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How To Get Faster Internet On Xbox

Change Your Dns Settings


Domain Name System is basically a contact list for the internet. When you type in a website like, your DNS searches through its contact list to find the IP address that matches the domain name you typed in. That way, you dont have to type in a long string of numbers for every single website you want to visit. Instead, you can just type in the domain name which is much easier to remember.

Your home network is assigned a default DNS that is usually provided by your internet service provider. While the default DNS works, there are other DNS servers that are faster and run more efficiently. Switching to one of these faster servers can speed up your Xbox One download speeds. We recommend using Google DNS. To change your DNS settings:

  • Open the Settings app on your Xbox.
  • Find the Network tab.
  • Select Network Settings > Advanced Settings > DNS Settings > Manual.
  • Once you select Manual, you will be able to enter a new DNS address. To use Google DNS, enter
  • After you confirm this address, youll need to enter a second one. For Google DNS this number is
  • After following these steps your download speeds should increase. If you notice that your speeds have not improved over time, you can always revert back to your default DNS settings. To do so, follow steps 1-4 above. Instead of selecting Manual in step four, select Automatic. Your settings will revert back to the default DNS.

    Other Factors That Impact Your Online Gaming Experience

    Finding out how many Mbps you need for online gaming isnt an exact science. It depends on internet usage in your household.

    If 3 members of your household are avid gamers and often play at the same time, your bandwidth needs multiply by 3. If your family members stream videos or download huge files while youre engaged in a digital battle royale, your ping will increase significantly.

    Every device thats continuously online and every online activity or service running in the background takes up your bandwidth. Too many shared connections can prevent you from achieving a good download speed for gaming.

    Insufficient bandwidth isnt the only thing that can impede your gaming. Gamers are alluring targets for cybercriminals because they seldom employ basic cybersecurity measures. Hackers take over gamer accounts, spy on private chats, reuse login details to break into other accounts, or sell their details on the dark web.

    Use Googles Dns To Make Your Xbox One Internet Speed Better

    Go to your Xbox Settings. Select Network Settings. Next, go to Advanced Settings. From Advanced Settings select DNS Settings. Choose manual. Input the following values:

    Primary IPv4 DNS:

    Follow the same method as above. However, change your DNS settings to the following values:

    Primary IPv4 DNS:

    Secondary IPv4 DNS:

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    Spend Less Time Downloading And More Time Gaming

    It’s incredibly frustrating when you want to play a new game and you end up sitting there for hours, twiddling your thumbs while the game downloads. Don’t let that happen to you. With any luck, the tips above have solved the issue and you can download via the Xbox app at the right speed.

    Remember, the Xbox app is your gateway to the Xbox Game Pass. If you can get through a couple of games a month, it represents incredible savings and is more cost-effective than buying the games outright.

    Delivery Optimization Advanced Settings

    • Press on the Windows Search Bar and type Delivery Optimization advanced settings.

    • Under select Percentage of measured bandwidth .

    • Activate both Limit how much bandwidth is used for downloading updates in the background and Limit how much bandwidth is used for downloading updates in the foreground.

    • Set both speed limiters to 100%.

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    How Do I Fix Slow Download Speeds With Xbox Series X

    Nothing can put an abrupt and sudden halt to a gaming session faster than glacial download speeds. Video games, especially large “AAA” modern titles and online multiplayer games, feature larger initial install sizes and require constant updates. Slow download speeds can turn a fifteen-minute wait into a two-hour sludge. If you’re experiencing slow download speeds on your Xbox Series X|S that might not represent your internet capabilities, this Xbox Series X|S networking guide will give you some tips and tricks to try.

    If you’re experiencing slow download speeds on your Xbox Series X|S, follow these steps:

    Ensure That Your Router Has A 5ghz Band

    Routers have either a 2.4 or 5 GHz band. For those that are using a Wi-Fi connection for gaming instead of a wired ethernet connection, wed recommend a router with a 5 GHz band. The 5 GHz band enables faster and more reliable Wi-Fi speeds than a 2.4 GHz band. By upgrading to a router with a 5Ghz band, your Xbox One should run faster. The only drawback to 5 GHz bands is that they work best over short distances. Youll want your Xbox to be as close to the router as possible to avoid any connection issues.

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    Close Your Apps And Games

    First, you should know that using your console while downloading content slows the network speed. Scratch that: playing slows down the overall system. So, the new stuff youre getting from Microsofts Store will take longer.

    Naturally, you should close all of your games and apps when youre downloading content. And if youre going to play, you should pause the downloads until youre done.

    So first, to close apps or games, herere the steps:

  • Press the Xbox button on your controller
  • Highlight the app or game you want to close on the sidebar
  • Press the Controllers menu button
  • Select Quit
  • You can also navigate to your recently played games on the home screen, highlight the title, press the menu button, and select Quit.

