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Puzzle Games On Xbox Game Pass

Superhot: Mind Control Delete

Xbox Game Pass Games in March – IGN Daily Fix

Contrary to appearances, Superhot: Mind Control Delete is much more of a puzzle game than a first-person shooter. Time stops when youre not moving and starts again as you move, so the challenge is all about figuring out how to take out the enemies around you in a stylish and effective manner. Theres a story, too, but honestly, the gameplay is the star of the show here youll want to try puzzles just to see how many different ways you can solve them.

Need For Speed Most Wanted

This Need for Speed game is in the realm of racing games. It might not be the newest title on this list or boast the most realistic graphics.

However, its gameplay has aged well, and it is still worth a shot, especially for those who want a trip down memory lane.

Playable On: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|SMultiplayer: Multiplayer

Why Play Puzzle Games

Puzzle games allows you to be creative in finding solutions to certain problems. Its a healthy source of entertainment thats fun to do and sharpens your mind. There are various puzzle games available no the Xbox which can be played by one player, two players, or even in multiplayer mode.

Heres our top list of Xbox puzzle games that you should be playing right now.

You get to enjoy two of the critically acclaimed 2D puzzle games of all time which is Inside and Limbo in one disc.


Inside is puzzle platformer adventure game thats developed and published by Playdead. This fantastic puzzle game allows you to control an unnamed boy who explored a mostly monochromatic world. you are able to walk, run, swim, climb, and use objects to overcome obstacles and progress in the game. You can even control bodies to solve certain puzzles in the game.


Limbo is a puzzle platform video game made by Playdead and was first released for the Xbox platform. In this game you guide unnamed boy through various dangerous environments and traps as he searches for his missing sister. The game uses black and white tones in a 2D environment.

There are various puzzles and traps you can solve which can sometimes be dangerous and can cause death to your character.

Why you should get the Inside and Limbo Double Pack

  • If you like solving puzzles then this bundle can save you a lot.
  • Its one of the best titles in the puzzle genre.
  • Has a mature theme and is best suited for adults.

Buy it now on

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The Elder Scrolls : Skyrim Special Edition

The Elder Scrolls 5, better known as just Skyrim, is a classic. And while you can play it on almost any console or device known to humankind at this point, its still worth playing on Game Pass if youve never given it a chance, or are just craving another journey in its sprawling world.

Like most Bethesda RPGs, Skyrim is a first-person game with a giant, living world. There are dungeons to crawl, stories to uncover, and a variety of guilds to join. But you can also go off the beaten path and discover your own fun in Skyrim it rewards you for being curious. Its the kind of Game Pass game that you can play for hundreds of hours and never get bored.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Solasta: Crown of the Magister, The Wild at Heart and More Coming to ...

Available on: Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Cloud

Ubisoft rekindled its counterterrorism squad with Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, now firmly cemented among the decade’s multiplayer greats. This first-person shooter doubles down on competitive online gameplay, with its five-versus-five setup pitting terrorists against the law in various objective-centered modes. With precise gunplay and no respawns, it’s all about outsmarting the other team and keeping your cool as the action heats up.

Operators define Rainbow Six Siege, various playable characters, each with unique weapon loads and gameplay-altering gear. Intelligence also plays a fundamental role, tapping into a network of surveillance cameras and drones, while destructive environments add new variables to every locale. It results in a complex web of synergies and counters, introducing a steeper learning curve but endlessly rewarding for hours to come.

Ubisoft’s latest hit is now over five years old, with over 75 million players and counting. It receives free quarterly updates adding new Operators and maps, coupled with limited-time seasonal events with distinct themes. Everything is earnable in-game, only supported by paid cosmetics, but Xbox Game Pass subscribers have the Deluxe Edition with 16 bonus Operators off the bat.

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Best Games On Xbox Game Pass To Play Right Now

    We are well into the holiday season, with big-name launches already out and the best games on Xbox Game Pass are rapidly expanding. Xbox Game Pass is well known for its vast collection of games, with some triple-A titles in their back pocket from the start. This month we see some of the biggest game releases of 2021 join the ever-expanding library. Here is a list of all the best games currently available to hold you over during the holiday season.

    Xbox Game Pass New Games December : What’s Coming Leaving Soon

    Xbox Game Pass is the ever-expanding Netflix-like gaming subscription from Microsoft, the makers of Xbox. For a monthly subscription, Xbox Game Pass partakers gain access to a constantly rotating catalog of hundreds of high-quality Xbox games. The best Xbox Game Pass games include third-party multiplayer games, older AAA titles, indie projects, all first-party Microsoft games, and pretty much everything in between.

    Xbox Game Pass is also included in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, an all-in-one subscription that gives players full access to Xbox Game Pass on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One consoles, PC, Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Cloud Gaming , and even EA Play. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate represents one of the best values in gaming, and that value only increases from month to month.

