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How To Get An Xbox Gift Card For Free

How To Generate Free Xbox Gift Card Codes Using Our Generator

How I Get My Xbox Gift Cards For FREE! (xbox approved method!)

You can get a free Xbox gift card code on our gift card generator which is not at all complicated. You just follow the steps to get the codes.

Step 1: Go to the Xbox Gift Card Generator.

Step 2: You can see Xbox gift cards. Click on the generate button.

Step 3: Complete some process and click the next button.

Step 4: Generating your gift card and wait for a few seconds to process the algorithm.

Step 5: Click here to get it now!, You will get your free Xbox gift card generated in a popup. Thats all you must do to get some free Xbox gift card codes.

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Get Your Free Xbox Gift Card From Zoombucks Today

Heres how to turn your ZoomBucks points into an Xbox digital gift card!

Want to have a legit way to earn an XBOX digital gift card now? ZoomBucks makes this easy and possible with its rewards program! Just by accomplishing doable tasks, you can be rewarded with enough points to enjoy all your favorite Xbox games, plus other downloadable content you love!

How ZoomBucks Works

Its pretty easy and straightforward. First, go to and register for free. Once youve logged in, you can enter your invite code to get 500 FREE points! Then – youre ready to earn!

Upon signing up, youll see Next Steps on top of your dashboard. In this section, you can complete your profile to determine your demographic. Make sure to fill out all the fields as honestly and as accurately as you can. Doing this will ensure that you get notifications on offers, rewards, and surveys right away. There is also a link to guides showing you how to earn faster and more efficiently.

There are three ways to earn on ZoomBucks. You can choose to complete offers, complete paid surveys, or watch videos.

When you have completed tasks, and as soon as you have accumulated 25,000 points on ZoomBucks, you can already redeem your free XBOX digital gift card. Its that easy!

How To Claim Your Free Xbox Gift Card

About Xbox

A Note of Caution: Dont Fall for Xbox Generator Scams

How Does Xbox Gift Card Generator Work

There is a team of Xbox gift card generator, who always work on a smart algorithm in order to generate the free Xbox codes. You can also see there is no delay in the back end process and we also ensure that you will get the right working codes without any survey. As you know Xbox is a legal website so they provide the codes in a unique way.

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Xbox 360 Dashboard Contents

There are different contests that you will find on the Xbox dashboard that will allow you to win gift cards and many other items.

While there will most likely be a lot of other participants, there is still a chance that you can win something.

There are usually at least a few winners chosen in each of these contests.

How To Redeem Xbox Gift Cards

How to get free Xbox codes??

To load your Xbox gift card, visit and sign in to your account.

Enter the 25-character code from your card and click on âNextâ to redeem.

You can also redeem your Xbox Live code or gift card using your Xbox One console. Simply go to âHomeâ, select âStoreâ, and âUse a Codeâ to redeem your card.

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How Can I Get My Gift Card

To receive your free Xbox Gift Card code, all you have to do is sign up for an account on Idle-Empire, answer a few paid surveys, watch videos, or complete offers and quickly redeem your points for a gift card that we’ll deliver to you via email. We have gifted over $8.1 million dollars worth of rewards since 2015 and we want you to have your share!

How Can I Get Free Xbox Gift Cards Through Microsoft Rewards

You dont need free Xbox gift card generators nowadays, as Microsoft itself has introduced a new way to earn gift cards, and it is called the Microsoft Reward program.

You can technically earn reward points for using any of the products from the house of Microsoft. Every time you search for something on the internet through the Bing browser, you can earn 5 points on average.

You will also earn 1 point for each $1 you spend on the Microsoft store. You can now even earn points by downloading new Microsoft games and apps as well.

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What Can I Do With My Gift Card

With an Xbox Gift Card, get the freedom to pick the gift you want. It can be used to buy the hottest new Xbox full game downloads, apps, movies, TV shows, devices, and more. There are no fees or expiration dates to worry about. This digital gift code is good for purchases at Microsoft Store online, on Windows, and on Xbox. It cannot be used for purchases at physical Microsoft Stores. Enjoy the full Xbox experience!

What Is Xbox Gift Card


The Xbox gift card is a digital gift card with the loaded amount of the money that you have brought like 25$, 50$, and 100$. This card is available to buy in online and offline stores. Basically Xbox gift card is used to buy the movies and games on Microsoft Xbox website. The best thing in the Xbox gift card is that it never expires and no fees are there for purchase.

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What You Can Get With Xbox Gift Cards

Xbox gift cards can be used to buy the hottest and newest Xbox full fame downloads, TV programmers, films, apps, devices and a lot more.

