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Outer Worlds Xbox Game Pass

The Outer Worlds 2 Story

The Outer Worlds Xbox Series X Gameplay Review [Xbox Game Pass]

New solar system, new crew, same Outer Worlds, is the tagline that Obsidian is pushing for The Outer Worlds 2. Im a bit relieved, especially since The Outer Worlds 2 had a definitive ending. However, I have my concerns about the same Outer Worlds.

Is Obsidian being cheeky or do they actually mean itll be the same concept? Even though Spacers Choice is the mascot of the series, I would rather not see that company or any other company from the original game show up in The Outer Worlds 2. Depending on your choices in The Outer Worlds, you can run the entire colony on your own and remove The Board from power entirely.

Additionally, we know that the colony in Outer Worlds is the only Earth colony that exists, at least during our time. Connection to Earth has since been disconnected. It is entirely possible that the people of Earth had to leave and set up another colony in a different solar system. However, that would mean that this new solar system wouldnt be affected by the same culture as Halcyon . We also better not see any marauders in The Outer Worlds 2. If youve played Peril on Gorgon and youve made the right choices, you know exactly what I mean.

I am excited about the prospect of an entirely new crew. I hope that Obsidian comes around and makes potential romance connections between the captain and the crew.

Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling

Nintendo may have Paper Mario, but over on the Xbox there’s the delightful Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling that features a trio of heroes on a quest to find fame, fortune, and immortality. Colorful, charming, and an absolute delight to play, Bug Fables is a superb mix of RPG turn-based strategy with whimsical storytelling.

Additional Information For You

With the reveal of the Galactic Federation, 2020 appears to be coming to a close with a bang.

Why Is The Xbox Series X 2020s Biggest Gaming Letdown?Map Global Demand for PS5 and Xbox Series X ShowsAnd One Big Winner

After loading my last savewith Sophia Akandes ashes at my feetI was able to recreate my own Outer Worlds ending, hearing what happened to all of the important characters in Halcyon and beyond.

It was a pleasant refresher, but it was clear that Obsidians decision to end the games storey meant the DLC would have to take place early in the game.

Thankfully, oversaving existsold PC gaming habits die hard. Returning to the previous assignment at level 29, Peril on Gorgon began with the delivery of a severed arm to erstwhile Unreliable pilot Alex Hawthorne, in typical Outer Worlds fashion.

The mystery takes you to the Gorgon asteroid, which was once home to a large-scale research effort to create and manufacture Adrena-Time, a medicine intended to boost worker productivity.

It was a resounding failure in the traditional sense. A dreadful, dreadful failure. Failure in the sense of people being converted into cubes.

The games first flaw is that, because 99 percent of players will have completed everything else in the game and will be hesitant to restart it, the attention will be exclusively on what Peril on Gorgon has to offer.

While it has its moments of beauty and intrigue, it frequently feels like a palette swap of Halcyons other parts.

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The Outer Worlds 2 Gameplay

The Outer Worlds 2 needs an overhaul in gameplay to make it feel more like a first-person shooter as opposed to a Fallout clone. You know youre playing a Fallout shooter when youre clunkily walking around and jankily trying to shoot your enemies.

I want The Outer Worlds 2 to go from Fallout stiff to Destiny smooth. You can say a lot about Destiny, but the gameplay is really smooth for a first-person shooter.

I played the original game on easy, which I almost never do for games, because I didnt like the combat and I just wanted to burn through the story. I played a charismatic character because I loved initiating dialogue. I hope that The Outer Worlds 2 comes up with creative new dialogue and new gameplay mechanics that make it feel fresh.

The Outer Worlds Will Launch On Xbox Game Pass This October

The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds will be available on the Xbox Game Pass when it launches on October 25, Microsoft confirmed at its E3 conference earlier today.

While we had a vague inkling that The Outer Worlds release date would be this year, todays trailer is the first official evidence of that information. That video, which you can check out for yourself further down this article, introduces players to Halcyon, the corporation-run planet that the game will be set on. It also reveals a little more about the character that youll play as, whos acting as a significant thorn in the side of those massive companies.