    That’s because Xbox Game Pass is always adding new games, with announcements once or twice a month. While games occasionally leave the service, the number of games available through Xbox Game Pass has been steadily growing since its launch. In this Xbox Game Pass guide, we’ll go over all the new games coming to the service, the games about to leave, and the top games on which you should be keeping an eye.

    If you want the complete list, be sure to bookmark our ultimate guide to every game on Xbox Game Pass.

    Note: Bold text indicates the game in question is coming to that platform, but is already available on other platforms through Xbox Game Pass.

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    Pneuma: Breath Of Life

    Pneuma: Breath of Life is a first-person puzzle game that puts players into the role of a god named Pneuma. Here youre toying with the in-game world and listening in on his monologue. Being a god, youre given the power to lift bridges or rotating massive buildings. As a result, its a mix of comedy narrative with puzzles thats not too difficult to grasp but its also not a lengthy game at all. Youll likely get it completed in under three hours.

    Best Casual: Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons

    Games Not To Miss On Xbox Game Pass

    Two brothers embark on a quest through the world in the hopes of saving their dying father. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a game that explores themes of grief, acceptance, and brotherhood, all without ever using dialogue. That’s because the brothers speak in an unintelligible language that lacks subtitles, but you can tell what’s going on by the body language and interactions that occur on screen.

    You play as both brothers, which gives the game an interesting co-op feel while still being single player. The world you move through is also vividly alive. While you can clear each area quickly by solving the puzzles, plenty of items and objects are waiting for you to interact with and deepen the story. The big pitfall to Brothers is the movement system. It uses a dual joystick mechanic which lets you control both brothers, but with one joystick attached to one brother and the other connected to the opposite brother, things get confusing fast.

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    The 15 Best Puzzle Games On Xbox Game Pass

    Sometimes, you want to take a break from the high-octane action-packed nature of triple-A gaming. Occasionally, what you want is to sit back and take on a good chin-stroking puzzle game, full of the kind of intellectual challenges that will make you feel like a god-level genius for solving them. Happily, as you might expect, the Xbox Game Pass service is full of them. Some of the greatest puzzle experiences ever constructed have found a home on Microsofts subscription service, so without further ado, lets take a look at the 15 best puzzle games on Xbox Game Pass.

    Resident Evil : Biohazard

    • X|S Enhanced: No
    • File Size: 22 GB

    In a marvelous return to form, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard terrifies players with a mix of hideous creatures to contend with and tense moments of resource management. Rather than buckling down with the more action-oriented setpieces of its predecessors, Biohazard grounds players in a single location for the majority of the game. As Ethan Winters, you must navigate your way through the peril-riddled and decrepit Baker house in search of your missing wife, Mia. The games switch to first-person perspective from the Resident Evil franchises typical third-person viewpoint is a gamble that pays off as players now have to deal with monsters face-to-face, in a very literal sense.

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    Xbox 360 Puzzle Games

    Platform: Xbox 360February 23, 2011 Take on friends in the brilliant gem-matching action of Bejeweled Blitz Live! Choose your favorite playing style – Classic or Twist – and rocket up the leaderboards! Battle your way to the top in the all-new 16-player Party mode over Xbox LIVE. Metascore:
    Platform: Xbox 360February 9, 2011 Stacking is the second downloadable game produced by THQ and the award-winning Double Fine Productions. The adventure of Stacking requires players to capture and stack dolls together, then use each doll’s unique abilities to solve the game’s challenges. As more puzzles are solved, new dolls are acquired and the game’s visually lush, carefully constructed story unfolds. Metascore:
    Platform: Xbox 360February 8, 2011 Brain Age Kinect is a brain training title from Namco Bandai. Dr. Ryuta Kawashima, cocreator of the DS Brain Age series. Also known as “Dr. Kawashima’s Body and Brain Exercises.”Metascore:
    ilomilo is a puzzle game where you control two friends, ilo and milo. Metascore:
    Raskulls is a puzzle platform game available for download on Xbox Live Arcade.Metascore:

    Escape Academy On Xbox Game Pass

    Xbox Game Pass : trois jeux confirmés sur Xbox One et PC pour février ...

    The story of Escape Academy is pretty straightforwardplayers are a student who has just arrived at the academy. It is a school that trains students to become the ultimate Escapist, with gameplay focused on a dozen of handcrafted escape rooms. Each room is designed by experts in the field of real Escape Rooms, giving fans all the more challenge and reward.

    Players will need to sort, find and use items, figure out codes, and more to make their way through the Escape Academys challenges, and whats more, they are able to do so in single-player or co-op, local or online. Indeed, Escape Academy is perhaps among the most interesting of all the co-op games that have come to Xbox Game Pass as of late.

