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14 Day Xbox Game Pass

What Are The Benefits Of Xbox Game Pass

Disc Room #Xbox Now on Xbox Game Pass – Easy Assist Options?

Xbox Game Pass gives users unlimited access to over 100 Xbox One backwards compatible games for a standard subscription fee monthly, together with an additional 20% discount when you buy Xbox One games and a further 10% discount on all related add-ons for all games within the Xbox Game Pass program.

Why buy the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate?

  • All the benefits of Xbox Live Gold, plus 100+ high-quality PC and console games for one low monthly price
  • Exclusive member-only deals and discounts
  • Includes Xbox Game Pass for PC, Xbox Game Pass for Console, and Xbox Live Gold
  • Buying Xbox Game Pass Ultimate automatically upgrades your existing Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Live Gold membership to Ultimate at a conversion ratio based on the remaining days

Where To Buy Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Cheaper

To know where to buy a Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Card quickly, use the filters “Activation Regions” and choose your country , and “Edition” to select the duration of your subscription .Only your choices will be displayed, in ascending order. Ex : if you want to buy a Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Membership 12 Months EUROPE, you will find immediatly the store where to buy it, sometimes with a coupon to pay less!

What is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate?

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a monthly subscription that has all the perks of being an Xbox Live Gold member as well as having access to over 100 high-quality games. This will require a Microsoft account with an Xbox profile.

  • With a low monthly fee, players are able to receive 2 to 4 free games each month as well as amazing discounts in the Xbox Store.
  • This pass will allow you to play Xbox Exclusive games on the day of its release!
  • Enjoy up to 20% off on the games in the Xbox Game Pass library as well as a 10% off to game add ons and consumables.


Which Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to choose?

Trial Version : Trials can only be used one time per account.

  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 7 Days
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 14 Days
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 3 x 14 Days
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 8 x 14 Days
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 14 x 14 Days
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 28 x 14 Days

Subscription :

  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 1 Month
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 3 Months
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 6 Months
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 12 Months
  • Tip 1 :

  • Tip 2 :

  • Tip 3 :

Catalog Of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Games

Explore an ever-growing digital library of popular gaming titles published for Xbox consoles and Windows 10. Over 100 games are included in the collection with at least 20 of them being available for PC. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate catalog includes such Microsoft exclusives like Forza Horizon 4, Sea of Thieves, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Gears of War, and multiple other games from third-party publishers! Each title is backwards compatible with Xbox One, but numerous games also run on the 7th generation Xbox 360 console.

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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 14 Days Trial

Prepare for an unprecedented experience of gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 14 days trial! Microsoft Ultimate code will grant you all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold membership together with access to a collection of over 100 Xbox Game Pass games released for Xbox consoles and PC! Instead of buying each of these Xbox subscriptions separately, you have a convenient option of acquiring them all with a single Xbox Game Pass Ultimate code purchase!

How To Keep Free Xbox Game Pass Like Forever

14 day game pass trial. Enjoy. : xbox

Theres a trick that could help you keep the Xbox Game Pass for free.

  • Go to the menu page and choose Profile & system.
  • Move to Settings.
  • In the General tab, choose Network settings> Go offline.
  • Thats it, you can keep the game forever! But you couldnt play online games anymore. So this technique doesnt suit online games.

    If you want to read a complete list of games available with Xbox Game Pass, click Page 2.

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    Does Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

    We always try to make sure that price displayed in our comparison is assigned to the correct regions. However, some shops dont share information regarding regional locks in their product feeds and that can lead to some very occasional mistakes. Before you buy Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – 14 Days Trial, please check the store page for any information about activation restrictions in your region. If you notice any product assigned to incorrect region on, contact us and we will correct the listing as soon as possible.


    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 14 Day / 4 Months / 13 Months / 25 Months / 36 Months

    May not support Xcloud , please take noteFor new account only1. ULTIMATE 14-day RM29.002. ULTIMATE 2 Months New Account Only RM30.003. ULTIMATE 5 Months New Account Only RM65.00 5. ULTIMATE 13 Months New Account Only RM125.00 6. ULTIMATE 4.5 Months OLD Account Only RM75.00 7. ULTIMATE 31+ Months READY Account Only RM260.00 This subscription is suitable for accounts that has NO ACTIVE SUBSCRIPTIONS EA PLAY / LIVE GOLD / GAME PASSUpdated list:

    For ULTIMATE 14 Days Region Free Activation Key will be givenFor ULTIMATE 4 / 12 / 13 / 25 / 36 Months Kindly provide us your email & password of your Xbox account , we will log in & buy for you You can change the password after that Disabled two-level verification & approve unusual activity will save me and you time After that you can change back The activation key suitable for both new and old accounts , just make sure your subscription is expiredGuarantee 100% safe & legitRefunds, Returns & Cancellations not permitted after the key is given / subscriptions is upgradedThis cannot make your current Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass status to Xbox Game Pass UltimateFor 14 days PASS code , kindly use it immediatelyWe will refund the difference for you if the total months is different with your order ( Eg You order 13 months , but get 11 months only , we will refund 2 months RM130/13*2=RM20

    Contact Seller

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    How To Get Xbox Game Pass For Free

    Xbox Game Pass lets you access over 100 popular titles on both the Xbox One console and PC. It works just like a movie streaming platform but with video games. Members pay a monthly subscription fee in exchange for access to the game library.

