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City Building Games Xbox One

Top 10 Best City Building Games To Play In 2020


The city building games have been around for decades. Even though the battle and console games have been a priority to many teenagers and even adults, the city building games still thrives. Regardless if its a futuristic skyscraper paradise, a village haven or just making a traffic-free metropolis.

These building games allow players to seep into a virtual space to enjoy the power create, design and even manage virtual citizens at the tip of their finger. This rewardingly addictive game makes is escapism made especially for those who seek relief from the harsh reality creating a virtual reality that ones imagine. Though you might be surprised that even some government agency uses the city-building games to simulate road traffic. Mainly to improve city organization with alternative solutions to ease traffic jam during rush hours.

While the city building games are piling up on the internet, we curated the 10 best city building games in 2019 to help you put your architectural and designing specialty to use.

*Game title listed is not based on the sequence or ranking.

Platform: PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox OneDeveloper: Colossal OrderPublisher: Paradox Interactive

Platform: PC, PS4 and Xbox OneDeveloper: 11-bit StudiosPublisher: 11-bit Studios

Developer: Blue BytePublisher: Ubisoft

Although the game is only available on the PC , but there are several spin-off titles for portable consoles and smartphones.

Developer: Shining Rock SoftwarePublisher: Shining Rock Software

Alien Invasion: Xcom 2

In XCOM 2, you control an army of elite fighters to defend Earth. As a turn-based strategy game with a base management component, you position and move several units of different classes, facing off against aliens who have their own array of tools designed to mercilessly destroy your squads. XCOM 2 is dynamic, engaging, and incredibly challenging.

The 14 Best City Builder Games You Should Play In 2019

Do you like City Builder Games where you can design amazing cities, communities and settlements?

These type of games are the perfect way to express yourself and be creative, sometimes without restriction. City management games or general management games on the other hand let you manage everything, whether its a city, a business or any kind of system.

It is also very similar to strategy games, but the main difference is that in city builder games or management games your success is not physical survival, but more financial survival.

The main goal is to make money and reach your goals. Most city building simulators have a sandbox mode meaning you can build with an unlimited budget and dont have to worry about balancing your finances.

These type of games also give you problems to solve, whether it is traffic related or managing your resources, it is always fun to come up with a solution. Build bigger, better and become virtually rich! Here is a list of the best City Builder Games and Management Games you can play!

What is your favorite city building game? Tell me in the comments. If you like this post, please share it with your friends.

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Zeus: Master Of Olympus

Developer: Impression GamesPlatform: Windows

Zeus: Master of Olympus is the 5th installment of the popular City Building Series. As its name implies, the game focuses on the economic and political settings of ancient Greece. Like other games in this series, as a player, you are responsible for distributing basic amenities for you.

In order to fulfill citizens demands, you need to set up farms and fisheries, locate mines for extracting marble and bronze. You also have to take care of the military and religion. Religion or mythology plays a much significant role in this game than any of its precursors.

Best City Building Games In 2021

CITIES SKYLINES XBOX ONE Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 ...

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    If you want to take a break from action-packed games, multiplayer, or sports, then sit back and give city building games a shot.

    Requiring a bit of strategy and patience, you can build anything from a small village to a sprawling metropolis with some of these titles. Youll be responsible for building an efficient and prosperous city that keeps the people happy, which is harder than it sounds!

    Weve included a few different types here, from modern cities to historical settings to keep things varied.

    Release Date 29 March 2019

    Publisher Kalypso Media

    Developer Limbic Entertainment

    Starting off the list is Tropico 6, a game that allows you to become el Presidente of your very own tropical paradise.

    You can choose a campaign or sandbox mode which puts you on a tropical island with various natural resources and citizens waiting for work and housing. You must build an island that can sustain its own economy and also provide the infrastructure that keeps your citizens from rebelling. Upset your citizens too much and they might take you outliterally.

    Along with the campaign, you will be presented with opportunities for growth and also political decisions to make which could make or break your dynasty.

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    The Best Xbox One Simulators Not To Pass Up

    The best Xbox One simulators you can play today!

    From controlling cities to transportation railways, the Xbox One has a number of great simulation video games to enjoy right now. Weve selected some of our personal favorite simulation video games on the console.

    With that said, we want to know your favorite simulators on the Xbox One and titles to consider for a future update to this article. Let us know your favorite video game simulators by leaving a comment down below.

    Without further ado, here are our picks for the best Xbox One simulation video games.

    Stalker: Shadow Of Chernobyl

    Loosely based on the classic post apocalyptic book Roadside Picnic, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is an open-world first-person shooter, centred around the lethal, anomaly-filled wasteland of Chernobyl. Renowned for the brutality of its game play, and the haunting, bleak world around Chernobyls exclusion game, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is the most challenging FPS on this list and an absolute must-play for fans of shooters and post apocalyptic games alike. If youre a seasoned veteran of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. franchise, the plethora of game mods available should breathe some new life into Shadow of Chernobyl.

