019, Age of Empires: Castle Siege had been a mobile game based on tower defence games. Players developed and fortified a medieval fortress against waves of attackers, then organised attacking forces of their own.

You can still get a game like Age of Empires on your phone, however. Among the games trying their best to avoid copyright infringement is Forge of Empires. Meanwhile, the developer responsible for Rise of Nations went on to make freemium strategy game DomiNations.


Image Credit: Shiro Games

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Know Your Genre: Real

    Just what do we really mean when we talk about game genres, anyway? Sure, youve probably seen that fans of the genre will enjoy this phrase in umpteen game reviews, but the truth is that the most durable game genres have walked some long, ever-evolving, and very interesting roads over the past several decades. In this weekly series, Xbox Wires editorial team will break down exactly what shaped your favorite genres, why theyre so timelessly awesome, and where theyre headed while providing you with some expert advice on the past and modern classics that you should check out!

    This week, were investigating the history of one of the more cerebral game genres: real-time strategy. Since its inception, this brand of quick thinking, resource-gathering, and troop-commanding has been thought of as a micromanagers dream. But this is a far more diverse genre than many realize, and that starts with its birth in an unlikely time and place given where it is today.

    The Past

    While the real-time strategy genre is generally associated with Western developers on the PC platform, the first game generally considered to fit the criteria of an RTS wasnt made in the United States or Europe nor did it appear on PCs.

    The Present

    Real-time strategy isnt nearly as ubiquitous as it was from the 90s through the turn of the 21st century, but the new millennium has brought some staggering innovation to the genre along with a hearty dose of nostalgia.

    The Future

    They Are Billions System Requirements

    10 Best Xbox One RTS Games#6 Is Unique!  ProFanboy
    • OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10
    • CPU: Intel 2 cores 2Ghz, AMD 2 cores 2Ghz
    • RAM: 4 GB
    • OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10
    • CPU: Intel 4 cores 3Ghz, AMD 4 cores 3Ghz
    • RAM: 8 GB
    • GPU: Radeon 7950, Nvidia GTX 670
    • DirectX: 9.0c

    Dive into an alternate 1920s and wage large scale-war with mechs and fight for a recovering Europes future. Select from three factions, and enter the battle with dozens of units and heroes. Utilize unique abilities and destroy buildings as you fight for control in single-player and multiplayer modes. The war has just begun with casual and online ranked matches available, and leaderboards for those wanting to challenge the best.

    Play the game that defined the genre, now updated with all-new features, game modes, and visuals. Experience Age of Empires like never before, with 4K graphics, updated UI, more than 40 hours of gameplay, improved animations, and updated narration. Build and share your scenarios with the community. Face-off in up to 8-player matches in the ultimate Age of Empires collection.

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    Total War: Three Kingdoms System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7
    • CPU: Intel 7-8550U 1.80GHz
    • GPU: Intel UHD Graphics 620
    • DirectX: 11
    • OS: Windows 10
    • CPU: Intel i5-6600, AMD Ryzen 5 2600X
    • RAM: 8 GB
    • GPU: Nvidia GTX 970, AMD R9 Fury X
    • DirectX: 11

    PS4 / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch

    Explore a new land as a Viking and survive dire wolves and undead warriors as you bid to bring glory to your clan. As a Northman trade, invade and devote your life to the gods as you build your settlement on the new continent of Northgard. Assign your Vikings to jobs such as farmer, sailor, or warrior, and manage your resources to get through the harshest winter that you have known. Play against the AI or friends, and head online to climb the ranks and become a Norse God.

    • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 Ghz
    • RAM: 1 GB
    • GPU: Nvidia 450 GTS, AMD Radeon HD 5750
    • DirectX: 10
    • CPU: Intel Quad core i5 3.1 Ghz
    • RAM: 2 GB
    • GPU: Nvidia GTX 660, AMD Radeon HD 7800
    • DirectX: 10

    PS4 / Xbox One

    Build and defend your colony from billions of infected in a post-apocalyptic world where you survive as one of the last humans. Play a stunning campaign featuring 48 missions, 90 available technologies, and uncover how the pandemic began. Build your army and keep them happy with food and money, and build a fortress to house them with walls, gates, and towers. In They Are Billions, survival is never guaranteed, and death is only on the other side of the wall.

