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How To Set Up Twitch Stream On Xbox

Creating A Twitch Account

How to Twitch Stream Xbox to pc Guide!

Before you begin streaming your gameplay, youre going to have to create a Twitch account. Navigate to Twitchs official website, click the purple Sign Up link in the upper-right corner, and enter your desired login credentials before clicking the purple Sign Up button at the bottom. Afterward, click your username in the top-right corner.

Before you start streaming, head over to the Twitch community guidelines page to read up on rule violations. These include promoting racist, homophobic, and ageist views, as well as making disparaging remarks about military veterans and those with disabilities. Nudity on stream is also forbidden, and you are expected to do your best to prevent your viewers from engaging in hateful speech and harassment, as well.

How To Make A Professional Looking Twitch Stream

Streaming on Twitch has become my favorite mode of content creation. I get to share my undying love for video games while my viewers get to experience all the rage and excitement with the added bonus of direct interaction.

Whats not to love? With the growing number of streamers on the platform, it doesnt seem like Im alone in this endeavor. Not by a longshot.

Especially now that its easier than ever to start streaming on Twitch, there are heaps and heaps of budding streamers joining in on the action every nanosecond. Great for us who want all the glory with as little hassle as possible not so great for viewership margins which are only getting slimmer.

It seems that the stream of how to get more viewers on Twitch tutorials on my feed just keeps getting longer.

So, how does one stand out? Do I need to get a second mortgage to start a stream that looks professional? Is streaming on Twitch just a pipe-dream at this point?

Have no fear. There are ways to start Twitch streaming, getting viewers to your channel and putting yourself on the path of becoming a professional streamer that dont break the bank.

Add All The Audio/video Sources And Visuals You Plan To Use

Everything you want to broadcast in your stream needs to be added as a source in OBS. Your microphone is a source, and the game you want to play is one too, as is the feed from your webcam and whatevers on your desktop. If you want it on your stream, you have to add it as a source.

The great thing about OBS Studio is that most of the time it will recognize your audio sources. If it doesnt, you can go to File > Settings > Audio and find the devices you want to use for audio. Usually, this means having a device for desktop sounds and a device for the sounds that come from your microphone .

As far as video sources go, youll see the sources field in OBS Studios main panel. By clicking on the + button, youll open a menu that lets you add a variety of sources, including games, your desktop, web pages, images, and text files. Keep in mind, though, that the sources appear on the screen just as they appear in the sources box, layered on top of one another. Moving a source up on the list will make it visible on top of other sources.

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Xbox And Playstation Voice Chat Options When Streaming To Twitch

Your squad is dropping in hot and streaming all of the action to Twitch. Youre streaming directly from your Xbox or PlayStation and youve got Lightstream running to add on all of your branded overlays and alerts. Theres a problem though. Your viewers can only hear you. Theyre missing out on the shot calls, jokes, and camaraderie your friends are bringing to the experience.

Adding your teams voice chat to your Xbox or PlayStation streams isnt always straightforward. There are a few different ways to make it happen depending on what game youre playing and who youre playing with. Well start with the easiest method and work our way to more complex options that are useful in specific cases.

If you already know what type of voice chat you want to use, you can jump directly to it:

  • Virtual Microphones
  • Fix : Clear Your Mac Address

    TwitchTV Stream Setup: Xbox One

    On your Xbox controller, there is a guide button that you can use to open the Xbox Guide panel. This is the button with the Xbox logo, and we will use it to clear and reset your MAC Address, which should help you solve the problem preventing you from starting a Twitch broadcast from your console.

    Heres what you need to do:

  • Press and hold the Xbox button on your controller. The guide on the left side of your screen will open. Cycle through the options and select the gear icon, which is a shortcut for the settings panel.
  • Choose All Settings and select Network. Then, click Network Settings, followed by Advanced Settings.
  • Select Alternate MAC Address, then Clear and, finally, Restart.
  • Your console will now restart.
  • Optional: After completing the fourth step, perform a power cycle by turning off your Xbox, unplugging it, and waiting for about a minute. You can then plug it back in and power up the console.

    You should now be able to stream on Twitch without any further issues.

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    Adjust Your Stream Settings

    Return to your Twitch app and select the Broadcast tab. From this window you can adjust your most important stream and hardware settings, including:

    • Select a microphone and camera
    • Adjust audio settings and language
    • Select bitrate and stream resolution

    Some channel settings can not be edited from your Xbox. If youd like to add a profile photo, bio, moderation or safety features youll need to return to desktop or mobile.

