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How To Get Better Internet On Xbox

How To Change Your Xbox Dns Settings For Faster Internet

How to Get 100% BETTER CONNECTION XBOX LIVE – Faster Internet Xbox One::

Now changing your Xboxs DNS settings could have a MASSIVE impact on your download speeds, no matter if youre using a wired or wireless internet connection or whatever Xbox you currently own.

Before you change the DNS settings make sure you do the following steps

  • Disconnect your Xbox from a Wi-fi booster as wi-fi directly from the router has the best connection
  • Remove wi-fi power setups
  • Move your console into more open airspace away from other electronic devices that are using the Wi-fi
  • Move the Xbox away from brick walls
  • Try to position the Xbox in the same room as the router or the room directly below it
  • Try to limit the number of electronic devices using the same Wi-fi as your Xbox

How To Improve Wifi For Your Xbox

Improving the Internet connection to your Xbox is key to getting your best gaming experience. And serious gamers know that a wired connection has one definite advantage in the gaming world: low latency or lag. When you pull that trigger, it actually fires and you stay alive! So, what options do you have for a better home network connection? Lets look at a few.

Physically Improve Your Download Speed

Herere the things you can do to further improve your download speeds:

  • Dont stream games while downloading.
  • Reset your Xbox and your router if youre experiencing random disconnections.
  • Turn off your smartphones and computers Wi-Fi, and as much Wi-Fis as possible.
  • Put your Xbox as close to the router as you can.
  • Use a 5.0 GHz frequency band on your Wi-Fi if possible. Some routers have a switch to change 2.4GHz to 5.0GHz frequency. You would have to connect again to the network if you change the band.
  • Connect your Xbox to the router via an ethernet cable if possible .
  • Check for other internet service providers and plans every month, to see if theres a better broadband plan for your household you can afford.

If youre still below or around the threshold, theres not much you can do other than change your internet service provider or upgrade your plan.

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Hard Reset Your Console

Consider resetting your console if you keep facing low speeds after trying the above steps.

To reset, press the Xbox button, then Profile & system > Settings > System > Console info and choose Reset console.

Select the Reset and keep my games & apps option to retain your games.

How to Reset Your Xbox One to Factory Defaults

How To Reduce Latency On Xbox One

5 Modi per Migliorare la Connessione a Internet dell

May 16th, 2019

When you fire up a multiplayer game on your Xbox One, lag is your number one enemy.

Whether you’re battling it out in Overwatch or just trying to outmaneuver the other side in Rocket League, milliseconds count. And nothing is more frustrating than losing because your network can’t keep up.

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Close All Games And Apps

Due to the nature of the Xbox One’s OS, resources are prioritized for games and apps that are currently active. While this ensures a smooth overall experience, downloads can see reduced speeds when left running in the background. Software that also requires significant bandwidth, such as streaming applications, may also impact this speed.

To ensure content is downloaded at the fastest possible rate, close all games and apps currently running on the console. Alternatively, if you’re using the Xbox One’s instant-on power mode, games can be downloaded while the console is in a sleep state.

Make Sure Your Xbox Is Protected

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Add A Static Ip And A Public Dns Address

The next step is tweaking your network settings to add a public DNS, and a Static IP address.

  • A Static IP Address is a fixed number that wont change every time your console logs on the Wi-Fi. This is not necessary if youre using an ethernet connection
  • A public DNS address is a gateway address companies like Google share to improve internet connection worldwide.

Herere the instructions

  • Secondary:
  • Test the connection
  • If it doesnt work, try adding 100 to the last IP digit instead. In fact, you can keep playing around the last digit with a similar approach.

    The idea is the number doesnt collide with any other device in your home. The IP address is the same for all devices on the same web, but only the last digit changes.

    Close Background Games & Apps


    This tip to fixing the slow download speeds on your Xbox Series X|S may not be immediately apparent. Having any games or apps running in the background of your Xbox Series X|S can drastically reduce your download speeds, even if your internet speeds are fantastic. This is due to how the Xbox OS operates, prioritizing games and apps with internet bandwidth and system resources. Restricting background processes ensures the best possible experience when playing but can be a bummer when downloading something.

    Games that require internet bandwidth themselves, or apps that require online access like streaming services, may affect this performance even more. This is even more exacerbated on the Xbox Series X|S, as Xbox Series X|S Optimized titles require even more system resources to run. While this shouldn’t be considered a “problem” with Xbox consoles , it can be annoying when you’re trying to install something new.

    Our advice? When you need the best download speeds on your Xbox Series X|S, close down any background games or apps.

    If you use Xbox’s “Instant-on” power mode, your Xbox Series X|S will also download and install games and updates even when the console is turned off, which can also provide optimal download speeds.