    Age Of Empires : Definitive Edition

    • Approximate Game Length: 50-200 Hours
    • Genre: Real-Time Strategy
    • Developers: Ensemble Studios, Forgotten Empires, Tantalus Media, Wicked Witch Software
    • File Size: 19.51 GB

    Xbox Game Pass for PC has the Definitive Editions of the three main Age of Empiresgames, a collection that will expand to include Age of Empires 4 once it launches on October 28, 2021. Every entry in the series has something to offer, but Age of Empires 2 sits above its peers as the most iconic game in not only the franchise but the strategy genre in general. The Definitive Edition takes the brilliant base game and fine-tunes it, granting an array of quality of life improvements that make a significant difference. This is the ideal way to play one of the best strategy games ever.

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    Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

    This is technically a Game Preview game as its still technically in a pre-release state, but this wonderfully bonkers title is now available to Games Pass subscribers on both Xbox One and PC.

    Its more simulation than strategy, but offers a uniquely fascinating combat simulation that allows you to pit vastly different types and numbers of troopers against each other. Its not grounded in reality at all, but its still fun to play around with.

    Halo Wars: Definitive Edition & Halo Wars 2

    Age of Empires IV – Official Gameplay Trailer – Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2021

    While real-time strategy games have been a little thin on the ground lately, the console revolution has given them new life in many cases. Halo Wars is one of the older RTS which has seen considerably more discussion and play since it has been available on Xbox. Upgradeable units, a relaxed pace, and a great setting definitely make it of interest for those in the know.

    You cant keep a good franchise down and Halo Wars 2 proves that. Taking up the story from the end of Halo Wars and popping in a time skip, you are dropped into a fight made of strategic units, heroes, and radial menus. While some of the original handling of DLC was unfortunate, thats no longer a problem.

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    Best Strategy Games On Xbox Game Pass For Pc

    Unsurprisingly, Xbox Game Pass for PC has a far more robust selection of strategy games. The genre has historically flourished on computers, with the mouse + keyboard set up complementing the pinpoint controls required by these titles. While console owners only have a small selection of games to pick from, the PC scene is considerably more impressive.

    For those with Xbox Game Pass for PC, here are a handful of the best games on the subscription service.

    Real Time Strategy : Xbox One Games

    Video games have always been popular, and the Xbox One Microsoft has taken the game a level higher. A powerful console like the Xbox One opens a new dimension of a world where games are more fluid and the graphics more realistic. To match the system, there is a wide range of games that will boost your gaming experience. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, at Target you will find a wide range of Xbox One games of different genres and sub-genres. Love action-adventure games? Try your hands at Red Dead Redemption 2, a sequel to a popular survival game. Action-RPG gamers, go on a wild hunt with The Witcher 3. Need a fast-paced racing rush? You have Forza Horizon 4. Take a shot at Prey, if you like horror first-person shooting games. Theres Resident Evil 2, the ever-popular zombie apocalypse game. Then, there are other games such as The Long Dark, Life is Strange, The Outer Worlds, Assassins Creed: Odyssey and many others of every genre. Take your seat, pick your game, set up your Xbox and ready, set go!

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    Command And Conquer: Red Alert 3

    Platform: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 Release date: 2008

    EA improved things even further with 2008s Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 for the Xbox 360 the PlayStation 3 port wouldnt come until 2009. Buildings and units could be created out of a radial menu, allowing for faster gameplay while cruising around the map. Even better, all of the missions were designed with co-op play in mind, meaning you and a friend could have fun command and conquering your way through the three different campaigns. With all the different options from selecting your whole army to cycling through different unit types at the press of the button, the complexities of gameplay could better be realized. Higher resolution graphics also allowed for HD video in the cut-scenes and allow more units to be shown on the screen than ever before.

    The Top 20+ Military Strategy Games

    Real Time Strategy Games For Xbox One X

    Military strategy is a pretty popular genre, and for obvious reasons. The appeal of watching troops execute a perfectly-planned strategy and take down their enemy with ruthless efficiency isnt one that needs to be explained. Nevertheless, this crowded genre has hundreds of games, some better than others. Here are the top 20 military strategy games you can play in 2019.

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    Total War: Three Kingdoms

    Total War: Three Kingdoms wears its post-Total War: Warhammer influences on its sleeve, in that its primarily rooted in history, but likewise dabbles in occasional bursts of fantasy, portrayed via age-old legend. The Chinese civil war is the event of the day here, and the idiosyncrasies of complex relationships fuel just about everything you can shake a cursor at from diplomacy behind the scenes, trade ahead of war, and dynamics between factions on the battlefield. All of those customisable elements have been tweaked against previous Total War instalments, and Three Kingdoms expansive DLC gives this one even more life beyond its standard campaign.

