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Age Of Empires 4 Xbox One Release Date

Age Of Empires 4 Release Date Announced For October 2021

Age of Empires IV – Official Launch Trailer

Lead your armies this fall.

During the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase for E3 2021, we got a new look at the different civilizations making up World’s Edge real-time strategy title, Age of Empires 4. The game is set to be available for PC on Steam and Xbox Game Pass for PC on October 28, 2021.

You can check out the new trailer below:

Console fans will have to keep waiting however, as it’s not coming to Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S or Xbox One, at least for now.

New Features And Highlights

  • Introducing the Age of Empires IV Content Editor ! With this powerful tool, creators are invited to embrace and create their own ideas within the game and share them with the wider community! We talk more about the Content Editor below, including providing a quick overview of the in-house-created mods launching with Season One.
  • Our first ever Ranked Season starts next week, April 13th! Prepare your best strategies and work your way through the ranks over the next several weeks.
  • Based on your feedback, weve implemented the Global Build Queue! The Global Build Queue is visible in both gameplay and observer modes. Using the Global Build Queue youll get an overview of all your upgrades and units in queue at all times in the HUD.
  • Ctrl+Click tiles in the Global Build Queue to cancel the most recently queued item in the stack
  • The Global Build Queue can be disabled or set to Upgrades Only in the in-game settings
  • Use hotkeys to cycle between Show All, Upgrades Only, and Hide. The default hotkey for this function is Ctrl+Shift+Q
  • New Global Hotkeys enable you to cycle or select all buildings of a specific type, cancel items in production queues, save camera locations, and much more
  • Additional categories have been added to the hotkey menu to improve navigation
  • The Fog of War is revealed to all players when the game is over
  • There is a new Reveal on elimination setting for custom games, revealing the Fog of War to eliminated players
  • Age Of Empires 4 Civs

    Its been confirmed that there will be eight civilisations for Age of Empires IV at launch, drawn from medieval societies across Europe, Asia and beyond. The eight civs are as follows:

    Age of Empires 4s civilisations are going to be more asymmetrical in their design. The English, for example will look and play more like traditional Age of Empires civilisation, where-as the Mongols will be feature more bespoke mechanics such as migrating buildings which will make them feel very different. The other civilisations are likely to be designed to fit different points on this scale, although there will be some commonality. For example every civ has a generic pike, ranged, and mounted units to keep that core combat triangle intact.

    Civilisations are also meant to represent cultures at a more historically authentic level, as a way of recognising that different entities controlled the same parts of the world across history, even within Age of Empire IVs medieval period.

    As such, while the English and French perhaps feel ubiquitous with the countries they lend their names to, the Delhi Sultanate only controlled parts of South Asia for parts of the medieval period, and the Abbasid Caliphate was only one of the dominant powers of the middle-east. In response to player concerns over regional representation, Microsoft confirmed that future cultures and civilisations would be released post-launch to explore the same region from different angles.

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    Age Of Empires : Trailers

    E3 2021

    More footage was shown at E3 2021, alongside an official release date.

    Fan Preview 2021

    Earlier in 2021, we got to see gameplay footage and a look at various civilizations through the Ages at a dedicated Fan Preview event.


    XO19 finally brought us a gameplay trailer for Age of Empires 4 which showcased a beautiful and colorful Medieval world.

    The announcement of the game was marked with a trailer and its still the only one weve seen to date. Its exclusively concept art for the game, depicting large scale battles between various groups. Check it out below:

    Age Of Empires 4 Gets October Release Date At Xbox/bethesda E3 2021 Showcase

    Age Of Empires 4 Gameplay Trailer Finally Drops, But When Is The ...

    Age of Empires 4 is coming to PC in just a few short months and Xbox Game Pass users will be able to get it on day one.

    Earlier this year, the teams at Xbox, Relic, and World’s Edge excited strategy fans by revealing that Age of Empires 4 was indeed still in the works. Sunday’s Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase went a little bit more into detail, showing off a new trailer for the game, as well as an official release date.

    For those who have missed anything related to Age of Empires 4 up to this point, the game will take players across four different campaigns. The idea will be to build prosperous cities, manage their resources, and do battle across both land and sea. The full game will feature 35 missions to run from the Dark Ages through the Renaissance, challenging players to manage multi-generational armies across centuries. Sunday’s Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase offered the latest look at Age of Empires 4’s gameplay.

    With over 500 years of history under this game’s umbrella, players will get to experience the stories of some of civilization’s greatest figures, like Joan of Arc or Genghis Khan. The full experience will unfold with bright and colorful 4K resolution.

    Age of Empires is coming to PC on October 28. It’s available for pre-order right now on Steam. However, the game will also be available on launch day on Xbox Game Pass for PC, for anybody looking to run with Windows 10 version.

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    Age Of Empires 4 System Requirements

    We now know some minimum PC system requirements for Age of Empires 4. The game’s Steam page includes an Intel Core i5-6300U CPU, 8GB of RAM, and integrated Intel HD 520 graphics.

