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Best Xbox Design Lab Controllers

Xbox Design Lab Is Back So The T3 Team Went Head

Designing Our Own Custom Xbox Design Lab Controller

The T3 staff made their own custom Xbox Wireless Controllers but who came out on top?

ByShabana Ariflast updated 29 June 21

Customising your Xbox controller is a joyous activity that Microsoft temporarily pulled the plug on last year with the launch of the Xbox Series X but it’s back in action again, waiting for you to concoct some truly questionable creations.

Xbox Design Lab lets you personalize your Xbox Wireless Controller down to the finest detail. You can choose the colorway for the body, rear case, bumpers, triggers, D-pad, thumbsticks, ABXY buttons, and the View, Menu, Share buttons. Combined with the 18-strong palette of colors, you’ve got a ton of possibilities to work with.

So of course, I asked the T3 team to put forward their designs and share the inspiration behind their creations. Is it technically a competition? Not that they’re aware of. And while it’s not for me to decide whose is best, I think the answer is pretty obvious…

Paul Douglas, Content Director: Paul went with this interesting color combo that brings to mind a strawberry yogurt speckled with a few errant blueberries. When asked for his inspiration, Paul likened the “retro pink” chassis to a “velvet sofa from the 60s”. Very swish. But then he also mentioned blancmange and prawns, so try striking that from your mind when you go to pick this up every day.

Xbox Rechargeable Battery And Usb

The worst thing to happen while playing games is for the controller to die. Instead of burning through normal AA batteries, its time for an upgrade. The Xbox Rechargeable Battery and USB-C cable combo is perfect for people who never want to think about controller battery life again. The rechargeable battery fits easily into any Xbox controller and can be charged with the USB-C cable. The charging even works while the controller is being used so there is no reason why anyone would experience a dead controller again.

Xbox’s Banned Words For Design Lab Are Both Too Lenient & Too Strict

Microsoft’s engraving filters for controllers made using the Xbox Design Lab carry some odd blind spots, while censoring some uncontroversial words.

Microsoft’s rebooted Xbox Design Lab – which gamers can use to build customized Xbox Series X/S controllers – has inconsistent censorship of the terms buyers can put in engravings, a report notes. While its anatomy-related filters are likely uncontroversial, some related to hate and violence could generate flak from the public.

The in mid-June, catering to Microsoft’s latest consoles. The focus of the tool is on colors, which can be assigned to virtually any part of a gamepad including the shell, back, bumpers, triggers, D-pad, thumbsticks, and more. This can even be used to recreate past designs Microsoft has abandoned, like the Xbox 360 controller’s gray-on-white. At $70, a custom controller is $10 more than most stock color schemes.

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Reports about the Xbox Design Lab could spur Microsoft into fixing its engraving filters. It’s likely just a matter of whitelisting and blacklisting certain phrases, and the company is probably eager to avoid blowback, since like Sony it makes a sizeable amount of revenue from accessories. In a worst-case scenario it could disable engravings entirely – but that’s probably unnecessary, given that companies like Apple have sold engraved electronics for decades.

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Racing Controller: Inspired By Horizon 5

This controller is all about the buttons. Based on racing wheels, you will want vibrant colors for every button. The back of the controller is equally important, and for this design, there is a Zest Orange back plate and triggers to make the body of the controller look like a super car.

This controller is all about the need for speed and will definitely stand out on your coffee table. It’s also a lot cheaper than buying a fancy sports car.

A New Era: Redfall Inspired Controller

10 awesome controller designs from Xbox Design Lab ...

Enough of the past. Put the focus on the future with a controller based on the upcoming exclusive Redfall by Arkane Studios. In Redfall, you will be fighting off hordes of Vampires, so why not have a controller inspired by the classic vampire look.

To make this controller use a mix of Carbon Black, Pulse Red, and Robot White . This color combination is just one variation on the game, and you can take inspiration from the player characters, each of whom has a distinct color palette.

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When Did Xbox Design Lab Start

In 2016, Microsoft came up with an idea to help the Xbox users customize their wireless Xbox controller using programs and then ship it to them.

It was very compelling and attracted many people around the globe. Youd be able to add colours, grip, or some other customizations to your controllers to make it very cool looking.

Make Your Controller A Superhero

A popular option for a custom Xbox Design Lab controller is recreating a character from popular culture. Here we have several examples of controllers based on Marvel and DC characters. From top left to bottom right, there’s Batman, Superman, Joker, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Black Panther.

All of these have been featured in a video game or two, as well. Most comic book characters have unique color schemes that are easy to recreate on Design Lab and look good. The only thing missing is the ability to customize the colors of each button, but it looks great as it is.

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When Is Xbox Design Lab Coming Back

When is the Xbox design lab coming back? The iconic lab from Xbox was started in 2016 when Microsoft launched the Xbox One.

