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How To Sign Up For Xbox All Access

Xbox All Access: Cons

What is Xbox All Access?

I read through the fine print on the Xbox All Access agreement with Citizens Bank, and I generally liked what I saw. But its important to remember that credit companies are excellent at hiding extra fees behind technicalities.

For example: the Xbox All Access agreement promises 0% APR and no late fees. However, the agreement also claims that failure to pay on time could nullify promotional incentives and, in this case, those incentives include 0% APR and no late fees. Its a bit of a catch-22, and I dont know how Citizens would enforce it.

The $35 per month, no extra money deal also applies only for two years. As such, if you fail to pay the full amount after 24 months, Citizens Bank can start tacking on as much interest and as many administrative fees as it can get away with. While I dont want to be too cynical, credit companies generally make money by charging interest and fees. Charging customers less than retail price for two products doesnt seem as profitable as charging them more after the fact.

Theres also the fact that not every applicant will qualify for Xbox All Access. If your credit is bad or even if your credit is good, and Citizens Bank doesnt like the way your credit history looks it could deny your application. Your credit score could also take a hit if that happens.

The biggest reason to avoid Xbox All Access, however, is that 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at full price is incredibly expensive, and potentially unnecessary.

What Is Xbox All Access

Xbox All Access will be available for both the Xbox Series X and Series S. This means you’ll pay a monthly cost over 24 months instead of the entire price upfront. Both console plans will come with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which includes the Game Pass library on both Xbox One and PC, xCloud game streaming, Xbox Live Gold, and an EA Play subscription.

Where To Buy Xbox All Access

As of writing, Xbox All Access is currently sold out, as Microsoft sets up to reveal the program for next-gen Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X consoles. In the U.S. Microsoft is expanding Xbox All Access to include Best Buy, GameStop, the Microsoft Store, and more. Here are the current companies planning to support Xbox All Access. We’ll expand the list as we find more.

  • Australia: Telstra

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Isn’t This Service Already Available

Currently, Xbox All Access provides customers with an Xbox One S console along with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

When Microsoft’s line of next-generation consoles was released on November 10, 2020, All Access created two new plans: one for the high-end Xbox Series X, and another for the smaller, digital-only Xbox Series S.

Xbox All Access Games

Xbox All Access seems like one of the best deals in gaming

Xbox All Access doesn’t explicitly come with games, but the inclusion of 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in the bundle sees you getting access to loads of top Xbox titles.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate grants access to over 100 Xbox games via Game Pass, some of which are available to play on Android mobile devices come September 15, thanks to Project xCloud. Game Pass titles include the complete Gears of War, Forza, and Halo series’, plus much more. In addition, you’ll have access to the biggest first-party Xbox titles from launch day, which will include the likes of Hellblade 2 and Halo Infinite. Come “Holiday 2020” EA Play will also be included in the subscription service, granting players access to more than 60 of EA’s top games including FIFA 20, Need for Speed and The Sims while Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Bethesda means the likes of Skyrim and Fallout will also be coming to the service.

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Choose Your Console With Xbox All Access

With approval of Citizens Pay Line of Credit at 0% APR and 24-month term. Subject to individual credit approval. Taxes, shipping, and other charges are extra and may vary. See Citizens Pay Line of Credit Agreement at for full terms and conditions. Citizens Pay Line of Credit Account offered by Citizens Bank, N.A.

Xbox All Access Is It Worth It

Lets crunch some numbers. Is Xbox All Access really as good of a deal as it sounds? Whats the catch?

Ill start with the Xbox Series S. Heres what youd pay for everything in cash versus financing for 24 months. Im including 8% sales tax, but the tax will differ depending on where you live.

  • Cash:
  • Xbox One S console .
  • 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate .
  • Total: $658.76 + 8% tax = $711.46.
  • Xbox All Access:
  • Total: $24.99 x 24 + 8% tax = $647.74.
  • So if you enroll in Xbox All Access, youll actually end up saving around $63 versus purchasing the console and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate separately. From that perspective, Xbox All Access is a good deal.

    Lets now take a look at the Series X.

    • Cash:
    • Xbox One X console 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate .
    • Total: $858.76 + 8% tax = $927.46.
  • Xbox All Access:
  • Total: $34.99 x 24 + 8% tax = $906.94.
  • Once again, financing your next-gen Xbox will actually save you money versus paying cash, albeit less this time . Thats honestly pretty amazing, considering financing virtually every other asset on the market will cost you money in interest.

    Citizens One has to make money somewhere, so Im guessing that in lieu of interest theyre getting a nice kickback from Microsoft, who in turn is subsidizing the cost of Game Pass Ultimate.