Theres also a look at the moral implications of your actions you can play as a hero, a villain, or a complete psychopath. If you choose the latter two of those options, theres also a pretty decent look at the games combat, which seems to feature a whole host of guns, from the traditional to something more akin to an actual shrink ray. Most importantly, however, the trailer confirms the games release date right at the end.

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What You Need To Know

  • The Outer Worlds is an open-world RPG from Obsidian Entertainment, the creator of Fallout: New Vegas.
  • It was received very positively, but did get some criticism for being a little shorter or shallower than expected.
  • The game’s first DLC, Peril on Gorgon, adds a ton of new content, including loads of new areas, and works to solve these complaints.
  • It’s available now, and is a very promising first DLC expansion for the Outer Worlds.

The Outer Worlds is a fantastic game in its own right, but Obsidian Entertainment isn’t done yet. The first DLC expansion, Peril on Gorgon is now available for purchase, either standalone or as part of a greater Expansion Pass that will also include the Murder on Eridanos expansion coming later on. In our preview, we concluded that Peril on Gorgon is very promising, adding lots more to do with huge varied areas and new weapons.

If you’re interested, you can grab Peril on Gorgon right now for $15 as an add-on for the Outer Worlds, or you can spend $25 to grab the Expansion Pass that will include Peril on Gorgon and Murder on Eridanos. If you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, you can grab a 10% discount on either one, saving you a little bit of cash. Also, the Outer Worlds is currently half off, giving players a reason to purchase the game to own if they want.

Upcoming Xbox Game Pass Games Coming In 2022 And Beyond

Though Microsoft announces most Xbox Game Pass games close to their release – often around a week before they arrive – with all Xbox Studio Games titles, Bethesda and Zenimax games as well as EA Play titles coming to the service from day one, we have an idea of some games coming ahead of time…

Confirmed upcoming Xbox Game Pass games due 2022 beyond this month:

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Xbox Game Pass Games List: April Games Plus Every Game Currently Available For Xbox Consoles

Xbox Game Pass is a Netflix-style service providing access to hundreds of games for a flat monthly fee.

There’s a range of heavy hitters available from all generations of all Xbox consoles – from the original Xbox to the Xbox One thanks to Xbox backwards compatibility – including all Gears of War and Halo games, a selection of Rare’s back catalogue, and the likes of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Forza Horizon 5 and Final Fantasy X.

As well as a selection of games from third-party publishers, you can expect all future Xbox Game Studios games to be arriving day-in-date on the service. Added to the roster in recent years are Zenimax’s games following , and the likelihood of all future Activision Blizzard games once that deal with Microsoft is done.

As well as Xbox Game Pass on console, there’s also Xbox Cloud Gaming and a separate PC subscription called PC Game Pass. Though many games will appear on all three platforms, this article only lists Xbox Game Pass games on the Xbox family of consoles. Those on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate get access to all three services, Gold membership and access to EA Play games.

Xbox Game Pass updates come regularly – to both add and remove games – so it’s worth coming back to see what’s been added. If you want to see our picks for what’s worth playing, see our best Game Pass games recommendations.

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Xbox Game Pass Is Adding The Outer Worlds Subnautica And More Games This Month

The Outer Worlds | Xbox Game Pass Review

    Xbox Game Pass is putting in the work to establish itself as one of the best gaming subscription models available, and the recently announced games are only helping the cause, from the highly-anticipated The Outer Worlds to Afterparty, a game that challenges you to outdrink Satan .

    On October 23, Lonely Mountains: Downhill and Secret Neighbor will be available on Xbox Game Pass. Lonely Mountains: Downhill is a bike racing game that challenges you to make your way safely down a mountain . Secret Neighbor is a multiplayer horror game where kids try to save their friend from a neighbor’s creepy house – but one of the kids is the neighbor .

