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Cheapest Way To Ship Xbox One

What You Need To Ship Your Xbox

Xbox One 01: Best method for shipping an Xbox One console?

Two important things to consider when shipping an Xbox are the cost, and making sure you pack it well enough to avoid any damage. Here at Swappa, we recommend factoring in the cost of shipping and the shipping materials before you set the price for your Xbox.

You should prepare to ship by gathering the following items:

  • Sturdy box: Finding the right box isnt hard, but you will want to make sure the box is big enough to fit the Xbox, any accessories, and the packing material.
  • Bubble-wrap : We suggest bubble-wrap because it is relatively inexpensive, and it protects the item being shipped. Bubble-wrap also looks a bit more professional. You could also use packing paper or newspaper as an alternative.
  • Packing tape: This is another important, and also relatively inexpensive, item. Packing tape is meant to securely close and seal boxes, and to keep them that way during shipping.

When done properly, gathering the necessary shipping materials may increase the overall shipping cost a little. However, doing everything you can to ensure the Xbox arrives safely means not having to deal with an angry buyer and not having to file any damage claims with your shipping provider.

Shipping Options Costs And Delivery Times

Important: Microsoft Store only ships to certain countries.

Please select your country from the list.

    The United States Microsoft Store only ships to the U.S. and Puerto Rico. For sales in other countries or regions, visit one of the international Microsoft Stores.

    We need a full street address for delivery purposes. Rural route numbers are OK, but may result in longer delivery times. We don’t ship to personal mailboxes, or U.S. territories other than Puerto Rico.

    We don’t recommend shipping to a P.O. box however, if your only option is a P.O. box, we deliver to P.O. boxes under the following conditions:

    • The Address 1 or Address 2 lines must contain one of the following variations: POBOX #, POSTALBOX #, POSTBOX #, POSTOFFICEBOX #, or BOX #, where # is a P.O. box number.

    • Letters in the address can be uppercase or lowercase.

    • Any of the following separator characters between letters: . , : # < > or a space.

    We don’t deliver to these P.O. boxes:

    • In Puerto Rico.

    • Xbox Design Lab ships FedEx only, and therefore can’t be routed to deliver to a P.O. box.

    Xbox Live Gold Price: What Do You Get For Your Cash

    The main draw to that Xbox Live Gold price is access to online multiplayer, as it’s the only way to play co-operatively or competitively online on Xbox. However, there are other benefits included to sweeten the deal a little, like two free monthly games and exclusive discounts at the Microsoft Store as well.

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    Cheapest Way To Ship An Xbox

    FedEx is the cheapest way to ship an Xbox game console and accessories based on the Xbox Series X example x 9 x 15 and weighs 15 pounds).

    We recommended checking with FedEx and UPS to find your exact shipping cost once you have the console and accessories packed and ready to ship. And while we understand that you likely want to find the cheapest way to ship your Xbox you should also consider the convenience. If the shipping costs are similar , it may be better overall to use whichever shipping option is closer and more convenient.

    Ups Pricing And Shipping Calculator

    Cheapest way to ship an Xbox One X? : Flipping

    UPS also calculates shipping costs based on dimensional weight. Different UPS shipping options use different pricing models, ranging from UPS Ground to UPS 3-Day Select or 2nd Day Air.

    Depending on the shipping option, small businesses can access shipping discounts through the UPS Connect program, including 20% off air and international shipments and 10% off ground.

    For the most accurate UPS pricing estimates, check out their shipping calculator.

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    Why You Might Travel To The Us

    There are plenty of reasons to plan a trip to the US. The countrys large cities are a big draw for visitors. New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New Orleans are among the most popular, with each offering very different but equally exciting experiences. New York and Los Angeles are great destinations for movie buffs, with New York frequently used as a filming location and LA being home to the big film studios.

    The US is a great destination for a family holiday, with no city better suited to making kids dreams come true than Orlando, Florida. Disney World Resort, Universal Studios, Seaworld and Discovery Cove all offer days and days and fun for your little ones.

    If you would rather explore the USAs natural attractions, you have a huge selection of stunning National Parks to choose from, from the icy Kenai Fjords in Alaska to the grass plains of Yellowstone – the American Serengeti.

    If visiting the US on holiday isnt enough, you might be tempted to move to the US, whether for work, to study, to join family there or to return home. A life in the US brings many benefits, as explained in our Top Ten Reasons to Move to the US. Should you decide to make the move, we also have a handy guide to moving to America.

    Controllers May Contain Lithium Ion Batteries

    While you wont likely run into any problems with the consoles themselves, you might hit rough waters with the controllers. All modern video game controllers are wireless and retain an electrical charge to power them, which means they contain lithium ion batteries. USPS considers lithium ion batteries hazardous materials that require specific shipping practices. As a result, youll face more restrictions when it comes to sending themespecially for international shipments.

    Technically, you can ship lithium ion batteries internationally if they are pre-installed in the equipment they power. Lithium ion batteries are pre-installed inside of video game controllers, so youre good here. However, some countries still restrict the importation of lithium ion batteries altogether. Thats yet another reason to go back to the USPS Individual Country listings and do your research before sending anything out.