    Available on: PC

    The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance Tactics

    • Approximate Game Length: 20 Hours
    • Genre: Tactical RPG
    • X|S Enhanced: No
    • File Size: 5 GB

    The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Netflix series brought Jim Hensons darkly fantastical film back to life. Age of Resistance Tactics seeks to capitalize on this nostalgia by treading the same ground covered in the show. However, the story beats are spread out over tactical combat encounters. So while there is less time spent on character development, there is more time spent immersing yourself in measured gameplay. Seeing Gelfling and Skeksis duel it out on a limited battlefield is especially enjoyable if you hold any degree of fondness for either the original movie or the new show.

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    Warparty Xbox One Review: A Solid Real

    Real-time strategy games aren’t common sights on consoles. The genre has often traditionally been kept on PC, and while titles like Halo Wars 2 work wonderfully with a couch-and-controller setup, many other games struggle to do the same. Fortunately, Warparty, the latest RTS title to officially hit the market, is a game that rises above the aforementioned issues and delivers a compelling experience, albeit not without some issues. Even so, the game is great overall, especially when you consider its low price of just $25.

    Dune: The Battle For Arrakis

    Age of Empires IV: Behind the Scenes with Relic Entertainment

    Platform: Sega Genesis Release date: 1993

    While not the first RTS game, Westwood Studios Dune: The Battle for Arrakis ported in 1993 to the Sega Genesis established many conventions of the genre. Players had to build harvesters to reap a resource to convert into money. In addition, sources of power had to be built to maintain your growing number of buildings on your bases. More buildings means you can pump out more units. More units means being able to wipe out the enemy faster and move onto the next stage. Westwood Studios improved the graphics from the PC version so the units looked larger, making them easier to see on a far away TV than up close on a computer monitor. Buildings and units were built from a menu accessed by moving the cursor to the construction yard, which would take players to a separate screen to build units or other buildings. In a smart concession to the lack of mouse precision, the cursor switches to a circle with a large radius when you are trying to move units or attack enemies.

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    Homeworld: Deserts Of Kharak

    Serving as a prequel to the Homeworld franchise, the iconic RTS franchise that will be seeing a new entry in 2022, Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak invites you to take battles through dunes. In the campaign, the character Rachel Sjet is tasked with leading her people on a quest to investigate an anomaly, which means having to survive dune seas, craters, and hostiles canyons of grand scale, as well as everyone who gets in the way.

    Its interesting to see how all these elements play out, and become available for your own tactical advantage, in addition to what has made the Homeworld games so beloved, managing units in both land and air vehicles up to heavyweight cruisers. This not only makes for an interesting take on this universe before the actual events of the main series but also a worthy introduction before jumping into the Homeworld Remastered Collection as you wait for the third entry.

    Available on: PC

    Best Strategy And Simulation Games On Xbox One In 2021

    BestStrategy and Simulation Games on Xbox OneWindows Central2021

    Strategy and simulator games are wildly popular on PC, and they’re starting to creep up in popularity on Xbox One, too. Many strategy games fare better with a mouse-and-keyboard control scheme, but more and more developers are finding new and innovative ways to make more complex games play well with controllers. Whether your desire is to command huge armies of space marines against roaming aliens, or build your own city from scratch, Xbox should have you covered.

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    Sins Of A Solar Empire: Rebellion

    If theres a series that is well known to both 4X and RTS fans is Sins of a Solar Empire. Ever since its release back in 2008, it has reunited an avid audience around it that doesnt seem like its gonna stop anytime soon. Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion is the latest iteration that came out in 2012, and even to this day is still receiving updates from the developers and even new events. The support is rare to see, but it also comes from the fact that players have been asking for more content for a whilst.

    Its unsure whether or not well see a sequel, but in the meantime this standalone expansion is more than enough to get you into the action. You can expect single-player missions on a wide scale throughout space, including new warships, class ships, and capital ships, as well as diverse victory conditions and also updated tutorials aimed at both newcomers and experienced players.

    Available on: PC

    Save The Galaxy: Halo Wars 2

    Real Time Strategy Games For Xbox One X

    Halo Wars 2 is an epic strategy game set in Microsoft’s flagship Halo franchise. Taking place after the events of Halo 5, the crew of the UNSC warship Spirit of Fire emerge from deep stasis, only to find a rogue alien coalition attempting to take control of a galaxy-killing super weapon. Its up to you to train your units, construct your buildings, and end the fight.

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