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    Consider The Multiplayer Design

    When it comes to online multiplayer, it isn’t always dependent on your connection or your internet speed. Every multiplayer game is different, and the way they handle online multiplayer can dramatically affect how reliable and stable your connection is. Many games have been negatively affected by their approach to online networking. Depending on the game you’re playing, the multiplayer lag and other issues you’re experience may not be related to your setup or anything that’s up to you.

    There are two standard approaches to online multiplayer that can affect your experience: peer-to-peer and dedicated servers.

    P2P is the more affordable option and can be quite common with online multiplayer games built by indie developers. P2P means a game uses its players’ personal networks to host online multiplayer connections while using one player’s console as the central server. This is entirely reliant on individual users’ networks and is far more prone to lag, latency issues, and interruptions. That isn’t to say that P2P doesn’t have a place, but as time goes on, it becomes increasingly uncommon and is generally less desirable than the other form of multiplayer networking.

    Xbox One Download Speeds

    If you connect your older Xbox One to your router / switch with an ethernet cable you will get faster download speeds. The ethernet port in the Xbox One is technically rated for 1 Gbps. In my own testing I never saw download speeds anywhere near that high. Games would download at about 110 Mbps in most cases. Occasionally they would spike up a little higher or dip a little lower. Speeds of 110 Mbps is about what you can expect if you connect your original Xbox One console to a gigabit internet connection via a hardwired ethernet connection. The exact reason that download speeds are not higher is not really known. It appear to be limited by the servers that are being used to deliver the downloads to the Xbox One. When the Xbox One first launched, this was not really an issue as average broadband speeds were about 10 times lower than today.

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    Use The Best Connection

    When it comes to connecting your Xbox Series X|S to the internet, you have two options: wired and wireless. We always suggest using a wired connection to your router whenever possible, as this will offer you the fastest possible speeds on your network. A wired connection is more reliable and less affected by distance, interference, and network congestion. If you’re able to run an ethernet cable between your internet router and your Xbox Series X|S, it’s definitely worth the time spent.

    If you’re using a wireless connection, most modern internet service providers can still provide a great experience. However, there are still things to consider beyond simply using a wireless connection. Depending on your router and provider, you may have two separate wireless bands: 2.4GHz and 5GHz. It’s becoming increasingly common for routers and ISPs to offer dual-band, which gives you access to both. Often this will appear in your “available networks” list as two separate networks.

    While this may seem confusing, the differences between the two bands are relatively simple. 2.4GHz offers the greatest range and is suited for devices that are either far away from the router or that move around a lot . However, 2.4GHz connections offer slower speeds, higher latency, and are more susceptible to interference from other wireless signals.

    What Causes Slow Xbox Series X And S Downloads

    5 Modi per Migliorare la Connessione a Internet dell

    The primary cause of long download times is the game file sizes are so big. Even with a fast internet connection, and everything else being perfect, games will take more time to download than they did with older consoles. In addition to the reality of file sizes, slow internet connections, internet problems, downloading in the background, and even bugged downloads can all cause a decrease in game download speed on the Xbox Series X and S.

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    Closing Open Games Or Apps

  • 1Press the Xbox button. It’s the button with the Xbox logo in the center of the controller. This will suspend any games or apps that happen to be running and return to the Home screen.
  • 2Navigate to any games or apps running and select them. The large box in the Home screen displays any running apps.
  • 3Press on the controller. Press the Menu button with three lines near the center of the controller. This will show a menu with additional options.
  • 4Select Quit. Highlight the “Quit” option and press A on the controller. This will close the app. Multiplayer games and video streaming apps can eat up a lot of bandwidth and slow down any ongoing downloads you have. Avoid running any apps until the download is finished downloading.Advertisement
  • What About Steam Remote Play

    Valve Software suggests speeds only in regards to Steam Remote Play Together. This service allows one Steam gamer to run a purchased multiplayer game locally on a PC and then invite four or more Steam friends to play remotely. Its optimized to stream games to four other players at 1080p and 60 frames per second, so Valve suggests using a connection of 1030 Mbps at the least.

    This speed suggestion probably also applies to Remote Play Together+Anywhere, which still streams the multiplayer game from a PC, but now the game owner is streaming remotely too. Meanwhile, Remote Play Anywhere streams to one client only, so the necessary internet speeds shouldnt need to go beyond 10 Mbps.

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    Other Useful Tips To Boost Your Xbox One Internet Speed

    Sometimes, your internet data plan is not enough. You could consider upgrading to a better plan. This is guaranteed to increase your internet speed. Although, it will cost you money.