    Twitch Streaming On Xbox & Playstation

    Creating an account on Twitch is very easy and free. All you need to do is to go to, plug in your desired credentials, and that’s it. That’s your first step.

    Next up, you’ll need to download and install the Twitch app onto your console. For now, this only works for any modern PlayStation or Xbox console . We’ll start with how to set things up on your Xbox.

    According to DotESports, getting started on Xbox requires you to open the Twitch app on your console, then link your Xbox account to the streaming platform. All you need to do is follow the onscreen instructions until you reach the six-digit code entry, which Twitch automatically sends to your registered email. After entering the code, this is how you set things up for the broadcast proper:

    • Select the “Broadcast” option to start streaming your gameplay
    • Enter a title for the stream, then click the button “Start Broadcast”
    • If you have a Kinect and you want to use it, you need to enable the device first so your video and headset will work and allow your viewers to see you and hear you.

    And that’s it for Xbox! Simple, right? Now, we move on to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Most of the things you need to do are the same, like linking your PlayStation account to Twitch.

    If, for some reason, the setup steps still confuse you and you encounter several issues, there’s an official guide on the Twitch website that will also take you through some troubleshooting methods.

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    Starting Your First Twitch Stream & Testing

    The first time you stream from the Xbox One, you’ll be required to run some small tests to make sure everything is working properly and that the quality of the audio and visuals are as good as they can be. Here’s how to get everything set up.

  • Open the Xbox One game that you want to stream. You will not be able to stream to Twitch without a game being active. It’s okay if you open it and just leave it on its title screen. You don’t actually have to begin playing the game.

    Game & Console Reviews & Buying Guides

  • Return to your Xbox One dashboard and open the Twitch app. Click the Broadcast button on the lower-left side of the screen to reopen your Xbox One game and shrink the Twitch app to a small bar on the right side of the screen.

  • Click the Broadcast Title field and rename your Twitch broadcast. It can be anything you like. This is what your stream will be called on the Twitch website and in the apps.

  • Select Settings. You should see a preview of what your Twitch broadcast will look like in a small window at the top of the Twitch tab.

  • If you have your Kinect connected to your Xbox One, you will see a preview of what the Kinect sees within your stream window. If you wish, you can disable it by unchecking the Enable Kinect box. Reposition the Kinect camera within your stream by clicking on the relevant layout box onscreen.

  • What Type Of Hardware To Use When Broadcasting On Twitch

    How To Setup Your Twitch Livestream On Xbox One Tutorial

    You dont need the latest generation of CPUs or the newest model DSLR to broadcast on Twitch. The platform isnt on the leading edge of video quality it doesnt support 4K streaming as YouTube does so you could conceivably get away with lower-quality gear.

    However, the one obstacle many Twitch content creators face is, when broadcasting a video game, encoding and gaming can be too much of a burden for a computers CPU. So you cant just start streaming on Twitch with any kind of gear. You need a CPU powerful enough to handle it. Lets look at gear one at a time.

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    Set Up The Stream And Go Live

    Take these few simple steps before finally going live:

  • Give your stream a name.
  • Select one of the content categories from the dropdown menu.
  • Pick the camera you want to use.
  • With that, all thats left to do is press the start stream button, and youll be online.

    Live streaming on Twitch isnt too demanding for a novice. You can have your live content on Twitch in a matter of minutes with some basic gear and general computer literacy. Its that easy to learn how to stream on Twitch if your goal is just to live stream.

    Power Up Your Live Streaming Setup

    If youre looking to add some power to your streaming setup to make it better at handling whatever game you want to throw at it, adding a dedicated streaming PC is a great way to do it. If youre running a two-PC setup, youll want the one with more processing power to handle the streaming. And youll need a capture card.

    Capture cards come in internal and external variants. The internal cards must be physically installed onto the streaming computers motherboard and then connected with the gaming PC via HDMI. The external cards connect via USB to the streaming computer on one end and via HDMI to the gaming computer on the other end. After that, you only have to add the capture card as a source in OBS.

    If youre using a PC-console setup, the main difference is that the capture card sits in between the console and the TV or computer monitor. Use the in HDMI port to plug the console into the card and the out HDMI port to connect the card with the display or TV. Again, simply add the card in OBS Studio as a source, and youre set.

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    Fix : Reset Your Stream Key

    We usually cant recommend resetting your Stream Key, as doing it regularly can put a hold on your account and prevent you from streaming for some time. Dont worry too much, as this period is only about fifteen minutes for the first time, but it can increase if you overdo it.

    Resetting your Stream Key is easy and doesnt take much time. We also recommend checking your e-mail for any new messages from Twitch regarding your Stream Key, especially if you havent streamed in a while.