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    List Of Xbox All Access Countries

    Microsoft revealed that Xbox All Access will expand to many more territories, including the countries below, expanding further to 2021.

    Xbox All Access will now be available in 12 countries in time for both the Xbox Series X and S launches on November 10th. Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, South Korea, Sweden, the UK, and the US will all have Xbox All Access options this holiday, with more markets to follow in 2021.

    Setting Up Your Xbox And Game Pass

    Xbox All Access | How to redeem 24 months of Game Pass Ultimate #Shorts

    If youve set up an Xbox One before, setting up an Xbox Series X or Series S will feel familiar: Microsofts Xbox app for Android and iPhone takes care of most of the process. Simply launch the app, power on your Xbox, and enter the code on the TV screen.

    The Xbox app will guide you through the rest of the process, including connecting your Xbox Series X|S to your Wi-Fi network, transferring settings from an Xbox One , and choosing the streaming apps you want installed on your Xbox.

    Now all thats left is to activate Xbox Game Pass. For Xbox All Access, Game Pass is actually tied to the console itself instead of being included as a separate prepaid card.

    One thing to note is that if you already have an active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, the Xbox All Access credit will add 24 months on top, but only up to a maximum of 36 months!

    So if youve already paid for a year or more of Xbox Game Pass, you may want to wait before activating the credit included with Xbox All Access to make sure you make the most of it.

    If this is your first Xbox, no need to worry. Just activate Xbox Game Pass as part of setup and enjoy your new console!

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    What Happens To My Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Membership If I Return Or Cancel My Xbox All Access

    Games Pass is included in Xbox All Access for each month you stay connected for the first 24 months. If you delay activation, you will still receive 24-month access, provided you stay connected to All Access for 24 months.

    One Series: If youredeemed the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate token prior to returning your Xbox All Access, the 24 months of Xbox All Access Ultimate will be removed from your account at time of return. Note, once converted to Ultimate, Xbox Live Gold and other Game Pass memberships cannot revert. To find out more, visit theXbox Game Pass page.

    Series S | X: In order to receive your paid months of Games Pass, you must have activated your Games Pass before you cancel. You cannot activate Games Pass after you cancel. Any months ofXboxGame Pass Ultimate, Live Gold, or Game Pass that youhave paid for but not yet used will remain on your account afteryou cancel until they expire up to a maximum of 36 months, inclusive of the 24 months that is part of All Access. To find out more, visit theXbox Game Pass page.

    What Is Xbox All Access And How Do I Get It

    With Xbox All Access, you can take up either an Xbox Series X or an Xbox Series S console and get 24 months access to XboxGame Pass Ultimate – which includesaccess toover 100 high-quality games, EA Play and online multiplayer with Xbox Live Gold.

    To get Xbox All Access, you need to have an existing or take up a new month-to-month plan. This includes month-to-month plans like mobile and fixed broadband plans. Customers who only have pre-paid or are small business customers are not eligible to take up Xbox All Access.

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    How To Sign Up For The Halo Infinite Co

    Again, if you’re a player on Xbox and already own the Halo Infinite campaign, 343 Industries has confirmed that you don’t need to sign up for the beta and can immediately download the build from the Xbox Insider Hub . However, PC players do need to sign up for the Halo Insider Program.

    Like we previously mentioned, the developers have confirmed that it’s too late to participate in the first co-op beta if you haven’t already signed up, but you should still do so in the event that there’s a splitscreen co-op beta down the line. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to the Halo Insider homepage.
  • Select the Join Halo Insider button.
  • Sign in with the Microsoft account you use to play Halo Infinite.
  • Read and agree to the Confidentiality Statement.
  • Under the Preferences tab, enter and verify your email, time zone, flighting availability, and platform and game preferences.
  • Under the Console Flighting tab, opt into console flights and enter information about your console if you play on Xbox.
  • Under the PC Flighting tab, opt into PC flights and enter information about your PC if you play on PC.
  • After you fill out each tab, select Save.
  • Note that to give yourself the best chance of being invited to future campaign co-op betas, you should make sure that you select “Campaign,” “Campaign co-op,” and “Social Multiplayer” when choosing your game mode and experience preferences in the Preferences tab.

    What’s Not So Good About Xbox All Access


    As good a program as Xbox All Access is, it is still a finance agreement and it comes with all the associated paperwork, risk, and credit checks that a finance agreement anywhere else would have. Where I am a company called Klarna handles the finance and authorized resellers handle the sale and delivery. But I still had to have a credit check, and I know people who weren’t able to go through with it because they were refused.

    Not everyone can have or wants a finance agreement attached to them, and so Xbox All Access is not the answer for those people. It’s still a financial commitment.

