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Best Workout Apps For Xbox One

Best Fitness Games On Xbox Kinect

BEST Xbox Apps of 2020

Its 2021, and people are still itching for some fresh air and a good old fashioned outdoorsy workout routine. Sadly, due to the pandemic that must not be named we are left to twiddle joysticks and flap our arms about for our Kinect sensors to enjoy instead. Thats all fine and everything, providing youve got yourself a worthy selection of fitness games on hand but its not nearly the same. It is, however, all weve got, and therefore we are left to make do.

Fitness games can cause you to break a sweat if youre truly willing to immerse. Whether its through virtual reality or just button mashing on a pad every little obstacle can get those muscles pumping and a conscience replenished of guilt. However, while VR and the Switch can provide some fairly decent workouts, we thought wed opt for the Xbox Kinect seeing as it homed a whole heap of fitness games up until its 2017 wipeout. Thats where well narrow our vision for a moment, so if youre looking to dust off your Kinect sensor for a quick exercise then we strongly suggest booting up these five games.

Nintendo Switch Ring Fit Adventure

If you were a fan of Nintendo Wii fitness games, Ring Fit Adventure is the next step up. Ring Fit Adventure consists of physical gear made to help you work up a sweat and gaming software to keep it fun and entertaining.

The resistance ring, with the Switchs Joy-Con controllers attached, works for making moves in the game, as well as for doing thigh presses or squats. Its sturdy and will keep up with you during your workouts.

The gaming software is a first-person game that moves you through various levels to work toward a final goal. Youll use the exercise ring to help you battle and achieve the goals.

Its a really interesting mix of workout and fantasy game. If you hate the idea of exercising, just tell yourself that youre actually playing a fantasy game , and youll be happier.

Jillian Michaels Fitness Adventure

Jillian Michaels branched out from the Biggest Loser brand to release awesome fitness “game.” It’s not really a game if it totally kicks your butt is it? You get to explore different on-screen environments while working out your core. Of course, as I’ve stated this isn’t something to pop in when you’re trying to have some fun. This is a great way to exercise at home when you don’t feel like going to the gym, or you just don’t want to pay for the gym. We all know Jillian Michaels is no joke, so this intense workout should be no surprise!

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Best Nintendo Switch Workout Games 2021

BestNintendo Switch workout gamesiMore2021

The Nintendo Switch is an adaptable system. Plug it into the base to play on the big TV screen at home, or carry it with you wherever you go for a portable experience. It’s such a great way to keep up with your fitness. With the right game, you won’t have to remember to go to the gym or quit your routine when you’re traveling. Get out your sweat pants because these are the best Nintendo Switch games for working out.

Xbox Fitness Is Still Working On Xbox One After Its Closure

Xbox One

Last year, Microsoft announced that they would be shuttering the Xbox One’s Xbox Fitness program and would be phasing out its functionality in stages with none of the workouts being playable by June 30th 2017. It’s now almost a week after the apparent shutdown and Microsoft appears to have changed their tune somewhat.

On July 1st 2017, a new notification was added to Xbox Fitness which automatically displays when the app/program is opened for the first time since the deadline. It states that Xbox Fitness workouts can no longer be downloaded or streamed. This isn’t news but what’s interesting is that it makes no mention of lack of functionality for workouts that have already been downloaded onto the console. Indeed, all of the purchased workouts which I had downloaded onto my Xbox One work perfectly fine with all the related features such as stat tracking working as normal. Pretty great news!

It’s unclear how long Xbox Fitness will remain functional for loyal users with downloaded workouts but since the in-app notification only makes mention of streaming and downloading, it appears that it’s here to stay albeit with a userbase limited to those who have bought and downloaded content.

Are you excited by this change in policy by Microsoft and will you continue to use Xbox Fitness? Would you like to see some sort of Xbox Fitness revamp? Let us know in the comments below.

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Exercise Equipment For Switch Ps4 Or Xbox Fitness Games

To make the most of your video gaming exercise time, you may need to buy extra hardware beyond the gaming console itself.


Youll need Kinect hardware with your Xbox One or Xbox 360 console to use Xbox fitness games.

Nintendo Switch

For the majority of Nintendo Switch exercise games, you only need Joy-Con controllers. Your Switch console should ship with two controllers, but you may want to buy an extra pair so you can play with two people at the same time.

If you want to exercise with your PS4, youre going to need VR hardware for many games, such as the PS4 VR headset to go with your PS4 console. The VR headset weve linked here has a couple of PS4 exercise games bundled with it Creed: Rise to Glory and SUPERHOT VR so you can start getting in shape right away.