Xbox design lab has come to intrigue your thoughts and make more effective designs for your Xbox controllers. Its one of the best features that have been introduced by Xbox and has a remarkable history.

In this blog post, well discuss the return of the design lab of Xbox. Lets start the article without wasting any time.


  • 3 Conclusion
  • Take Your Controller To The Skies

    Xbox Design Lab Controller Ideas 2021 Series X Edition 3

    This controller is all about making each button look like a cloud. Essentially, the design is a contrast between all Robot White buttons and a Shock Blue body. The Shock Blue color is by far the best job option for recreating that sky blue color. If you’re a fan of Microsoft Flight Simulator, this controller might be for you.

    Here’s an opportunity to use the engraving to write in your call sign. And with Microsoft Flight Simulator coming to Xbox Series X, now is the time to invest in your controller.

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    Best Customizable Xbox One Controller

    The Xbox Adaptive Controller is specially designed for gamers with limited mobility. On its own, the Adaptive controller only gives you three inputs with an oversized D-Pad and two massive A and B buttons that users can hit with their palm, elbow, foot, or what have you.

    However, the Xbox Adaptive Controller isn’t meant to be used on its own. Rather it has 19 3.5mm jacks along its back, each of which corresponds to a single command triggered on the normal Xbox One controller. Users can plug in their own accessibility controllerswhich includes a massive variety of buttons, foot pedals, switches, joysticks and moreand turn the Xbox Adaptive Controller into a central control hub.

    Recommended By Our Editors

    Over the coming months, we will share more information about new customization opportunities and new ways to personalize your gaming experience, the Xbox team said.

    However, youll have to pay a premium to own the custom controllers. The Xbox Design Lab charges $69.99 for each device, making them $10 more expensive than the Xbox wireless conventional controller. To add a custom engraving, you have to pay another $10 extra. Orders placed through the design lab will be delivered within 14 business days, Microsoft says.

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    Xbox Design Lab Controllers The Internet Is Drooling Over

    Many of the coolest custom consoles have never seen the light of day, but Microsoft once had a way to offer gamers fully customized and super colorful controllers via the Xbox Design Lab. Players could color coordinate to their hearts’ content and receive their unique controller in the mail with just a few clicks. Design Lab was put on hiatus when the Xbox Series X and Series S were released, but now, the service is back in full force to deliver players those sweet, sweet candy-colored controllers they’ve been dreaming of. Even better, the lab now offers custom controllers for the latest Xbox consoles.

    James Hunter, Xbox’s senior director of strategy and business, broke the news via a blog post, explaining that Xbox is happy to be “providing our fans with choice and opportunities to express themselves” once again. The new and improved Xbox design lab has 18 colors for players to choose from, as well as a variety of engraving options to mark special events. Most of the color options even include recycled plastics for the environmentally conscious.

    Creative gamers flocked to the Xbox Design Lab website to make their own masterpieces and inevitably share them online, and fans are stunned by the results. Here are some of the top designs created by gamers so far.

    Xbox Elite Controller Series 2

    Xbox Design Lab custom controller unboxing and hands

    I will be upfront here: This is my favorite controller I have ever held in my clammy gaming hands. The Elite Series has been the pinnacle of gaming controllers since it was introduced back in the Xbox One days. The adjustable-tension thumbsticks alongside the shorter hair-trigger locks allow me to keep up with my friends who are more skilled than me. The customizable paddles also help out with games that require more buttons than a normal controller offers. I also have to praise the weight this thing has heft. It sits in the hands at about 15 grams, making it feel important and not toylike as some other controllers feel.

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    What Does It Feel Like To Chew An Xbox Controller

    It’s typically unadvisable to take a bite out of your controller, but one design by Aarik Dorobiala, the community manager for Obsidian’s upcoming “Grounded,” has fans second guessing that general rule. Dorobiala created a 5 Gum-themed controller in the Xbox Design Lab. The controller featured a black body, gray back plate and D-pad, and minty green joysticks and bumpers.

    In his tweet, Dorobiala said the resemblance between his controller and the popular chewing gum brand was “unintentional,” but the color combination looks like the perfect marriage of cool and cute. Xbox’s official Twitter account responded to the design by advising Dorobiala, “Please do not chew on your controller.” Dorobiala made no promises, but insisted he’d try not to.

    One of Dorobiala’s coworkers then challenged him to create a Durance controller to honor the legendary “Pillars of Eternity character. Though it’s unclear what that design might look like, it goes to show how versatile the Design Lab is, allowing gamers the opportunity to make controllers of that fit personal aesthetics and pay tribute to their favorite games or characters.

    Xbox 360 Controller Replica

    I tried to make an Xbox 360 controller replica with the new #Xbox Design Lab. How tempting

    Jordan Oloman

    As soon as the lab opened, the first thing fans set out to accomplish was recreating the old Xbox 360 controller. This design has a lot of sentimental value for many, especially those who grew up with Microsoft’s seventh-generation console, so it is hardly surprising to see it being resurrected.