    Use an ethernet cable to connect your Xbox directly to your router. This might not be suitable for everyone. Especially those with their Xbox One far from the router. If this is a viable option for you. I bought a great ethernet cable on Amazon that tripled my Xbox One internet speed. Plus, it was less than 7 bucks.

    The final tip I recommend is to invest in WiFI Extenders. WiFi extenders are like little mini routers that pick up the signal of your main router and boost it to another part of your home. For example, if your router is downstairs. Place the WiFi extender at the top of the stairs. The extender will pick up your WiFi signal and boost it to all the upstairs of your house. The best WiFi extenders are made by NETGEAR. I bought mine on Amazon for 30 bucks. I now have a much better WiFi signal around my entire house.

    Whats even better is that it comes with an Ethernet port. This means you can connect your Xbox One to the WiFi extender through an ethernet cable. Which means you can have a wired Xbox One without having to run a cable down your stairs.

    If you enjoyed the guide make sure to check out the rest of our gaming guides. We cover lots of games and genres. Youre sure to find something you like.

    Hardwire Your Xbox Console


    The best way to have a stable, secure connection is to simply hardwire your Xbox to your internet router. This will provide the fastest speeds while reducing lag time.

    Using an Ethernet cable, plug one side into the back of your Xbox and the other into one of the available Ethernet ports on your router. Then you’ll be ready to play.

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    Use Googles Dns To Make Your Xbox One Internet Speed Better

    Go to your Xbox Settings. Select Network Settings. Next, go to Advanced Settings. From Advanced Settings select DNS Settings. Choose manual. Input the following values:

    Primary IPv4 DNS:

    Follow the same method as above. However, change your DNS settings to the following values:

    Primary IPv4 DNS:

    Secondary IPv4 DNS:

    How To Change Your Xbox Dns Settings Swift Method

    This method will dramatically improve your internet connection but there is a more effective method that I will discuss later on. Both will work, but the more advanced one will make a bigger difference but its a little more complicated to setup.

  • Navigate to settings> network> network transfer
  • Turn off network transfer, if you dont use this setting it will stop your Xbox being available in the local network which will improve your internet speed
  • Go to network and navigate to network statistics wait a few minutes and you should see your , Latency and other statistics make a note of these statistics so you know how much you will improve them later
  • Go to network> advanced settings> DNS settings> turn it to automatic
  • Input the following Google DNS server which is considered the best for gaming Preferred DNS Server:, Alternate DNS Server: or check out this list for the top 10 DNS servers for gaming
  • Go back to detailed network statistics and see if your connection has improved
  • Now thats it for the quick setup! Your Xbox should considerably faster download & upload speeds. Although if you want the VERY BEST connection possible I recommend you spend a few minutes and read the next subheading

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    Start Playing Your New Games Faster With These Tips

    • Shoreline Community College
    • Western Governors University

    Xbox Series X and S game files are typically massive due to the high quality graphics, as youre downloading everything needed for 4K resolution regardless of which console you have. If youre suffering from sluggish downloads, you can use these tips to speed up your Xbox Series X or S downloads and get into the game faster.

    Restart Your Xbox One Console

    Download Xbox Party Chat for Android and iOS (Xbox App)

    Speeding up your Xbox One downloads can be as simple as turning your equipment off and back on. Restarting your console can help solve connectivity issues that occur while downloading. To restart your Xbox One console:

  • Hold down the Xbox button located in the middle of the controller. This will open the Power Center.
  • Select Restart Console.
  • Select Restart.
  • Once you select Restart, all of your current downloads will pause automatically, and they will resume once you have restarted the console. You can double-check that your downloads have resumed by following these steps:

  • Open My Games & Apps from the home screen.
  • Select Queue and hover over the game or app that was downloading before the restart. The game or app should be listed as Installing.
  • If the game or app says Queued or Paused instead of Installing, select it and press the Menu button.
  • Select Resume installation.
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    Using A Wired Ethernet Connection

    Connecting your Xbox Series X|S to the internet using a wired connection is not only the best way to go for optimal download speeds, it’s also the most effortless setup process.

    All you need to do is plug an ethernet cable into your internet router and then run that ethernet cable to the corresponding port on the back of your Xbox Series X|S. Once your console is connected via ethernet, it’ll automatically attempt to connect to Xbox Live and the internet.

    Whether or not this will be worth it to you usually rests in how far away your Xbox Series X|S is from your router. Running ethernet cables around the house can be a hassle. However, it doesn’t get any easier than simply plugging in a cable, and you’re guaranteed the best possible connection through ethernet.

    Amazon Basics Cat7 Ethernet Cable

    If you’re in need of a basic ethernet cable that’ll get the job done, this simple solution is effective for practically any internet speeds your network could support, all the way up to a theoretical 10Gbps. Available in a variety of sizes, depending on how far you need to travel.

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