    All Access is still a financial commitment, which means it might not be right for you.

    And of course, the overall cost might well be a little lower than buying a console and two years of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate separately, but it’s significantly more expensive than just buying the console if you don’t want Game Pass Ultimate. Personally, I think everyone who owns an Xbox should have at least some form of Game Pass, but I get it.

    It’s another commitment, albeit a subscription rather than a hard credit agreement. But if you want to cancel, you lose access to any games you had installed from it. Sometimes you can’t beat just buying a game and playing it for as long as you like.

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    What’s The Better Deal Xbox All Access Or Buying The Console And Subscription Separately

    That depends on whether or not you have a current subscription to any of the Xbox subscriptions. The more dedicated Xbox gamer likely already subscribes to Game Pass Ultimate with an expiration date that is months after the Series X/S launches, which makes this deal slightly less attractive.

    Aside from them, everyone else interested in a Series X/S could actually benefit from Xbox All Access, as the amount paid over time is less than buying the console and paying the $14.99 subscription for Game Pass Ultimate for 24 months. Moreover, the 0% interest for All Access is a big improvement over the 15% to 22% interest rate you’d get by charging a new $300 to $500 Xbox on your .

    Can You Pay Off Xbox All Access Early

    In the US and UK, you can pay off your Xbox All Access membership early. Citizens One takes care of the credit in the US and allows free early payments, as does Klarna in the UK.

    Of course, Xbox All Access won’t be for everyone – especially if you’re not keen on committing to a 24 month payment plan. In that case, we’d recommend keeping a close eye out for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S bundles over the course of the next few months – and we’re also rounding up all the best Xbox Series X accessories and the latest Xbox Live Gold 12 month membership deals as well.

      Managing Editor of Hardware at GamesRadar+, I originally landed in hardware at our sister site TechRadar before moving over to GamesRadar. In between, I’ve written for Toms Guide, Wireframe, The Indie Game Website and That Video Game Blog, covering everything from the PS5 launch to the Apple Pencil. Now, i’m focused on Nintendo Switch, gaming laptops , and tracking everything that suggests VR is about to take over our lives.

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      Does The Halo Infinite Co

      With 343 Industries planning to add co-op to Halo Infinite’s campaign in 2022, many players have wondered whether the co-op beta, as well as the feature’s official release, will include local splitscreen co-op.

      Unfortunately, the co-op beta as well as the co-op feature coming this year are exclusively network-based. This means that while you’re able to play co-op with friends online, you won’t be able to do it with them on the couch with one Xbox console.

      This news will no doubt disappoint many fans, especially since 343 Industries head Bonnie Ross promised that splitscreen would be in the next Halo game after Halo 5: Guardians during a DICE Summit 2017 presentation. The studio does have plans to make good on that promise, though, as the roadmap for Halo Infinite Season 2 also indicates that splitscreen campaign co-op will come at some point in 2023.

      Therefore, we anticipate that a co-op beta for testing splitscreen will be held eventually, even though splitscreen isn’t available for the initial co-op beta and release. It’s unfortunate that it’s coming so late, but at least we know for sure that it’s coming.

      Where To Sign Up For Xbox All

      CAN’T ACCESS XBOX 360 ACCOUNT! – How To Login To Old Account On Xbox 360!

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      How Else To Get An Xbox Series X

      Of course, a lot of this analysis sidesteps one important issue: right now, its nearly impossible to get an Xbox Series X without Xbox All Access, and relatively easy to get an Xbox Series X with it. But remember, once you get your Xbox in hand, you cant simply pay for the whole thing up front and be done with it. Citizens Bank will have you on the hook for the next two years, and a lot can happen in that time.

      Personally, I would feel more comfortable buying a console outright, even if it meant I had to wait a few more months to get my hands on one. Furthermore, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate goes on sale relatively often you could almost certainly get two years worth for less than $360.

      Still, if you do get Xbox All Access, just remember to pay on time, and in full, every month. As long as you do that, Citizens Bank should be happy with you, and you should be happy with your Xbox.

      How Do I Activate Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

      One SeriesYou will receive a Games Pass Ultimate token in the box with your console. Use this token to activate Games Pass Ultimate your membership starts from the date you activate the token. Once youve activated, youll be able to access content and online gameplay. Find out more about redeeming your code.

      Series S | XTo activate the Game Pass subscription that is part of Xbox All Access on your Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X, you will need to sign into your chosen Microsoft account on your new console and select the claim it icon. Once redeemed you can access and mange content in the My Games & Apps screen. Find out more about redeeming Game Pass Ultimate digitally.

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