    Here at Newsweek, we have figured out how to get yours looking as close to the real deal as possible. For that authentic Xbox 360 controller look, you will need to choose the “Robot White” color for the body, triggers and bumpers. Then, select “Ash Grey” for the back and D-pad and “Storm Grey” for the thumbsticks. Finally, the face buttons should be “Black on Colors” and the menu buttons should be “Grey on White.”

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    Best For Competitive Gaming: Razer Wolverine Ultimate

    Razer is a staple name in the gaming industry and the companys Wolverine Ultimate is one of the best controllers for your Xbox Series X. Well, this is a wired controller, but its one of the most feature-packed controllers that you can get today. The face buttons are said to offer a tactile feel similar to that of mouse clicks, making them more responsive. The interchangeable thumbsticks are quite smooth.

    The controller comes with six remappable buttons four at the back and two near the shoulder buttons. The Wolverine Ultimate also gives you the option of swapping between different D-pads. Apart from button customizations, you can play around with the RGB lighting effects, adjust precise sensitivity for the thumbstick, and custom vibration intensity for the trigger buttons and haptic motors for an enhanced immersive experience.

      Grips And Metallic Finishes Back On The Menu

      Xbox Design Lab Controller Ideas 2021 Series X Edition 2

      Returning to Xbox Design Lab today is the option to outfit your custom controller with rubberized grips or a metallic finish for specific controller components. Prospective buyers can choose to outfit their controller with rubberized grips both on the sides and back of the gamepad, though those grips only come in one color .

      The d-pad and triggers can be given a metallic design as well. There are 19 colors in all, according to Microsoft, making for quite the long list of options: Sterling Silver, Pewter Silver, Gunmetal Silver, Abyss Black, Retro Pink, Deep Pink, Oxide Red, Zest Orange, Gold, Electric Volt, Velocity Green, Glacier Blue, Dragonfly Blue, Mineral Blue, Photon Blue, Midnight Blue, Regal Purple, Nocturnal Green, and Warm Gold.

      In addition to those returning customization options, Microsoft has also launched some new stuff as well. As revealed in that list above, Dragonfly Blue is an entirely new color that can be applied to some components. Microsoft also says that Military Green and Electric Green have been replaced by Nocturnal Green and Velocity Green, respectively.

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      Make The Ugliest Controller In The Whole World

      You can make lots of pretty controllers with Xbox Design Lab, but you can make some aesthetically questionable ones, too. The controller above is one such example, and it is most certainly not everyone’s cup of tea.

      But that’s alright because the whole point of Xbox Design Lab is to make the controller you want. If a slap-your-face-with-colors controller is what your heart desires, make it so. This controller will make a bold statement on your coffee table, and it is a conversation starter like these meme controllers.

      Awesome Controller Designs From Xbox Design Lab

      The Xbox One controller is great, but if you stick with the one that comes with the console you’re using the same thing as millions of other people around the world.

      Why not treat yourself to a custom creation from Microsoft’s official Design Lab, where there are more combinations on hand than you could ever try for about $70. Here are eight awesome designs courtesy of the Windows Central community.

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      Xbox Series X Replica Mini Fridge: $100

      While gaming into the wee hours of the night, its important to make sure you are also fully charged. Of course, the battery life on your controller is important, but dont forget the battery life on your stomach. The Xbox Series X Replica Mini Fridge is ideal to keep your favorite meals nice and cool as you are playing your favorite video games. This fridge looks exactly like the Xbox Series X and can help shape the theme of your gaming room. It looks really nice right next to the Xbox Series X as well.

      A Cornucopia Of Combinations

      Are custom Xbox controllers from Xbox Design Lab worth the ...

      By Shawn KnightNovember 12, 2021, 11:45

      In brief: Microsoft brought back its Xbox Design Lab this past summer after having paused the service for roughly eight months to launch the Xbox Series family. Upon its return, however, some previously available options were noticeably absent, but Microsoft has since addressed the matter.

      Microsoft, if you recall, introduced the Xbox Design Lab program in 2016 as a way for gamers to customize the look of their Xbox wireless controller. When it first launched, Microsoft said there were nearly eight million different combinations that gamers could craft during the design process.

      The latest updates to the program see the return of rubberized grips and metallic finishes for certain parts, as well as all-new color options. Now, black rubberized grips can be added to both the back case and side grips, and there are 19 metallic finish colors to choose from for D-Pads and triggers.

      New color options for controller parts include dragonfly blue, nocturnal green and velocity green, replacing military green and electric green, respectively.

      There are also a handful of Inspired by designs based on popular games like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Forza Horizon 5 and Battlefield 2042, should you need a bit of inspiration to get the creative juices flowing. Microsoft still doesn’t allow for patterns, designs or logos, but most solid colors are supported.

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