    Then, to pause a download, herere the steps:

  • Press the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide
  • Go to My games & apps
  • Select Manage
  • Select Pause All
  • To continue the installation, you can go back to step 3 and select Resume all.

    Lastly, you can cancel a download if youve seen it stuck for too long, and try again after you finish our troubleshooting.

    Factco Recommended Internet Speeds For Nintendo Switch:

    How To Make Your Internet Speed FASTER On Xbox! (fix lag spikes, high fps, fast internet!)

    Upload 10Mbps

    To make your Nintendo Switch experience a lot more streamlined, a download speed of at least 50Mbps is your best bet. This would allow you to download full games in a much more palatable 30 minutes.

    When it comes to upload speeds, online play and uploading your screen captures on Switch can work effectively with a connection exceeding 10Mbps.

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    Turn Off Unnecessary Applications And Devices

    If your connection is still struggling while playing games online, try to reduce the amount of traffic on your home network. Make sure that someone isnt streaming 4K video in another room when youre about to start a new match.

    You can also prevent other devices from bogging down the network by turning off smart devices and pausing software and OS updates while youre playingjust remember to reactivate everything when youre done.

    Reboot Your Internet Router

    Sometimes download speeds don’t have anything to do with your Xbox One itself and have more to do with your internet router.

    You can try rebooting your router by disconnecting it from the wall. Wait a few moments, then plug the router back in.

    This can help the internet connection and improve your overall .

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    Test Network Speed & Statistics

    The final diagnostic tool that your Xbox Series X|S provides is a decent overview of your network speed and statistics. Experiencing glacial downloads or abnormal amounts of latency in online multiplayer? Run a quick network check using this tool and see what speeds your Xbox Series X|S is reporting. While this alone doesn’t give you any methods to improve matters, it gives you a place to start when trying to find the issue.

    To test your network speed and statistics on your Xbox Series X|S, follow these steps:

  • On your Xbox Series X|S, open the Xbox Guide by pressing the “Xbox” button in the middle of your controller.

  • Once the Guide is opened, scroll to the “Profile & system” tab using the bumpers, D-pad, or right analog stick on your controller.

  • On the “Profile & system” tab of the Guide, navigate to the “Settings” button and open Settings on your console.
  • Once Settings is opened, navigate to the “General” section located at the top.
  • Inside the “General” section of Settings, navigate to and open the “Network settings” to access all the network-related settings on your console.

  • Inside the “Network settings” section, navigate to and open the “Test network speed & statistics” option to run the diagnostic tool.

  • After a few moments, your Xbox Series X|S will provide the numbers on some key statistics related to your network. This test may take a second but can give you lots of helpful information.

  • The “Test network speed & statistics” tool provides the following information:

    Getting An Xbox One Online

     How to Boost XBOX ONE Internet speed

    Before getting underway with improving your console’s connectivity, you’ll first need to make sure your console is correctly connected. The Xbox One supports both wired and wireless connections, with a relatively streamlined setup process.

    Wired connections almost always offer the best speeds and stability, with a direct line to your console. While wireless can still provide adequate download and upload speeds, a wired connection is unmatched, especially over distance. By going wireless, you’ll be getting the benefits of convenience, without a physical cable between your router and console.

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    How To Change Your Xbox Dns Settings Swift Method

    This method will dramatically improve your internet connection but there is a more effective method that I will discuss later on. Both will work, but the more advanced one will make a bigger difference but its a little more complicated to setup.

  • Navigate to settings> network> network transfer
  • Turn off network transfer, if you dont use this setting it will stop your Xbox being available in the local network which will improve your internet speed
  • Go to network and navigate to network statistics wait a few minutes and you should see your , Latency and other statistics make a note of these statistics so you know how much you will improve them later
  • Go to network> advanced settings> DNS settings> turn it to automatic
  • Input the following Google DNS server which is considered the best for gaming Preferred DNS Server:, Alternate DNS Server: or check out this list for the top 10 DNS servers for gaming
  • Go back to detailed network statistics and see if your connection has improved
  • Now thats it for the quick setup! Your Xbox should considerably faster download & upload speeds. Although if you want the VERY BEST connection possible I recommend you spend a few minutes and read the next subheading

    Close All Apps And Games

    One of the nifty things that the Xbox One lets you do is that play games while a game or an app downloads in the background. You can even watch videos on YouTube or watch a movie on Netflix while you wait for the game to complete downloading. As fun as this is, there is a drawback to this benefit.

    Doing another activity especially one that needs an online connection while downloading a game can substantially reduce the download speed. And so, it is a great idea that you close all games and apps while you are in the process of downloading a game. If you dont know how to do it, just simply follow these easy to do steps:

    • Highlight the icon of the game or the app on the home screen.
    • Hit the Menu button on the Xbox One controller. If you dont know where it is, it is the small, black button that can be found on the left side of the controller. It is quite distinguishable as it has three horizontal lines seen on top of one another.
    • Then, hit Quit.