    Twitch previously faced a security attack that forced the team to reset the Stream Keys for all its users. You can read more about it in this informative article published by the BBC.

    Here is a simple video explaining how to reset your Stream Key in just a few clicks.

    After resetting your Twitch Stream Key, you should be able to stream without any further issues, as the problem is often associated with it.

    Managing Your Live Stream

    Twitch streaming integrated into Xbox One

    While youre playing your game and streaming, its best to keep an eye on the chat room. Its recommended to have a secondary device next to you while youre playing, such as your smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop.

    With your smartphone and tablet you can easily open up the app, and manage the chat from there. However, having a laptop by your side will be much easier since you can quickly navigate or fix certain things that you may have missed.

    A great tool that Twitch actually provides is the Dashboard, which will look like this:

    From this area, you can update your Go Live notification, the title of your stream, the game, your communities, and other resourceful widgets.

    Dont forget that you can also use the bot commands youve set up with StreamElements to share any information your viewers may ask.

    Another benefit of using StreamElements is the loyalty system. While watching your stream, viewers earn points that can be redeemed in your stream store, games and song request.

    Finally, after youre done streaming, StreamElements will send you a Stream Report which shows a bunch of data that happened on your stream like followers, chatters, and revenue.

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    Change Settings And Start Streaming

    From here, select broadcast gameplay and youll be given an option to stream via three different streaming services. Select Twitch, and the service will provide you with a streaming key. Then, go to and enter the key. Your PS4 will be ready to start streaming in a few moments, but lets change a few more settings first.

    From the broadcast gameplay menu, you can change the title of your stream, the quality, and whether you want to use your camera and/or microphone. Once youre satisfied with your settings, hit start broadcasting and show your skills to the world!

    Things To Consider Before Streaming On Twitch From Pc Ps4 & Xbox One

    A lot of different users are on Twitch and as you can imagine the channels get extremely varied from some that are dedicated to ASMR, gambling, and of course gaming! We are going to go through a few extra things for your consideration before you go diving into your new Twitch streams.

    With Twitch featuring millions of streamers, you need to consider how you are going to stand out. Your niche could be your high levels of skill, glowing personality, or some whacky-looking character idea where you would dress up. Think about what sets you apart from the rest and run with it!

    Once you start streaming you wont automatically be a Twitch partner, in fact, you will have to complete what Twitch calls The Path to Partner achievement which is in the achievements dashboard. This isnt the only way to become a partner though and if you demonstrate a large or engaged viewership you have a shot also.

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    Find Your Perfect Streaming Settings

    The streaming settings youll want for Twitch will depend on the available upload bandwidth, the power of your encoder, and the type of content you want to broadcast. Higher bandwidth, a powerful processor, and being able to dedicate it to encoding only all provide you with higher-quality settings.

    If youre looking for hard numbers, Twitchs own guide would be a good place to start. Twitch recommends that for a basic 720p@30fps stream, youll need a bitrate of around 3000 kbps. If you look up a list of good upload speeds for streaming, youll see that this translates to around 5 Mbps upload speed.

    Going through the five steps above is the simplest way to set up your OBS Studio for the first stream. It will get you through at the beginning, but you should look at a more in-depth guide when the time comes to take things up a notch.

    Which Software To Use For Live Streaming On Twitch

    How to STREAM on Twitch from Xbox One with Camera (Setup, Best Xbox Webcam and More!)

    When broadcasting on Twitch from a desktop computer, the consensus is that beginners should start with software encoders unless they have hardware encoders available. Read our guide on the difference between software and hardware encoders to learn why.

    Every software encoder comes with its own sets of pros and cons. If youre interested in some of the more popular options, they are:

    • OBS Studio The top choice for many novice content creators, OBS Studio is a free, open-source streaming software with cross-platform compatibility. The learning curve can be a bit high if youve never used live streaming software before.
    • Streamlabs OBS The Streamlabs version of OBS has some great features that might help you monetize your channel. Its only available on Windows, though. Read about the difference between OBS Studio and Streamlabs OBS to help you decide.
    • XSplit A common solution for broadcasters who want to try out paid software, it only shines if youre willing to invest in the paid version.
    • vMix Consider this option when you decide youre ready to become a pro streamer.

    If youre looking for a quick start on Twitch just to see if streaming is for you, try Twitch Studio, Twitchs proprietary streaming software thats currently in open beta. For even more options, check out Twitchs streaming software suggestions.

    If you want to broadcast to other platforms besides Twitch simultaneously, youll need to enlist an additional software solution to your roster.

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