    For more information on shipping lithium ion batteries, check out this guide we put together.

    Any questions or concerns? Drop us a line in the comments!

    Be the first to comment!

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    What Is The Least Expensive Way To Ship A Package

    Cheapest shipping option for small packages: U.S. Postal Services Priority Mail. Best shipping option for medium to large packages: The Postal Services Priority Mail. Best shipping option for very large packages: FedEx Ground or UPS Ground. Cheapest option for overnight shipping: Postal Service Priority Mail Express.

    What Are The Benefits Of Using Easyship’s Shipping Calculator

    How To Ship Home Video Game Consoles (Playstation, Xbox, Wii)

    Our shipping rate calculator saves you time that would otherwise be spent on tedious research on courier websites. Our handy tool gathers all the best rates from all global couriers for you instantly, based on your specific shipment needs. This allows you to get full visibility of shipping costs for your small business while you save precious time. If you like the rates you see, you can create an account and be generating labels for those couriers in minutes.

    Simplify and save with our all in one shipping software

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    Filling Out Shipping Paperwork

    While preparing your parcel for shipping, youll need to ensure you have all the appropriate documents in order. For non-resident Filipinos sending parcels back home, youll have to provide your overseas employment pass and a copy of your visa for foreigners, youll have to attach a copy of a government-issued ID.

    Weve already mentioned how important it is to get your customs paperwork right, and Easyship can make this a breeze. Our platform allows you to automatically generate pre-filled customs forms all you need to do is print them and attach them to your shipment.

    Checked Baggage: The Airline Move

    With checked bag fees going up and up, many people overlook airlines as a viable method for shipping. Most airlines are still pretty expensive when it comes to checked bags, but Southwest and Alaska Air are certainly worth look. Southwest Airlines offers decent bag rates with 9 bags running just about 525-roughly 60 / Bag. If you do mind looking like a packrat in airport, consider airline move. For a complete breakdown on carry on rates, check out this article from MapHappy. United and Delta also offer cargo shipping options. To be honest, we dont have much experience with either one of these offerings and couldnt find out too much about them. If you know more, let us know in comments.

    * Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions.

    * Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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    Example Ecommerce Shipping Costs

    Youve found a service to ship your product with, thats great! Now you need to make sure your profit margins can stay high with these costs. This table below shows an example of ecommerce shipping costs with a 50% profit margin.

    Price to sell at:$49.50

    When I was shipping orders myself, what I paid per order is the same price now to pick, pack, and ship orders through ShipBob. Its even much cheaper to ship to certain countries, which used to take ages and often got lost with localized post here.

    Now, I have very transparent pricing, and I can easily run and plan my business. I also like that Im billed right away. My old carrier billed monthly, which would drain a huge sum of Euros from my account at once. My cash flow has improved.

    Leonie Lynch, Founder & CEO of Juspy

    Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Deals

    EBayer Selling Xbox One for Way Below Cost...Or Are They ...

    The original Xbox Elite Wireless controller has now been discontinued, with the Series 2 taking up its place on the shelves. You’re paying a considerable premium to play with the turbo-charged gamepad here, but picking up more customization options, adjustable trigger settings, and a built-in wireless charging battery as well.

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    Using Your Own Packaging

    Using your own packaging is another way to make sure your console is packaged safely. The steps below will give you detailed information on how to package your console using a variety of different packaging materials that you likely have at home or can easily get at a local store that sells shipping materials.

    STEP 1: Pad the console. The console should be padded so it has at least 2 inches of padding on each side . When we package consoles for shipping we use a combination of bubble wrap and crunched up paper but you can also use all bubble wrap.

    STEP 2: Find a box. You’ll want a box that is as close to the size of your console as possible while still allowing for at least 2 inches of padding on each side . If your box is too big, check out this YouTube video about how to cut your box down to a better size. Just make sure to wrap your console in whatever padding you’re using BEFORE cutting down the box so you don’t make it too small.

    STEP 3: Pack the box. Place the console wrapped with 2 inches of padding into the middle of the box and then fill any empty space around the console with additional padding such as bubble wrap, crunched up paper or newspaper, packing peanuts, or air pillows.

    STEP 4: Tape the box. The box should be taped securely using packing tape. Be sure the box is taped across the entire top and bottom and along each side of the top and bottom .


    Packing tape:

    Forget About Shipping Use Swappa Local Delivery Instead

    If you are still in the process of listing your gently used tech for sale you should consider using Swappa Local. This delivery option is called Swappa Local Delivery, and the delivery is handled by Roadie .

    Swappa Local Delivery is a win-win for buyers and sellers.

    • Both parties avoid meeting up and exchanging cash in person.
    • Buyers get their items delivered quickly the same or next business day.
    • Sellers only pay a flat $10 shipping fee.

    In addition, sellers arrange the delivery without leaving the house. Sellers who use Swappa Local Delivery just have to put the item in a sturdy box, seal the box with tape, and mark it ready for pickup with Roadie. Tap the green button below to see if Swappa Local is available in your area.