    The next day, on October 24, Minit will come to Xbox Game Pass. You can only play Minit in sixty second intervals, in which you try and lift a curse that keeps ending days after only a minute passes – yes, like Outer Wilds. And speaking of Outer Wilds, The Outer Worlds will be available on October 25, so if you don’t already have Xbox Game Pass, you no longer have an excuse.

    Xbox Game Pass rounds out its spate of new games with Lego Star Wars 3 , which offers an all-new story set in that universe, and Subnautica , which crash-lands you on an alien ocean world – and the only way out is down.

    In short, Xbox Game Pass is absolutely loaded with good content, and it’s only going to get better start October 23. It’s a good thing cold weather is coming, because I’ve got no reason to leave my house.

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    Coming Soon To Xbox Game Pass For Console: The Outer Worlds Afterparty Subnautica And More

      This time of year, our office starts to get into the Halloween getting-dark-early-so-lets-hibernate-and-play-some-great-games kind of mood. Meanwhile, were prepping our pumpkin carving designs, curating our most likely to make you scream gaming playlists and debating what makes a game spooky. Like drinking with the devil, killer alien sharks, and the cold, dark vacuum of space bonus points if you figured out what upcoming Xbox Game Pass titles Im referring to.

      One of them is The Outer Worlds, which is coming to Xbox Game Pass for Console and PC, and you can play it day one on October 25. Get ready by preloading it like right about now! Seriously, right now. Heres the full list of games coming to Xbox Game Pass for Console in the near future:

      Just you, your bike, and a mountain. Take a thrilling ride down an unspoiled mountain landscape and make your way through thick forests, narrow trails and wild rivers. Race, jump, slide and try not to crash all the way from the peak to the valley.

      Secret Neighbor

      Follow-up to the fantastic Hello Neighbor, Secret Neighbor is a suspenseful multiplayer horror game where a group of kids try to rescue their friend from the neighbors creepy basement. Only problem is one of the kids is the Neighbor in disguise.


      Game Updates and Events

      Outer Worlds Saves Missing


      I recently installed Outer Worlds through GamePass. I played a couple of hours before exiting the game. However, when I have gone to play again, the “Load Game” option is not possible to click on, as if there are no saves.

      I can see that both auto and regular save files have been created under:

      C:\Users\< Username> \Saved Games\The Outer Worlds Windows 10\__LOCAL__

      as well as

      C:\Users\< Username> \Saved Games\The Outer Worlds Windows 10\< large sequence of numbers>

      but the game does not seem to recognise it? Please help!


      Report abuse

      I was in the same situation on PC, here’s the solution I found.

      alt+tab to file explorer window and did the following

      copy the save game and achievement files you want from:

      C:\Users\< Username> \Saved Games\The Outer Worlds Windows 10\__LOCAL__

      paste them into:

      C:\Users\< Username> \Saved Games\The Outer Worlds Windows 10\< large sequence of numbers>

      make the game reload the main screen by going into then out of settings.

      after I did this the “continue” option appeared and my game loaded!

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      The Outer Worlds : Everything We Know So Far

        Despite how many games Obsidian Entertainment is working on , it is also going into development with The Outer Worlds 2, which was unveiled at the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2021.

        We dont know much about The Outer Worlds 2 yet, but if youve played the original game and correlate that with what the developers are saying about this title, you can get a few ideas about what it is and isnt about.

        Heres everything we know so far about The Outer Worlds 2, from the release date and story to the gameplay and villains that might appear.

        The 30 Best Xbox Game Pass Games

        The Outer Worlds Xbox Series X Gameplay Review [Optimized ...

        Xbox Game Pass unlocks a library of hundreds of games, but we’ve rounded up our 30 favorite titles to check out now.

        Nowadays, Xbox users don’t even need to purchase games to get their money’s worth with the Xbox Series X or Xbox One. Thanks to Game Pass Ultimate, a $15 per month subscription service, Xbox players have access to revolving library of more than 400 games on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One as well as hundreds of games for PC as well. With so many games to choose from and a limited number of hours in the day, it can be challenging to pick what to play from the Game Pass library. And if you wait too long, a game you might’ve liked could leave the service. We’ve rounded up the 30 best Game Pass games available now. New games arrive on the service just about every week, and old games leave the service, too. We’ll continue to update this list as the Game Pass library rotates.