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    How Many Mbps Do I Need For Gaming

    While the best internet speed for gaming depends on the console you’re using, most video game console manufacturers recommend at least 3 Mbps of download speed, and 0.5 Mbps to 1 Mbps of upload speed as good internet speed.

    The minimum internet connection speed for gaming:

    • Ping rate: Less than 150 ms.

    The recommended internet connection speed for gaming:

    • Ping rate: Less than 50 ms.

    Check Data Usage In The Settings App


    Before attempting to reduce your Xbox One’s data usage, it’s good to get a rough idea of the bandwidth your console uses at this point in time. That ensures your Xbox One’s data use is worth addressing while also providing insight into your estimated savings after applying the following tips. Luckily, an in-depth breakdown of bandwidth use is tucked away within the Xbox One’s Settings application.

  • Open the Settings app on your Xbox One
  • Navigate to the Network tab
  • Open Network settings
  • Select Bandwidth usage on the right-hand side of the screen
  • A log of your console’s data use should now be displayed on the screen, with hourly figures for the past 24 hours alongside usage breakdowns on a per-month basis. This should give you an idea of how much data your console currently consumes and how it relates to any data caps you may have in place.

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    How Do I Increase My Xbox Connection Speed

    Now there are various ways to improve your Xbox connection speed, the biggest change follow whats mentioned in this article but here are other ways to improve your connection

  • Use a wired internet connection instead of wi-fi
  • Download updates/games using rest mode to increase download speeds
  • Update your Xbox to the latest firmware
  • Change your DNS settings
  • Change your router settings to 5Ghz or 2.4GHz depending on where your router is compared to your Xbox
  • Upgrade your internet service
  • High Latency Is Your Worst Enemy

    Latency is the amount of time a data packet uses to make its trip to a remote server and back. Picture a racquetball bouncing off a wallhow long does that ball take to come back to you?

    The ping utility answers this question by throwing a ball of data at a specific destination and recording the entire trips durationin other words, it pings the server. Latency is also referred to as ping rate.

    If your latency gets too high when youre playing a game online, you start to experience lag.

    For example, you move a mouse and your game reports that movement to a remote server. The server acknowledges the movement and sends a response showing your movements along with all the other player movements. Your game renders the response, but because your latency is high, your movement appears delayed compared to the other players.

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    Use The Right Hardware For The Job

    The hardware used to connect your Xbox One to the internet also has a huge significance on your network performance, with varying speeds depending on the type of setup.

    Wired connections almost always offer the best speeds and stability, with a direct line to your console. While wireless can still provide adequate download and upload speeds, a wired connection is unmatched, especially over distance.

    Depending on your router, two wireless bands are widely used nowadays: 2.4GHz and 5GHz connections. It’s becoming increasingly common for modern routers to offer dual-band connectivity, which provides access to both frequencies.

    While 5GHz ideally offers a higher throughput than a 2.4GHz connection, you’ll lose range in the process. However, the range of 2.4GHz connections isn’t always a good thing, with possible interference from other 2.4GHz networks and separate local wireless devices. While wired is the way to go if possible, 5GHz networks are a great step up from the standard 2.4GHz offering.

    How To Increase Download Speed On Xbox One

    How to get Faster Internet on Xbox

    We may earn a commission when you buy using our links.

    Console gaming is steadily on the rise with the recreational activity gaining a boost from the lockdown measures that have been implemented all over the world. In fact, research shows that console gaming will rise 6.8% on year to a whopping $45.2 billion this year. The number of console players is also pegged to rise to a mindboggling 729 million players all across the globe.

    One of the more popular consoles in the entire world is the Xbox One. Released in 2013, the Xbox One is a home video game console produced by Microsoft. It is the successor to the equally successful Xbox 360 and is the third iteration in the Xbox line of consoles.

    When youre playing the Xbox One, you need to download games online and place them in your library before youll get the chance to play them. It is usually a fuss-free procedure. However, downloading games can take some time especially when the game itself is massive and needs a lot of space on your drive. Waiting for a download to finish is already irritating and the process can become downright grating when the download speed slows down to a crawl.

    Before you pull your hair out, continue reading below and check out these tips on how you can help speed up the download speed of your Xbox One.

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    How To Speed Up Xbox Downloads By Suspending Your Game

    1. With an Xbox game loaded, press the Xbox button on your gamepad. From the menu that appears, select My games & apps.

    2. On the next menu, press See all.” Its the item at the very top of the list.

    3. Scroll down to Manage Queue,” and select it. Its the item at the bottom of the list on the left.

    4. Select Queue to see all the apps currently being downloaded and updated.

    5. The Xbox will have detected youre in a game, and will give you an option to exit and boost download speeds. Simply press Suspend my game and your download speed should get an instant boost.

    With games that support Quick Resume, your exact position should be stored the next time you load the game.

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