While they wont help you buy the latest TV after you have gone through the roku vs firestick debate, they can be used to buy a lot of other things you need.

For example, they can be used to also buy Xbox Life Gold subscriptions if you want to.

Even Xbox Game Pass can be purchased with one of these gift cards.

Join A Bunch Of Rewards Apps/sites For Free Xbox Gift Cards

Hundreds of apps and sites are around to let you earn rewards for doing extremely simple things like taking a survey, watching a short video, or playing mini-games. Once you earn enough rewards, you can redeem these rewards into Xbox gift cards . Check these out:

  • Survey sites like PrizeRebel, Survey Junkie, and other similar sites focus only on surveys, which means you are rewarded points whenever you fill out a survey or questionnaire.
  • Reward apps like MyPoints, Grab Points,Idle Empire, Swagbucks, give you more choices when it comes to the tasks at hand. So if youre not a fan of surveys, you can earn rewards by completing regular tasks like watching videos, downloading apps, and doing stuff most of us do already.
  • Apps that require you to do a specific task, such as scanning products while you shop reward you every time you use the app.

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Get Free Xbox Live Gold Subscription Codes Via Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards, as its name suggests, is a rewards program run by Microsoft that allows you to earn Microsoft Points and redeem them for a range of prizes such as Xbox Live Gold free subscriptions. You can also earn Xbox Gift Cards with Microsoft Rewards, which can be redeemed for free Xbox Live Gold subscriptions, as well.

Microsoft Points can be earned by completing daily quizzes and polls, performing web searches via the Bing search engine, clicking on selected links, and buying movies, TV series, apps, and video games through the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 PCs and Xbox consoles.

Make sure to install the free Microsoft Rewards app on your Xbox One or Xbox Series X console to gain access to extra point-earning tasks.

Its very easy to earn points with Microsoft Rewards, and simply completing the daily tasks can often be enough to unlock Xbox Live Gold free subscriptions on a very regular basis.

Become Xbox Rich With Fetch Rewards Completely Free

Get a $100 Xbox gift card free!!!!

Fetch Rewards is Americas #1 rewards app. With over 13 million active users, Fetch is the fastest way to get free gift cards for Xbox. And, best of all, downloading and using the Fetch app is totally free.

You can earn free Xbox gift card codes by simply snapping your receipts. Scanning receipts gives you points, which you can use to redeem for an Xbox gift card code. Follow our step-by-step guide to find out how to get started snapping receipts, earning points, and getting free Xbox gift cards.

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Best Sites To Get Free Xbox Live Gift Cards

This list will be focusing on what, in my experience, are the best sites you can join to earn Xbox Live gift cards.

This list will help you decide which sites you can join so you do not have to waste time testing them yourself and then later find out that it’s a waste of time.

I will keep updating this list if I come across any new good sites to join so make sure to bookmark this page.

So that is the end of our list of the best sites to join to get free Xbox Live gift cards. Remember that all the sites listed above 100%FREE TO JOIN.

And as Ive suggested, if you want to get a lot of gift cards, it is best to join around 5-7 of the sites listed above as you will then get access to more earning opportunities.

You can always just join more sites to earn more rewards if you feel like you can handle more.

If you have any comments, questions, or know of a site that offers free Xbox Live gift cards that is not on the list, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

Tested Method To Get Free Xbox Gift Cards

Personally, we were fortunate enough to stumble upon the site in the middle of an ordinary day. We were overjoyed when we were able to generate free Xbox gift cards code at a moments notice. It felt like a Eureka moment. Avid gamers who love free stuff would know what we mean. After all, not all of us have the money to blow away on video games. Also, not all parents will understand the dilemma and passion towards something thats not study-related. So, kids can be in a tight spot. We have seen the struggle, so we know the sour taste it leaves in the mouth. Ever since we got to know the site, we saved ourselves a piggy-bank worth of money, and we never had to deal with the sour experience. Better yet, we never felt the need to browse the Internet like crazy for Xbox codes.

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Get Free Xbox Live Gold Codes With Controllers And Consoles

All Xbox consoles and first-party Xbox controllers typically come with a free Xbox Live Gold gift card. The Xbox gift card can be redeemed whenever you like, and it can also be given to a friend or family member for them to apply to their own accounts.

Only one user on an Xbox One or Xbox Series X console needs an Xbox Live Gold subscription for everyone to enjoy online multiplayer gaming. You dont need an Xbox Live Gold subscription for every player.