    Available on: PC

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    Best City Building Games Per Device

    At first thought, some players might think that city-building games are boring. But as far as the early 90s, these games have provided an addicting dose of entertainment for a lot of gamers, kids, and adults alike. Who would not want to build their city, gather people needed to prosper it, while managing everything from the affairs of the city, down to the very supply needed for everyone to survive?

    City-building games have been a childhood favorite of mine for many years, which is why I would love to share the finest city-building games with those who love them as much as I do. Over the years, several city-building games have been made to indulge gamers who always have the ambition to at least make a city in front of their screens in the form of a well-done game. But before we get started, take note that some titles might belong to 2 or more consoles on this list. After all, the city-building games available to play are quite limited, unlike other genres. But without further ado, let us begin!

    Best Strategy And Simulation Games On Xbox One In 2021

    Xbox One Games – Lego Worlds – Building a City – Part 1

    BestStrategy and Simulation Games on Xbox OneWindows Central2021

    Strategy and simulator games are wildly popular on PC, and they’re starting to creep up in popularity on Xbox One, too. Many strategy games fare better with a mouse-and-keyboard control scheme, but more and more developers are finding new and innovative ways to make more complex games play well with controllers. Whether your desire is to command huge armies of space marines against roaming aliens, or build your own city from scratch, Xbox should have you covered.

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    Farm ’em Up: Stardew Valley

    Stardew Valley is a cutesy farming simulation game, set in a rich and vibrant 2D world. In Stardew, players must plant crops, sew seeds, manage budgets, all while maintaining relationships with a neighboring town. Stardew Valley is a relaxing and accessible sim, great for chillout sessions.

    Best City Building Games On Pc

    The PC is the pioneer of city-building games since the 90s. After all, the large memory needed to operate such a game is much preferable to operate on a computer. With todays game graphics and features, city-building games on a well-invested PC will bring your imagination into the community-made by your own hands. Here are some of the top city-building games for PC:

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    Age Of Empires Series

    • Classics to the civilization management genre, and must-plays for city-building fans
    • Price: Varies, Age of Empires IV will be $59.99

    Delving more into the realm of Real-Time Strategy, the Age of Empires series is nonetheless one that contains some of the best city-building mechanics ever seen in gaming. Each entry takes place in a different era and geographic location, however, all of them follow the same principles of survive, build, and grow.

    The gameplay is engaging, challenging, yet at the same time, it is fair and rewarding. There is no better choice for history buffs craving to scratch their city-building itch.

    Life Is Feudal: Forest Village

    Cities: Skylines Now Available for Xbox One

    Life is Feudal: Forest Village is extremely similar to Banished I listed earlier, just with a few more advanced features like the management systems and graphical enhancements.

    The key is to build your settlement from nothing with a few peasants, by gathering, harvesting, mining and a lot more.

    The setting is in the medieval time with a realistic world, famine, disease and harsh winters. The game has a dynamic ecosystem with changing weather and the world you play on is randomly generated which gives you a unique experience for every town you build.

    Life is Feudal is a great game to relax and not take everything too serious, so do you have what it takes to build your own medieval settlement?

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    Take To The Skies With The City Building Of Airborne Kingdom

    BAFTA nominated city builder, anyone? Airborne Kingdom comes to console with some serious acclaim.

    Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox, Switch and PlayStation, as well as on PC where its been living for a little while, Airborne Kingdom from The Wandering Band and their publishing team of Freedom Games want to give you the opportunity to head to the skies and embrace the city building experience that is up there.

    Priced at £20.99, Airborne Kingdom looks stunning in fact, our full review of the game mentions that delicate artwork but should you be able to get your eyes moving away from that glory for just one minute, will also discover that the mechanics which hold it all together are just as decent.

    Moving from PC to console isnt always a smooth process, but Airborne Kingdom nails what is required, giving you the opportunity to head skyward and build your civilization in and amongst the clouds. The usual city-building premises applu, as you go about gathering resources and then using those to expand and upgrade what you have in front of you. And this one is no different, playing out across three areas and enjoying no less than 12 distinct cities.

    Building things out into a single kingdom is the name of Airborne Kingdom quite literally in fact and so if you feel the need to take on a new building role, or are looking to embrace some new ideas and strategies, its probably worth giving this one a shot.

    Game Description:

    • TAGS

    Save The Galaxy: Halo Wars 2

    Halo Wars 2 is an epic strategy game set in Microsoft’s flagship Halo franchise. Taking place after the events of Halo 5, the crew of the UNSC warship Spirit of Fire emerge from deep stasis, only to find a rogue alien coalition attempting to take control of a galaxy-killing super weapon. Its up to you to train your units, construct your buildings, and end the fight.