    If you’re looking for totally unlimited access to Xbox Game PassI’m afraid you’re out of luck. The only way to get a free subscription is to take advantage of trials. There are also special bundles that offer Game Pass access at a discounted rate. These deals can save you some serious money, so be sure to check them all out.


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    Stalker : Heart Of Chernobyl

    New Releases, Game Pass Additions, and Pre-Orders | This Week on Xbox

    Available 2022


    Discover the vast Chernobyl Exclusion Zone full of dangerous enemies, deadly anomalies and powerful artifacts. Unveil your own epic story as you make your way to the Heart of Chernobyl. Choose your paths wisely, as they will determine your fate and shape the future of the humankind in the end.

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    How To Save On Xbox Game Pass

    If the price blocks your way, this is good timing to buy Xbox Game Pass. Try the service for $1 is a good deal, just remember to cancel the subscription in time.

    Includes Xbox Live GOLD


    The Ultimate plan includes Xbox Live Gold, so youre getting Xbox Live Gold for free and you can enjoy Deals with Gold, Games with Gold, and console multiplayer which is a great deal.

    If you get tired of searching for working coupons on the internet, theres a free tool that would ease the process and save time. Install the Coupert extension on your browser and it tells you if there are available coupons for a site.

  • InstallCoupert on your browser for free and sign up.
  • Go to Xbox website and click the Coupert icon on the upper-right corner.
  • Then youll see all available coupons. Now you can start saving with Coupert. .
  • So youll get a discount AND a cashback through Coupert!

    Coupert is 100% free to join, and 100% legit. Its 100% trustable and reliable, if it says there are no working coupons, theres no need to waste time searching for coupons online.

    If youre on mobile and cant install Coupert, you can also buy to save some money.

    Earn Xbox Game Pass With Swagbucks

    Swagbucks is a famous online rewards site. By joining the community, complete tasks like playing games, complete surveys, download apps, watching videos and etc. to earn points. Then you can redeem your points for free gift cards such as Amazon gift cards or cash back from PayPal.

  • Choose a task to complete and earn points.
  • Redeem $10 PayPal cash.
  • Pay for the Xbox Game Pass.
  • There are also special bundles that offer Game Pass access at a discounted rate. These deals can save you some serious money, so be sure to check them all out.

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    Use Xbox Live Promo Codes

    If youre not entitled to a free trial, you can grab an Xbox Live promo code to save. While searching for a working promo code is always troublesome, Coupert does this automatically for you.

    Coupert is a free & powerful browser extension that hunts and verifies the best discounts for any sites youre on. Heres how to use it:

  • Add Coupert to your browser, Chrome, Firefox or Edge.
  • Open the Xbox website and click the Coupert icon at the far right.
  • Youll see all the available Xbox promo codes. At checkout, it will try all the codes to find the one with the best discount, and then apply it for you.
  • BONUS: With Coupert, you can also earn points when you buy from one 7,000+ participating stores, and redeem those points for cash.

    The Top 3 Reasons To Be An Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Member

    14 day Game Pass Ultimate code : xbox
  • Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold are now combined in one… Ultimate bundle!
  • Now you can gain access to a massive library of PC games with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.
  • Do you still have Xbox Live Gold or Game Pass prepaid time? When you upgrade to Ultimate, that time will be automatically applied! More details here: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate FAQ
  • Read Also: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Catalog

    Sign Up For Xbox Live Free Trial

    Xbox Live Gold membership running at $9.99/mon is another way you can enjoy the gaming service to the full extent. It packs wide-ranging features like multiplayer, party chats, 4 bonus games each month and exclusive member discounts that will satisfy all your needs at Xbox Live. And the good news is you can have a free test drive for 14 days.

    Simply take advantage of the Xbox Live Gold trial when no free deals are found, or use other tricks to unlock Xbox Game Pass for free.

    A Fully Functional Product Key Or Your Money Back

    CJS Keys are commited to delivering genuine games at the best possible prices, with 100% customer satisfaction rate. We will ensure that all customers receive a fully working CD Key, or a full refund.

    What is the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate plan and what are its benefits?

    A: The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate plan includes all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold, plus over 100 high-quality console and PC games. New games are added all the time, so theres always something new to play. Enjoy exclusive member deals and discounts. Play together with friends on the most advanced multiplayer network and discover your next favourite game.

    What happens to my prepaid months of Xbox Live Gold and/or Xbox Game Pass when I join the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate plan?

    A: When you join the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate plan, we will apply any prepaid time you have on Xbox Live Gold and/or Xbox Game Pass toward the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate plan, up to a maximum of 36 months.

    After I am an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member, can I still redeem Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass codes?

    A: After you join Xbox Game Pass Ultimate plan, you can continue to redeem Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass codes. These codes will automatically convert to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at a ratio based on the ERP of those codes. Conversion rates are subject to change.

