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Free Live Tv Apps For Xbox One

How To Watch Live Tv On Xbox One Without Paying For Cable

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OneGuide is one of the core features of the Xbox One, and it integrates cable TV with the console in a single seamless interface. But what if you don’t have cable TV? The good news is you’re not frozen out, and you can very easily in certain areas at least integrate over-the-air TV channels into your Xbox One experience with something like the Xbox OTA TV tuner.

Watch Ota Tv Through Xbox One

You can use a couple of different options to watch live OTA TV on your Xbox One console. One is by getting the official Hauppauge Digital TV Tuner for Xbox One. You plug it into one of the ports on the back of the console and plug an antenna into the aerial port on the tuner. The console will automatically recognize it, and you can follow the onscreen instructions to get everything rolling. Then you will be able to watch your favorite channels via the core OneGuide feature of Xbox One.

Another option you have is to use a Silicon Dust HDHomeRun box and the accompanying app. The basic HDHomeRun Connect Duo is a box you plug into your home network and attach an antenna. Then you can stream the live HD TV signals over Wi-Fi to virtually any device connected to your network.

Once you have the HDHomeRun setup, download, and install the HDHomeRun app on your Xbox console, you need to launch the HDHomeRun app and use your controller to view the available television channels in your area.

Keep in mind that with the Hauppauge Xbox TV tuner, you will be using Xboxs built-in OneGuide feature to watch television. With the HDHomeRun, you will be using its apps interface to view and record TV. Also, with an OTA antenna, the number of channels you get will vary depending on your area and the type of antenna you have. If you live in an urban area, usually, a simple indoor antenna should do the trick. But if youre in a rural area, youll need a more powerful outdoor antenna.

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How To Watch Live Tv With The Xbox Ota Tuner

To get OTA TV channels directly onto the Xbox One you need a tuner that runs between the aerial and the console. They aren’t expensive, but depending on where you live they will look a little different. In Europe, for example, there is an official Xbox-branded tuner that’s still available, while in North America it’s produced by Hauppauge.

It’s an interface with an aerial input on one side and a USB cable on the other to connect to the console. Upon plugging it in, the console will automatically recognize it and send you into the set-up process. It’s as simple as just following the on-screen prompts to find whatever OTA channels are available in your area.

Channel availability will depend on different factors, such as location and the quality of your aerial. If you’re in the U.S. and curious about what’s actually going to be available in your area, AntennaWeb is a terrific resource.

Without paying for cable, though, the TV tuner is a fairly inexpensive way to pass TV through your Xbox One, keeping it at the heart of your home entertainment setup.

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Can I Watch Amazon Prime On My Xbox 360

Xbox Live subscribers can watch Amazon Prime Instant Video and straight from their Xbox, too. Youll get access to thousands of TV shows and films if you subscribe to the streaming service, and there are also Amazon Instant Video purchases and rentals available, which will appear in Your Video Library on your Xbox 360.

How We Chose The Best Xbox Streaming Apps

Watch Tv App Xbox One

To find the best Xbox streaming apps, we looked for those that offer the features and types of content that make for an entertaining and user-friendly streaming experience. Primarily, we looked for apps that offer movies and TV Shows, Esports, and the ability for users to live stream their own content. We also included apps that offer access to live TV, live sports, podcasts, and music.

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How To Watch Over

If youre a cord cutter and want to watch live TV through your Xbox One you have a couple options. Here is a look at what you need to know.

When watching live television through your Xbox One, there are a couple of options not counting OTT streaming services like PlayStation Vue , Sling, or Hulu Live. If you subscribe to a cable package, you just run your cable signal from your cable box into the console. But if youre a cord-cutter and dont have cable, you can still watch local over-the-air channels through your Xbox One. While its not as straightforward, you can watch live television through Xbox One with an antenna and the right hardware.

How To Set Up Tv Integration On An Xbox One

To set everything up, open the OneGuide app on your Xbox One. The Xbox Ones TV features are located here and can be accessed from this app.

OneGuide may point you towards apps for service like YouTube and Netflix, but you can press the menu button and select Set Up Live TV if you arent prompted to.

Youll be prompted to set up a cable or satellite box, or a USB TV tuner. If you have a cable or satellite box, youll need to plug the HDMI cable from your cable or satellite box into the back of your Xbox One instead of directly into your TV. If you have a USB TV tuner, youll need to connect the USB tuner to one of the USB ports on your Xbox Oneeither one of the two on the front of the one on the sideand connect the antenna to that USB tuner.

After you do, youll select the Set up your cable or satellite box or Set up your USB TV tuner options.

If youre setting up a cable or satellite box, your Xbox One will attempt to find the HDMI input and prompt you to confirm it recognizes the correct device.