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    Delivery Times To The Philippines

    Whether you choose the cheapest shipping service or a more expensive option, it’s paramount to know how long it will take for your parcel to arrive. If youre using an express courier service, you can usually get your shipment to your Filipino customers within 2-4 days but this can be an expensive way to ship so should be reserved for urgent or important shipments. If cost is a concern, you can ship to the Philippines with an economy courier service this will deliver your package within 5-8 days.

    All the major international couriers ship to the Philippines. Whether youre shipping from the US, Hong Kong, Singapore, or the UK, youll be able to use companies like FedEx, DHL, USPS, UPS, and Aramex to access cheap shipping solutions to send your parcels to the Philippines.

    You should know that many couriers dont operate on Saturdays and Sundays in the Philippines, so you should plan your shipments accordingly so they wont be delayed en route to your customers.

    Many international eCommerce platforms deliver to the Philippines, including eBay, Lazada, Shopee, and Zalora. But many customers and retailers ask, Does Amazon ship to the Philippines? If youre among those asking this question, youll be pleased to know that Amazon does indeed ship to the Philippines, although not all products are eligible.

    The Cheapest Xbox Controller Deals In December 2021

    CHEAP XBOX DEALS! | Marvel’s Avengers, Kerbal Space Program, A Way Out + MORE | Deals of the Week

    ByJames Pickardlast updated 3 December 21

    Pick up a cheap Xbox controller today

    Cheap Xbox controller deals aren’t too easy to find outside of bigger sales events. However, now that the next generation Xbox Wireless Controllers are in the wild we may start to see prices on the older Xbox One model dropping.

    Retailers rarely lower their Xbox controller prices. If you know where to look, though, you can usually shave a few dollars or pounds off that final price tag. We’re showing you exactly where to find the best Xbox controller deals.

    Consoles only ship with one Xbox controller these days, which can be frustrating if you like to have a spare charged, keep one ready for multiplayer use, or pair one with a PC in a different room. That means a second controller is often the first accessory to be bought, but don’t let those high MSRPs put you off.

    For now, we’ve seen a strong selection of cheap Xbox controller deals from Microsoft, including the latest models designed for the Series S and X as well. So, if you’re looking to buy the Xbox Series X this year you’ll want to stay on top of the latest Xbox controller prices just below.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Ship A 50 Lb Box

    The cost of shipping a 50 lb box depends on how large the box is, how many boxes youre shipping, and how fast you need them to arrive. Flat rate shipping is often the cheapest way to ship a single 50 lb box or a small number of 50 lb boxes. For pallets of several 50 lb boxes, consolidated freight is often the best choice.

    Compare rates for a shipping a 50 lb box using some of the most common methods:

    • USPS
    • Parcel shipping
    • Consolidated freight


    A 50 lb box can be shipped via USPS using either flat rate or variably priced services. The best option depends on how fast you need your package to arrive.

    With delivery in 1-3 business days, USPS Priority Mail Flat rate shipping is typically the cheapest way to ship a 50 lb box. The cost of your shipment depends solely on the size of the box being shippedbox weight and distance of travel do not impact your shipping costs, as long as your cargo fits into a flat rate box and does not exceed 70 lbs.

    Box size

    Parcel shipping

    Parcel shippers like FedEx and UPS offer flat rate shipping for boxes up to 50 lbs. Flat rate shipping is cheaper, but variable rate shipping with faster delivery is also available for 50 lb boxes.

    UPS flat rate shipping is called UPS Simple Rate. With delivery as fast as second-day air, the cost of your shipment depends on the size of the box and the speed of travel. Unlike other flat rate shippers, UPS allows you to use your own packaging.

    Box Size

    Consolidated freight

    How Much Does It Cost To Ship Boxes

    If you need to ship multiple boxes, the cheapest way to ship boxes to another state is consolidated freight.

    Compare rates for shipping boxes to another state using the most common shipping methods:

    • USPS
    • Parcel shipping
    • Consolidated freight


    When shipping a box with the United States Postal Service, the cost of your shipment will be determined by the size and weight of each box you need to ship. Flat rate and variable pricing are available depending on the size of your box and how fast you need it to arrive. If your box cant fit through USPSs processing equipment, it will cost more to send.

    NOTE: USPS cannot ship boxes weighing more than 70 lbs or larger than 108 in combined length and girth . Consolidated freight is often the best way to ship particularly large or heavy boxes.

    Flat Rate pricing is available for Priority Mail 2-day shipments. As long as your package weighs less than 70s lbs, you will pay the same price regardless of how far your cargo will travel. As of July 2020:

    • A Small Flat Rate box shipped using Priority Mail starts at $8.30.
    • A Large Flat Rate box shipped using Priority Mail starts at $21.10.

    If you need your box to arrive the next day, variable pricing is available for Priority Mail 1-day shipments. Rates depend on the size and weight of the shipment, as well as the distance travelled.


    COVID-19 Precautions

    • Clean your hands often
    • Avoid touching your face
    $395-$1,155 for 5-10 boxes depending on distance and speed of travel

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