    Beyond that, Escape Academy players will be able to meet the faculty, other students, and otherwise a wide cast of charactersall of whom are experts in this field. It adds a nice little touch of social RPG mechanics to the game, complete with whacky scenarios and escape rooms. Players could have to defuse a bomb before a cup of tea goes cold, compete against a school nemesis in a toe-to-toe puzzle race, or scramble to the top of a build that is rapidly filling with water.

    Xbox Game Pass subscribers get a handful of free games every month.

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    Pillars Of Eternity: Hero Edition

    This RPG board game style tile comes from the hand of the developers of Fallout: New Vegas and South Park: The Stick of Truth.

    Build your party, and explore a fantasy realm crammed with dungeons, where the decisions and choices you make shape the story.

    Playable On: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|SMultiplayer: Single Player

    Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons

    Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is an adventure game that is presented in the third person view. Each young boy has a unique set of skills that helps in your puzzle solving strategy. The older brother is stronger and can pull levers or boost his younger brother to higher places. The younger brother, although not as strong, can easily pass through narrow bars. There are various puzzles to solve and several boss fights available in this game.

    Why you should get Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

    • One of the best puzzle solving games available for the Xbox.
    • You get to experience co-op play in single player mode.
    • The game teaches you strategy and teamwork skills.
    • Is an interesting title that has received critical and universal acclaim.

    Buy it now on

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    You Need To Play The Most Influential Puzzle Game On Game Pass Asap

    You may have missed this one.

    Humans are built to solve puzzles. The entire course of our evolutionary history has, at its core, been about solving various puzzles. Once upon a time, that meant puzzles like, âHow do I kill things to eat them even though I am small?â and, âWhat should we do with all this poop we keep making?â Now, puzzles are fun and typically involve math, strategy, and logic. Call them brainteasers or mind games or shovelware, puzzles are a gaming genre unto themselves .

    But puzzle ubiquity wasnât always the law of the gaming land. For years, most puzzle games used hopped-up board game mechanics where players did feats of memorization or organization. Puzzle games were often a static, two-dimensional experience that felt more like something youâd find in the back of a newspaper than inside the circuits of a Super Famicom. Great for killing time and a fun distraction, but far from an immersive experience.

    Then, everything changed.

    Arguably the most important puzzle game ever released, Myst is available now on Xbox Game Pass. Hereâs why thereâs never been a time to revisit this early â90s best-selling classic.


    Myst was released in 1993 as the brainchild of brothers Robyn and Rand Miller, who spent most of their careers developing childrenâs titles. They pitched their creation to Sunsoft as something different.


    Myst is available now on Game Pass, as well as for sale on Nintendo Switch, PC, and Playstation.

    Yakuza: Like A Dragon

    Xbox Game Pass March Games JUST GOT INSANE
    • Developer: Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio
    • X|S Enhanced: Yes
    • File Size: 39 GB

    Let’s get this out of the way: Yakuza: Like a Dragon is a perfect jumping-off point for anyone new to the Yakuza series. It’s a whole new cast of characters in a whole new area. Yes, there are nods to the rest of the franchise, but there’s nothing to hamper newcomers’ enjoyment. Unlike the rest of the Yakuza games, Like a Dragon is a JRPG in the vein of Dragon Quest or classic Final Fantasycomplete with a party of loveable characters on a noble quest. What fans of the genre won’t be expecting is how well these tropes translate to a modern-day crime drama about found family. Yakuza: Like a Dragon is fun, funny, and an absolute joy to play through. Don’t miss it!

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    Destiny : Beyond Light

    Destiny 2 is one of the best games-as-a-service titles out there. From its grand story to its great gunplay and mechanics, Destiny knows how to make you feel like a hero while keeping challenges at just the right level of difficulty and addictiveness. As a Guardian of the Light youll be tasked with exploring the solar system, fighting hordes of aliens and sometimes facing off against other players too!

    Beyond Light marks a great time for first-timers to jump into the shooter, with content designed to bring new players up to speed quickly though the latest expansion is also sure to delight any returning fans, too.

    The Elder Scrolls : Skyrim

    Few RPGs have ever garnered the fervor of Skyrim. Despite a buggy launch, especially for PS3 players, the game has withstood the test of time for its impeccable sense of a real, lived-in world. Whether it’s your first time arriving in the chillier region of Tamriel or you’re loading up a saved game with hundreds of hours poured in, it’s interesting to revisit the game, now almost a decade old, and see how it still holds up in most ways.

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    Ori And The Blind Forest

    If nothing else, Ori and the Blind Forest should be experienced simply for the quality of its animation. Weve never seen a game that moves this fluidly. Watching Ori leap and bound through the games wooded environments never becomes a chore, and it helps that the platforming in this Metroidvania adventure is just as fluid and compelling as the animation. The story is a little rote, but theres more than enough atmosphere and charm to carry this one through. Check out the sequel if you liked this game its not quite as good, but its still worth experiencing.

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