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Pc Xbox Game Pass Games

Age Of Empires : Definitive Edition

  • Approximate Game Length: 50-200 Hours
  • Genre: Real-Time Strategy
  • Developers: Ensemble Studios, Forgotten Empires, Tantalus Media, Wicked Witch Software
  • File Size: 19.51 GB

Xbox Game Pass for PC has the Definitive Editions of the three main Age of Empiresgames, a collection that will expand to include Age of Empires 4 once it launches on October 28, 2021. Every entry in the series has something to offer, but Age of Empires 2 sits above its peers as the most iconic game in not only the franchise but the strategy genre in general. The Definitive Edition takes the brilliant base game and fine-tunes it, granting an array of quality of life improvements that make a significant difference. This is the ideal way to play one of the best strategy games ever.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

The list of the best Star Wars games is remarkably small, despite the fact that games bearing the name have been releasing for decades. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order stands apart, though. Its the first Star Wars game in a long time thats concerned with being a good game, not just a licensed one. The result is a game thats thoroughly enjoyable for those who couldnt care less about Star Wars, but with enough fan service to keep franchise fans hooked.

When it comes to gameplay, Fallen Order is like Dark Souls light. It has tight swordplay, with tuned parrying and dodging mechanics. However, its clear Fallen Orders difficulty was tuned against the mainstream video game market, not against solely Dark Souls. Because of that, Fallen Order is an enjoyable romp for Souls-like fans while being accessible to genre newcomers.

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Choose The Plan That’s Right For You

  • Game Pass Ultimate

    Get your first month for CAD $1.00,


    Unlimited access to over 100 high-quality games across PC, console, and Android

    New games added all the time

    Xbox Game Studios titles when they premiere

    Member discounts and deals

    Exclusive free Perks including in-game content and partner offers

    Play games on your mobile phone and tablet from the cloud


    Xbox Live Gold includes Deals with Gold, Games with Gold, and console multiplayer

    Evolving collection of PC and console games, exclusive early trials, 10% off digital purchases

  • Get your first month for CAD $1.00,


    Unlimited access to over 100 high-quality PC games

    New games added all the time

    Xbox Game Studios titles when they premiere

    Member discounts and deals

    Evolving collection of PC and console games, exclusive early trials, 10% off digital purchases


  • Get Game Pass for Console

    Unlimited access to over 100 high-quality console games

    New games added all the time

    Xbox Game Studios titles when they premiere

    Member discounts and deals


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    Xbox Game Pass Explained: From Xbox Game Pass Price To Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Explained

    • Standard Xbox Game Pass on console costs £7.99, â¬9.99 or $9.99 per month.
    • As well as the a standard Xbox Game Pass subscription, there is also Xbox Game Pass for PC, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – this combines Xbox Game Pass console and PC access, as well as Xbox Live Gold membership, all under one subscription, for £10.99 per month.
    • You may have heard about the $1 / £1 Xbox Game Pass deal. This is a regular promotion for your first month of Xbox Game Pass, but has also been an officially embraced low cost upgrade from a standard service to the all encompassing Ultimate subscription.
    • Like Netflix, titles will be added and taken away from the service over time. Microsoft has confirmed “at least” five new games every month, and are usually announced a week or so before they are added to the store.
    • Once an Xbox Game Pass title has downloaded to your hard drive, you can play offline for up to 30 days.
    • All future Microsoft published games will arrive on the service day-in-date with their retail releases – which includes major franchises such as Halo, Gears and Forza.

    Xbox Game Pass: All The Games Currently Available On Console

    Xbox Game Pass for PC beta appears with price details ...

    From DIRT 5 to PES 2021, you’re spoiled for choice with Xbox Game Pass

    Xbox Game Pass is a fantastic all-you-can-download service if youre constantly flitting between games trying to find one youre willing to sink hours into. The subscription service starts from just $9.99/£7.99 a month on console and it gives you access to just over 100 games that you might have missed out on in the past.