    If you’re interested in upgrading, be sure to have a look at our collection of the best graphics cards for some great options.

    Age Of Empires 4 Is Coming Later This Year

    As was seen in Microsoft’s Age of Empires Fan Preview event, the expected release date for Age of Empires 4 is Fall 2021. That leaves a few months of space open for interpretation, but at least it’s not looking like we will have to wait until 2022. Even despite having to work around certain restrictions due to the ongoing pandemic, Relic Entertainment and World’s Edge are confident the game will be ready on time.

    The game will launch on PC, available through Xbox Game Pass PC, Microsoft Store, and Steam. Is Age of Empires 4 coming to Xbox and PlayStation? That’s a question that could see its answer change over time. For now, the focus is entirely on PC.

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    An Xbox Version Of Age Of Empires 4 Has Reportedly Been Spotted

    The game, codenamed Cardinal has appeared on the Xbox insider hub

    Jordan Middler

    An Xbox port of the 2020 PC strategy game Age Of Empires IV is currently being tested, according to a code name that has been discovered.

    According to a Twitter user who keeps an eye on Microsoft code names which can be viewed in the Insider Hub of various Microsoft products, XIP_CAR_JANUARY_2022 is now viewable on the Xbox version of the platform.

    CAR in this case is short for CARDINAL the internal code name at Microsoft for Age Of Empires IV.

    Notice: To display this embed please allow the use of Functional Cookies in .

    An Xbox port of the game has never been confirmed, but following the success of Microsoft Flight Simulators migration to console, it seems likely that Age Of Empires IV will be next to follow it.

    In our review of the PC version of the game last year, we said Age of Empires IV is a really good RTS that plays it safe in the shadow of its famous predecessor, but rarely stands out on its own beyond that. The early game has never felt smoother, and the changes to UI and animation are welcome. While the win conditions arent endless, the stories of how you achieved them, or failed miserably trying, are.

    Sega, the parent company of Age Of Empires IV developer Relic, recently clarified its alliance with Microsoft following some confusion that its upcoming Super Game would lead to Xbox exclusives.

    What Platforms Will Age Of Empires 4 Release On

    Age of Empires IV – Official Gamescom Gameplay Trailer

    So far, all we know is that its coming to Windows 10 PC so bad luck if youre running an older version . However, with Microsoft Studios as the publisher the door is open for a release on Xbox One.

    Nothing is certain in that department but in an interview with Stevivor Microsoft’s Shannon Loftis and Adam Isgreen said that while the team’s “number one priority is to make it work great with keyboard and mouse” they’re still going to “explore our options … Once we have a wonderful PC game, then we’ll start looking at other ways that we can show up.”

    That’s not a solid commitment to an Xbox release by any means but it makes it at least slightly more possible that we could see the game come to Microsoft’s console further down the line. Don’t expect, however, to see it on PlayStation or Nintendo Switch.

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    Age Of Empires 4 Ultimate Guide: Release Date Gameplay And Everything You Need To Know

    Microsoft’s return to beloved PC gaming titles includes Age of Empires 4, a revival of one of the best real-time strategy series ever produced. While the first three Age of Empires games have been remade and re-released as Definitive Editions, Age of Empires 4 is a new look at the RTS formula while still holding true to its roots. Here’s everything you need to know about Age of Empires 4.

    What Are Graphics Like In Age Of Empires 4

    Age of Empires 4 graphics are a bit of a departure from previous Age games, leaning more on playability than ever before. Art Director Zach Schläppi explained that the cognitive load had to be balanced carefully. There was a need to give players a “what they see is what they get” experience from the game. Passive upgrades are all visually represented in-game, and armor and weapon upgrades are visual to ease accessibility. Weapons are larger, colors are distinct, and buildings are easily identifiable thanks to a similar footprint across civs.

    Individual units don’t need a ton of detail and so appear a bit more cartoonish, especially set against the incredibly detailed landscape with photo-realistic lighting. This game is beautiful, and it’s expected that it won’t falter on low-end machines.

    As for individual civilization art, the through line of history first is still present. Textures change through the ages. Rooflines of buildings are altered, and as you progress through the ages you begin to see more intricate and ornate architecture. Even the lighting changes as you age up the Dark Age is dank and gloomy and grim, with more light and saturation appearing as you approach the Renaissance.

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    Who Is Developing Age Of Empires 4

    The first three Age of Empires games were developed by Ensemble Studios, a team based in Dallas, Texas. After Ensemble was closed down in 2009 following the release of Age of Empires 3, it didn’t look good for a fourth title. The Age of Empires series was left to the community, which did its best to keep the games enjoyable and populated.