        More Xbox best lists

        To be clear, there are plenty more excellent games on Xbox Game Pass than the ones weve listed below–the service is loaded with worthy games. These are just the games we think every Xbox owner should play. The list includes AAA exclusives such as Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5 as well as indie hits like Tunic and Nobody Saves the World.

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        Pillars Of Eternity : Deadfire

        The first Pillars of Eternity was a thrilling study in old school RPG gameplay with a modern makeover, but its sequel outdoes the original in almost every way possible. A more confident follow-up that doubles down on its strengths while further refining its formula, Obsidian Entertainment’s sophomore effort is an entertaining game filled with rich writing and easily-accessible gameplay for newcomers to the genre.

        Theres Peril On Gorgon

        A severed arm and a mysterious message lead the crew of the Unreliable to the Gorgon Asteroid, formerly the site of one of Halcyons most ambitious and disastrous scientific undertakings now a lawless den of monsters and marauders. Wealthy recluse Minnie Ambrose tasks the crew with finding answers about Dr Olivia Ambrose, her mother and the doomed projects disgraced director, but they are soon ensnared in an intrigue that will change the colony forever.

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        Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition

        Enchanting and utterly engrossing, Hollow Knight is one of the best metroidvanias ever made. Team Cherrys adventure stars a nameless knight armed with a nail who explores a labyrinthine world known as Hallownest. With a gorgeous art style and an incredible amount of variation in the environments, Hollow Knights expansive world is a constant joy to explore. Challenging combat rewards those with patience and perseverance. Hollow Knight truly stands out in a fairly crowded genre. If you havent waded through Hallownest yet, nows a great time to slay some insect ahead of the sequel, Hollow Knight: Silksong.

        All Previous Xbox Game Pass Game Releases

        The Outer Worlds Xbox Series X Gameplay Review [Optimized] [Xbox Game Pass]

        Xbox Game Pass console games added March 2022:

        • Far: Changing Tides
        • Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
        • Kentucky Route Zero
        • Lawn Mowing Simulator
        • Young Souls
        • Shredders
        • The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet of Chaos
        • Tainted Grail: Conquest
        • Zero Escape: The Nonary Games
        • F1 2021
        • Crusader Kings 2
        • Weird West

        Xbox Game Pass console games added February 2022:

        • Contrast
        • Dreamscaper
        • Telling Lies
        • Besiege
        • Edge of Eternity
        • Skul: The Hero Slayer
        • The Last Kids on Earth and the Staff of Doom
        • CrossfireX
        • Ark: Ultimate Survivor Edition
        • Infernax
        • Lawn Mowing Simulator
        • Madden NFL 22
        • Super Mega Baseball 3

        Xbox Game Pass console games added January 2022:

        • Gorogoa
        • Olija
        • The Pedestrian
        • Ember
        • Mass Effect Legendary Edition
        • Outer Wilds
        • Spelunky 2
        • The Anacrusis
        • Nobody Saves the World
        • Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Anniversary Edition
        • Death’s Door
        • Rainbow Six Extraction
        • Hitman Trilogy
        • Pupperazzi
        • Windjammers 2
        • Taiko no Tatsujin: The Drum Master

        Xbox Game Pass console games added December 2021:

        • Anvil
        • Archvale
        • Final Fantasy XIII-2
        • Lawn Mowing Simulator
        • Rubber Bandits
        • Stardew Valley
        • Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector
        • Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator
        • Halo: Infinite
        • One Piece Pirate Warriors 4
        • Among Us
        • Aliens: Fireteam Elite
        • The Gunk
        • Ben 10: Power Trip
        • Broken Age
        • Firewatch
        • Lake
        • Mortal Kombat 11
        • PAW Patrol Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay
        • Race With Ryan
        • Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth
        • Transformers: Battlegrounds

        Xbox Game Pass console games added November 2021:

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