    From old Xbox 360 classics to Xbox Series X|S hits, Xbox Game Pass has it all making playing games, both new and old, an absolute delight. Like PlayStation Plus, Microsoft chops and changes its offerings each month, keeping players on side with the sheer amount of games on offer.

    If thats not enough, you can even upgrade to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $14.99/£10.99 a month, which also nets you Xbox Live Gold membership, and access to EA Play, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and Xbox Game Pass for PC. Its perfect if you like to split your game time between console and PC.

    In short, Xbox Game Pass is a great way of knocking your library into shape if youre new to Xbox or you simply want more choice from the best Xbox Series X games. You can pick up Xbox Game Pass here and Xbox Game Pass for PC here.

    Xbox Game Pass for ConsoleXbox Game Pass for ConsoleMicrosoft$10.99$1.00Buy nowNetwork N earns commission from qualifying purchases via Microsoft and other programs.

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    What Is Xbox Game Pass And Game Pass Ultimate

    Xbox Games Pass gives you access to well over 300 games to download and play on your Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S for one monthly fee.

    If you upgrade to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you also get Xbox Live Gold, PC Game Pass, EA Play and access to Xbox Cloud Gaming, all for the same price.

    You can download the games and play them as often as you like, as long as you continue to pay the monthly fee. Some titles might become unavailable as others are added, but you also have the option of buying any of the collection outright at discounted prices.

    Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and original Xbox games are part of the line-up, the latter two through backward compatibility, so there are plenty of top titles to choose from.

    Microsoft adds releases of its own and many third-party games on the same day they are released in stores. This includes Halo Infinite and Bethesda’s new, forthcoming sci-fi RPG, Starfield.

    The included Xbox Live Gold also gives subscribers exclusive discounts on many games on the Xbox Store.

    Activision Blizzard Games Are Coming To Game Pass For Xbox And Pc

    Dave LeClair is the News Editor for How-To Geek. He started writing about technology more than 10 years ago. He’s written articles for publications like MakeUseOf, Android Authority, Digital Trends, and plenty of others. He’s also appeared in and edited videos for various YouTube channels around the web. Read more…

    Microsoft has reached a deal to purchase Activision Blizzard for a staggering $67.8 billion. With that, the company has announced that games from the giant software developer would make their way to Game Pass for Xbox and PC, offering subscribers tons of new stuff to play.


    Buying a company as massive as Activision Blizzard is giant on its ownnow, the companys enormous library of games like Call of Duty, Diablo, World of Warcraft, and all the others are first-party Microsoft games. When you consider Game Pass, which offers Microsofts first-party games on release day for a monthly fee, this could be a true game-changer for the industry. Instead of paying $60 for the Call of Duty, it could be included in your $15 per month subscription.


    Which games will be included remains to be seen. Wed suspect that Microsoft isnt suddenly going to make World of Warcraft free as part of Game Pass. But will the company make the latest Call of Duty or Diablo game free on day one with a subscription? Well have to wait and see.

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    Take To The Skies: Microsoft Flight Simulator

    Take flight in a huge fleet of licensed real-world planes in this unprecedented simulation game. Microsoft Flight Simulator parses real-world weather and land data to create realistic topography and meteorological phenomena in real-time. Soar the skies above well-known wonders of the world and land in some of the world’s most iconic airports, and hey, it has VR now too.

    The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance Tactics

    • Approximate Game Length: 20 Hours
    • Genre: Tactical RPG
    • X|S Enhanced: No
    • File Size: 5 GB

    The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Netflix series brought Jim Hensons darkly fantastical film back to life. Age of Resistance Tactics seeks to capitalize on this nostalgia by treading the same ground covered in the show. However, the story beats are spread out over tactical combat encounters. So while there is less time spent on character development, there is more time spent immersing yourself in measured gameplay. Seeing Gelfling and Skeksis duel it out on a limited battlefield is especially enjoyable if you hold any degree of fondness for either the original movie or the new show.