The length of the free subscription can vary from a few days to two weeks, and you can add as many gift cards as you like to stack the rewards. For example, if you get a free 14-day Xbox Live Gold card with an Xbox Series X console and another with a new Xbox controller, you can apply them both to get 30 days of Xbox Live Gold membership for free.

Use Bing Are Your Main Search Engine To Earn Ponts

How To Get Free Xbox Gift Cards: Free Xbox Codes in 2020

Another method to rack up Microsoft points is signing in to your Microsoft account and using Bing as your search engine. This process is one of the simplest methods to earn Microsoft Reward Points.

If you didnt know, Bing is owned and run by Microsoft. As a result, setting up your mobile and PC searches and making Bing your preferred search engine automatically gives you points every time you do an internet search will earn you extra Microsoft rewards.

When using Bing for PC users, each search earns 5 points however, there is a daily limit of 30 searches or 150 points per day. Users on mobile devices would need to download the Bing search engine app, sign in with their Microsoft credentials, and use it to do searches while on the move. You may earn up to 100 points every day by doing this, which equates to around 20 searches of 5 points each.

The Bing search engine app is available for both Android and iOS users.

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Where Is The Best Place To Buy Xbox Gift Card Codes

You can purchase Xbox Gift Cards at popular grocery and department stores or online at major retailers. Typically you will pay face value for the card, unless it’s been partially used or is being resold. To get the best deal when you buy Xbox Gift Card Codes, consider sites like MyGiftCardsPlus where you can earn cash back on your purchase of new, never used gift cards.

Why Do Companies Reward You With Free Xbox Gift Cards

One of the major reasons is because you help the companies with helpful feedback which in turn help them make better products.

Yes, thats why doing surveys or sharing your thoughts and opinions with companies is helpful to them.

Without the feedback from gamers like you, or even everyday users, companies would be at loss as to exactly what their customers want and the improvements or changes they would want to see.

You help them with your feedback they make better games and other products and they make more money from the better games and other products.

And they reward you with cash or gift cards, for your time a good way to make money online on the side.

Its really simple, as you have seen from this explanation.

Whats important is to ensure you dont waste your time with companies that promise to offer gift cards but dont.

Thats why you are better off with genuine survey and reward companies, like the ones included in this article.

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Free Xbox Codes Generator

If you search for how to get free Xbox Live codes or any other variations of the term, you will probably see things like, Free Xbox codes generator with no human verification or sites claiming to have free gift card generators.

Wouldnt it be great if you could just use a generator to generate real Xbox codes and gift cards for you on demand?

Yeah, it would be great, but lets be real!

While Xbox code generators may exist online, they arent legit.

As I explained in our post How to Get Free Robux, if this was real, companies would go bankrupt.

Lets face it, Microsoft isnt just going to hand out gift cards for free. So why would a generator give them out?

These generators are a waste of time and many of these sites that claim to generate Xbox codes are a scam. Sure, they may spit out codes, but these are not real Xbox Live codes that actually work. Theyre just useless.

Thats why you should avoid using them. Plus, you dont want to end up with a virus on your computer or getting scammed either.

In order to get a gift card for the console, you are going to have to do something whether thats watching videos or trying out apps. But these tasks are easy and dont require that much effort on your part.

Ways To Get Free Microsoft Xbox Gift Cards And Codes

Get free $100 Xbox gift card code

Xbox gift cards may be used to download the latest Xbox games, rent movies and TV series, purchase premium apps, and even purchase Xbox Live Gold memberships and Game Passes. However, I understand that getting free Xbox gift cards might be challenging.

Several websites provide free Xbox codes or free code generators however, all of them seem to be scammers, or their generators do not work. Fortunately, Ive already been down that road.

As a result, Ive tried over 50 ways to earn free Xbox gift cards and narrowed it down to the most effective methods for achieving results. So, starting with apps that offer rewards, heres what makes these methods the best way to get your hands on some free Xbox gift cards and codes.

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How To Redeem A Code On The Xbox Console Companion App On Windows 10

Heres how you can redeem a code on the Xbox Console Companion app for Windows 10

  • On your PC press the Start button, and then choose Xbox Console Companion from the list of apps.
  • Youll need to make sure that youre signed in with the account that you want to redeem the code with. If you need to sign in to another account, then just choose the Gamertag picture on the left navigation bar. Then select Sign out and then sign in with the correct account.
  • From the left navigation bar, select Redeem a code.
  • Enter your code and then follow the prompts. You dont have to worry about entering any hyphens because the system will do it for you.

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