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    Best City Building Games On Switch

    If you want to spend some precious time playing city-building games on a portable device, then go for the Switch instead. The amazing graphics quality of this handheld console has granted gamers the advantage to access a lot of cool games nowadays. City-building will be more fun if you can access your own city everywhere you go. Thats why you should try out the following on your Switch:

    H1z: King Of The Kill


    Though originally developed as a single game, in February of last year it was announced that H1Z1 would be split into two different games: the collaborative, crafting-focused MMO featured above, and H1Z1: King of the Kill, designed to focus more the PVP elements of the original series, pitting players against each other in a fight to the death. Both games feature the same great atmosphere, but afford players the freedom to choose which type of multiplayer game they prefer: collaborative or competitive.

    Available on: PC, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One

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    Editor’s Choice: Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden

    Mutant Year Zero is the only strategy game in the world that lets you play as a giant humanoid duck. If that alone doesn’t sell you, know that Mutant Year Zero is a tough, dynamic, and equally rewarding turn-based strategy RPG, set in a distant post-apocalypse. The survivors scavenge through the remnants of destroyed civilization, on a mission to defend their last stronghold. It’s on you to save them.

    Ace Combat : Skies Unknown

    • Developer: Bandai Namco Studios
    • Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO
    • Release: PS4, XBO, PC

    If youre looking for a more intense simulator game then we suggest looking into Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. This is a combat flight simulator game from a franchise thats been around since 1995. Now, this particular installment doesnt feature as much of a realistic flight simulator as previous titles, so you can expect more of an arcade-style gameplay as you go through different missions, fighting off other aircraft or destroying select targets.

    This also includes a campaign that follows after the events of previous video game installments from the franchise. As you progress through the game youll earn in-game currency that will allow players to purchase additional aircraft or upgrades giving you a bit more control in your aircraft and its capabilities.

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    Make America Great Again: The Trump Presidency

    49 of the games on this list have been included on merit alone: 1 game is featured because, well, it made me laugh. Make America Great Again: The Trump Presidency is a pro-Trump presidential simulator. Like a low budget Democracy with a distinct Plague Inc: Evolved vibe, the game sees you battle ISIS, impose trade sanctions and, of course, build a wall. Even if the game doesnt look post-apocalyptic just yet, give it time.

    Available on: PC

    Tom Clancys The Division

    Cities Skylines, Marketplace Brands, Xbox One, Physical ...

    The Division takes place in post apocalyptic New York City, after a smallpox outbreak has wrought havoc on the citys inhabitants. The player character is a member of the Strategic Homeland Division, an elite combat unit tasked with finding the source of the virulent disease, and combating the up-swelling of crime that appeared in its wake. Though a classic online FPS in many regards, The Division also introduces welcome elements of role playing games, including experience and skill levelling, and an expansive open world environment.

    Available on: PS4, Xbox One, PC

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    Stalker: Call Of Pripyat

    is the third S.T.A.L.K.E.R game, both in terms of development and story. While the previous games often battled with bug and glitches, was developed on a completely new game engine, bringing improved graphics, enemy AI and, thankfully, stability to the S.T.A.L.K.E.R world. If you suffer from withdrawal after finishing this third and final game, worry not. As with the other games in the series, a whole host of fan-made mods are available to breathe new life into the franchise even after your millionth play through.

    Available on: PC

    Medieval City Building Comes To Xbox One And Ps4 With The Launch Of Townsmen: A Kingdom Rebuilt

    It was only a few short months ago that we told you Townsmen: A Kingdom Rebuilt would be coming to Xbox One and PS4. But it is today that launch becomes reality.

    Available to purchase and download on Xbox One and PS4 right now joining the previous PC and Nintendo Switch editions Townsmen: A Kingdom Rebuilt from HandyGames is a city builder with a difference that difference being the fact that it whisks us back to medieval times.

    As Im sure you can guess, the premise of Townsmen is to take a small ye olde village and magically transform it into a grand medieval empire, one in which the citizens are happy, the economy is vibrant and the cash flow is rich. With multiple structure types, plenty of strategic calls to get behind, and hardships to overcome, everything that is usually present with a city building affair is in place here with A Kingdom Rebuilt its just the entire vibe focuses on a different way of life.

    Youll also find a ton of interesting scenarios to play through, a decent smattering of story included and no less than 33 maps to endlessly play through. But further to that HandyGames have also dropped in the new The Seaside Empire DLC which pings us the way of a new Mediterranean setting with a whole host of further options included.

    Features include:

    Game Description:

    • TAGS

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