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    A Plague Tale: Innocence

    • Approximate Game Length: 15 Hours
    • Genre: Third-Person Stealth Survival
    • Developer: Focus Home Interactive
    • File Size: 41.8 GB

    Those looking for something a little different should definitely check out A Plague Tale: Innocence. This terrifying tale follows a young girl and her brother as they’re forced to contend with the Black Plague and escape from all types of dangers in 13th-century Europe. It’s a gritty third-person journey using stealth mechanics and puzzle-solving. Those who are looking for something story-infused and heart-racing will love what this dark title has to offer.

    Xbox Game Pass For Pc Is Now Just ‘pc Game Pass’

    Microsoft has rebranded one of its game subscription services. Xbox Game Pass for PC is now just PC Game Pass.

    The move could help to avoid some confusion, since Xbox Game Pass is a separate plan with a different library of games. It should also be clearer that games on the PC plan aren’t necessarily playable on consoles.

    Really super important patch notes that will change everything youve ever known about Game Pass #PCGamePass

    PC Game Pass

    Xbox Game Pass includes more than 100 console games, with Xbox Game Studios titles joining on release day. PC Game Pass has its own selection of games, including first-party titles and access to EA Play.

    Meanwhile, Game Pass Ultimate offers the best of both worlds. It includes PC and console games, Xbox Live Gold , EA Play access and cloud gaming.

    The PC Game Pass logo still includes an Xbox icon, though. That makes the connection to Xbox and Microsoft clear, but some folks might still call it “Xbox PC Game Pass.” C’est la vie.

    Meanwhile, Microsoft revealed a few more games are coming to PC Game Pass on their release day: Sniper Elite 5, Pigeon Simulator, the gorgeous-looking samurai side-scroller Trek to Yomi and an unannounced Hugecalf Studios game.

    Also, for a limited time, YouTube Premium members can get three months of PC Game Pass access for free. As notes, Google is sending the invitation to subscribers via email. The US-only offer is available until the end of the year.

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    Xbox Game Pass Games List

    Despite all the games that leave the service periodically, Xbox Game Pass is still jam packed full of fun. From award-winning Control to fan favourite The Witcher 3, theres something on this list for everyone.

    Here are all the console games currently available on Xbox Game Pass across console, PC, or the cloud:

    Destiny : Beyond Light

    Xbox Game Pass for PC

    Bungie was the original studio behind Halo: Combat Evolved or the first Halo game. Their updates to Destiny 2 have been met with some mixed responses. The game is now free for everyone, but the newest expansion is not. At least, it isn’t free for people who don’t have Xbox Game Pass.

    This is a huge win for Microsoft. Now that the game sort of rebooted itself with this expansion, it’s as good a time as any to jump back in or start fresh. Get two friends together and have a blast. For even more co-op action, consider giving multiplayer a try.

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    The Best Games On Xbox Game Pass For 2021

    As the Xbox Game Pass program has grown, so has our list of the best games on Xbox Game Pass. With the launch of the Xbox Series X, Microsoft has doubled down on Game Pass, now offering well over 350 games on console alone. To help you through option paralysis, we rounded up the top games on Microsofts subscription platform.

    We tailored our list to Xbox, so we didnt include games like Age of Empires 2 that are exclusive to Game Pass for PC. However, many titles are available across Xbox and PC, and some of them even support cross-save. Most of the games are available for streaming on mobile, too, as long as you have Game Pass Ultimate.

    See more

    Initial Unveiling And Launch

    Prior to the official unveiling, a rumor had circulated that the next Xbox console would be an “always on” system requiring a persistent Internet connection, though Microsoft had not confirmed this. This had drawn some concerns from consumers, which were heightened when employee Adam Orth stated in a message in April 2013 that said, “Sorry, I don’t get the drama around having an ‘always on’ console…Every device now is ‘always on.’ That’s the world we live in. #dealwithit”. Orth’s message drew further ire towards Microsoft, with concerns about and practices against the sale of used games with an “always on” unit. Orth opted to leave Microsoft a few days later due to the backlash. Despite Microsoft’s statements following the situation, denying the rumors, the mood it created lingered over the next several months.