Peloton At Home Fitness

Forget about buying one of those fancy stationary bikes to get fit. You can still reap the benefits of Peloton’s approach to fitness with Peloton At Home Fitness. It’s free to download, and you can enjoy a 30-day trial to sample the live and on-demand classes to help you with running, cycling and strength exercises. Peloton offers guided workouts in everything from yoga to cardio to stretching.

An update to the Peloton app brought a feature called Tags that allows you to take part in group workouts. Joining a tag brings workout recommendations and lets you see which of your friends are working out so that you can motivate one another to stay fit.

Android, iOS

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Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012

  • Platform: Xbox 360
  • Developer: Ubisoft
  • Release Date: November 2012

Ubisoft fully embraced the concept of motion tracking, releasing multiple titles on the Kinect throughout its life cycle. While most of their games focused on entertainment and gimmicky controls, Your Shape Fitness Evolved was designed to be a personal trainer. Developed in conjunction with Mens and Womens Health magazine, Your Shape is like having all of your gyms workout classes rolled into one.

Featuring a diverse spread of course-like exercises, including a boot camp, dancing, and cardio boxing, it has something for everyone. And for those that dont like sticking with a specific class when exercising, you can easily personalize your exercise routines based on your goals and current fitness level. You can even target particular muscle groups and design routines around maxing out your core, arms, legs, back, biceps, glutes, and more.

Your Shape 2012 also features the active tracking and correction system found in Nike+ Kinect Training and the original Your Shape from a few years prior. As limited as the Kinects motion tracking technology was on the 360, this sequel found a way to track floor exercises more accurately without confusing your body with the floor. As far as last-gen fitness titles go, this is your best option in terms of accurate feedback and the number of available exercises within a single package.

  • Developer: Ubisoft
  • Release Date: November 2019
  • Developer: Rare
  • Release Date: April 2014

Xbox One And Ps4 Gamers Set To Get Fit Bods As Fitbit Coach App Finally Lands On Consoles

9 More Xbox One Apps You Didn’t Know You Needed!

Gamers can now take advantage of personalised home workout videos and live heart-rate tracking, all with the help of Fitbit’s premium exercise app

  • 14:03, 19 Jan 2018

FITBIT has made it easier to shed those post-Christmas pounds with a health-focused app for your console.

The Fitbit Coach app is now available to download on PS4 and Xbox One, offering up training regimes personalised to you.

Fans of the health-tracker mega brand will know that the Coach app has already been available on smartphones for a while.

But this is the first time Fitbit has ventured onto your video game console.

The app can serve you video workouts that show you exercises and give step-by-step coaching, motivation and tips.

The workouts are also dynamic, and “evolve” based on your plans, goals, and feedback.

Fitbit also regularly adds new workouts to keep things fresh, and helps you get in the mood with Fitbit Radio, a music service powered by

The big advantage that the console version has over the smartphone app is its live heart-rate readout.

If you’re wearing a compatible Fitbit device that tracks heart-rate, you’ll be able to watch it rise and fall in real time.

“Whether you’re home, on the road, or can’t make it to the gym, we ensure you get a great workout any time, anywhere,” Fitbit promises in its app description.

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Your Shape: Fitness Evolved

To help branch out from the ranting and raving rhythm games, I thought wed look at something a little more cardio-focused. Although somewhat outdated compared to many 2021 phone apps, Your Shape does include its fair share of timeless workout routines. With the additional option to challenge your friends, climb the leaderboard and establish new targets within the community, Fitness Evolved sits as a simple yet satisfying alternative to the fitness regime. All you need to do is hook up your Kinect sensor and boot up a workout then just watch those extra calories dissolve.

Xbox 360 Kinect Your Shape: Fitness Evolved

For a more traditional type of workout with Xbox, this Your Shape title will give it to you. It lets you play as though youre in the middle of an actual fitness class with fitness instructors.

You can take multiple classes, including those with martial arts workouts and yoga workouts.

Now, we understand that playing a fitness class video game probably isnt the precise reason you purchased your gaming console. So if you want to play some Madden in between Your Shape Xbox fitness classes, we wont judge.