However, youre setting up over-the-air TV, youll be prompted to enter your ZIP code. OneGuide will then be able to find a local channel guide for your area, so it knows whats playing on your nearby channels. Then it will scan for nearby channels you can receive with a clear signal.

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If the Kinect cant communicate with your home theater equipment, you may need an IR extension cable.

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Watch Tv On Xbox Using Streaming Apps

All the Xbox Consoles have Microsoft Store installed in it. By using the Store, you can install Xbox TV apps like Netflix, HBO GO, Hulu, and more. By installing these streaming apps, you can get to watch movies, series, free live TV on Xbox without cable or set-up boxes provided that you have subscriptions.

Can I Use Xbox For Netflix

How to get Free movies/Tv shows/live Tv/live gamers on Xbox one

Netflix is available on Xbox 360 in all regions that have both Netflix and Xbox Live service. Scroll up and down to browse through genres tailored specifically for you. Press Y to search for a specific title. If you have the Xbox Kinect with your Xbox 360, say Xbox to see a list of voice commands.

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Watch Tv On Xbox Using Blu

The original Xbox One has a built-in Blu-ray drive that can be used to play DVDs and Blu-rays. In this way, you can watch any offline movies and series with ease. If you dont want to spend any money on subscriptions, this will be a great choice for you. By using Blu-ray drives, you can watch video content on TV for free.

These are the three ways that you can use to watch TV through Xbox One and other consoles. By knowing how to watch TV on Xbox, you dont need to buy any specialized streaming devices. If you have any other way to watch TV on Xbox, let us know in the comments below. Follow us on and for more updates.

Xbox One Owners Just Got A New Way To Stream Free Live Tv

Redbox, the company best known for its red movie vending machines, launched a free ad-supported live streaming TV service earlier this year, one you probably havent heard of. Bringing attention back to the service is a new announcement from Redbox revealing that Xbox One owners can now access this streaming service through their consoles.

The Xbox One is officially the first gaming console to get support for Redbox Free Live TV, the streaming service that joins similar offerings like Pluto TV. Free streaming TV services have become increasingly popular as consumers have grown weary of paying for new services, ones that largely contribute to the fragmentation of the streaming market.

As we detailed back in February, Redbox Free Streaming TV gives users access to mostly older shows and movies split up into channels. The content is presented with a cable-like channel guide with genres covering everything from news and sports to comedy, reality TV, and kids shows.

The service was very slim when it launched earlier this year, but appears to have been fleshed out a bit, making it notable as a free streaming option. Channels currently listed on the service which can be accessed directly in a web browser include things like Pac-12 Classics, Docurama, Cheddar, Black News Channel, CONtv, and more.

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Complete Tasks Fill Out Surveys Get Cash Back

There are a number of companies that offer rewards programs that provide perks for TV lovers. You can earn points for completing tasks such as taking quizzes, filling in surveys, or even playing games. Once youve accumulated sufficient points, they can be redeemed for , Netflix or other services.

However, the payoff isnt immediate, as you need to accumulate points. Many of the tasks just pay up to 50 points, and typically, you will need 5,000 points to receive a $5 gift card. You may also have caps on the points you can earn, but if you enjoy playing games and participating in surveys, you could enjoy free TV for months at a time.

Programs like InstaGC and Swagbucks are easy to use and are considered very reputable companies. Their apps pay out thousands of dollars in gift cards every week.

Stream Live Internet Tv On Xbox

Xbox One video app partners revealed, will have Netflix ...

Services like Sling TV and YouTube TV are great for gaining access to live premium TV networks for low monthly costs. There are a number of packages available to you, with the cheapest being $20 per month for 25+ channels. You can tack on themed extras — such as sports, kids, or comedy — for just $5 each.

Sling TV is also ridiculously easy to set up. Create your account , pay for your package , and sign into the Sling TV app which, you guessed it, is available on Xbox.

YouTube TV offers much of the same experience, though they only have the one standard $40 package with a few add-ons available between $5 and $15 per month. Like Sling, setup is simple: , download the app and sign in.

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Use Your Library Card

Dont worry you dont necessarily have to make the trip to your local library to get free TV and movies, although that’s not a bad idea!

There are library services and public campuses in many areas that not only have free books online, but also partner with streaming services, so you can get free streaming video content online.

Many libraries also provide access to quality, literate content through Kanopy or Hoopla Digital. They offer mostly family friendly entertainment and educational content that can be accessed via apps or web browsers.

Ask your local librarian for details or visit the respective sites with your email address and library card to check if your library is participating and sign up for an account.