    In response to these pre-launch changes and a belief that Microsoft’s initial decisions for the console were in poor judgement, journalists and consumers jokingly gave the Xbox One nicknames such as the “Xbox 180”, in reference to the Xbox 360 and Microsoft’s decision to reverse its controversial decisions, and “Xbone”, suggesting that the company was “” to consumers by making these changes.

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    Xbox Game Pass Games List: Every Xbox Game Pass Game Currently Available On Consoles

    Below is a full list of every Xbox One, 360, Xbox Live and original Xbox game available in Xbox Game Pass:

    • Absolver

    Interested in learning more about Microsoft’s next-gen plans?Here is everything we know about Xbox Series S vs X, the full set of confirmed Xbox Series X specs and features and the console design, size, dimensions and ports, the Xbox Series controller and confirmed Xbox Series games, including those which support Xbox Smart Delivery.The Xbox Series line of consoles will also support the ongoing library of Xbox Game Pass games.When you’re ready, you can look for some Xbox Series X/S stock.

    What’s Leaving Xbox Game Pass Soon


    For the most part, more games join Xbox Game Pass than leave. However, most games do leave the service eventually, so Microsoft likes to give players a heads up if they hadn’t gotten around to playing that game yet. Keep an eye on this section of our Xbox Game Pass guide for games you still want to play. If you see a game you’ve played and loved, be sure to purchase it with your Xbox Game Pass discount so you can keep it forever.

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    Upcoming Xbox Game Pass Games

    Here’s a list of games to look forward to for the rest of January, with titles like Nobody Saves the World and Danganroppa: Trigger Happy Havoc already available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

    Death’s Door Cloud, console, and PC

    Hitman Trilogy Cloud, console, and PC

    Pupperazzi Cloud, console, and PC

    Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction Cloud, console, and PC

    Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege: Deluxe Edition PC

    Windjammers 2 Cloud, console, and PC

    Taiko no Tatsujin: The Drum Master Cloud, console, and PC

    As usual, a few games will also be leaving the Xbox Game Pass roster, as new ones get added every month. Gamers can use their membership to pick up these titles at a 20 percent discount before they leave the Xbox Game Pass library. These are the games leaving the Xbox Game Pass on January 31:

    Cyber Shadow Cloud, console, and PC

    Nowhere Prophet Cloud, console, and PC

    Prison Architect PC

    Xeno Crisis Cloud, console, and PC

    Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass is priced at Rs. 489 per month on PC and console. Meanwhile, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is priced at Rs. 699 per month.

    What are the best games of 2021? We discuss this on Orbital, the Gadgets 360 podcast. Orbital is available on Spotify, Gaana, JioSaavn, , Apple Podcasts, and wherever you get your podcasts.

    Highlights Include Hitman 3 Rainbow Six Extraction And Death’s Door

    Every month, Xbox adds new games to its Xbox Game Pass subscription service.

    Typically, new games are rolled out in two waves, and now, Xbox has revealed Januarys second batch of Game Pass catalogue additions.

    As previously confirmed, Canadian games Rainbow Six: Extraction and Nobody Saves the World are coming to the service on day one. However, there are several other titles hitting Game Pass in the final weeks on January:

    • Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Anniversary Edition January 18th
    • Nobody Saves the World January 18th
    • Deaths Door January 20th
    • Hitman Trilogy January 20th
    • Pupperazzi January 20th
    • Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Extraction January 20th
    • Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Siege: Deluxe Edition January 20th
    • Windjammers 2 January 20th
    • Taiko no Tatsujin: The Drum Master January 27th

    Meanwhile, the following nine games have received touch controls on mobile:

    • Anvil
    • Deaths Door

    Finally, these four titles are leaving Game Pass on January 31st:

    • Cyber Shadow
    • Nowhere Prophet
    • Prison Architect
    • Xeno Crisis

    Xbox Game Pass is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC and Android and iOS in beta. Game Pass for Console and PC Game Pass each cost $11.99 CAD/month.

    Meanwhile, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate costs $16.99/month and is required for streaming to mobile devices and browsers. On top of that, this tier includes Game Pass for both Console and PC, as well as subscriptions to Xbox Live Gold and EA Play.

    Find out what came to Game Pass earlier this month here.

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