    Can I still join Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass separately?

    About the Game

    Warranty Information

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    Buy Discounted Gift Cards

    You might want to shop for Xbox Live gift cards when you cant grab a free code at all. Never rush to pay the full price, as many third-party card resellers give amazing discounts to help you get a few dollars off. Among different providers weve searched, Raise is currently providing the best discount rate for Xbox pre-paid gift cards at up to 10%. Buy now and make savings!

    Buyxbox Game Pass Ultimate 14 Day Cd Key Xbox Live

    Xbox Update: New Controller is here!
      • Xbox Live Subscription 14 Days
      • Xbox Game Pass 14 Days
      • Xbox Game Pass for PC 14 Days


      Xbox Game Pass Ultimate:

      Xbox Live Gold and over 100 high-quality games for one low monthly price. Play together with friends and discover your next favourite game.

      Joining Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will upgrade your remaining Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass for Console or Xbox Game Pass for PC time into Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for the same amount of time, up to 36 months. All conversions are final.

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      What’s Coming To Xbox Game Pass Soon

      Microsoft loves to give Xbox Game Pass subscribers plenty of time to prepare for upcoming additions by announcing them early. This section of our Xbox Game Pass will help you keep track of all the games coming to Xbox Game Pass shortly, so you can decide what you want to play and whether you need to free up some space.

      About Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

      • Upgrade to Ultimate to get Xbox Live Gold service and Xbox Game Pass in one bundle!
      • With Xbox Live Gold, you’ll enjoy lightning-fast online multiplayer gaming thanks to hundreds of thousands of dedicated servers offering low lag and reduced cheating.
      • Xbox Game Pass is like Netflix for games! New games are added every month, including brand new titles the day they release.
      • Over 100 games are now available for PC, with more being added soon!
      • With Game Pass Ultimate, you can download games directly to your Xbox One or PC to play 24 hours a day, on or offline.
      • Xbox Live Gold members also get free games monthly, along with exclusive discounts on the most popular titles – up to 20% off!

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      Xbox And Bethesda Games Showcase At E3 2021 June 13 2021

      • A Plague Tale: Requiem 2022
      • Atomic Heart No release date
      • Contraband No release date
      • Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes 2023
      • Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising 2022
      • Halo Infinite Dec. 8, 2021
      • Hello Neighbor 2 2021
      • Party Animals 2022
      • Redfall Summer 2022
      • Replaced 2022
      • Scorn Oct. 2022
      • Shredders Dec. 2021
      • Slime Rancher 2 2022
      • Somerville 2022
      • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl April 28, 2022
      • Starfield Nov. 11, 2022
      • The Anacrusis Jan. 13, 2022
      • The Gunk Dec. 16, 2021
      • The Outer Worlds 2 No release date

      Xbox Game Pass New Games: Full List And Schedule

      Xbox game pass ultimate 14 day trial code #2. Leave a comment if you ...

      It can be easy to lose track of all the new games coming to Xbox Game Pass, so we’ve compiled the full list for your convenience. In this section of our Xbox Game Pass guide, learn what games have been released on Xbox Game Pass recently, when they became available, and what platforms on which they’re available.

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      Choose The Plan That’s Right For You

      Devoted to PC gaming? Committed to your console? Theres a plan for you.Or, with Ultimate, get it all including playing games from the cloud, Xbox Live Gold, and more.

      Have a code or gift card? Redeem.


      Get your first month for $1,then $14.99/mo.

      Subscription continues automatically. See terms.

      • Play over 100 high-quality games on console, PC, and mobile devices
      • New games added all the time
      • Xbox Game Studios titles the same day as release
      • Exclusive member discounts and deals
      • Play games from the cloud
      • Free Perks including in-game content and partner offers


      Xbox Live Gold includes Deals with Gold, Games with Gold, and console multiplayer

      A library of top Electronic Arts titles on console and PC, exclusive rewards, and member-only content

      Xbox Game Pass New Games December : What’s Coming Leaving Soon

      Xbox Game Pass is the ever-expanding Netflix-like gaming subscription from Microsoft, the makers of Xbox. For a monthly subscription, Xbox Game Pass partakers gain access to a constantly rotating catalog of hundreds of high-quality Xbox games. The best Xbox Game Pass games include third-party multiplayer games, older AAA titles, indie projects, all first-party Microsoft games, and pretty much everything in between.

      Xbox Game Pass is also included in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, an all-in-one subscription that gives players full access to Xbox Game Pass on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One consoles, PC, Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Cloud Gaming , and even EA Play. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate represents one of the best values in gaming, and that value only increases from month to month.

      That’s because Xbox Game Pass is always adding new games, with announcements once or twice a month. While games occasionally leave the service, the number of games available through Xbox Game Pass has been steadily growing since its launch. In this Xbox Game Pass guide, we’ll go over all the new games coming to the service, the games about to leave, and the top games on which you should be keeping an eye.

      If you want the complete list, be sure to bookmark our ultimate guide to every game on Xbox Game Pass.

      Note: Bold text indicates the game in question is coming to that platform, but is already available on other platforms through Xbox Game Pass.

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