Watch Tv By Downloading Xbox Apps

Another route you can take to watch TV on your Xbox is to download some of the many apps available in the Xbox Store. You’ll have to pay a subscription to watch some of the good stuff like HBO and Showtime if you don’t have access to these through a cable or satellite provider already.

That said, there’s a great deal of free content available if you’d rather not spend any money — give Crackle or Hulu a try if you don’t believe us. Be sure to head to the Xbox Store on your console and check out the extensive selection for yourself.

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Imdb Movies & Tv Shows

IMDb is one of the best free movie apps that offers the latest updates on cinema movies and contains a huge collection of movies categorized into different genres for a better selection of movies. You can easily navigate and watch movies because of this apps fast and simple UI. This app provides you with box office movie hits with synopsis to help you consider what to watch next. You can search for your movies or check the list of popular movies, all videos in HD quality. You can choose to stream or download any movies on IMDb without the hassle for free.

Microsoft Movies & Tv

Tubi TV App – Awesome Movie/TV streaming App Free on Xbox One

With the Microsoft Movies & TV app, you can rent and stream the newest movies and TV shows directly from Microsoft. This is a great way to enjoy the latest in movies and TV without the hassle of renting physical copies. With this feature, the Microsoft Movies & TV app is one of the best Xbox One movie streaming apps available for Xbox One. You can find the full available library on Microsoft’s website.

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Watching Tv On Xbox With One Guide

If we’re talking about watching TV on the Xbox One then we have to talk about One Guide. One Guide is the centralized Xbox app for watching live TV, but how do you even get that live TV hooked up? HDMI passthrough.

Watching Cable or Satellite TV on Xbox

With HDMI passthrough, you can plug your cable or satellite box into the back of your Xbox One and channel surf right there on the console. There are a couple of benefits to doing this instead of, say, switching inputs on your TV:

  • You have less devices and controllers to manage and swap between.
  • With Cortana or Kinect, you can change the channel with your voice.

Both of these things are possible thanks to infrared technology it’s built-in on the Xbox One X, and for those with the older models you can add that functionality separately with Kinect. With it, you’ll be able to change channels, adjust your volume, pause and resume , access settings, and more, all without having to lift a finger .

What if I don’t have cable or satellite?

Even if you aren’t a cable subscriber, you can get live TV going on your Xbox One. It’ll require the use of a TV tuner that’ll let you feed a digital TV antenna’s signal into Xbox’s USB port. You can buy these online for a reasonable price, so it’s a worthy investment if this is the route you’re going.

How to setup One Guide

It’ll involve you specifying your cable or satellite provider and inputting your zip code so One Guide can pull in all the channel listings you have access to.

Our Xbox Streaming App Reviews

Android | iOS

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services available and our pick for the best overall Xbox streaming app. Netflix boasts one of the largest content libraries out of all streaming services, including a large selection of acclaimed original content. Users can create watchlists, save their favorite shows and movies, and get recommendations based on their watch histories. For families, Netflix offers kids profiles that restrict access to adult-oriented content. Uniquely, Netflix is also planning to add games to its platform at no extra charge. Subscription plans start at $8.99 per month, and users can get started with a 30-day free trial to see if the service is right for them.

Notable features:

  • Subscription plans: Basic: $8.99/month Standard: $13.99/month Premium: $17.99/month
  • Support available: Help Center, Phone, Live Chat, and FAQs
Netflix Pros & Cons

Android | iOS

Notable features:

Android | iOS

Notable features:

Android | iOS

Notable features:

Android | iOS

Notable features:

Android | iOS

Notable features:

Android | iOS

Notable features:

Android | iOS

Notable features:

Android | iOS

Notable features:

Android | iOS

Notable features:

  • Free version not available
  • Subscription plans: Hulu: $5.99/month Hulu : $11.99/month Hulu + Live TV: $64.99/month Hulu + Live TV: $70.99/month Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+: $13.99/month
  • Support available: Help Center, Email, Live Chat, and Community
Hulu Pros & Cons

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Redbox’s Free Live Tv Comes To Xbox One Consoles

Want a free TV option on your console for those moments between gaming sessions? You now have another major choice. Redboxs Free Live TV has arrived on consoles for the first time with an app for Xbox One systems. As before, you dont have to sign in the only gotcha is having to watch ads.

Redbox is expanding the channel selection, too. Its still focused on speciality stations, but you now have access to Vevo music videos, Bob Ross The Joy of Painting and movies from the Sam Goldwyn Channel. There are over 75 channels in total.

The app is already available on Android, Apple TV, iOS, Chromecast and smart TV platforms , LG and Vizio. Thats still not ubiquitous , but its a big step forward for the fledgling service.

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