    Thankfully, an internal development studio at Microsoft called “World’s Edge” â lead by Shannon Loftis â has been overseeing new Age content, including remasters of the first three games with help from third-party developers like Tantalus, Wicked Witch, and Forgotten Empires. In an interview with Windows Central’s Matt Brown, Loftis clarified that Age of Empires no longer belongs to one studio:

    Age isn’t ours anymore. We’re stewards, it belongs to the community, and it belongs to the globe,” said Loftis. “There’s no world in which a Redmond-centric game development studio is going to get the right global set of voices in. We have contracts you know about three of our partners, Relic, Tantalus, and Forgotten Empires. We have others that we’re not talking about yet. But it is genuinely a global development team. All the teams work together to share assets, share ideas, and the legacy teams are working with Relic.

    Age of Empires 4 is built with Relic Entertainment’s proprietary engine that has been used in previous games, now in its fourth version. It has undergone a substantial overhaul over the course of the game’s development.

    Is Age Of Empires 4 Coming To Xbox One

    Age of Empires 4 Will Explore DLC and Expansions, Not Microtransactions

    It’s a console exclusive but is it coming to the last-gen Xbox?

    Age of Empires 4 was announced during Microsofts E3 presentation for their Xbox games and released during October 2021, making many real-time strategy fans excited to play the game on their system of choice. One of the bigger questions that fans have is as to whether the game will come to Xbox One and Series S|X.

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    Age of Empires is making a spectacular comeback and will bring feelings of nostalgia to many across the entire gaming community.

    Those of a younger generation may not remember the impact that some of the previous titles had on PC players in particular. The games developers, Relic Entertainment, made many spin-offs of Age of Empires 2 which was, arguably, one of the most popular titles in the history of PC gaming.

    Graphical improvements have provided waves of praise from critics over the years, with the fourth mainline title in the series expected to be the most stunning-looking version yet.

    Age of Empires 4 will make use of the Essence Engine 5.0, which has also been utilised for various Company of Heroes and Warhammer 40,000 titles over the years, with the former even including dynamic weather which provoked a change in tactics for the player.

    That being said, here is everything that you need to know regarding Age of Empires 4:

    Age Of Empires 4 Release Date: When Is Age Of Empires 4 Coming Out

    It feels like its been an entire video game era since the last release of Age of Empires III, and so its just timely that were finally getting closer to the Age of Empires 4 release date. Thankfully, theres not much longer to wait, and well finally get to experience medieval warfare again, on a grander scale than ever this time.

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    What Is Gameplay Like In Age Of Empires 4

    Our first glimpse of Age of Empires 4 gameplay was at X019. This quick glimpse included Pre-Alpha gameplay, but there were plenty of small details to take in. Adam Isgreen had this to say:

    Everything in that trailer is real everything we show will be in the final game. We have wall combat working. That falcon is real, that’s gameplay it’s a scout unit. But all that’s real, genuine gameplay, and nothing we will show won’t be in the game. That is why we waited so long, and what we’ll continue doing with Age going forward.

    Age of Empires 4 is a modernized version of the RTS that still feels like an Age game. Your villagers must collect wood, food, gold, and stone. There is still the rock, paper, scissors setup between troops that provides counters for ranged, mounted, and foot units. You’ll still need to research technology that benefits your civilization, and you’ll still need to advance your civilization through Dark Age, Feudal Age, Castle Age, and Imperial Age.

    The Dark Age consists of herding animals, hunting deer , building houses, collecting berries next to a mill, planting farms, and building palisade walls to defend against early aggression. Scouts look out for resources, relics, and the enemy. Villagers can still defend themselves, apparently with ranged or close-quarters attacks. And it looks as though monasteries will be a Dark Age building.

    Age Of Empires 4 Release Time Game Pass Price And System Requirements

    Age of Empires IV – Official Gameplay Trailer – Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2021

    The release date and time for Age of Empires 4 is almost here and you will be able to play it for a cheaper price with Xbox Game Pass.

    Reviews for the game have been extremely positive with many dubbing it a brilliant return and revival for the classic RTS series. You will move across history with four different campaigns, and each one will involve building cities and managing troops.

    There will also be online multiplayer for you to enjoy in chaotic PvP and PvE action.

    Age of Empires IV | Official Launch Trailer

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    Age Of Empires 4 Trailer

    Wondering if theres an Age of Empires 4 trailer? Well, there is and it is quite recent as the Age of Empires 4 launch trailer was released today. Here it is for you to check out for yourselves below!

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    How Much Is Age Of Empires 4

    You can pre-order digital copies Age of Empires IV for download on Steam and the Microsoft Store.

    The Digital Deluxe Edition is only available via Steam, and costs $79.99 / £69.99. You get the base game plus a bunch of exclusive bonus digital content, such as monuments, coat of arms, and a soundtrack.

    The standard edition is available on both Steam and the Microsoft Store for $59.99 / £49.99, and will also be available via Game Pass for PC, which will allow you to download Age of Empires IV for free.

    According to the Microsoft Store page, pre-ordering either edition gets you the upcoming Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition expansion Dawn of the Dukes for free.

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