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Best Xbox Kinect Games For Losing Weight

By Jenny

If youâre trying to lose weight but donât want to hit the gym everyday, or are self conscious about working out in front of other people, check out some of the best Kinect games for losing weight. The Xbox Kinect tracks your movement and allows your actions to be translated to your on-screen avatar. While purchasing an Xbox system and a Kinect might be a bit pricey, it is actually cheaper than most yearly costs for a gym membership. There are a phenomenal amount of Kinect games that are fun and get you up off the couch and moving around. All of the games provide a fun and interesting way to exercise, but these are some of the best Kinect games for losing weight.

  • Just Dance 4
  • How To Stay Secure Using Kodi On Xbox One

    GoPro channel on Xbox One, Xbox 360 to stream extreme ...

    Using Kodi safely requires you to always use a VPN. This will prevent anybody from tracking what you do on the media player, which is great if you intend to use a wide assortment of repositories and add-ons.

    A VPN encrypts your data and prevents your internet service provider, government agencies, local network admins from knowing what you do online. This makes it much safer to use Kodi, particularly in countries where Kodi add-ons have been restricted by the government.

    Reclaim your privacy with a VPN

    A VPN also conceals your IP address from the devs running video repositories you connect to. This prevents services from detecting your real IP address . This also protects you from potentially being attacked by hackers who may probe your IP address for vulnerabilities to infect you with malware or other exploits.

    The very best VPNs for Kodi implement strong features such as a kill switch, DNS leak protection, and OpenVPN encryption to ensure that you always get privacy. To find out more about using a VPN with Kodi follow the link above.

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    Minor Workout: Mario Tennis Aces For Nintendo Switch

    It might not give you and your friends a super sweaty cardio workout, but swinging the Joy-Con around as you volley the tennis ball back and forth can get your heart going. There are several fun courses and characters to choose from. Best of all, it can support up to four players at once on one screen.

    Play Your Way To Health

    This list of the best Kinect fitness games will help you choose the right game to help you get in shape and stay fit!

    If you haven’t had a chance to try out the Kinect yet, you’ll be surprised how suited it is to helping you exercise. And if you own a Kinect, you’ll want to know the best games to maximize your workout productivity. After all, there’s no point in using the Kinect to get fit unless you find a fitness game that’s suited to your own abilities, interests, and needs!

    Update: Zumba has shimmied its way past EA Sports!

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    The Best Fitness Apps In 2021

    Your Shape Fitness Evolved

    New Game Announcements, Pre-Orders, and Updates | This Week on Xbox

    Your Shape Fitness Evolved is a workout game also developed by Ubisoft. It is the second version of the Your Shape sequel. It is more like having a personal gym trainer in the privacy and comfort of your home. It is an excellent guide to resistance training workout sessions. The game features a martial arts class and advanced courses taught by celebrity trainers.

    You get access to do more functional exercises such as planks, squats, and lunges. You can choose from other forms of activities like martial arts and yoga with guidance from experts. It also includes hundreds of exercises. Players have the liberty to enjoy regular downloadable content releases of new and exciting workouts. The game has features where players can keep track of calories burned and keep track of personal goals.

    This games incredible feature is that player projection technology allows the Kinect sensor peripheral to project your body form accurately! Also, you can send online challenges to other players.

    The instructors or trainers will also help you with warm-up and cooldowns sessions, which are essential steps to take before a workout. So, get into your favorite workout outfit and Shape Up!

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    Best Xbox Workout Games Of 2021

    by Kody Wirth | Apr 30, 2021

    All cooped up at home, with nowhere to go? Try one of the best Xbox workout games. Given recent worldwide events, theres a good chance youve been bingeing more movies, eating more delivery, and playing more games to keep yourself entertained lately.

    But the one thing you may be missing is regular exercise. Sure, you can go on a quick run or use an app to try and stay in shape, but it doesnt match going to the gym. And its certainly not as enjoyable as sitting down with your favorite game.

    If you want to push yourself to stay active and just need a little incentive, why not combine your love of video games with your exercise routine? With the rise of VR and motion controls, there are plenty of options available to keep you entertained while breaking a sweat. And though the heyday of the Kinect has come and gone, there are still plenty of great titles available that took full advantage of the motion tracking technology. With many of these titles being a few years old , you should have no problem finding some great exercise games without breaking the bank.

    Quick Daily Workouts: Fitness Boxing For Nintendo Switch

    Get a quick, heavy workout with Fitness Boxing. Go through a daily routine from 10 to 40 minutes long and knock it out fast. The game will give you an approximate BMI and keep track of calories burned from each workout so you can keep an eye on how you’re doing compared to your goals. You can even fight your friends in the ring!

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